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honey Jul 2017
in a sudden flash
red & blue makes all my doubt
completely vanish
ylruceiram Oct 2015
A beautiful lie
inflicted by a beautiful liar
that caused a beautiful *pain
gray rain May 2016
Silent screams
come from
every student
as the lack of noise
kills creativity
gray rain May 2016
I see your face
and all I see is the ***** behind it.
honey May 2016
i have to remind myself
that i am beautiful
or else i forget
gotta remind myself to love myself again
life unfolds its
life lessons
each moment
an opportunity to
*learn and grow
gray rain May 2016
The puppet master cut the strings
and left the puppets free to sin
Sky Apr 2016
I seem to have a tendency
to slip out of my own head.
honey Apr 2016
i'm not really good
at pretending i don't care
about all of this
how did i let this happen again?
gray rain Apr 2016
Sometimes in life we all strive
but never think of the other side.
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