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I'm so tired all the time now
Everyone asks whats wrong,
and I don't even think before I use the automated reply,
"I'm fine"
But am i really fine?
I truly don't know anymore....
I'm to tired to even care about my own well being.
Am I the only one?
I sure feel like it......
Theshygirl Oct 8
I don’t care
And it’s as simple as that
I’ve given up even trying
Maybe I want to care
But I just can’t
Not anymore
Because I’ve been doing
My very best
To care
For so long
Yet you’ve hardly given
A single effort
For me.
I didn’t want to stop caring
I tried to hold onto it
But it slipped through my fingers
And now as hard as I try
I simply cannot care.
And I don’t care
That you don’t care
Because you’ve numbed me
To just about everything.
Ash Apr 18
Wash away my sins
Im the devil in the angels garden
unbound me from this guilt
I am creation of my own catastrophe
I will let my scars bleed dry
I will my screams suffocate the silence
I will embrace the my wild and burn for my truth.
Alex Nov 2017
Being unwanted isn't new to me. Infact I was shocked to find myself on the verge of tears when I found out you don't want nor care about me. I hate what you do to me. I hate that you're my weakness and you don't give a ****. I hate that nothing I do fazes you. I hate you.
But you see.. I can never hate you. Because I still love you.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2017
Comfort Over Fashion

Making the Stuffy Suits nervous,
uncomfortable under all their outerwear,
which is ironic because we’re the ones underdressed,
because it’s still comfort over fashion and function over form,

so I guess it’s not that ironic,
that I didn’t iron anything I have on,
honestly these words speak for me,
I don’t have to say a thing as I sit in the front,
row of the show with a girl as good as gold,
I don’t have to prove anything to any of you,
never let your perception,
of their perception of you fool you,

better yet,
never let,
your perceived perception,
of their assumed perception,
fool you,

it’s not our fault that they feel uncomfortable,
we didn’t commit their sins for them,
we didn’t those two stiff shoes on their feet,
they chose their own clothes and decided to wear them,

we didn’t place them in their own insecurities,
so don’t let their insecurities make you feel insecure,
you’re not obnoxious it’s the sausage that they ate,
stuffed their face now they feel nauseous and awkward,

it’s not your date that’s making them nauseous,
it’s the sausage and the conscience that can’t be washed quick,
so stop this feeling awkward because they feel awkward nonsense,
just stop it and let us be us because to be us is an honor,

let you be your self let us be us,
and let them just be their uncomfortable selves,
all overdressed with all their uncomfortably stuffy stuff,

and we can just continue to make the Stuffy Suits nervous,
uncomfortable under all their outerwear,
which is ironic because we’re the ones underdressed,
because it’s still comfort over fashion and function over form…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

@aaronlalux EVERYWHERE

Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I loved you,
And I meant it.
You said it,
And you didn't.
How was your heart so cold
Yet you made me feel so warm.
I didn't even care about you first,
You said I was "attached"
But you are just vain,
We played this game all night
In creature of swallows night.
You made me feel beautiful and full of life,
But then there were times you made me cry.
I just wanted to be friends,
But you ruined that too,
Now we don't speak,
And I didn't even cry.
And I want you to know now
If you ever want to come back or if you start dying
I would not care,
You would feel as I did.
You mean nothing to me now.
Pax Feb 2017
I am someone who
sometimes doesn't
really care much
of what's happening
around him
yet i am
a careful observant
who just
Kept silent.*

© 2017
They say...well...I say, say they, and so I relay to you,
That those with passion lose a certain ability to be true,
For they are too brash, too close to see,
And too excited to be able to read,
And too was my stance on the matter 'till now,
I admit I mocked them quite aloud,
And I tried to erase all emotion from this sot,
And, thank ***, I seemed to have missed a spot.
For facts are not cold, and until you can touch them,
Many cannot sense the fiery passion at their stem.

Do not mis-strew my words, however, there are those who misuse,
Passion is a aptly named a fire, for like such there is control to lose,
But as with most, moderation is a steady guide,
And after then, but until now, my emotions I did not hide.

As I am now, reluctant to show heat,
Because as I do I can feel others', mine, meet,
Burning, melding, combining the two,
And then the pain of their death, to say adieu...

Well that was fun, but the real world is not for me,
Time to retract into anonymity,
"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." or so I’m told,
However from my own experience, that phrase loses its potency, and quickly is cold.
For each face I’ve grown with I cannot but see their bones smiling at me through the flesh,
Smiling of their eventual victory over their fine human mesh,
I see the dripping paste of man melting off each white core,
Until my dearests... and my deepests... are no more.

Raylene Lu Oct 2017
I don't give a ****

The **** doesn't give a smell
The smell doesn't give a cloud
The cloud doesn't give a raindrop
The raindrop doesn't give a splash
The splash doesn't give a ripple
The ripple doesn't give a shiver
The shiver doesn't give a cold
The cold doesn't give a sneeze
The sneeze doesn't give a snot
The snot doesn't give a ******
The ****** doesn't give a dirt
The dirt doesn't give a bacteria
The bacteria doesn't give a rod
The rod doesn't give a fish
The fish doesn't give a fin
The fin doesn't give an end
The end doesn't give a death
The death doesn't give a grave
The grave doesn't give a flower
The flower doesn't give a root
The root doesn't give a plant
The plant doesn't give a strawberry
The strawberry doesn't give a seed
The seed doesn't give a sprout
The sprout doesn't give a leaf
The leaf doesn't give a stem
The stem doesn't give a bud
The bud doesn't give a flower
The flower doesn't give a petal
The petal doesn't give a pollen
The pollen doesn't give a nectar
The nectar doesn't give a honey
The honey doesn't give a sugar
The sugar doesn't give a grain
The grain doesn't give a flour
The flour doesn't a bread
The bread doesn't give a toast
The vein doesn't give a blood
The blood doesn't give a heart
The heart doesn't give me up

And I already told you,
I still don't give a **** about it!
Feliz G Sep 2016
Smile, smile, smile,
It's all they want you to do,
they don't care what you feel,
they don't care what you'll do.

They just don't want your burdens,
they just dont want to understand,
lucky for me,
their carelessness I withstand.
Don't know you, don't know me
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