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Feb 2019 · 859
thorns and petals
D A W N Feb 2019
i held you with
and bleeding arms;
tight and secured
i loved you.
if love
were meant to  be
like this.
this painful bliss,
i would hold for dear life.
how far would you go in the name of love?
Feb 2019 · 133
D A W N Feb 2019
if i stopped loving you,
love letters
i wrote
(n) a longing for someone you love but have lost.
Feb 2019 · 159
mixed signals
D A W N Feb 2019
"she loves me, she loves me not."

those six words rang on my eardrums like alarum bells
reminding me in every beat my heart makes.
they swam through my throat and into my chest; knocking on my
rib cage telling my heart not to fly whenever she says hi.
doubt comes barging on my door like an unwanted guest.
reminding me that in every moment, every gesture she makes are a product
mixed signals.
written: 1/30/18
ever been in a one-sided relationship?
Dec 2018 · 517
your scent, i savoured
D A W N Dec 2018
as you went home,
the faint scent of your
wafted around the room.
hoping i would notice
the remnants you left
in hopes
that the entrails
of memories  of you
would keep me company
through the night.
people with great taste in perfume are a kink
D A W N Dec 2018
and so i gave cupid back the arrow.
your kisses were cold.
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
and my heart said
D A W N Dec 2018
and even from a distance,
you were admired.
you were beautiful.
to the extent
you’d make the
stop and stare.
basking in the scene
infront of me, my heart said:
“lucky is the man who caught her heart”
AKSJSJHSW i got a thing for my cousin, should I be worried?
Dec 2018 · 277
f r i e n d s
D A W N Dec 2018
Of true friends will ever be,
that word will always remain
          a mystery.
And all the countless
moments and memories
turned into such useless
of a girl who likes to
i love writing in lower caps
Oct 2018 · 893
sorry, not sorry
D A W N Oct 2018
how could a person
ever muster the courage
to say
"im sorry."
when he's used to saying
"i forgive you."
Oct 2018 · 498
maybe thats why im selfish
D A W N Oct 2018
ive been stuck up on
feeding mouths
that cant even feed me.
ive been
too numb
even realize
ever been in a one-sided friendship?
D A W N Oct 2018
honey, you cant force a piece
into a jigsaw puzzle
thinking they'll fit.
Oct 2018 · 180
those eyes, i desire
D A W N Oct 2018
give me a blanket full of stars
your eyes.
                         i swear with all my heart.
i rlly luv ur ******* eyes
Oct 2018 · 201
you drew me in.
D A W N Oct 2018
you were beautiful,
like a light,
And I,
Being the fly,
drove straight into you
Out of sight
Phototaxis (noun)
    -an attraction to light
Oct 2018 · 2.3k
sadly, it was just a dream
D A W N Oct 2018
trapped in my slumber
our lips met, fool.
mouth clashed
perfectly to each other
matching puzzle pieces
but it was just
a mere
such a
daunting scene
of a stranger's lips
i crave to find in reality.
deadass had a dream n it felt so real what the ****
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
20 shots and counting
D A W N Aug 2018
5 shots
my voice is slurry.
10 shots down my throat,
liquor filled with doubt and woe.
15 shots burning down on me,
drunk of the Hennessy
20 shots and everything is blurry
tonight, im drowning
with 20 shots and counting
Aug 2018 · 157
w a v e s
D A W N Aug 2018
the waves are coming
stand your ground
they come and go
and if you fall down
get up
and brace yourself
for the next round
Jul 2018 · 537
but did you shout?
D A W N Jul 2018
you pasted scars all over my back
And showered it with salt
"Did you shout?"
Darling, how I wish I could.
I struggled to make a sound.
Any sound.
A mere whimper is enough to suffice my ears,
Ears that have been worn out by the walls.
Screaming at them.
screaming at me.
only the sound of the whip slashing against my bare skin has been keeping me company.
Hell, it almost sounded like a song.
ever watched the count of monte cristo?
Jun 2018 · 174
and i drowned.
D A W N Jun 2018
oh darling,
how i knew you were never catching me from
falling off the bridge
should i never jumped off in the first place.
Jun 2018 · 398
D A W N Jun 2018
ive always envied you
in stormy days like these
youd hold the umbrella
and wait for the sun to comeback
whose patience empowers the unforgiving storm
its back to school ffs
Jun 2018 · 147
sweetheart, i tried
D A W N Jun 2018
the fire died down like lava and ice.
instantly dying,
consistently trying
to keep the light alive.

-my feelings for you
May 2018 · 380
love letters on the sand
D A W N May 2018
i wrote your name on the sand
and the current washed it away
in hopes that
the wind will take them
and bring them to you
that way
you'll never get lonely
and to remind you
that you'll always have a piece of me.
i miss beach strolls with u.
May 2018 · 3.1k
beyond a shadow of a doubt
D A W N May 2018
you said you didnt love me anymore.
yet your face tells everything we steal glances of each other.
how your cheek grazes my eyes, burying every sinful lie within each and every moment.
you try to hide your feelings inside and pushed the love i gave to you
that you denied.
i see light in your eyes, darling.
now why couldn't you just let it be and see how you truly mean to me, see the countless times, the consecutive tries of trying to make you mine again.
now darling, i'm waiting for you. waiting for you to take me back one more time. i just need one try to prove to you that i was worth it all the time.
and i dont know why youre fighting back the truth and burying them with distinctive lies saying that i never loved you and you never loved me too and that we were never meant for each other but deep down you know it wasnt true.
so doff your pride and don a smile,
run to me with arms open wide
and accept me back
with the love
that never once died.
September to November-gubot na panahon
D A W N May 2018
after all those years
chasing people and hopeless dreams
falling in love with boys
who weren't meant to be
I've convinced myself
things aren't always what they seem
I see six, you see nine
i see black, you see white
I've built walls high above the ground
And I've let them turn it down
and i kept chasing and chasing
hoping they'd finally face me
embrace me and my flaws
but no..
they drew their claws
slashing and gashing.
with gnashing jaws
i shut myself away
away from monsters
who embodies my sanity
and I convinced myself
maybe i dont need people.
for the people who tell me why i dont care. this is for u :))
May 2018 · 46.4k
r e m e m b e r
D A W N May 2018
i remember the way your hair shined through the sunny day
studying the way your eyes flutter every time you stutter
the words you cant say
i remember how pleasing your voice was beneath my ears
i remember being with you
washed away my fears
do you remember the days where we used to lay in the shade?
forming figures in the clouds
having long conversations for hours
nights where we stayed up late
getting into stupid debates about who's right or wrong,
picking out the right song to play over and over again.
remember how we fought over stupid stuff?
and even though times get rough, we'd just laugh it all up
do you remember when we met in September?
in english class where the hours didn't last
and that's where it happened so fast
creating memories that we thought would remain
but all we created
was pain
and that was the last day i saw you.
sitting on the bench
with another girl
my heart clenched
cheeks tear-drenched
my pride craving for revenge.
listen darling,
i just want you to remember
from the beginning of september
remember the long-lasting splendor
the last moments of us being together
because i remembered
and dare i keep it in my heart forever.
first poem i wrote way back 2016
May 2018 · 229
D A W N May 2018
you cant love a bird, silly
it has no capacity for love inside of it
it loves the freedom so much.
commitment is foreign to them
bai i miss u
May 2018 · 120
D A W N May 2018
i never understood your motive sweetheart
it was either
loving me like I'm your only salvation
cutting my lifeline out of pure misery
and neither of them
almost felt the same.
May 2018 · 188
D A W N May 2018
you make me utter words
for you, my love
cannot get a single word
whenever i speak in full sentences
May 2018 · 457
e u p h o r i c
D A W N May 2018
your lips embodies my skin
intoxicating me with your breath.
your voice is like poetry inside of a note
only the worthy are fortunate to hear
creating symphonies every time you open your mouth
i found myself
drowning in the music
your'e my favorite harmony
May 2018 · 188
D A W N May 2018
tell me you don't need me
that way
i wont have second thoughts
on banging on your door
just to make sure
you're okay
wrote this back in august about someone dear
May 2018 · 183
D A W N May 2018
my dear
would you explore
the galaxies
would you
the cosmos
milky ways
and place it
in my
just to
my galactic heart
down the depths
May 2018 · 141
if poetry had a body
D A W N May 2018
your body is poetry
every inch, every curve
has its own structure
your body i didnt have the audacity
to muster
May 2018 · 122
D A W N May 2018
i want to scramble your words and turn them into paraphrases
that way
i can reciprocate every understatement that clings in your tongue
May 2018 · 239
paper hands
D A W N May 2018
my lips were a pen
and so i wrote sonnets
on your paper hands
Mar 2018 · 335
D A W N Mar 2018
Darling, you know what they say
Karma's a *****
Everything u say, everything u do will always come straight back to you.
All the things and all the words I've said to you, done to you came running straight back to me like a thrown boomerang. I've always said I'd never be that girl. Id never be that girl who's mind constantly always hovers around boys. I'd never be that girl who's constantly moving from table to table on crammed bars at 2 am like a morning vacation. I've always said I'd never be that girl who's tongue would be traveling from men's mouth,raveling,battling, teeth clashing.I've always said I'd never be that girl who'll drink her soul away over a boy who molds her into a clay that consistently tells her to do this and that, over a boy who constantly reminds her to wear that because she's fat, over a boy who tells her to say this and that. I've always said I'd never be that girl that'll ditch her friends, I've always said I'd never put anybody on the latter, I've always said I'd keep promises and give you what your heart desires. I've always said I'd be that friend that'll walk with you in the rain with no cover, I've always said I'd be that somebody that'll promise you I'd never be like the others. But the "others" became me. I became the product of every thing I never wanted to be. So here I am playing fire and gets burned after. Here I am dancing with the devil and complains why I'm in hell. Here I am oblivious to the consequences. I am the girl of everything I never wanted to be.
A piece of my mind and its unedited so why not
Feb 2018 · 196
D A W N Feb 2018
ever since you left
the pages of my book has been collecting dust ever since you left.
you walked out of the door
carelessly,recklessly, tremendously walking in and out
like a doormat
ever since you left
every word, every letter, every punctuation has been losing it's sole purpose
i have lost the vocabulary of putting my thoughts into paper
expressing every emotion into deep, meaningless words that you wouldnt even read.
you walked out of the door
with my poetry and love with you.
Dec 2017 · 590
D A W N Dec 2017
i want to choke on the alcohol
that cannot intoxicate me
as much as you
i want smoke that emits from my mouth
just to feel that constant feeling
that burning sensation
on my throat
because it reminds me
of you
remember that time at the balcony around 10 pm when the streets were lonely and the only thing i could see where the smoke puffs youd make as i listen to u tell me stories about the person i liked.
Nov 2017 · 621
D A W N Nov 2017
my shoulders are lonely with love and serendipity that control me; i want somebody to hold me but its useless nevertheless the truth is people leave me clueless with the things i do with. and i loved you endless like a paragraph that didnt have a sentence because it didnt have to make sense as long as it was endless; i thought it was perfect. did you shatter when i threw you into the latter. when you said everyone didnt matter except me, did you mean it. and thats not all. you told me sticks and stones wont break my bones, as long as youre there im not alone. you told me my eyes were a reverie leaving you wanting for more. keep in mind i walked to your downpour without a cover. how you told me youll love me like no other-how you used to smother all the love numbers when i thought you werent like the others. you told me actions speak louder than words. how your words cursed me and curtsied everytime you hurt me, stirred me
and i still loved you
and if i could
i would take every breath of me
just to prove to you
that i loved you unconditionally
despite the consecutive times youve
tried to  hurt me
Jun 2017 · 3.0k
D A W N Jun 2017
this global catastrophe,
happened when a group,
of people called society,
decided to do something,
beyond their sanity,
calling this massive destruction,
we made,
you see,
these people who come,
from different varieties,
preaching from any type of equality,
knows nothing of the prophecy,
that's leading them into,
a catastrophe.
their heads stuck to their,
little did they know that the,
ice is,
don't you hear trees,
when our brutal machines cut them,
we're not even trying?
and yet we still believe,
society thinks,
brutality is somewhat,
less beyond our sanity,
making this world,
a global catastrophe.
made; this a year ago
the school held some poetry contest for each class about global warming so i decided to pitch in lol
Jun 2017 · 269
D A W N Jun 2017
A foreigner,
In an unrequited world.

— The End —