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D A W N Jun 2019
i kissed you
and the faint taste of alcohol
on the tip of your tongue
it reminded me
of when we
under the influence
of liquor.
of such a vile that is
strong and bitter
that matches my soul  
nobody could handle except me.
but when i devoured your lips,
soft and mild
bittersweet like
champagne mixed with strawberries
under a starry night
every moment.
never have i ever
that could be addictive
and destructive at the
same time.
with lust and liquor
stirred on the same glass
there's bound to be some trouble
and i admired your bravery.
i watched "pretty woman" for the 3rd time this week n im adding it to my list of fav movies. the champagne scene inspired me to write this :))
Ajey Pai K Apr 2016
Those little eyes which dream a thousand dreams,
Oh! like the sun they are, radiating a thousand more.
Those innocent gestures which talk more than words,
Oh! like that whisper they are, which speak a little more.

To that girl with a silent mind and a decent persona, I write;
To that girl with a vibrant smile and an elegant posture, I write;
To you, my lady, I ever write, my words measly,
My thoughts reflect your mien, Oh! So bright!

-The Silent Poet

— The End —