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Empire May 24
I crave love like I crave *****
I just want something
To make me feel okay
To keep me from thinking
To distract me
To mask the pain
To run from myself
To feel alright about myself
Even just for a while
I miss you not because I love you but because I miss how I used you. You were everything I wanted...

Unfortunately, I have neither love nor *****.
Melanie Sep 2019
Dad called
Says he's got trouble on the rocks..

My Funday went Sunday
Stubbed short a payday
I now have a bad day
Thank you Dad Day

Hello, hell hole
You talk to talk
I drop kick rocks
In between my lips unlocked
Leaving you crippled
You can't keep up with my walk
Your talk is cheap
Like chalk on the side you're disability inclined
So you stare cause you're stalked

There at my door you knock
Past all my cheap shots

Regard I am less;
My door is locked
Behind it, no kindness

More or less;
Less is more

My home is not your home

I shall regret this
My mind tells me in time
To go back;
Be kind
Unlock your jaw
Forgive you for all your flaws
Brought up within four walls..

Behind the truth
Lies a bitter taste
Where shots run raw
Distaste among displace
Entrapped like a rat race
With cold bare feet
I gave chase a good race

Although I've tried
I couldn't think past
Chasing so fast I cried
Of ***** & ice

Dad, I love you
Not once
Not twice
I love you whole
Despite your Ill begotten gut
Fluid filled strewn lout  
In between & all throughout
You lacked the might
To do what was right

I don't love you less
I love you more
I know once for sure,
Twice more

***** & ice
I'm not so sure
Is your one true vice
Perhaps my lack of nice
Lust for precise
Must to call you out on said vice
Was to myself, my own such advice

A war for what
For what a war
I wrote this years before my father passed away from liver failure due to his drinking. He was 62. I hated him drinking and used to treat him rather negatively over it. Then i realized how wrong I was to be mean to my father we were best friends and from then on I just embraced his ***** because it was a part of him.. miss you so much dad
Amanda Apr 18
I have drank *****
Down to very last droplet
At bottles bottom
I don't drink much nowadays but back in my prime I was never one to turn down a spider
Serendipity Apr 3
She smelled like cigarette smoke
and *****
and Oh,
how I wished to be
the ash or the bottle
that fell
Your words stirred something deep inside me
like a ***** martini sipped with thirsty lips
my body intoxicated by the very suggestion of you.
The brittle grass beneath his feet
The cooling air won’t fail the beat
Was feeling sick but can’t throw up
Too tired to sleep but can’t get up

This pill to swallow, a bitter beast
And time spent here, still meant the least
Static sparks in electric air
First given was warning fair

Wonder out and he will tell you jokes
Between *****, Red Bulls an’ Cokes
Now an echo cries and begs to stay
Tied to a wish for a happy birthday
Poetic T Feb 12
Worst hangover ever
    I only drank water

Olivia Dec 2019
I never feel more pretty than
When I stand, slightly swaying
With ***** in my veins
Swollen lips
And beaded with sweat
Waiting for the train.
b Nov 2019
the stitches in my thigh are
healing so now we can all shake hands
and watch the money
poor in. the bombs are not coming,
please come out from
under your desks, you are safe
now and if im being honest
the desks wouldn’t protect you
from the shrieks of a
war plane. they sound
like nothing you’ve
ever heard
a frequency you unlocked
just for this
particular pain. you can almost see
the sound pour into your ear drums
like a bartender mixing
the ***** and the cranberry.
it sounds like 6am
it sounds like the same song
over and over.
mjad Nov 2019
i downed half the bottle
and out my words came
full throttle

i apologise
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