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D A W N Mar 2020
i promised not to write about u
but i wrote u countless lyrics
for a song that'll never reach u.

created numerous scenarios inside my head,
hoping one of them comes true
just to prove to u
that i was valid
in your eyes.
written october 31, 2019
(i write based on experiences)
Mar 2020 · 1.1k
D A W N Mar 2020
this global catastrophe,
happened when a group,
of people called society,
decided to do something,
beyond their sanity,
calling this massive destruction,
we made,
you see,
these people who come,
from different varieties,
preaching from any type of equality,
knows nothing of the prophecy,
that's leading them into,
a catastrophe.
their heads stuck to their,
little did they know that the,
ice is,
don't you hear trees,
when our brutal machines cut them,
we're not even trying?
and yet we still believe,
society thinks,
brutality is somewhat,
less beyond our sanity,
making this world,
a global catastrophe.
this was written in 2016 where my grammar n construction were still bearable oof
Feb 2020 · 178
D A W N Feb 2020
did you visit me out of sympathy
or were you there just for the sake of  the gossip
because your words don't match your actions
when you asked me about my well being
but you looked at me
like i was too dangerous to be kept alive
im done putting up a facade fr i dont even know the difference between being plastic and having manners at this point but my family is just too two-faced, too shallow sometimes i wish i had their mindset only then id understand but **** a ***** dumb. ***** is me
Jan 2020 · 101
entry 12.
D A W N Jan 2020
please return,
so i can put you in spaces between words i never said.
so i can put you in the crevices of every ellipsis because words cant describe how much i want you back.
Jan 2020 · 93
entry 11.
D A W N Jan 2020
but God,
halata kaayo ka
maka assume nlang ko
not sure when this was written pero si 15 ni yucks ka dawn
Jan 2020 · 92
entry 9.
D A W N Jan 2020
its quality not quantity
regardless of the days, months, years
it was only for 1 night and i think ive
already known half of your life.
Jan 2020 · 104
entry 8.
D A W N Jan 2020
1 name, 3 syllables
i still think of you
Jan 2020 · 112
entry 7.2
D A W N Jan 2020
actions speak louder than words,
yet those glances sneak on me just says it all.
they are minuscule but shouts a thousand meanings.
Jan 2020 · 92
entry 7.
D A W N Jan 2020
loving  you was like putting a gun through the head
Jan 2020 · 107
entry 6.
D A W N Jan 2020
giving in to people is like
taking a brick off a dam,
Jan 2020 · 89
entry 5.
D A W N Jan 2020
falling in love
is already suicide itself
Jan 2020 · 303
entry 4.
D A W N Jan 2020
you make me utter words
for you cannot get a single word
when i speak in full sentences.
Jan 2020 · 60
entry 3.
D A W N Jan 2020
we're like romeo and juliet
minus the gender expectations and suicide.

-a tragedy
spell gay
Jan 2020 · 89
entry 2.
D A W N Jan 2020
i keep forcing myself.
i keep forcing myself to think that i still like you.
that i still love you.
im chasing something that isnt real.
im trying to light a matchstick that has already been lit
bu i pushed that thought aside
and thought maybe, maybe a mere spark might just emanate
the dull object.
maybe because i dont want closure.
whoops idk why i wrote this 3 years ago`
Jan 2020 · 80
entry 1.
D A W N Jan 2020
i keep letting people break my walls once theyre done with the last brick they leave.
they leave me with the bricks ill have to rebuild again. over and over.
but im used to it. itll be like a strand of my hair that sticks between the tooth gaps of my teeth or tripping over the crevices of the sidewalks when "you" were aware of the cracks but chose to fall because you were stubborn kind of thing.
great way to start an introduction huh
(just a piece of my thoughts)
Jan 2020 · 980
entry 0.
D A W N Jan 2020
there's always that phase in life that we never get used to.
like a favorite song, we rewind it and let the notes break us.
im collecting old poems i wrote 3 years ago so dont mind me
Jan 2020 · 60
lupa ko, langit ka
D A W N Jan 2020
sama sa imong gi pang buhat sauna
sama sa imong gi pang ingon na  wala jd koy chansa
sama sa sakit imong gi dala
gi puggong jd nako tamans ginhawa
lupa ko, langit ka
Jan 2020 · 3.3k
kita na
D A W N Jan 2020
kabaw ko lain na tao ang gi pili sa imong kasing kasing
kabaw ko walay kita pero kung mangayo kog chansa
ang matubag ra kay
basin ma kaplagan nimo ang mga tula
na akong gi pang sunog kay dili na kaya nako
ang mga padunggog na kita na.
kita na.
pero ikaw mismo ang nag ingon na inamiga ra
pero sa pag lihok mura nag gugmang di na ma solba.
di na ma solba sama sa mga taong kasing kasing na mag sigeg duda,
sama kamo na mag away tungod sa mga na dunggang sturya
na kita na.
kita na miskan naa nakay imoha.
bogo *** dawn
Nov 2019 · 136
D A W N Nov 2019
u are bad decisions disguised in tempations.
lust rushes, love waits.
                          -wear a helmet
Nov 2019 · 81
D A W N Nov 2019
u are good moments disguised
in bad decisions.
drinks with the ppl na sabay kaayo are the best **** fancy bars id rather be on the side of the road **** drowning on alchohol with my circle
Nov 2019 · 74
Untitled #9
D A W N Nov 2019
be the fire not a flame
how could u when
love is a losing game
how to love?
Nov 2019 · 449
D A W N Nov 2019
u admired me
from a distance.
and when
were 2 feet away from
only then i had
noticed you
fell in love
with me
i miss my old school a lil but i dont have any regrets moving to a new one. Ive been more confident of being who i am now than i was back then
Nov 2019 · 78
D A W N Nov 2019
and when u feel like
im no good for u
please let me go
alexa play "hindi tayo pwede"
Sep 2019 · 97
D A W N Sep 2019
**** the splinters
lets piece your heart
back together.
grammar who?
Sep 2019 · 300
not a poem but wig
D A W N Sep 2019
i slept with grudges in my head
and now i got a headache
what the fck
moral of the story: dont hold grudges
Aug 2019 · 107
Untitled #6
D A W N Aug 2019
i loved
how I'd always
end the day
with your voice
chuy man
Aug 2019 · 94
untitled #5
D A W N Aug 2019
when they
your walls
binugo dritso pa dasmag bulldozer leche
Aug 2019 · 97
D A W N Aug 2019
the countless times
our lips
brushed past
each other.
my lips were demanding
but my heart refuses.
when i thought
could give me a sense
of confidence.
warning signs were
plastered on your
face but how could
i say no.
bro from head to toe down to the personality u look the the person i liked 3 years ago n i coulda almost did something i couldnt do 3 years ago lucky u
Aug 2019 · 164
the moon
D A W N Aug 2019
and even the sun sacrifices itself
for u to shine
regardless of the daylight
just so to see u.
i wrote u 4 poems and a song without even knowing u amazing right
Aug 2019 · 147
splinter hands
D A W N Aug 2019
i swept the shards of your heart when she broke it.
i pieced them back together and it took me forever
but i didnt mind because i loved you and thats all it mattered
but when u gave your heart to another girl
my heart shattered.

edit: everything revolves back to being in love n i dont want to be part of it ***
Aug 2019 · 76
mad when i wrote this
D A W N Aug 2019
im stuck in denial of the
thought if not having u
but if i do
will it suffice
the missing part of
my heart
thats supposed to belong to u?
fukc the title
wrote this like last week sulking in the bathroom no joke
Aug 2019 · 72
shit lets rant
D A W N Aug 2019
why does everything have to be one sided
im not just talking abt love tf yall trash idc
Jul 2019 · 146
wishing hours
D A W N Jul 2019
the countless times
the clock struck
always involves
for u
bro i like u n im bout to flip a coin rn n if it lands on heads ima yeet n go text hi to u aha
Jul 2019 · 106
a shot in the dark
D A W N Jul 2019
your love is a gamble people don't want to risk
i found this in my drafts
Jul 2019 · 114
territorial marks
D A W N Jul 2019
count all your hickeys
and tell me the names of
the men whose lips touched
the surface of your flesh.
was i the
only one
who left
more than
just a bruise
on your skin?
not related to the piece i wrote but the often i see u the more i dig a hole that ill never get back up and i like it *** lets get to kno eachother fool.
Jul 2019 · 383
love n its travails
D A W N Jul 2019
it hurt more
to strike
the match
than it did
to start the fire
bro my inner "art-***-but-in-a-budget phase" is coming back n also i rlly wanna write songs n learn embroidery this month like a ***** tryna learn something new u kno
D A W N Jul 2019
u dont even wear
colorful clothes
yet u always
caught my eye
i like u n ik we dont kno eachother but i wrote u a song n the title is the same as the poem (not a poem) i found to love the shades of black because of u
Jun 2019 · 144
shooting stars
D A W N Jun 2019
in a lonely night
the streets
from where
the stars fell
when the moon
didnt want them anymore
in poetry, art is art
Jun 2019 · 332
mariposa no.2
D A W N Jun 2019
just like you.
you prefer hydrangeas
over roses
and when
you planted
a valley
of them
inside of me
i get butterflies in my stomach
everytime i see you
but when you left
the butterflies
stopped coming
flowers rot
lets make things worse
Jun 2019 · 159
D A W N Jun 2019
when a piece of paper used to be a
for my thoughts and ideas
remains blank,dull,empty.
i miss the feeling of comfort
a pen lies in my hand.
hands clutched firm into the paper
the pen never dared travel from the surface
without imagination, what is art after all.
i stopped drawing and the piano's been collecting dust n all my paint materials are getting hard hshahdsad what am i doing with my life
Jun 2019 · 227
D A W N Jun 2019
****** and pull
you and i loved that pattern
messed up sheets
creased and ruffled
left with many lustful memories
pleasurable reveries
unveiling mysteries
breaking boundaries
bare and exposed
we were naked in and out
we gave it all
dont even get it wrong im saving my virginity for twice nobodys getting pregnant if nayeon tells me so
Jun 2019 · 144
D A W N Jun 2019
i watched you,
you looked at me
and nothing else could compare
;)) its already been 10 months i cant believe im still putting up with u
Jun 2019 · 806
D A W N Jun 2019
just like you.
you prefer hydrangeas
over roses
and when
you planted
a valley
of them
inside of me
i get butterflies in my stomach
everytime i see you
i wrote this in 10 minutes im so proud of myself oOf
D A W N Jun 2019
your words were intoxicating
but why do i feel sober
the title doesnt connect with the poem
wa koy ma huna atay
Jun 2019 · 6.2k
D A W N Jun 2019

twisted and exaggerated. but i wasnt lying when i said your eyes glowed.
Jun 2019 · 349
the paradox of you and me
D A W N Jun 2019
we really liked each other huh
though we never said it out loud
we kept that thought to ourselves
we learned through our actions
subtle but powerful, we knew.
the irony of one to love the polar opposite.
of course you were uncertain.
you cant mix the + and - of a battery and just
jam it in thinking it will work
maybe thats why you never confessed.
if life ever decided not to give happy endings,
the moments we've shared together  
taught me that also love has barriers
of what was something that couldve been a happy ending
if love and religion disagrees
this is the paradox of you and me
a very rough piece i wrote but my poems serve as my diary :// mashed into fancy words and beautiful metaphors this is an old poem i found written on a book i havent finished reading kssksksks its hard when u had feelings for someone inside ur circle back then ;))
Jun 2019 · 703
D A W N Jun 2019
i kissed you
and the faint taste of alcohol
on the tip of your tongue
it reminded me
of when we
under the influence
of liquor.
of such a vile that is
strong and bitter
that matches my soul  
nobody could handle except me.
but when i devoured your lips,
soft and mild
bittersweet like
champagne mixed with strawberries
under a starry night
every moment.
never have i ever
that could be addictive
and destructive at the
same time.
with lust and liquor
stirred on the same glass
there's bound to be some trouble
and i admired your bravery.
i watched "pretty woman" for the 3rd time this week n im adding it to my list of fav movies. the champagne scene inspired me to write this :))
Mar 2019 · 416
2 hectic heads,1 bed
D A W N Mar 2019
beds crammed with our bodies,
bodies so close
hearts so distant.
the beating of my heart
matched with the
ticking of the clock to
the patter of morning rain
to the continuous  beeping
of your alarm.
hell, they almost sounded like
wedding bells.
but i couldnt hear the sound of
your heart beating.
not a single pulse, my love?
bodies tangled in the same bed with the person that doesnt like u back.
Feb 2019 · 413
D A W N Feb 2019
whenever your head rests against my shoulder,
sometimes i could feel our hearts beating in tandem.
i feel ecstatic whenever our gaze would always find each other, i could feel your eyes engulf at the sight in front of you. sometimes i could hear the butterflies flutter against my stomach every time our hands would brush against each other "accidentally", hands that are like magnets, hands that longed to be held by hands whom fit perfectly.
but i shouldnt get the wrong idea. you liked someone but me.
but if wishes came true and magic was real, how many arrows would it take for cupid to make you fall in love with me?
(more of a rant than of a poem SKSKSKSK not guilty.)
(n) the state of being infatuated with another person.
Feb 2019 · 868
the astronaut and i
D A W N Feb 2019
they said,
opposites attract.
they werent wrong.
you loved the moon and the stars
just as i loved the earth and the clouds.
you loved gravity just as i yearned for air.
you lived with the stars just as i have lived with the clouds.
you loved the moon as much as you loved me.
that didnt stop you from being close to me.
now i know
why the moon
keeps on
(n) a person who loves the moon.
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