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D A W N Mar 10
I opened the door, and I surrendered my soul.
and there, I let her consume me.
with every particle in me
belongs to her
and her only.
an update to the last poem i wrote here. this is satire plz codependency is not it, i swear to god it ***** the life out of u. loving is nice, but there are better things out there that we can enjoy other than relationships :)
D A W N Aug 2022
how can i love
and be detached at the same time?
when half of my foot is out of the door
but my lover is beckoning me to come in
this is gonna hurt more than the love i have experienced before
D A W N Aug 2022
I was too much, you said
then find less
and I will find more
and I found more
there is abundance in her kisses
and an ampleness in the way
she says my name
see the grin that eternity carves into her flesh
as she chants each letter of my name
I have painted your portraits for the world to see and I have uttered your name on stage for the world to hear. Truly you are my muse. My brushes refuse to work without the thought of you plastered in my mind and even in bed, I am still making art. Fingers tracing the canvas of your skin, memorizing every arch and bend.  ilyily
D A W N Jul 2022
maybe love
is a shot of expresso
i should not have taken
hours before bedtime
yawa last na taysa ragd
D A W N Jul 2022
water holds no memory, my dear
you'll forget about me tomorrow
but i won't
the wholeness of my being
encapsulated in your body of water
will stain the blanket of my memory
like coffee-stained bedsheets at 2 in the morning
too intoxicated with slumber to clean the mess
and so i just leave it there
body draped across the bed
with a mind and soul aching to rest.
what the **** jd dasasdhfjhasdjfk i need sleep
D A W N Jul 2022
craving a cigarette on my lips
something addicting
something equivalent to her kisses
my midnight mistress
how long can we keep this?
that breakup saved me but gave me a nic addiction where my creativity heavily depends on it ****
D A W N Jun 2022
the things i had to beg before
just to be loved
are the things I've been receiving
effortlessly from her
like i am entitled to it
like i deserve it
like i don't have to be on my knees to ask for it
to ask for the slightest fragment of her heart
the universe is working in my favor and i ****** deserve this and i am grateful chile im finna cry
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