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  Jun 2020 D A W N
She's the poison i'd consume every drop of.
D A W N Mar 2020
i promised not to write about u
but i wrote u countless lyrics
for a song that'll never reach u.

created numerous scenarios inside my head,
hoping one of them comes true
just to prove to u
that i was valid
in your eyes.
written october 31, 2019
(i write based on experiences)
D A W N Mar 2020
this global catastrophe,
happened when a group,
of people called society,
decided to do something,
beyond their sanity,
calling this massive destruction,
we made,
you see,
these people who come,
from different varieties,
preaching from any type of equality,
knows nothing of the prophecy,
that's leading them into,
a catastrophe.
their heads stuck to their,
little did they know that the,
ice is,
don't you hear trees,
when our brutal machines cut them,
we're not even trying?
and yet we still believe,
society thinks,
brutality is somewhat,
less beyond our sanity,
making this world,
a global catastrophe.
this was written in 2016 where my grammar n construction were still bearable oof
D A W N Feb 2020
did you visit me out of sympathy
or were you there just for the sake of  the gossip
because your words don't match your actions
when you asked me about my well being
but you looked at me
like i was too dangerous to be kept alive
im done putting up a facade fr i dont even know the difference between being plastic and having manners at this point but my family is just too two-faced, too shallow sometimes i wish i had their mindset only then id understand but **** a ***** dumb. ***** is me
D A W N Jan 2020
please return,
so i can put you in spaces between words i never said.
so i can put you in the crevices of every ellipsis because words cant describe how much i want you back.
D A W N Jan 2020
but God,
halata kaayo ka
maka assume nlang ko
not sure when this was written pero si 15 ni yucks ka dawn
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