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D A W N 5d
whenever your head rests against my shoulder,
sometimes i could feel our hearts beating in tandem.
i feel ecstatic whenever our gaze would always find each other, i could feel your eyes engulf at the sight in front of you. sometimes i could hear the butterflies flutter against my stomach every time our hands would brush against each other "accidentally", hands that are like magnets, hands that longed to be held by hands whom fit perfectly.
but i shouldnt get the wrong idea. you liked someone but me.
but if wishes came true and magic was real, how many arrows would it take for cupid to make you fall in love with me?
(more of a rant than of a poem SKSKSKSK not guilty.)
(n) the state of being infatuated with another person.
D A W N 5d
they said,
opposites attract.
they werent wrong.
you loved the moon and the stars
just as i loved the earth and the clouds.
you loved gravity just as i yearned for air.
you lived with the stars just as i have lived with the clouds.
you loved the moon as much as you loved me.
that didnt stop you from being close to me.
now i know
why the moon
keeps on
(n) a person who loves the moon.
D A W N 5d
i held you with
and bleeding arms;
tight and secure
i loved you.
if love
were meant to  be
like this.
this painful bliss
i would hold for dear life.
how far would you go in the name of love?
D A W N 5d
if i stopped loving you,
love letters
i wrote
(n) a longing for someone you love but have lost.
D A W N 5d
"she loves me, she loves me not."

those six words rang on my eardrums like alarum bells
reminding me in every beat my heart makes.
they swam through my throat and into my chest; knocking on my
rib cage telling my heart not to fly whenever she says hi.
doubt comes barging on my door like an unwanted guest.
reminding me that in every moment, every gesture she makes are a product
mixed signals.
written: 1/30/18
ever been in a one-sided relationship?
  Jan 24 D A W N
Charli Watson
On the day you kissed another girl,
I booked us a hotel room for your birthday
because I wanted to make you happy.

On the day you kissed another girl,
I was excited to spend my night with you
because I had loved it the last seven nights.

On the day you kissed another girl,
You told me you had exciting things to tell me
because you had been hanging out with her.

On the day you kissed another girl,
You told me in the car, and it sounded nice
because she has problems getting close to people .

On the day you kissed another girl,
I told you it was okay but I didn’t say that I was
because I didn’t want to hold you back from doing what you wanted.

On the day you kissed another girl,
You asked me if I had more self confidence
because you chose me over a girl who you had a crush on.

On the day you kissed another girl,
I slept next to you but I didn’t sleep with you
because your kisses felt like jagged glass on salted lips.

On the day you kissed another girl,
I needed you to hold me when I was holding back
because I was worried you would outgrow my love.

On the day you kissed another girl,
I realized it was impossible to not love you
because you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

On the day you kissed another girl,
I was confident I had lost my best friend and it was all my fault
because I should have told you what was going through my mind.

On the day you kissed another girl,
My heart tore itself apart trying to build a wall
because you tore the old ones down when I let you in.

On the day you kissed another girl,
You couldn’t hear me crying beside you in bed
because I kept it choked up in my throat and held onto you.

I booked us a hotel room for your birthday
because I wanted to make you happy
On the day you kissed another girl.
  Jan 18 D A W N
when i was six years old
i did not want to be a child
i tried to grow up as desperately as
a sick man seeks a cure

when i was ten years old
i was taught that i was owned
by the boys that made a habit of
putting their hands where they don't belong

when i was twelve years old
he joked, "why are you crying, *****?"
as the tears dried on my cheeks
and he pushed between my legs

when i was fourteen years old
boys were replaced by men
fingers were replaced by wounds
the worst ones never healed over

when i was fifteen years old
gym was disturbed by cops who
took my phone and carted me away
showed me a bear and said "point to where they touched you"

when i was sixteen years old
two pills weren't enough for me
i settled for a bottle and found myself
scorned by the nurses who saved me

when i was seventeen years old
i met a girl with fire for hair
with lilac petals for skin and
with a sapphire for a heart

i am still seventeen years old
she is still new, abstract, to me
i am not healed, but her fingers
lock delicately in my own

she is not the boys i met before
or the men i met before
she is a beautiful change, she is
a sunrise peeking over the horizon
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