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Jun 2019
we really liked each other huh
though we never said it out loud
we kept that thought to ourselves
we learned through our actions
subtle but powerful, we knew.
the irony of one to love the polar opposite.
of course you were uncertain.
you cant mix the + and - of a battery and just
jam it in thinking it will work
maybe thats why you never confessed.
if life ever decided not to give happy endings,
the moments we've shared togetherΒ Β 
taught me that also love has barriers
of what was something that couldve been a happy ending
if love and religion disagrees
this is the paradox of you and me
a very rough piece i wrote but my poems serve as my diary :// mashed into fancy words and beautiful metaphors this is an old poem i found written on a book i havent finished reading kssksksks its hard when u had feelings for someone inside ur circle back then ;))
Written by
D A W N  17/F
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