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What once was
Can never be
What we were
Is just a memory
A shot to my heart
A cold delivery
Was it really that bad?
For you to do this to me

All that time
All those issues
Never faced
All that love
Now a bitter taste
All that I was
Was replaced

What now is
Will forever be
Her and I
She and me
This is the way
It was meant to be
2 hearts
Beating in harmony

© Seductive Poetry
JL Nov 2020
Love is...

Love is that which holds us together,
And is a force for cohesion.
But when it goes off centre
Turns into a negative emotion.
The master says, be centred
In everything, as you are meant to be!
Nylee Jul 2020
the world suffers with and without me
all things take shape in the way it was meant to be
my attachment to it could affect only me
it breaks me when I am apart from it
when I am not part of bigger things
and they surround me.

not included in movements
missing out on various moments
loss being heavy on me
and tasting the feeling of envy
I like and dislike this and that
but no one ask me of what I think
every one has thoughts of their own
and things are working out just fine.

a disconnected environment
in a deeply wired mess
nothing works as expected
more or less.
my soul feels at home
when you’re around
but how crazy must I sound?

I see a lot of signs
and I wonder,
why is your soul
so familiar to mine?

maybe we’ve already met
in another life, at another time
maybe that’s why, so hard, I try

I beg the universe to show me the path
I know how to count my blessings,
but I’m bad at maths

I tell my soul story
in an empty room, 
a huge auditory

I beg for a single listener
my thoughts made me a prisoner

I’m trapped in this journey
some days it might be stormy

but the beautiful moments,
the ones I capture
they are very much needed
for my manufacture

so I might be a work in progress
but I write these words off my chest,
I sit down and I confess

your soul is familiar to mine
I can’t ignore it nor decline

and I came to tell you
my soul story
even if you’re not
sitting in the auditory

because I’m not made of fear,
I’m full of glory.

- gio, 09.05.2020
when two people are meant to be
we call that chemistry

and a single kiss
will leave them breathlessly

but some times in a laboratory
there is another story

so when two people are meant to be
they can also be like poison
there might be an explosion

so be careful when a kiss is breathtaking
your heart might still be aching.

- gio, 01.05.2020
PS Apr 2020
People say we were never meant to fall in love
Because we taught each other to hate the real us.
I say, we were meant to be,
In order to realise the worth of loving ourselves.
Notes from a toxic relationship.
Zack Ripley Apr 2020
I can't see myself the way you see me
But maybe that's the way it's meant to be.
Butterfly Oct 2019
I walked these streets in October and it hit different then it did in November.
Maybe it's because I've changed
You were my good days.
Let's hope that I get over you in December.
You really took a toll on me but
you were right, it wasn't meant to be.
I think I'm back with making poems!?!?
Acina Joy Sep 2019
We were a country that lived near the equator;
I was the land and you were my infinite sky.
We have lived and witnessed our aeons together.
Each moment fleeting, and passing by.  

The wind whispers, and the creatures rumble
weeping for me the unfair weather I hold
Only the dry seasons and the rainy seasons come by
and the sky, he's always done what he's always told.

When he cries, he creates floods and storms
or peaceful drizzles and ditz so plain
and when's angered, he takes right up
the moistened land and then grants me pain.

At night, he's terribly beautiful and quiet
the stars twinkle like stickers on my attic
The silent love, and the prolonged memories
and what he holds, goes far beyond semantics.

I sung, "Precious sky, I am your earth
the land you watch with clouds and dew
And he replied, "Pretty land, you are my purpose
and there's nothing to take me from you
Amanda Mar 2019
If I hadn't said yes
To a friend
I wouldn’t be here today
Not in the mood, looking a mess
But, a birthday to attend
No, was not an option to play

So, into the city the girls and me
Ready to dance
Forget the broken heart misery
A few hours and I can begin to see
The old smile, a chance
To laugh and chat happily

Wasn’t looking for a romance
But your eyes
Spoke of the possibility
So, I smiled, opening the chance
With no hidden lies
Risking my heart, as it beat its plea

Talking above the throbbing music beat
Oblivious to the heat of the crowd
As they moved to tribal sway
Hours in the dark, a corner seat
I hear your voice, above the constant loud
Chatter, as your smile takes me away

So many years have since passed
But I can still hear the song
That accompanied that first touch of lips
I knew that it would not be the last
As we pushed our way through the throng
And outside, our arms became an eclipse

Was on the cards we joined our address
Then soon after, we joined in marriage blend
Looking back, I believe fate had a hand to play
Because, if you hadn’t said yes
That night, to a friend
You wouldn’t be here today
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