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D A W N Jun 2019
i never understood you
when you couldve picked someone
with golden ray, suntanned eyes that
glow like yours but you picked mine.
pitch black, dark as the night
stars shine bright
like black coffee
you always hated the taste of it
but now you want to drown in it
twisted and exaggerated. but i wasnt lying when i said your eyes glowed.
Dαиι Apr 2016
Give my hopes a sign.
You may **** them already.
Just... Give my hopes a sign.

Every morning is the same.
Your strongly black amber eyes
vanish my ease with just a gaze
gets me in a constant flight.

The way your marked oriental eyes
****** me with a transcending melody
takes me back in time
How the world reflects in his ebony...

What does it mean?
What should I feel?

Seems you enjoy what you provoke in me.

To put me out of orbit
From the sphere I can't control.
I'm not certain, how you do it?
Only a grin, fills me with thoughts.

I'm pulling away uncountable times
but it's like magnetic force
All I need is to settle my mind
and your words would calm the storm.


Give my hopes a sign.
You may **** them already.
Just... Give my hopes a sign.
Sara Marjan May 2016
Who would've known
That the most enchanting
Of flowers would be black?
Those two flowers that shined,
Like black pearls, lined,
By dark thick threads of silk,
Would, I knew, forever make me blink.
For its light did take
all the darkness away,
And made me afloat ,
A bird of the skies.

— The End —