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Edith Sep 2019
stop apologizing
when you want to say "get bent"
stop worrying
about ruining his career
when he makes your world a living hell

stop confining yourself
to four line stanzas and iambic pentameter
**** writing for anyone else
when it is your soul that needs soothing
may your words overflow the lines that have been drawn for you

stop hanging on
to the person you once though existed
detach yourself from the veiled existence
and run the other way.
you shine too bright to let anyone dim your light
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
I am anything
But not less than amazing.

I can see
the deeper beauty in me.

I can feel
the pain which is real.

I have the fear
of losing my dream.

Unspoken thoughts
are roaming in my heart.

Beautiful life blossoms
Don't want to confine myself.
Don't want to confine myself in this way
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I had to put boundaries
when it came to you
to avoid being myself completely,
because for you I was
too deep
too emotional
too attached.

I was either “too much”
or “too less” in your eyes.

It felt like I was confining
my ocean in your river.
I was too happy, too hopeful, too sad, too giving, too kind, too Sensitive. For I was too much of everything that made me, me and was made to believe to put boundaries where there should’ve been none
Sehar Jan 2019
turquoise shimmering
sultana in confinement
tigress on a leash
this is my first in my new collection , the Disney Haiku series
basically revisiting the fantasy movies of my childhood and understanding the deeper meanings they convey.

this haiku explores princess jasmine's frustration with being confined to the palace in Agrabah and of course, her symbolic aquamarine.
Apporva Arya Oct 2018
My emotions run wild,
But the words confine.
Even if I murmur a word,
My wetty eyes will cry.

Back then,
The world was so big,
And I so small.
The whole empty me,
has no scent of her own.

But You made me begin.
So we Begin for us.
And now has come so far
And still many miles to go.

But now,
Amid all the Chaos,
Amid all the love,
Amid all the hope,
Amid all the seeking,
Amid all the Euphoria,
Amid all the grief,
Amid all the bewilderment,
You are leaving.
Leaving me,
To carry on all own my own.
As it is said.."For many who begin with us will not complete with us"... Whether It was destiny or coincidence we met ,we shared same dreams so begin same journey but somewhere in between our goals changed, priorities changed and I guess parting ways on a good note is best for now.
D A W N Jul 2018
you pasted scars all over my back
And showered it with salt
"Did you shout?"
Darling, how I wish I could.
I struggled to make a sound.
Any sound.
A mere whimper is enough to suffice my ears,
Ears that have been worn out by the walls.
Screaming at them.
screaming at me.
only the sound of the whip slashing against my bare skin has been keeping me company.
Hell, it almost sounded like a song.
ever watched the count of monte cristo?
K Balachandran Jun 2017
He set himself free out of the confines
he was in, after much misery and suffering.
To free his mind  out of jail's jagged logic
was, an exorcism of many kinds, for long.

But the rudest shock came when he found out
that the so called jail didn't have any lock at all!
Who then was the renegade, in the first place
that made him believe, he was a prisoner of life?

A pointer on " how to look" for all of us who deviate,
hallucinate and take it as  truth,without  any question!
How many still are locked up,in the dark confine of minds,
thinking there is no way out and the key is lost for ever.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
In a room, with the walls painted grey,
A bed, a cupboard, a table and a chair, finds their place in its emptiness.
The curtains, of a melancholic shade, drawn shut, as if the sun burns
Wrapped in solitude, my eyes can see better in this dark.
No voices, no people, only the walls to listen to,
The stories mentioned by its inhabitants that passed through.
The grimness ever spreading, reiterating a life's worth of tales
This solitary confinement is a saving grace, as the world outside fails.
And with passing time, I chose to hide
Rather than face my fears waiting outside.
Within these grey walls,
I see a chance to be at peace with myself, until one day, the heavens whisper its time to come home.
Nandini Apr 2014
As time cant be caged into an hour glass.
Only if you could confine the Noor of the light itself into a jar
would a poet ever stop writing ...
Noor : meaning light itself.
Tell me can we ever stop writing ? The thoughts and words of a writer is like the sky you cant measure it cant get above it and cant reach it ... its endless!
any feedback ??

— The End —