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Abigail Ann Feb 18
You took a risk by asking me out for dinner
that happened last 5th of September
A date I will always remember
One dinner that leads to another, then another

You always remind me that every second is appreciated
Nothing is ever taken for granted
I have never met someone so consistent
And also very patient

You regularly make sure that I have eaten on time
You respected my boundaries and didn’t dare to cross a line
Habitually asking me if everything is fine
All of this, I will surely treasure for the rest of my life
Maligayang Kaarawan, Aking Mahal :)
Khoi-San Feb 2
poets mind
poets heart
Never be satisfied with the status quo
AnxiousOcean Apr 2019
I still fight;
yet I still cry at night.

I still sing a lullaby;
yet I still want to die.

I still bleed some ink;
'cause I still overthink.

I still feel like an elf;
for I still doubt myself.

I still am pale;
for I still can fail.

I still cause heartaches;
for I still make mistakes.

I still enjoy this tone;
but I still feel alone.

I still fill my bed with squares;
'cause I still have nightmares.

I still swim through rhymes;
yet I still drown sometimes.

I still want to hold you, dear;
because, honey, I still fear.
D A W N Jun 2018
ive always envied you
in stormy days like these
youd hold the umbrella
and wait for the sun to comeback
whose patience empowers the unforgiving storm
its back to school ffs
Inukit ko ang pangalan nating dalawa sa isang puno
Simbolo Ito kung gaano kita ka mahal, mahal ko
Naka ukit sa punong iyon lahat ng ating mga pangako
Mag mamahalan tayo pang habang buhay kahit labag man sa atin pati ang mundo

Sabay tayong nangarap noon
At alam kung balang araw matutupad iyon
Pero tila labag talaga sa atin ang mundo
Mga pangako'y bigla nalang nag laho at na pako

Tinangay ng malakas na hangin ang munting pangarap natin
Tila kahit saan ito tangayin ay kay hirap na itong hanapin
Bakas ang pangungulila at lungkot sa aking mga mata
Dahil kahit katiting na pag-asa'y di ko na makita

Umalis ka at ako'y iyong iniwan
Lungkot at pananabik na sanay babalik ka at hinding hindi na kita bibitawan
Para akung pulubing palaboy laboy kahit saan
Tulad ng pag mamahal natin di ko alam kung saan ang patutongohan

Iyong ngite na parang araw na nagbibigay liwanag sa buhay ko
Pero ang ngiting iyon di ko na nasisilayan kaya biglang nag dilim ang mundo
Mga yakap mo gusto kung madama muli
Mahal ko bumalik kana at alam kung hindi pa ito ang huli

Madalas akung pumupunta doon sa may puno kung saan naka ukit ang ating mga pangalan
Dahil alam ko na doon mo ako iniwan at doon mo rin ako babalikan
Tila buhay ay parang sentonadong guitara
Wala nang direksyon ang mga nota dahil nawala na pati yong kopya

Lumipas ang ilang araw hindi ka parin bumabalik
Mas gustohin ko nalang sumoko dahil dito sa sakit
May bagong pangarap kana ata diyan mahal dahil di muna ako binalikan
Masakit pero sige sisimulan narin kitang kalimutan

Tumanda na ang munting kahoy na ating pinag ukitan
Kay tanda narin ng pag-ibig natin na iyong tinalikuran
Ilang taon na ang lumipas at kay rami na ang nag bago
Pero pag mamahal ko sayo pang habang buhay naka ukit sa punong ito

Ngayon may kanya kanya na tayong sariling buhay
Buhay na pinangarap natin Pero ito'y namatay
Masaya na ako mahal sa buhay kung ito
Sana ganon karin katulad ng nararamdaman ko sayo

Mahal ang punong ito, ay mananatiling simbolo at Manana tiling naka ukit ang ating na udlot na pangako
R M Jul 2016
I've never put much faith in
Even the most important in
my life letting me down
Abandoning and abusing
Casting aside and
Unloved and forgotten

In those times of
I clung with innocent love
to the constants

The sun, the moon, and the stars
Jamie Feb 2016
The first time I saw you,
I knew you were different.
through the heart palpitations and rushed inhalations
I saw clearly enough to differentiate
You from the obstinate, the inate,
the circle jerkers, the irate.
I just knew.

When you walk into the room,
Fahrenheit becomes Celsius and I hide somewhat inside and through my racing heart and my blood rush I time my glances so you don't think I'm staring.
But I am.

When you smile, you unwittingly create,
a mini universe with you and I.
When you laugh, out of sheer infectious joy,
I don't know whether to do the same or cry.
When your name pops up on my phone;
A loss of breath occurs with a stutter of unsaid words as the world stops and I stare as if into a daydream rising and rising until the magnitude of the amplitude is realised in its entirety.

The world is lit with fireflies as I dive into a sea of you as I'm enveloped by the idea of loving and giving and romantic evenings of dinner for two.
We'll drink champagne as we toast to Russell Crowe, to puns and the fun that will be had to come in the graspable future.

We'll stay up all night and watch the stars,
billions of light years reflected in your eyes as the fireflies dance and we're both in an each other induced trance in our mini world of two absorbed in wanderings and night meanderings.

We'll watch the sun rise in a blood red dawn vanquishing the fallen stars.
We'll watch the world grow and throw itself into decline and rise, following our own timeline, grabbing our destiny with both hands letting no regret reprimand us for what we do.

Because, the truth is, I love you, and there's nothing I can do.
In my nights awake all that's thought about is you.
In my dreams and daydreams, you're the sole proprietor.

the peace to my fire.
our happily ever after.
I got to be restless,
So i don't miss anything,
That tries to get past me.
Bunny Jan 2015
I searched your face for words
as you drummed softly on my knee.
Poetry hidden within your pores.
paints through my mind a melody.

A kiss in the darkness to a new year.
I close my eyes and listen to the beat.
Vibrating colors I see, feel or do I hear?
Inspires me - create something for the Lord:

To see, feel, hear, taste and smell so clear
I give thanks for the way Jesus restores
with blessings, lessons, senses and love so near
Heavenly rewards I will never afford.

your silhouette is a scene of Christ’s creativity.
Those rhythms show sensations that He’s in motion  
your heart-beat sounds of His life giving power.
your lips taste like the sweetness of answered prayers.

I smell His provisions and it is quiet for a moment.
...You're just a man...
But, you make me want to love God more fiercely.
Feelings are fickle compared to Christ, so consistent.

He’s the reasons we’re here, like this.
We may run off time.
He will be the reason when we’re gone.
OH dear, I may run out of sense and rhymes.

His love will remain.
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