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silence is loud when you're alone
and it's not the absence of noise
or the humming in your ear,
it's something only you can hear and no one else
it's constant and explosive and all around
it's the uproar of your thoughts
making all that sound

you can try and hush it,
try to make it a nice place to be but
you know another just comes
and it can affect you, hurt you
leave you in a loop— analysis paralysis
now don't lose yourself in it
break from that cycle, don't let
it eat at you bit by bit

it's like a virus that spreads
and starts numbing your body
your mind'***** overload and
just blaring, almost deafening...
but still,
you can never hear complete silence
not even when you're alone
so go rest your heavy head
and escape from reality
i'm sorry you have to do it again
because dreams are temporary.
my mind won't shut up and it's speaking nonsense
Ashanti Apr 2021
Come close
Closer , closer
Relax stop overthinking
What do you see ?
Everything is much more beautiful when you don’t overthink right ?
Stop overthinking everything
Alina Mar 2021
My mind has faulty insulation, cracks for thoughts to creep in no matter how hard I try to block them out. Fractures as if from years of wear letting painful memories or cringing moments flood my head wreaking havoc as they soil it all. Regrets plague my conscience, stealing me from sleep, from peace. Keeping carefree out of my reach, to no end. No end in sight.

Dianali Feb 2021
Am I a soul or a set of skills?
Am I a woman or just your desire?
When will I be free from everyone’s perspectives?
And when will It burnt,
My fire
Cae Feb 2021
tired is all i can describe
for this feeling of nothingness

tired is the only word i can think of
to explain this feeling of emptiness

i wish my mind wasn't so tired.
tired of overthinking everything.
tired of being afraid of everything.

maybe one day i'll wake up
and finally have the energy
to describe this feeling as more than
just tired
eve Jan 2021
i'm not pushing you away bc i don't love you
i'm just worried you'll start to hate me
as much as i hate myself

it's easier pushing myself away
than to deal with the constant feeling of not being enough

no matter how many friends i have,
no matter how many people i'm with,
no matter who says they love me,
i'm all alone
Puny Penguin Jan 2021
1.  the night is all the day wishes it could be; it's better for thinking, and loving, and dreaming.
2. each night i go out to look at the sky and admire the stars.
3. to see the stars, a certain amount of darkness is required.
4. all the darkness in the world can't ***** out the light from a single candle.
5. i overthink impossible amounts of scenarios, as many as the infinite stars spanning the sky.
6. you are the last thing on my mind as i fall asleep.
7. you are all i ever dream about.
8. you are the first thing on my mind when i wake.
9. you don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their talent.
10. you love them because they sing a song that only you can hear, a song that resonates and harmonizes with your soul.
11. music is a language, just like english or spanish, that's why it's difficult for some people to learn and understand.
12. the sky transitioning from cool blue to warm orange-pinks to freckled black gives off a 5-1 cadence feel.
13. the moon shines brightest when there is no one there to see.
14. the sun may watch me during the day, but it's the moon who knows all my secrets and desires.
15. like the stars, gentle and beautiful, you are exactly like them: i couldn’t be with you, only admire you.
For ES
Alicia Moore Oct 2020
I do not think,
because from there I sink
into the depths of the poison I drink.
smaller and smaller I shrink
until one day I cannot unlink...

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