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Remember, the days you pour out your heart
Remember, when they shut your mouth
They say you're overthinking
Yes, we all know
All I know now is to write poems
Tired of making them to listen
Tired of dragging them as only I can see
The mess I created, I just want to express
So my thoughts I hide, in words I write
I know I'm not alone
I'm just an ordinary human
There are days it hits
And we will all heal
Oh sweet darling
Tell me about it
Nova Jan 30
I’m fine during the daytime;
The problems come at night.
My thoughts come out to haunt me
Sometimes they make me cry in fright.

I lie awake for hours
My face is wet with tears.
Sleep seems so far away,
Though my nightmares seem so near.

I didn’t sign up for this;
Crying myself to sleep.
Who could’ve known that now it is
A burden to be able to think?
I often have trouble sleeping because at night, there’s nothing to do and my thoughts catch up to me.
amber Jan 22
are you there?
you never answer,
when I call out your name.
maybe your mind,
is somewhere else.
i hope,
your heart isn't too.
Ashlee M Dec 2019
Struggles in my mind
Rising sun now understands
Thunder in whispers.
A sentiment to anxiety and worry. From a constant overthinker.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
There are days,
when she feels lost in the universe
that exists in her mind;
overthinking herself to oblivion.

There are days,
when she feels she is downing
in the depths of her thoughts.
Drowning in the sea of her emotions,
tears turning into high tides
destroying peace of mind.

Night bleeds into morning
Sun dissolves the moon

She wants to come out for a breath
and just breathe the light air.
Feel the lightness of it,
as it enters her lungs -  
the simplicity of it.

She is losing more of herself.
M e l l o Jul 2019
most of the time
I spend
my sleepless nights
writing verses
that rhymes
to ease my
chaotic mind
I write until
I can't think of
words to describe
what I feel inside
and as I close my eyes
I tell myself
that will be my last poem
for the day
tomorrow is another day
to daydream and
a whole lot of overthinking
Poem of the day for July 17.
lindy Jun 2019
I’m afraid of three things:

1 Being hurt again

2 It being different and not knowing how to act because I’m use to pain

3 What it will take not to feel this way
kivel May 2019
Here I am again
cycling through with this ******
ready to feel despair
with all the regret in the world.

I brace myself
for i see the land
and it fills my vision
laughing at me.

After years of being free
into the sky
I brace myself again
for this ****** land
this punishing, mad land that gives no mercy
that cages me from reaching for stars
that loves to wallow within my tears
that gives me only pain within my heart
it comes to me

A repeating tragedy.
g d bubb May 2019
I'm tired behind the eyes
and it goes so much further
than just having a bad night sleep.
AnxiousOcean Mar 2019
For a moment I would stop
and gaze at the sunset;
as the sun humbles itself,
I still could not forget.

For a moment I would stop
and search for the moon;
for the night is overwhelming,
I hope it fades away very soon.

For a moment I would stop
and listen to my demons;
different voices, different tones,
they are hungry lions.

For a moment I would stop
and recall my past;
what had happened?
What was that blast?

For a moment I would stop
and realize my mistakes;
I thought they would strengthen me,
but anxiety is all they make.

For a moment I would stop
and overthink for a while;
I could not sleep,
the sheep had ran a mile.

For a moment I would stop
and do nothing, but sank;
I feel nothing, am I nothing?
'Cause I feel like I'm blank.

For a moment I would stop,
hoping that this will all stop;
because I'm too drained
for another teardrop.
Have you ever had that moment when time stops and everything becomes cold and silent? It feels like your time is up and all you can do is to think about it over and over again.
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