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14.8k · Feb 2018
I'd like to be . . .
sunflower Feb 2018
I'd like to be alone,
but I don't want to be lonely.

I'd like to be in hope,
but I don't want to be hopeless.

I'd like to be in love,
but I don't want to be broken.

I'd like to be sad,
but I don't want to be weak.
For when I'd like to be 'me', but I don't want to be 'her'.

9.5k · May 2018
sunflower May 2018
You're this one whole world,
created by my poetic imagination.
An ode to love,
A sound so sweet.
You're a delicate soul,
a sunset to all.
They said angels boast ethereal vigor ,
and are formed from seeds of heavenly birth.
You are one of these many seed,
you grow within my heart.
You bloom like a wildflower,
in a field of ethereal road.
And for once,
I will not pick this wildflower,
as I want it to bloom in my heart forever.
For when I was scrolling through picturequotes and found this very beautiful quote by Virgil and it says, 'Angels boast ethereal vigor, and are formed from seeds of heavenly birth.' I could only think of a person. It's you.

ㅡ n.s
2.8k · Mar 2018
The Best of Me.
sunflower Mar 2018
You grow flowers in my heart,
You draw lights in my dark.

You stopped the rain that is falling,
You brought sun in my sky.

You calmed the storm in me,
The lightning they screamed.

And whisper out the rainbow,
I didn't know I could be.
For how you bring out the best of me, in the worst time of my life.

1.8k · Jul 2018
sunflower Jul 2018
A mind of a wanderer,
a peaceful place.
On earth it screams,
in here, it's sound asleep.
Breathing the air,
of the darkest night.
With all these stars,
shining bright.

A mind of a wanderer,
a surreal surrounding.
On earth it cries,
in here, it's drowning deep.
Into the ocean,
of the ancient history.
With beautiful mermaids,
singing lullaby.

A mind of a wanderer,
a high, high mountain.
On earth it lays low,
In here, it's standing still.
Walks a hundred steps,
on a steep pathway,
it even reaches the peak,
in time for the sunset.

A mind of a wanderer,
it stays here.
In a space,
which no one could trespass.
it is okay to be on your own, you don't have to travel around the world (in this context; having a big group of people knowing you) if you ended up feeling trapped and lonely. Everyone should just sit down and start wandering around their mind (in this context; enjoying warm company by a small group of friend)

1.6k · Feb 2018
sunflower Feb 2018
‪Is my world,‬
‪genuinely beautiful,‬
‪or is it his existence, ‬
‪that help me breathe?‬

‪If the beauty in my eye, ‬
‪reflects onto his skin,‬
‪isn't he the one,‬
‪that help me see?‬

‪The sound of his laugh,‬
‪the way his eyes smile. ‬
‪Isn't that the most,‬
‪beautiful thing?‬

‪The sound of his heart,‬
‪whenever it beats.
‪Do I find home,‬
‪in him?‬
For him and only him.

1.2k · Feb 2018
Happy Carat Day
sunflower Feb 2018
It's beautiful,
the sun rising.
It's beautiful,
the sun setting.
For how it coloured the sky,
into a combination,
of rose quartz and serenity.
For every time,
the colour changed.
It's beautiful,
how I thought of them.
For every time,
I stare at the pantone sky,
and paint colour in my eyes,
ㅡ I know, they felt the same.
For how we engraved in each others' heart. Let's stay like this, forever.

1.2k · Feb 2018
sunflower Feb 2018
I found someone,
I fall for them,
I broke my heart,
and I heal.
For when I fell for the wrong person, almost everytime.

1.1k · Mar 2018
I found love in me.
sunflower Mar 2018
I found love with every step I take,
into all these whimsical forests I went.

I found love within each beat,
I heard dancing in my favorite music.

I found love with every cup,
of coffee my mouth sipped.

I found love in paint and brush,
painting sky of beautiful sunsets.

I found love in inked pens,
writing down words I couldn't tell.

I found love in me,
and I will hold onto that.
For when I found love in me.

ㅡ n.s
1.0k · Mar 2018
Death in Love.
sunflower Mar 2018
A clock ticks time,
A heart beats fast.
Her mouth whisper spells,
she couldn't cast.
The lies lie down,
beneath her lips.
Loving a man,
for his blood.
They were cursed,
under the full moon.
Blood for blood,
death in love.
For when I remember I used to write poetry based on fantasy.  This one tells a love tale between a cursed witch (her) and a grim reaper (his) .

999 · Jan 2018
sunflower Jan 2018
I'm afraid,
Scared to death,
That when I wake up,
I am someone else.
Through all these days,
I stay wise,
Even though my mind,
Is going wild.
This is the story of my life,
I 'split' to anyone,
A stranger I never knew,
A person I never met.
My mind speaks,
Between two,
One is like me,
The other is who?
For when I lost myself in those times I was not 'me'.

762 · Feb 2019
sunflower Feb 2019
Please tell me that,
we're just taking a break.
And when we see each other,
face to face and hands in hands.
We will come back,
to each other again.
Because home is you,
and I'm sure of that.

I tell you this,
my biggest secret.
I've never loved the hardest way,
still loving you but walk away.
Hoping that you will come back,
like sunsets I see and things I promised.
Because I thought I'm strong like this,
turns out I died a little bit.
For when I'm losing myself again, you took yourself away from me along with my heart, now I'm empty.

ㅡ n.s
735 · Feb 2018
I'm lucky, I'm a human.
sunflower Feb 2018
I just want to be able to live.

To wake up to the sun,
shined in between my windows.

To feel the wind touching my,
easily scarred skin.

To stand in between,
all these tall trees.

To stare at the sunset,
and how the sky's blue fades.

To watch the stars come out,
along with the moon by their side.

And to thought of how lucky I am,
to exist and witness.

God's ethereal painting,
and remarkable piece of art.

I am so lucky to be a human.
I am so lucky to be drawn on His beautiful canvas.
For when I thought I was lucky to exist. [ Nature is the only reason why I found this world a beautiful place. ] Well, this is just a very cliché poem about how much of a nature lover I am.

729 · Aug 2018
A Place Unknown.
sunflower Aug 2018
A place unknown,
a stranger to no-one.
It's new to eyes,
but old in her mind.

In this place,
Sun is beaming,
through the dissolved clouds.
As the last light of day,
tints the sky and the ground.

That day,
like a celestial phenomenon,
moon rises in time of the sun sets.
And for a little while,
they became one.

The moon in half,
spark in her eyes.
Roses in her hands,
they bloomed so beautiful.

A place unknown,
an ethereal place.
Of which she steps on,
too many times.
In deep sleep,
under the starry night.
But for once ㅡ
on that day,
it's real.
For when we always have that one beautiful dream of a beautiful place which stays there for a long time or perhaps, eternity. At night, in my sleep, I always dream of the same place ever since I start dreaming up until now, the place remains the same. It's just amazing how our brain works.

ㅡ n.s
631 · Feb 2018
I wish.
sunflower Feb 2018

I wish I may,
I wish I might,
give you the stars,
in the sky tonight.
For just another night, and I thought of you.

517 · Mar 2018
I was the moon.
sunflower Mar 2018
I once called myself a moon.
For how I felt each and every hole,
in my soul.
Silence in night,
when I was out.
Pretended to shine bright,
in the darkest sky.

I was the moon.
I was ugly.
I was dark.
I was alone.

But now it's daylight.
I am replacing the sun.
For when I realised that I am changing into a better version of me. I've been fixing myself these last few months. It was a great journey. My loves, please remember. It will always be the clearest sky after the loudest storm.

513 · Mar 2018
Into the woods.
sunflower Mar 2018
I am walking down this beautiful path,
Made up of strong desires.

In between all these tall trees,
Representing my confidence.

Breathing in the calmest air of forgiveness,
And breathing out the greatest regrets.

I am growing into a big tree,
Watered with self-love and patience.

I am walking into the woods,
Where I found the realest me.
For how I am finally changing.

488 · Mar 2018
A poet is a tree.
sunflower Mar 2018
We are like trees.
Growing tall with greenery.
Dusty brown soil,
dry cracked leaves.

Wrapped with vines.
Climbed by twisted plant.
They crept along the ground,
they clung onto our skin.

The tree is us.
We grow old with emotions.
Dark ugly hatred,
beautiful fragile heart.

Embraced with thoughts.
Trailed by twisted world's plot.
They followed along our life.
They stuck in our mind.

A poet is a tree.
Watered with tears.
Sunned with laughter,
Cut down by harmful words.

A tree is a poet.
Being called a home.
By birds and humans,
who always come and go.
For when I thought of nothing else but myself whenever I see a tree.

466 · Jan 2018
The Sun
sunflower Jan 2018
You know how does it feels like?
To stand infront of the sunshine?
You hurt your eyes by staring at the sun,
Yet you still stare with closed eyes.
The thing you see is plain-red,
Because it is way too bright.
After all these times knowing him,
Every single day,
I swear.
I came out of my room
only to stare at it.
I used to hate the bright,
For how deep I am
In love with the dark.
But I would like to thank him,
For reminding me of the sun.
For everytime I stare at the sun and smiled as bright. You remind me so much of the sun, lsm.

448 · Feb 2018
sunflower Feb 2018
These days, it felt
the same.
As if I was living
a day that keeps me
farther and farther away
from the sun.
It's gloomy,
it's all dark.
When I thought I was living the night,
I keep my eyes shut.
Today, it's raining again.
An arduous day,
never-ending thoughts.
Tomorrow is yet to come,
but tomorrow is not for me.
It came to me
like the sound of the rain,
Fades away,
and all at once.

ㅡAnd for all these days that rained the same,
I hope it won't stop.
For when I watched the film based on Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and felt the deepest emotion, the fact that tomorrow may not come at all.

423 · Jul 2019
To Love You
sunflower Jul 2019
To love someone, is hard.
It feels like someday everything will grow apart.

To love someone, is precarious.
It feels as if the world will end and I'll fall down.

But to love you, is ethereal.
It feels like watching the sun sets.
Slowly and all at once, out of sight.

To love you, is surreal.
It feels like watching the flowers bloom, in winter's cold.
Almost impossible.

To love you, is a blesssing.
It's like watching the brightest star in the darkest sky.
Igniting the light in me.

And to be loved by you, is an honor.
It feels as if I am on top of the world.
Witnessing only the beauty and grace the earth keeps.

I love you, my only one.
With every inch of me.
For when I'm lucky to be love and to be loved.

ㅡ n.s
sunflower Aug 2018
I'd repeat the same song,
for how it reminds me of you.
Every bit of words,
takes me back to you.
Beats by beats,
this heart suffocates.
On how you broke me,
years ago.
For when you broke the heart of an emotional teenage girl (e.g. me) that very person will remember everything including words that came out of your mouth, precisely. Listening to sad love songs are their weakest point. Anyways, changes by xxxtentacion is so beautiful.

ㅡ n.s
413 · Feb 2018
They, human.
sunflower Feb 2018
They were, I doubt not,
see enough,
in the dark.

The thoughts, the whisper.
Haunt them,

They endured, I'm sure,
the hindrances.
They tried.

They breathe, live,
they fight.
They did.

They, human.
They are,
ㅡ strong.
For when I thought they are strong. They fight themselves. Suicidal thought is no less important, people need to help.

370 · Jan 2018
A Broken Tape
sunflower Jan 2018
The fifth track,
The one she listened to.
She questioned herself,
What her life was like.
It was hard,
It has never changed.
The same old song,
are playing over and over again.
Fast-forwarding it,
never helped.
She tried her very best,
to not put it on repeat.
Though she can eject,
she never did.

And that is what her life was like.
A broken tape,
fixed too many times.
For when I got hurt and healed too many times.

365 · Jul 2018
Dear Moon,
sunflower Jul 2018
Dear moon,
It is daylight from now on,
So I wish to not be you anymore.
, sun.
351 · Jan 2018
I waited.
sunflower Jan 2018
This flower is getting sad, waiting for something that doesn't worth a wait. Just so you know I still am waiting, eventhough I know it goes to waste.
For when I was fooled by the idea of Love.

337 · Feb 2018
sunflower Feb 2018
Don't tell me lies,
in a beautiful language.
Don't break me,
into pieces.

Don't tell me things
that is not true.
Don't whisper me,
the wind.

Don't give me roses,
that is dying.
Don't let me,
touch the thorns.

Don't give me hopes,
in chain and ropes.
Don't let me,
think of you.
For those who wrecked me, my mind & my heart.

290 · Jan 2018
sunflower Jan 2018
These fingers of mine,
Type words I couldn't say.
It feels like hatred,
in my throat I couldn't shout.
I delete some words,
which they don't like.
It feels like truth,
I changed to lies.
For when I don't stand up for me.

249 · Jan 2018
Why is it so cold?
sunflower Jan 2018
Blue and icy,
The colours I see.
Silence speaks,
The bright world agree.
When the leaves were by my hot tea,
The coldness I feel is killing me.

It's hot out there,
But it's cold in here.
The thoughts I kept to myself,
Is freezing in me.
Sometimes I questioned,
Why is it so cold?
Is it just me or is it the world?
I need the sun to melt this all.
But once it's cold,

It remains cold.
For when I was a depressed soul.

sunflower Jan 2020
I long for you.

I long to feel the warmth of your body,
close to mine.
I long to stare and wander in that eyes of yours,
a world to me.
I long to catch every phrase of love,
that comes out from your mouth,
feeling safe and real,
all at once.

We're connected souls,
standing at the edge of the rocks,
in front of the biggest ocean.
Letting the wind touch our cheeks,
and the sand kiss our feet.
Yes we are apart now,
miles away.
Across the sea,
too far to reach.

I long for you,
but tomorrow is just a breath away.
A few blinks of eyes and minutes to stay.
Until we could finally smile,
face to face.
No longer through the screen of our phones,
but hands in hands.
For when long distance relationship is too hard to endure, sometimes. We may be apart but we're still a part of each other, you have a piece of me and I do have a piece of you too.

205 · Jan 2020
Four tres two uno
sunflower Jan 2020
Int: On the bedroom's floor, with phone next to my right ear.

Do you remember,
The day we're sitting here?
We're settling in,
inhaling the air of a beautiful tragedy.
Trying to process,
the good one minute of witnessing love.
It was eleven in the morning,
but it felt like dream.
Silence takes place,
making conversation on its own in our head,
As our lips, shut together.
On your count of four,
I said 'yes'.
It was honestly,
the very first time I felt alive,
For when my love confessed love to me through a phone call. I felt like I was the ****** of a romance film. Little things are little but some of them are unforgettable. And for you, tell him or her that you love them. We only live in a single day, we can't waste any more seconds.


— The End —