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karo Oct 8
I've fallen for the lights.

tiny little sparks of hope
days when I surrender to
my path

and believe
that even if nothing
turns quite right
I'll still be fine.

and I love this town
a city of light
A mindless wanderer amidst a universe of stars he cannot see
A stride as faint as a silent cry

Humanity falls through its destiny
Through the eye of an arbitrary blade of grass
Wavering inside the space between atoms

Never to see, what really is
Without a chance to pierce the veils that matter
Hopelessly loss within its simple borders
What about duality, when infinity is all around us

All we have is life.
I'm a wandering soul
With a meandering goal
Some say, choose something
And stick to it, it's a good thing
It's like a life
With only one wife
While I want a mistress
Even though I'm in distress
LK Sep 4
To lose all that you've built on
is to be left far behind
a wall of glass put up between
you and the other side

While others continue on
you'll find their voices fade away
you're so **** far behind
it fails to matter what they say

Please excuse me teacher
for not caring when or why
or how or what historians
are influenced with or by

When I can’t even answer
who I am or why I'm here
or why I'm being forced to live
clothed in doubt and fear

Please excuse me mom
for not being able to
remember each and every chore
and what they mean to you

When I'm not even sure
If I want to live or die
Shall I stay here as a wanderer
Or wave it all goodbye
Dream Fisher Sep 4
We all wander, don't bother.
I don't need direction, don't need the answer.
Stop staring with question, I'm not a lesson.
I go through life without a plan B
Yet if you notice my limbs,
You may not know how I'm standing.
Jumping from feats like a legless cat,
I just pray that I'm landing.
If this map doesn't work out,
Then I'm just another dream they were right to doubt.

Ignore me, come on, abuse me.
My body is ready for another internal bruising.
You want to conjure memories
I'll blast off with super Saiyan energy
Push me with every bone and muscle,
I'm a poet, I don't need to go and tussle
I'll pound you down with leaded ground
You won't see the shots I rapidly land
Just know my power level is over nine thousand.

I've got scars I forgot existed,
The kind people hear in defensive laugh.
The kind if given a similar treatment, deployed.
I'll line up every shot for you, destroyed
Don't apologise, I've swatted bigger webs of lies.
I never hold a grudge and never have tried
But I'd rather see you crucified.
A self unraveled by knowledge
A Faust, memories perched like bird
Squawking and squawking

Driving down country roads
Remembering, like a repeating tape,
What we have just seen
Lost wanderers. I feel we are all Faust, in a way.
You were a butterfly lost in the middle of the sea.
You were a feather silently falling with the leaves.
You were a shadow burning in the moonlight,
looking for the midnight sun.
Sometimes we're somewhere so much different looking for something. Sometimes we want something we couldn't have and want it so bad that we change into someone unknown. But does it have to be so painful to be different?
cndc Jun 30
it was late afternoon
when she got into the station
she won't return anytime soon
for staying is not an option
she has no idea where she's bound to
but it’s clear that her heart’s already through
with all the countless lies that she heard
and all the people who didn’t see her worth
PoserPersona Jun 26
There stands a figure by the shore
In this world like none before
Seas and clouds of misty gray
Reveal themselves to those who stay
For if I were to follow you
Birds would sing of my doom, too
Inspired by Caspar Friedrich's painting of the same name
Roman Payne May 5
My lips are a band of Gypsy wanderers
thieving their way across the landscape
of your body.
They are telling fortunes to your flesh,
They are selling potions to your ***.
They mining beauty
from your oceans,
from your caverns, and caves;
to use in their witchcraft;
that they may make others their slaves,
as your beauty has enslaved them.
From Payne's book, "Terra Incognita, Femina Ignota"
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