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Wanderer ...

lost ...
i am ...
my love ...
and uh ...
wish you know ...
my feelings scale ...
and it's madness ...
in my heart ...
all night ...
how it was ...
burn my heart ...
in the dead of night ...
while i been drew ...
those lips ...
your lips ...
in my fantasies mind ...
with all lines ...
just ...
to get a chance ...
to have a kiss ...
to dive with ...
to the world of dreams ...
until morning comes ...
and the meeting will be ...
to make dream ...
comes as true ....
with much of kisses. ..
Without drawing imagination ...
just a reality ...
kisses ...

hazem al ..
Jack Jun 2022
Journey to endless slumber
to find you in thousand dream,
reminiscing sweet memories,
for this graceful excitement,
from what we used to have,
a wish as existence of you never fade,
a dream permanently stay forever,

even clock stop ticking and my body decayed,
hope for our consciousness can coexist
in the end, I'm the one will be perish...
where my soul keeps wander,
waiting to be together,
at endless boundaries,
CIN Apr 2022
Let me walk along the roads like a wanderer
I’ll glance at the beggars
Side eye the kids walking home
Someone asks if i'm selling
I say not today
The nights are cold
Grass and dirt stain my old clothes
Traffic sounds
Anger and wrath
Where am I going?
Where will I go from here?
I don't know
for some reason lately all i want to do is hurt myself.
annh Feb 2022
Let me fall
Deeply into the heart
Of the wanderer,
Under the dappled skin
Into the belly of the thing
Heavy and warm;
The hermit and the outcast
Is met in me
By the stomp of a hoof,
The shifting
Of weight
As he steadies himself;
I look down at my feet
Aware of toes and heels
Colliding with the ground.

I met an Appaloosa the other week. Pale, dappled and distant among a herd of sleek blacks and solid chestnuts. His name is Cherokee.

‘Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.’
- Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room
Can I settle
In your heart,
A most fertile valley,
Let me fill
My lungs with you,
A breath of fresh air,
For I have been a wanderer
Traveling far and long
In search of someone
That felt like home

Kenny Anthony Aug 2021
Feet swayed above the depths of the deep blue sea, eyes scanning over the horizon of crimson reds and embellished purples that rest with the indolent ripples of water; leaving reflections of scattered perfection to dissipate into the open waters. Longing for a sense of direction, a sense of change. My heart ached for a better me, to be as beautiful and courageous as this sea.

The salty water napped at my toes, hitting the floating pillars that hold up this stretch of rotting wood, as though in a rage to let me know, “You are beyond what you see, open your mind and let free, just be!” But who am I beyond this flesh prison of intellectual knowledge? A walking encephalon of salted water, feeling more then my core accounts for; I want to be the sea, and so much more.

An illusion in the real world, as if the magic man forgot to snap his fingers and bring me back to reality; and still, I pity those who can not see me. The genuine me. If only I could be seen beyond the phony, people-pleasing charade. Oh, what a lovely day it could be. To listen to the quiet, before me. For words are not what make self, but the silence of the unspoken, of the words spoke within.

Though, I look on into those crimson reds and embellished purples, I am reminded that I am just as puny as the planet itself, beyond the galaxies of space and time. Or am I just as vast as an ant to its crumb, that falls beneath the floor board? A dreamer of the void, but I’ll never touch the starry night light. I am a gnomist, deluged in a subconscious mass of riptides. There has to be a better construct among the hillsides, but my mind is branching off in dark suicides.

As my thoughts wandered, so did the allegory of the sky, beneath the sea to sleep; and the darkness settled a top the water. Where am I now? Still. Silent. Wreaking havoc on this ageless soul. I lay back on the rotten wood of this outstretched dock far from the shore, with my thoughts deep, deeper then the water that licks my toes with every wave that pushes. Water that once touched the deepest sands of the sea. Water that has coasted along sunken ships and forgotten memories that lay a strewn bottomless pits, never to be seen. Water that evaporates into the sky, touching the air we breathe, with clouds that sheds it's watery tears back into the sea, singing, “Oh, wont you come with me, to this wasteland of the silent. Where we’re all destined to be.” I raised my hand and touched what can not be seen. Seen, but can not be touched - The starry night, and the aurora’s green ribbons of light, dancing to rhythm of my off beat heart.

What a beautiful sight. Thoughts of darkness turned to light. A different thought provoked within, and a smile creeped across my face. How strange that a change in scenery can alter one’s mind riddle in a blink of an eye. Once dark and sorrowful, to serene and irenic. The search for our better selves, is never-ending and ever changing.
mad max inspired, find yourself
Loreah Mar 2021
Under a mask and some ripples
An ocean of sky and foam of clouds
Wind wanderer, you and your tides
Must have been where nothing remains
MyReflections Oct 2020
I see him everyday, on a broken pieces of mirror
His pale face, body thin, Eyes sink in tears.
Cry of his belly and brain, is all he could hear
Carrying the weight of his shattered dream
His heart beats in the fear
Will he ever overcome
From this enduring nightmare.
Will someday he can see himself
As he had wish to appear?
Lost in these thoughts, every now and then
He moves here to there
So the passengers, passing on the street
Called him, 'The Street wanderer'.

Sometimes he dives into his memories
Remembering how he had come here
Remembering that once he had his loving parents
His friends, his relatives, all were there
But he left the home and brought himself alone
To do something for which the world can cheer
And as you can see, he reached nowhere
Shedding his hope with every drop of tear.

But forget, what had happened in the past
As this morning, the Sun casts
The lights of bright fortune
What he have to do
is to follow his tune.
Sitting on a bench
That serve him as bed
He takeout his dairy
And his pen.
Started to jot
Whatever in his mind
Satisfied with nothing
He scratched all, in no time
In that anger, he had on self,
He hold his head, he yelp.
He remembered the words of his parents
"Focus on studies, You are not for all this!"
Oh, how good, if he follow their instruction
At least, he can see his reflections.

Time passed from day to night
And he is still, without smile
Sitting on that very bench
He pick his dairy, in his hand
Turning the wrinkled pages, all scratched.
Marking his disbelief on himself.
But this time he is determined
And this very night, he have to find
The rhyme
The very best rhyme.
The search of Perfection
Ayesha Sep 2020
Where would you be off to
when this calm lake split asunder
chewed at your lungs, waiting a surrender
Muffled your screams as it pulled you under
Where would you be off to
housed in layers, moving as tides they wander

Where would you be off to
When snakes crawled out in hunger
Gnawed at your skin, turning it to bright umber
feasting you slow waiting for spiders to plunder
Where would you be off too
hollow of your bones deep in their slumber

Where would you be off to
Chased by bullets too many in number
Stabbed at your being, hitting like thunder
Gushing out blood your legs as they lumber
where would you be off to
choking on roses, taken away in a dumper

Where would you be off to
Lost as a hopeless bird's tiny youngster
Open wings turned on by the blue yonder
Sleeping in bushes, stealing from a monger
Where would you be off to
lying awake somewhere here under
It was a little tune at first, I'm glad how it turned out.
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