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sunflower Jul 2019
To love someone, is hard.
It feels like someday everything will grow apart.

To love someone, is precarious.
It feels as if the world will end and I'll fall down.

But to love you, is ethereal.
It feels like watching the sun sets.
Slowly and all at once, out of sight.

To love you, is surreal.
It feels like watching the flowers bloom, in winter's cold.
Almost impossible.

To love you, is a blesssing.
It's like watching the brightest star in the darkest sky.
Igniting the light in me.

And to be loved by you, is an honor.
It feels as if I am on top of the world.
Witnessing only the beauty and grace the earth keeps.

I love you, my only one.
With every inch of me.
For when I'm lucky to be love and to be loved.

ㅡ n.s
sunflower Feb 2019
Please tell me that,
we're just taking a break.
And when we see each other,
face to face and hands in hands.
We will come back,
to each other again.
Because home is you,
and I'm sure of that.

I tell you this,
my biggest secret.
I've never loved the hardest way,
still loving you but walk away.
Hoping that you will come back,
like sunsets I see and things I promised.
Because I thought I'm strong like this,
turns out I died a little bit.
For when I'm losing myself again, you took yourself away from me along with my heart, now I'm empty.

ㅡ n.s
sunflower Aug 2018
A place unknown,
a stranger to no-one.
It's new to eyes,
but old in her mind.

In this place,
Sun is beaming,
through the dissolved clouds.
As the last light of day,
tints the sky and the ground.

That day,
like a celestial phenomenon,
moon rises in time of the sun sets.
And for a little while,
they became one.

The moon in half,
spark in her eyes.
Roses in her hands,
they bloomed so beautiful.

A place unknown,
an ethereal place.
Of which she steps on,
too many times.
In deep sleep,
under the starry night.
But for once ㅡ
on that day,
it's real.
For when we always have that one beautiful dream of a beautiful place which stays there for a long time or perhaps, eternity. At night, in my sleep, I always dream of the same place ever since I start dreaming up until now, the place remains the same. It's just amazing how our brain works.

ㅡ n.s
sunflower Aug 2018
I'd repeat the same song,
for how it reminds me of you.
Every bit of words,
takes me back to you.
Beats by beats,
this heart suffocates.
On how you broke me,
years ago.
For when you broke the heart of an emotional teenage girl (e.g. me) that very person will remember everything including words that came out of your mouth, precisely. Listening to sad love songs are their weakest point. Anyways, changes by xxxtentacion is so beautiful.

ㅡ n.s
sunflower Jul 2018
A mind of a wanderer,
a peaceful place.
On earth it screams,
in here, it's sound asleep.
Breathing the air,
of the darkest night.
With all these stars,
shining bright.

A mind of a wanderer,
a surreal surrounding.
On earth it cries,
in here, it's drowning deep.
Into the ocean,
of the ancient history.
With beautiful mermaids,
singing lullaby.

A mind of a wanderer,
a high, high mountain.
On earth it lays low,
In here, it's standing still.
Walks a hundred steps,
on a steep pathway,
it even reaches the peak,
in time for the sunset.

A mind of a wanderer,
it stays here.
In a space,
which no one could trespass.
it is okay to be on your own, you don't have to travel around the world (in this context; having a big group of people knowing you) if you ended up feeling trapped and lonely. Everyone should just sit down and start wandering around their mind (in this context; enjoying warm company by a small group of friend)

sunflower Jul 2018
Dear moon,
It is daylight from now on,
So I wish to not be you anymore.
, sun.
sunflower May 2018
You're this one whole world,
created by my poetic imagination.
An ode to love,
A sound so sweet.
You're a delicate soul,
a sunset to all.
They said angels boast ethereal vigor ,
and are formed from seeds of heavenly birth.
You are one of these many seed,
you grow within my heart.
You bloom like a wildflower,
in a field of ethereal road.
And for once,
I will not pick this wildflower,
as I want it to bloom in my heart forever.
For when I was scrolling through picturequotes and found this very beautiful quote by Virgil and it says, 'Angels boast ethereal vigor, and are formed from seeds of heavenly birth.' I could only think of a person. It's you.

ㅡ n.s
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