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SquidInk Feb 2021
you told me it was over
i hear it loud and clear
but deleting our messages
broke my heart
taking down our pictures on my wall
hurt like hell
and giving back your stuff
was unimaginably painful
until i had no trace left of you but the memories
then i knew, it was over
Daniel Pokorny Nov 2020
The black and white swirls that I saw changed my life.
Waking up everyday to watch something funny gave me a reason to keep going.
It gave me a reason to keep taking steps toward my own self happiness,
But now that your gone,
I'm lost,
But I'm not afraid,
I'm not afraid to wake up and take a step,
Not afraid to listen to my own clock,
Not afraid of the inevitability of death,
I have the strength to keep going, even after your passing,
Others feel the same way, and have tried to cling on to the videos, I admit. I have some downloaded, but I am deleting them now,
Because I don't have to cling to the past to proceed forward,
So as I hit delete on these memories,
I sit and cry,
With a smile on my face,
So thank you,
For everything
I remove your words from myself-
And in doing so,I create and rediscover my own sentences and paragraphs,
My soul a novel free of your lies,
With much more meaning than mere repetition.
title borrowed from a sentence in Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's A Final Dream of Clocks on   .
Nylee Jul 2020
He has been haunting my thoughts, dreams alike
I can smile and frown thinking of him at the same time
He is cities apart, a call away
Beyond my reach, a relationship away
A friendship driving me insane
Many feelings to complain
Hey, call me back, will you?
Mrs Anybody Jun 2020
one click,
not even
on purpose
and then –


my thoughts
my pain
my love –

and some may
see this
at a fresh start
but I

I hold onto
the past
too much
right now i am really sad about the words, which faintly are still in my mind, but gone & really angry at myself for my clumsiness.
but well; maybe it was for the best, to have some words, some thoughts & feelings gone

also check out my other poems!  :)
Poetic T Jun 2020
To all my contacts I'll
   not be answering anything


By the time you have woken up,
               I'll be slumbering,

you couldn't have saved me,

            I couldn't even save me.

Just know that this is here to say,

                    you all meant something

but to me I meant less than a message...

Raeann May 2020
Good morning, I hope your well.
Haven't talked to you in a while.
Saw your mom she looks sad I gave her a hug and we cried for a long while. It felt good.

Are you in a diffrent body and when random people smile at me or are nice to me, is that you?

When I see a stranger and i feel like i know that person  thats impossible unless it's you...
! Next time maybe hold a purple bandana then I'll known its you for sure.

I miss our long talks so much has happend over the years and I dont think anyone will fill your place.

I wanted to **** myself the  other day, held my breath underwater till it hurt

I named a scar after you not a healthy reaction I know, but the cuts deep and didnt bleed. It's tough like you.

Good morning. Hope you're doing fine.

Went to sleep because I was stupid enough with a stranger  I was afraid I wouldent be able to find you.
Then I thought maybe I'd find someone who is lost like me and they knew you and you are fine.

I'm still afraid of birds but a crow near my house gets close to me and seems kind and will make weird noises at me some times I feed it and talk to it like it's you.

Sad music makes me feel better.
Were you the same?

Mother said I cannot marry a girl would you have married me?

Good night.. talk to you again.
Many journal entries to a good friend who passed away when i  was 13.
Let me know if youd like more of these.
Torin Apr 2020
Pale horse
From dusk til dawn ridden
Not reading constellations
Stars from our eyes
How many moons?
but still riding on
From dusk til dawn
Destination unknown
Under the black reaching night
No one tells us to sleep
There is no end
Only the miracle
The sun will rise
Stars from our eyes
How many moons?
My empty hands are growling hounds
From dusk til dawn

Our hands
Cities and instruments
Gardens where flowers grow
And I know if I can make it now
Highways and silver mines
Dawn comes
Bird song
And I look to the west
The miracle of morning

Our hands
Sun up to sun down
The harvest in the fields
The glory in our labor
The consecrated charge
The duty that is our land and our faith
Our hands
Held open to the sky
Competent and capable
To build
To protect as is our chore
To eat
We feast and we repent
Wake up to a new day
And celebrate our blessings
New triple stack Big Macs. How about that? I wonder how burger kings gonna come back from this one.
mjad Feb 2020
I thought I deleted you
Actually that's not true
It's been 6 years now
That I've been messing with you
When will one of us get another
To take the place as a lover
Because we aren't in love
We just kiss each other
sunshine Nov 2019
blocked, deleted, trashed, and gone

these are the things so far I've done

to take you out of my life for good

because God only knows just what you did
never sure
always unsure
but I did it anyways

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