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Aybidee Apr 6
just delete
don't bother with my idiocy
an equivalent of infidelity
a balance of discrepancy
Loony Apr 2
Creations. Delete
Friends. Delete
Toughts. Delete
Feelings. Delete
Life. Delete
Sanny Mar 24
With time the distance grew.

Prepared myself for weeks.

Like ripping of a band-aid, it had to be done.

Every breath, every hit on that button felt like a stab to my heart.

I heard your laugh, saw your smile in my head for one last time.

I close my eyes and remember.

I need you to be gone.

Fully and completely.

Keeping you means losing me.

For the last time..

Matthew Mar 4
Remember the Poems I gave to you
in the afternoon haze of those Autumn days.
The golden hour was in between us
as the birds sang their nightly Lullabies.
Yet, I know the dark lies
spoken as the sun set her sleepy head.
I put more faith in my tattered lies
than you did.
I've seen your body
toward the
cold reflections in the moonlight.
moonlight in the cold reflections.
nobody Jan 26
the door in my old room. the one with light blue sky and clouds painted over every inch of the walls. the two window sills in my room, with the dirt from when i’d go in and out of them. my ceiling from which i hung wind chimes. my bunk bed that had alllllll my stuffed animals on the top bunk. with a book called the anybodies (my favorite as a kid) to read on the top bunk with the fan on. anyway,
the door in my old room. i wasn’t allowed to close it, so i almost never did. but when i did, it was so I could write and draw on the white backside. my teenage poetry. pure, ****** poetry.
well i wonder if it’s all still there.
nostalgia is a slow, everlasting-like ******. a guaranteed good feeling. because i feel just enough sorrow that it’s the really good feeling pain because also, i’m happy as if i’m happy crying. if that makes sense
“i know it well” blood bank
momma, i miss you. i feel you. i only wish to ever be enough, and to be a good person.
even the best of us aren’t perfect hm?
my old door was cool. i miss some of those times. i feel like thinking about the lyric “hearts are broken every day.” has been messing with me lately. heartbreak (don’t judge me aight) reminds me that i am human. heartbreak makes me feel mortal in a way few things can. so what is the point of my life when i already know such heartbreak, it’s impacted me a lot, but it is simultaneously an every single day, multiple times per second occurrence. very common. very common **** my ****. that **** hurts in a good way you feel me?
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Your existence is a testament to my unending terrible embarrassment
Why can't I permanently delete draft poems straight away??? What is happening to Hello Poetry?  I have been here for almost 5 years and I kinda miss the old format :'(
vbdulrhman Nov 2018
hey world
thanks for making this option
Miss Nov 2018
Cntrl: resolute, determined, believe
Alt: state of mind, perception, belief
Delete: avoid, disprove, disbelieve
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
i don't love you anymore
i know that for sure
i'm in love with someone else now
but why did my heart hurt a little
when i saw you with someone else?
i never want you back
i never even want to look at you again
i haven't looked at you in days
but our eyes met today
and my heart dropped
you were my first real love
maybe i'm glad i didn't have many relationships in school
because after you break up
you see pieces of what you used to be everywhere

the bleachers in the gym where we first met
sitting with friends in the far right corner
where our eyes met for the first time

walking in gym where we first kissed
and i screamed and ran away
because that was the first time i kissed someone

outside the gym at those tables
where you lifted me on top of you and kissed me

the seats all the way in the back of the auditorium
where i touched you for the first time

the bathrooms downstairs where you took advantage of me
and i'm scared to let anyone see that part of me now
your hands in private places
i never want to feel again because of you
and that's why it takes me so long to give that piece of me

the inside of the gym when the lights were off
where you pulled me in
and pushed me up against the wall
and then lowered me to the ground with you on top
that was the first time i was afraid

the courtyard where you would hold me every morning
and we would fall asleep in each other's arms

the cafeteria would we would talk to our friends every morning
and where i would stand against the wall
waiting for you to remember i existed again

the benches by the front office
where we would meet each morning and hold each other

the hallway downstairs where i ran away from you
after running from the bathroom where you hurt me

the library where you stared at that other girl
right in front of me and admitted it
and where we skipped many classes together

outside that one room where i cried
asking you if you were really breaking up with me

the windows at the front of the school
where you broke up with me and i cried
harder than i've ever cried before
and people were staring
but i was too sad to care

the parking lot where you would walk me to my bus
and you wouldn't even kiss me goodbye

the stairwell where you would pull me close
and kiss me, grabbing me until we heard someone coming

the doors that exit the school where you would wait for me
and i would throw your sweatshirt i was wearing at you

so many places, so many memories
sometimes i see a place where we made memories
and i stop and stare
and every time, i feel like crying
i just want to pretend you never existed
how do i delete all the memories?
Madison Nov 2018
I wish I could delete the bad thoughts in my head the way you can go through your camera roll and delete the pictures you don’t like...
But alas,
Nothing is that easy.
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