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Jan 14
I long for you.

I long to feel the warmth of your body,
close to mine.
I long to stare and wander in that eyes of yours,
a world to me.
I long to catch every phrase of love,
that comes out from your mouth,
feeling safe and real,
all at once.

We're connected souls,
standing at the edge of the rocks,
in front of the biggest ocean.
Letting the wind touch our cheeks,
and the sand kiss our feet.
Yes we are apart now,
miles away.
Across the sea,
too far to reach.

I long for you,
but tomorrow is just a breath away.
A few blinks of eyes and minutes to stay.
Until we could finally smile,
face to face.
No longer through the screen of our phones,
but hands in hands.
For when long distance relationship is too hard to endure, sometimes. We may be apart but we're still a part of each other, you have a piece of me and I do have a piece of you too.

Written by
sunflower  18/F/MY
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