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Oct 2014 · 842
Angry Am I
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Angry am I for all the times I tried to hold your hand and you pulled it away.

Angry am I for wasting all my time on you, for all those memories made that you hardly recall.

Angry am I for forgiving you for hurting me (more than once).

Angry am I for being the only one there for you when you were weak.

Angry am I for taking your insults.

Angry am I for looking past your imperfections.

Angry Am I That She Is Your Everything And I Am Your Nothing.

So stop wondering where I am.
Stop wanting me back because You chose Her.

Angry am I that now you change your mind when its too late.......
Oct 2014 · 3.5k
Smile ;) (10w)
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
If you want to make me feel better
smile again <3
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Promises (10w)
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Busted lips.
           Frazzled spirits.
                          Hollow eyes.
Promises full of lies.
Oct 2014 · 326
Teach Me 2 Love
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
You pick me up, I say put me down.
When you smile at me, I frown.
I am afraid.
Afraid to love.
Afraid to be loved.
What is it that you see in Me?
One day you will wake up and see.
You'll wake up and curse yourself for liking me.
I'm the bottom of the bottom of the sea.
As your the highest point in the sky.
You whisper I love you.
Your whispers ****** me inside.
I am so afraid you'll leave, yet so afraid you'll stay.
I cannot do this!
Please, just go away.
Unless.............. unless, you could teach me how to love.
Oct 2014 · 324
Let me love you <3
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Let down your walls love, can you not feel your worth?
Let me in ***, do you not wish to talk?
Look back at me boo, do you not see how much I care?


I'm running out of time.......
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Sugar Mama
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Her belly swollen like a mother should be.
I ask her every morning "my dear how much candy did you eat because your SO gosh **** sweet?"
I love her because my flower is growing as we speak inside her.
Her skin is so clear and all a glow, the color of a hershey kiss.
A hershey kiss that I would kiss over and over again.
Her eyes are so round and bright like two big dark chocolate whoopers.
Two big dark chocolate whoopers that I love getting to the coconut center.
Her hair so bouncy and thick, just like cotton candy.
Cotton candy that will be passed down to our little ginger bread man.
And oh her smile, you could never forget, so bright and lively like skittles, oh what I would do taste the rainbow once more.
She is MY sugar mama, I would never trade her for the universe. Baby I love you and baby I love OUR baby.
Oct 2014 · 492
Right words to a man...
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
What are the right words to say to a MAN?
          When the light hits him just right
                my mind tells me he's
                    beautiful, but I can
                       not tell him that.
Beautiful is a woman's word.

When I find him acting so **** adorable,
     Do I say anything at all?  
Adorable is a girl's word.

When I see him hurt and about to cry, do I hug him and tell him everything will be alright while I wipe his tears?
Or will that make him feel weak?
Weak is the opposite of how a man should be, right?

What ARE the right things to say to a man?
Is it simply nothing at all?
Oct 2014 · 1.1k
Can U?
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Can you see me?
I see you, I see you even in my dreams.
The ones with you painted in them are always my favorite.
Can you hear me?
I always hear you.
On days when I'm alone I wish nothing more than to hear your handsome voice fill the room with life and colors.
Can you feel me?
When my fingers touch yours, or when I watch the way you so cutely do certain things, or even when as I listen to you speak through my eyes I scream at you "I love you"?
But more importantly, can You love Me too?
Oct 2014 · 846
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Break me down from within.
Its okay, if were not comiting a sin.
Make me scream from inside out.
Make me pout.
Do it strong, do it soft.
Do it long, do it short.
Break me down until I'm yelling YES!
Baby, put my body to the test.
I wanna be an animal for a while.
Let's make each other smile.
Set me lose from this cage.
Let's engage.
Let me show you just what I can do.
I'll be sure to make you go ouhh.
Let's get closer than never before.
Sugar, its only you that I adore.
Now just BREak  Me!
Sorry if this poem is a little strong.
Oct 2014 · 414
Title (optional)
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
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            U.            The.           In.         Notes.

#mistake   #10w
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
remembered sins (10w)
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Waking up with stinky breath reminds me of yesterday night. O.O
Oct 2014 · 1.7k
The Unloved Narcissist
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
To herself, she was perfect, how could anybody resist?

Of course men, boys, guys from all over, would be lined up, all for her attention.



She worked so ******* her body during winter, just to be noticed on hot summer beaches.

She always did her hair, her makeup, her nails, always had the best outfits.

After all, she was a beauty.

Wouldn't you agree.......?

DUH!! Xp

Only.............time passed...and couples of all types appeared.

I'm beautiful, she thought, I'm special.

Surly, my man will come, someone to love ME <3.

Men came.....but not for love.

For ***.

She was *** material,
after all look at the effort she put forth into her looks, we know what she wants.........,.... the D!! XD

Only, she wished they had stayed.... she wished they had loved HER.

The real her. v.v

The her she so deeply hated herself.

Surly somebody will like me.

Definitely, right?

If no one does, its okay because she knows the feeling all too well.

But every morning, she wakes up and looks in the mirror to see an eager, smiling ready face and the bruises.

The memories are nothing but a distant nightmare, coated in sugar.

Coated in the thousand voices in her head telling her,
it never happened,
your beautiful,
everyone is jealous of you,
your perfect,
your special.
Well at least to me.......:*

This is why she loves herself, because no one EVER will....<\3
Oct 2014 · 498
Thoughts (10w)
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
To react or not to react....that is the question.
Oct 2014 · 1.9k
Missing Grandpa
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Beady almond eyes, cocoa butter skin, hot chocolate on his breath.
     Grandpa is here, no worries or fear.
I adore the way his soft cheeks flush pink every time he laughs, and how his frame is so fragile during a hug.
     How is a man so weak, so strong?
When grandpa is here, everything feels safe, everyone is so kind.
       He makes me feel so special, I hope I make him feel the same.
        Ohhhh how I miss you so Grandpa!!!!!
My days are so cold and empty without you, I often sit in your favorite comfy chair and sip hot cocoa just to feel close to you.
Grandpa love is not strong enough a word for my emotions toward you.
    Grandpa......  I miss you!!!!
Oct 2014 · 295
Human Targets
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
You gently kissed my lips.
(But they were laced with poison)
You hugged me with all your warmth.
(But held a knife to my back)
You listened to all my issues.
(But used them to your advantage)
You told me you loved me.
(But put a gun to my chest)
Because once I took a good look in the mirror I saw all the effects and I saw the used to pieces target in my back.

But more importantly I saw you with her and I saw her fresh target.....
Oct 2014 · 486
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
U **** my people DAY after DAY!
Night after Night......

Ear piercing screams curdle my blood.

What can I do?

My sleep is restless, full of U.

You bruise me inside and out!

And I'm not one to pout.

U **** me!

My life is all about U.......
Sep 2014 · 10.9k
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
I wish I never came to know.
We try so hard to never let it show.
A relentless force.
It always finds its way into everyone's course.
Go away!
Show me a brighter day.
Sep 2014 · 674
Desperate 4 love (10w)
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
Make me feel beautiful, touch my body, please love me....
Sep 2014 · 616
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
You heal my wounds with your concerned voice.
  You warm me up with your large hand as it holds mine.
    You release my soul when you hold my head against your chest, I can hear your strong heart.
      You bring me joy in your little ways of how you do things, makes me giggle.
          You are you and that's all I can ever want.
Sep 2014 · 435
Why is love not okay?
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
In my world people will not have to stop themselves from saying "I love you" to others no matter their gender or relation to me, because if I love them as a person, then I love them none the less.
You see now in days, we as people give no love. It is feared.

Opposite genders feel uncomfortable hugging one another, need to say making any physical contact at all.

Why is showing love so limited and why does it feel like love is not okay?

We as people must pick and choose who we can verbally say "I love you" to.

But I love every one!

Old, young, man, woman, shy, loud, weak, strong, beautiful, ugly.

I love them all!

I love that I am not alone on this world and that I met you.

We are all God's children, so why not act like sisters and brothers.

If I like someone, I LIKE THEM!
Why should I be afraid to show compassion, THIS IS WHAT WE ARE MADE FOR!
We are living creatures who require physical contact, affection and LOVE from both MEN and WOMAN.

Have you ever noticed when you DO hug the opposite ***, it feels so GREAT, so COMFORTING yet so AWKWARD?

When you tell some one I love you, even if they may not be super close it feels good to say yet odd?

That is because we need love as people just like we need food.

Men need love!
They too need to be told they are handsome, they too need to be hugged and comforted when they cry be told everything is okay.

Women need love!
They too need to be told they are beautiful, feel cared for and comforted when they feel hurt.

We need each other, so why does society put a large wall in comforting one another, having inoccent connections and bonds with people of the opposite *** and race?

So why is showing common love so limited and restricted, why is love not okay?
Sep 2014 · 261
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
Standing on a tree branch oh so high, I teeter, I wobble.

Each year I get closer to the tip.

I call to my bird friends, hoping they will see just how far I am headed, but they don't.

So I tell them I am scared I am going over but the console me saying no you'll be fine,nothing is wrong.

Years fall like leaves and i well know my fate.

The time is up and I fall.
Sep 2014 · 403
Save Me...
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
No matter HOW many times or how DEEPLY I explain to you my problems or feelings you can NEVER help me.

You can never
End my internal suffering,
Which is like a heavy vine suffocating

Do words mean nothing?

Because in other words I AM BEGGING you for help, find me a psychiatrist or some medication.

I can NOT constantly fight against myself ANYMORE.

My mind gets weaker each time I try and HOLD UP.

Will no one save me from my own misery?

Sep 2014 · 357
STUCK in bed
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
Peel me off like Velcro
This bed is ******* me up, consuming my flesh whole.
Its draining my mind
Its evil.

My body is paralyzed, I can't move a finger.
My mind is being taken control of.
Every time I try to motivate my self I end up in a fantasy land of dreams.

But its not a fantasy at all, its the opposite when over and over your eyes roll shut and reality cuts off.

I need to shower, eat, clean my house, tell my family I love them for crying out loud.

How much time has passed since I've been stuck in this bed? to sleep again.

I need to get up, get help, this bed is evil, I'm withering away.
..............  . .  ........ . . ..  ... ...fell asleep again.

HELP! I see the phone its right there, I just Need someone to pick me up and bring M
me out side, or even on the floor; what season are we in anyway?

....... . .  ............. . . ........... . .      .  .............. . .   .    .. ..   .  ..  .  dreaming of seasons.

NO, No, no!! I need to take back control, wait what was I talking about?
...........oh yeah, now I just need to reach for that phone.

Its so far away, it appears so close, yet I have no energy on my fibers.

Reach, come on push, REACH!!!

.......................... . . . . .      .        .  .  .         ...    ... .            ... . **** IT!!

Plunging my body towards the phone, I gave it all I got,
I get a little hurt and land on the floor but I have the phone in hand.
When I hit the call button to 911 I realize my phone hasn't been payed for who knows how long.
How do I still even have this house?

I crawl, straining every muscle in my body to the front door, when I violently force all my body wait on the hangle and the door swings open, I look up and see............................................ A fish?
How the heaven did a fish? eyes shoot open, oh just another dream.
Sep 2014 · 703
Ones 1st kiss
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
The pull of the earth alignes us just right, as we gaze at the mini universe in each others eyes.
A feeling so hypnotic.

We can hear our own heart beat slow and pump simultaneously; together.
As our faces so close touch for the first time,
soft lips so overly sensitive, but why?
Eyes are shut as the feelings of magic runs through our bodies.

Hands know just where to go.

Our heart beats have grew rapid.

Hot breath, eyes on fire and your trust.

We tasted each other and don't even know how or why but the after effect is exilerating.

So this is what its like to have a kiss.
Ahh, ones first kiss
Sep 2014 · 236
the cycle if life
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
I no longer laugh at the same things I once found funny or think the same way I once thought.
                The whole world is different now, it changed just as sly as seasons come.

Summer I was youthful, sought thrill and adventure, was on the prowl for boys, oh the rush!
                  Autumn I changed just as the leaves did, I became calmer, wiser, grew patient, it was a time of experience as I learned how to drive and worked for money.
               Winter I grew comfortable in my steady ways, ways of repetition from all the years that have passed, the era of grandchildren sprung its self upon me in what felt like to closely following the first set.
       When spring came I was harshly weak,my times on earth were much appreciated, up until the beautiful sunny day I died.
                    Summer came and my daughter became me...
Sep 2014 · 429
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
Wild and on the prowl, cannot, Will not attempt to stop.
Mind is set, target locked.
Speed, agility, and stamina, my mind has let everything go.
YOU are the only thing I know and I can already taste, hear, feel and smell you.
I am an animal releasing my energy.
Satisfyingly filling my stomach.
Thank goodness I pulled into the drive thru.
That burger was all I needed.
Sep 2014 · 291
Field Of Moons Sep 2014
Emotionless being, heart less.
           Yearning to touch holy light.
Fingertips dwindling in the sparkling force.
But that is not reality.
         Constantly fighting to show emotion, continually striving to reassure others you care.
Plung that monster back to the darkest corner in the very bottom of your personality.
Never Let Them In.
They will flee as you fall to you knees.
How can I ever face my monsters if the biggest one is me?
Aug 2014 · 771
who seduces who?
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
They call women the temptresses but I know it is men.
It is men who so savagely call for the women.
They call with their eyes, their thoughts, their needs or shall I really saw wants.
It is men who find women so highly desired.
It is men who never get enough *** Not women.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
He is Lust
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
In the darkness he sings a song of my liking,
Drawing me from the sunlight to him.

                   He smiles a victory, working his eyes in mine and his hands through my hair.

Pulling at my hips, nudging, wanting.

It is his yernful force that I can feel pulling, nudging, wanting.

NO stay strong, think of God.

He turns my face from the sky to him.

Soothing me he knows all the right areas, its scaring me because I know what he does.

       The evils he has practiced.

He is nasty, equvilent to sin its self because he does Not care, not about me, the small children, his sister, or those other girls, he ruins them all.

He'll drag me to hell with him if its the last thing he does.

He's hooked on me and I can't get him out.

He'll never let me go, never let me be the only survivor.

It is a Must he get me too.

He always finds me alone and tempts me.


I'm tired of it, I don't wanna go down like this.

He is lust.
Aug 2014 · 277
Fix Me
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
I don't care if your man or woman, just warm my icy heart. Make it melt please.
Aug 2014 · 256
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
I want you to outright say what you think and feel about us.

I wish you would hold me tight and warm when I'm cold and miss you.

Could you look me dead in the eyes deep into my soul and say "I love you" to my heart?

I believe you should say "everything is okay" when I get insecure.

I want you to let me really love me the way I love you.
Aug 2014 · 239
Wishing for a falling star
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
I hear her call in the dead of night.

             Agony she releases.

Her ruined life drowns her young heart in Darkness.

             Her evil brother pains her.

Never forgotten or forgiving for his endless sins.

            I feel her tears in the middle of the night.

Along with the uneasiness of her fears.

            That lay in the shadows.

If her pain was physical, she'd be sliced inside and out from head to toe.

            Her only release is to howl at the stars, the many stars that witness her pain day in and out.

              Hoping one will fall like her innocence did.
Aug 2014 · 150
The ? within
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Who am I behind these brown eyes?
                    Where such heavy secrets lie?
The only truth is the sky; too far to reach.
                   What would you say to the thoughts behind my words?
Would they burn?
                       The way my heart burns me?
Who is my heart?
                        What do I truly feel?
Is any of this real?
Who am I?
Aug 2014 · 1.9k
Field Of Moons Aug 2014










For those people that try there very best to fight against you twenty four seven.
Aug 2014 · 514
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Inside my body the guilty seeds have rooted through all my veins

and in to my heart

strangling it dead.
Inside my heart the anger fights to still beat,

no matter the pressure it competes,

its cold because its a zombie heart but it still pumps blood that reaches

my brain.

   Inside my mind is misery,

its been confused so much it yerns to shut off

but somehow it can't,

it won't let me sleep,

too many memories and thoughts eat it
from the inside out

but nevertheless my rotten brain still allows me to have a spirit.

Inside my soul is death,

the once bright white doves have darkened and can barley lift one wing,

choking on my bodies misfortune,

as I sit so small in this big monstrous world thats poisoning my skin.
  My skin is covered in eczema,

my face in blemishes

it coughs on the pollution and cigarette smoke that its too exposed to,

its infected but somehow my eyes still survive on the surface

with it.
                                                        My eyes are worn down

with a astigmatism

from all the rough things I have seen

but they still slow me to see


I'm falling


I guess you could say that zombies are real,

just not the kind you can see

with your own zombie eyes.
Aug 2014 · 250
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
You still haunt me in my dreams. Let me be!
Aug 2014 · 549
Get A Him
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Keep it in, Keep it in, don't let it out.
Just pretend, just pretend, don't make them doubt.
Act well, act well, never let them see.
They'll never again see the real me.
Change my ways, change my ways, separate the mental me from the public face.
Now they can never judge the misunderstood if there's no sense of doubt in there minds right?
Let me be, let me be, I know what I want.
It's not what you think, what you think, I'm actually on the straight path.
I just need to prove that.
So I change me ways, change my ways.
Keep it in, keep it in.
Pretend, just pretend
It's all a show for them, for them.
Just to get a him, a him.
So I got to keep it in.
Just keep it in.
Aug 2014 · 10.2k
secrets (10w)
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Secrets hurt,
              Secrets can ****.
Secrets create lies;
                                 Very sly.
Aug 2014 · 236
Mentally challenged (10w)
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
I HATE how you toy with my emotions; ****..... YOU.
Emotions also meaning mind.
Aug 2014 · 526
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Hug Me Please, Never Let Me Go-Wait No Don't!
How when your so vulnerable you want someone to console you so bad, but if the time comes you push then away.
Aug 2014 · 962
Cursed Me
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Cursed me for being a girl.
You mock my very frame and build.
**** my womanly ways!
You shove my below you,
us **** women are on the bottom.
Either be pretty of get the **** out.
Cursed me for having a ******, that you men so viciously, tormentfully, obsessively want.
Cursed me for seeming flirtatious, when I'm really not, **** it why?
Cursed me for being born into a ******* expectation of what women are.
Cursed me for having to be conservative.
Curse me for having to be not too conservative.
Cursed me for being a ******* icon for ***.
**** it, I'm not gay, I'm just being me!
****, ***? Cursed me for being socially peer pressured into being a ****, then persicuted for it.
**** curse me.
Felt GREAT to get this off my chest.
Aug 2014 · 437
Nothing but nothing
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Broken realities,
Fists clenched,
Ashes of mine blow in the winds, I have nothing left.
Tears burning,
Heart is stolen.
So empty inside, WHY do I need SOMEONE on my side?
Spine slouching, voice too frail.
You pound at my rotting corpse.
Dying birds are my soul.
Life as I feel it, you could never know.
Ashes, dark infinite space, death, blood, it hurts, especially the fact that I can NOT find the **** escape!
Becoming sand, I'm grown up and up again.
Struggling, holding on for dearest life while every little thing stabs me like a knife.
I'm falling ever so silently like a napkin off a cliff.
But this my background people dismiss.
If the wind blows too hard, nothing will be left.
Oh wait its already gone,
its been this pattern for so very long.
Aug 2014 · 420
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Carve into me, there's nothing there.
Emotion? No only a blank stare.
What is that you say, life is unfair?
Well say it again, and again until you get the point across.
Someone please help, my patience is lost.
Patience with yours truly.
How unruly?
Aug 2014 · 363
Chasing my dream (10w)
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
No food, bones show,
stomach shriveled,
this is my dream.
Aug 2014 · 818
not so merry go round
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Up, down, left, right, just like a merry go round.
That is our relationship.
Over the mountain, under the mountain, around, never through.
Tell me you love me for once, instead of beating around the bush.
Tell me exactly why it is your mad, so I can fix it.
So sick of this merry go round, I want off.
It used to be fun, now its just plain dumb.
Aug 2014 · 375
DAGGER (10w)
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Take this          DAGGER you
    call LOVE out of MY heart!!!!
               ­        !!!!
Aug 2014 · 245
The Steps
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Having a crush on someone is like vewing a beautiful painting over and over in hopes you have enough money one day to buy it.

Knowing your crush likes you back is like the pressure of finally playing that lead role you oh so wanted in the play, suddenly now that time is here.

Dating at first is like having a new friend in a new place, so far the place is full of fun and adventure.

Daring eventually is like let's go somewhere else for once, I've already seen everything here.

Drifting apart is like forgetting you have food cooking on the oven, while you watch TV.

Breaking up is like falling ******* your knees out of a tall tree.

Missing the other person is like not hearing a song you love in a long time.

Getting back together is like a refreshing sip of water.

Love is like a book that takes years of practice to make perfect.

But in the end you'll read back and find it was worth it.
Aug 2014 · 418
Just a Man (10w)
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Aug 2014 · 655
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
Dewy skin, a faint musk.
Candle lights and only us.

Your lips pressed on my lower spine.
Your finger tips feeling my every bump, nook and crany.
My body becomes a whole new planet.
You must explore.
Especially because I want more.
Touch me, with your electric hands, sending my nerves into a transe. Never felt like this before.
Never before seen you so close, this is what I love the most.
Your hot breath mixed with mine, our bones intertwined and Oh your eyes, never look away.
Consume me.
Aug 2014 · 453
Melting man
Field Of Moons Aug 2014
His fingers caressed her face
fixing her hair behind her ear.
He kissed her softly,
sang her sweet tunes.
He wrote her poems & played songs on his guitar.
But when she gazed into his eyes,
sadness stared back.
His eyes were empty.
Empty & sad.
Together they made love, holding each other close.
He bought her flowers,
took her on picnics.
She was his EVERYTHING,
his whole world.
She was the only light in his dark dreams.
But she began feeling like he had become too dependent on her, so she asked for a break.
Unknowingly breaking his heart into a million shards.
Darkness consumed him.
Without her, he was melting.
Melting into nothing.
When she came back, he was already gone.
It was too late.
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