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Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Angry am I for all the times I tried to hold your hand and you pulled it away.

Angry am I for wasting all my time on you, for all those memories made that you hardly recall.

Angry am I for forgiving you for hurting me (more than once).

Angry am I for being the only one there for you when you were weak.

Angry am I for taking your insults.

Angry am I for looking past your imperfections.

Angry Am I That She Is Your Everything And I Am Your Nothing.

So stop wondering where I am.
Stop wanting me back because You chose Her.

Angry am I that now you change your mind when its too late.......
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
If you want to make me feel better
smile again <3
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Busted lips.
           Frazzled spirits.
                          Hollow eyes.
Promises full of lies.
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
You pick me up, I say put me down.
When you smile at me, I frown.
I am afraid.
Afraid to love.
Afraid to be loved.
What is it that you see in Me?
One day you will wake up and see.
You'll wake up and curse yourself for liking me.
I'm the bottom of the bottom of the sea.
As your the highest point in the sky.
You whisper I love you.
Your whispers ****** me inside.
I am so afraid you'll leave, yet so afraid you'll stay.
I cannot do this!
Please, just go away.
Unless.............. unless, you could teach me how to love.
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Let down your walls love, can you not feel your worth?
Let me in ***, do you not wish to talk?
Look back at me boo, do you not see how much I care?


I'm running out of time.......
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Her belly swollen like a mother should be.
I ask her every morning "my dear how much candy did you eat because your SO gosh **** sweet?"
I love her because my flower is growing as we speak inside her.
Her skin is so clear and all a glow, the color of a hershey kiss.
A hershey kiss that I would kiss over and over again.
Her eyes are so round and bright like two big dark chocolate whoopers.
Two big dark chocolate whoopers that I love getting to the coconut center.
Her hair so bouncy and thick, just like cotton candy.
Cotton candy that will be passed down to our little ginger bread man.
And oh her smile, you could never forget, so bright and lively like skittles, oh what I would do taste the rainbow once more.
She is MY sugar mama, I would never trade her for the universe. Baby I love you and baby I love OUR baby.
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
What are the right words to say to a MAN?
          When the light hits him just right
                my mind tells me he's
                    beautiful, but I can
                       not tell him that.
Beautiful is a woman's word.

When I find him acting so **** adorable,
     Do I say anything at all?  
Adorable is a girl's word.

When I see him hurt and about to cry, do I hug him and tell him everything will be alright while I wipe his tears?
Or will that make him feel weak?
Weak is the opposite of how a man should be, right?

What ARE the right things to say to a man?
Is it simply nothing at all?
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