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EP Robles Sep 2018
THAT in my fever while sanity has escaped by baluster
i continue to gaze in daze across the sea of white-
capped madness

Each o-shaped mouth
Each Black-bead eye
and all the ears
     all the chins

  speak an infinite story of nothing but sadness.
And within the orchestral pit finely dressed musicians
they shed b-flat note tears; their mannequin powder-white
skin a color of pink's sunsetting murmur.

Simply, the true story is off stage toward this
improbable army audience; the finely carved polychrome
citizens start to move;  half-bodied and more alive
than the flesh-kingdom.

   Last night.  Last night i felt.  
That one's life can be as real as one's imagination
   if you sinerely wish it.

:: 08-23-2018 ::
wishing the reader to decide what it means for them
EP Robles Sep 2018
I think today I broke
a word within my ignorance!

I did the deed within my garden
I stabbed with *****

upon a letter within
the soil lay the bee!

And in my haste I slay she
and shouted in thunder

‘Oh! It cannot BE!’

:: 06-02-2014 ::
:: Rev: 09-08-2018 ::
Move with purpose and slowly toward intended goals. And never strike a bee!
EP Robles Sep 2018
My wooden staircase creaks

      [a heart broken by feet]

and weeks the measure my neck

what month-long that noose stretched!

A hooded man in black

  shared a joke a pun the trapdoor
               I fell
     |      |

   for the line

a broken neck upon

   a heart string

:: 07-11-2014 ::
who has not walked the gallows; in life by 13 steps many journeys have been met.
EP Robles Sep 2018
IF pears compare
to apples smile
the fruit is key;
an orchid of hearts!

And if rivers roar
like stone's ashore
then water is rock
and time smooth and

My ancient heart
tiny-tender toes,
patter-slide me!

The ballerina heart
saves me, my soul!

:: ~ ::
:: Rev: 09-08-2018 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
FATHER oh father where were you;
my crib is destroyed by time and clothing
many sizes smaller and scars upon my heart
and soul that lists many writ of loss
too lengthy for me to scribe!

Some memory still exists -– imagery through
thick glass.  once believed I be born
but now reside in resolve : you were never
birthed nor lived and me by mother
immaculate conception.

:: 03-14-2014 ::
A non-existent father within my life.
EP Robles Mar 2020
NOT  a goodbye my sweet birds
but that season's  change
o'er time and human need

the burrow may borrow
what little warmth
of heart but the sun sees
the vastness of grand love
we give her\so not a goodbye
little ones but a promise
for tomorrows!

:: 03-22-2014 ::
Rev: 03-18-2018
EP Robles Sep 2018
I followed a
feather |
       to the ground
along the twist
       | path |

I found a penny
which held no thoughts
together the feather
and copper bone
fell upon an anvil
cloud of striking stone!

:: 08-05-2014 ::
life is movement and situations are like gravity; sometimes somethings somewhere seem misplaced but then there we are --> right HERE.
EP Robles Mar 2023
What spirit imbues that flesh! A love like that of a mother's best,
with twinkling eyes and a heart of gold, that mystical flair that balances dew upon the soothing green blade, touching your father's heart too!

And you tend to good deeds that love and life bequeath to all,
a fiery and tender twinkle that brings joyous tears to your father's eyes, with the moon and bird-songs following you forevermore!

Your lovely grace in turmoil will make his heart always beat for you,
the world and all its gifts of gold and position are not as valuable
as that tender spot where angels dance, the room where I first met you.

That spot must have the best cot that shall forever remain my home,
you are a fair bloom of sweet beauty, fairer than roses bringing the bright noon-day, more valuable than grass, rain, or the cold kiss of a winter's night, because it's what's inside of you, not your fur or appearance, that's dear, it's the bloom that comes from the heart, and that's what I keep.

What soft breaths of wind, what autumn songs from the skies that day, and what beauty was not lost, comes from the cleft of the heart,
the heart that I hold in mine, to your father, who now with silent eyes fixed, weeps tears of the heart for you

From Heaven above have come


(rev) 03.19.2023
EP Robles Mar 2020

What spirit imbue that flesh
a love as thy mother in her best
twinkle eye too, heart of gold
that mystic flair balance dew
upon the blade of green-soothe
And touch thy father's heart, too!


And thou tend to good deeds
that love and life bequeath all
a fire and tender twinkle too
thy father so joyous tears sing
and moon and bird-song along
shall forever follow you!


Her lovely grace in turmoil-say
and his heart too shall always beat
for you the world and all its gifts
not of gold or position in world
but that tender spot angels dance
that room which first I met you

:: 03-24-2014 ::
For my daughter; my first-born.  The love of my life and my two sons too! <3
EP Robles Mar 2020
that Knowing came today
  in a casket it lay
a thing revealed   i say
that which lived now dead
the mystery of mysteries
whirling upon my head;
once to live
once to die
and many more hidden
within my rye!

:: 04-03-2014 ::
Rev: 03.01.2020
EP Robles Sep 2018
utter beauty
that what you do

unknowingly do to me
my butterfly lash
deep pools

eyes of jewels
stare into my soul
which you do

what fragment; time,
the world do vanish
when my soul

so near to you
love my love
devastating love!

:: 04-03-2014 ::
devastating love.
EP Robles Mar 2020
There within that meadow
beneath that weeping willow
came to me, my love
upon golden wings
and gossamer hair

what separation held
dissolved unto bliss
my heart gently held
within angelic mist

there within that meadow
beneath that weepy willow
saw a rebirth of soul
and fear fled, sorrow too
and the willow cried

"what soul once chained

:: 04-03-2014 ::
EP Robles Dec 2018
forgive me  my madness,
        my faults
my tenderness  
   that pain
a thorn inside my brain
and skin so human
   that it hurts
my eyes of marble
   so hardly
knew intense; a sight
beyond light and that
the cargo vessel  
lifetimes of love
and sorrow some
of which my soul
a life on hold
    to save this spot
  so much like Gold.
EP Robles Oct 2018
      LOVER! my step
near you
furnace Soul ...
i [just me] dirt,dear
and died a wish wishing
to touch but purity
denied my ***** Hands/Heart
i [me] am no thing AND
bow to The GreatNothing
that eats me i should
~can [did]die
a fumbling mumbling
THAT "I love you!"

:: 08-06-2014 ::
Rev: 02-01-2017 ::
EP Robles Sep 2018
Mellifluous are the songs of moon
   lit lips  pressing a maddened
heart as mine!

This largest night ate the orchards
and  prismatic towns by the shores
   where waves say goodbye torturing
   women who have lost their sailors
                    on calmer nights.

Instead of life the sea has come
   has come to take from me
   all i have called normality

   what most who love may dislike
   what some who hate may balance
     i n   l i f e :
  a severe disinclination
    or tolerance for such as me!

so cold are some it feels as stings
     from a polar bee!

:: 09-08-2018 ::
solitary.  a very large world with a very small heart.  cold stares.  unforgivable indifferences.  petty quarrels.  the smallest of minds that have disconnected from feeble-sized hearts.
EP Robles Sep 2018
DO not weep for me   tonight
the streets are sleeping
and stars singing their light.

Forgive the clouds you see
some days they weep for you
but in secret feed the trees.

If the world should express
emotions of compassion
it should be for Love;

the language of Things
Great and Small.

:: 09-25-2018 ::
Do not notice me for i am only sometimes.  The rest for pain, forgetting, and blaming.
EP Robles Sep 2018
THE PRECIOUS terror is realizing
most adults are dead children
or like a day that folds itself into

a basket of reborn night.  That long-
necked geese and stiff necks are
either pretending giraffes or self

consumed souls; ignoring the mirror's
reflecting thoughts introspection
devours it's own mouth.  

  Surrealism is hickey upon my heart
that bests freezer burn sunlight any
now.  Kiss me you brilliant stupid

:: 08-30-2018 ::
EP Robles Nov 2018
This spread of paper          so cold that
      my tongue-tip    aches-freezing
the    dense flowing words    as ice
    down the ***** by gravity

Katabatic attack
    relentlessly      for weeks
My preception --whiteout;
rain, snow, hail, sleet.
    Precipitation always
measured by soul & pain

:: 12312015 ::
EP Robles Oct 2018
PEOPLE call me just to say hell
people call me just to say low
and inside of my darkness
inside of this nightmare
is my prison cell
is my contusion
is my confusion
and i'm not well i'm kind of ill
just sick feeling pain
oh let it rain just let it rain
i have to disengage all this rage
and call upon a priest for blasphemy
inside of me it's inside of me
like a cat fighting zero gravity
all alone all alone
down to the bone
so sorry now but i gotta go
let me go all alone.

:: 10-11-2018 ::
EP Robles Sep 2018
i met a poet  just today

he greeted me  with much

laughter   as foreplay

(we seized each other

from brim to toe)

one cried  the other sang

a hymn

and at the end  we shook

our head   contemplating

which the queerer

and stepped away

from our mirror.

:: 09-12-2018 ::
a remarkable encounter
EP Robles Nov 2018
A sweetness!  tender
giving loving presence!
  the warmth of all-embracing
loving souls greeting!

the Clean Slate to build!
  and memories but an echo!
i too feel!  a something
like nothing but more

and words!  and pictures!
colors and voices!
  this is a something
maybe a nothing but more!

the crest of euphoria
  devours my senses
and all license given
  to begin again

Shall i?  shall i?
  i too!  think i shall!

:: 02-27-2015 ::
EP Robles Oct 2018
As my roses are in bloom the cedar box is
locked away with safely kept dreams.
  The Light hits the window's pane
shattering forever into pieces illuminated
thoughts;  my trembling fingers touching the
floor's veins -- long sturdy planks braver
than my bones, my spine and all pain.
  Did you know that when the proud Moon
rises from the descending heights of waning
daylight my roses are still within their
magnificent bloom?
  And my hands are without purchase for
South spins and north is beyond my reach.
  But my roses are in bloom and my dreams
safely kept.

:: 10-15-2018 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
My neck  has stretched above the clouds
the Adamic Apple tickling stars --
and my Love is here and there upon
every footstep i have walked.  
    Life is not just Pain.
    Nor just Love.
    But fear and Joy
    Morbidity and a shade of nudeness
IF the Soul is inclined to explore
God's backyard; No cowards!  Most of us!
    To shade your shame within religion
or  a sense of higher ground for weak
    voices.  Shame.  Shame upon the lot!
          The Sun is brilliant.
    and still your mystery!  

  :: 04-03-2019 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
THEN the skies bellowed a frothy glitter    and  d o w n  became up & sideways turned horizontally truthful said the vegan Aardvark.  

THE Policeman chewed his m0uth-side and a Red Ant crawled out from his nostril ****-us (Quatrain 173) & my pillow has luscious lips from some disembodied woman who once cared for me.    The rest of this   delirious-prose is buried in an unmarked book within a discount store on the far side of the Moon.

EP Robles Sep 2018
i stepped inside
       my throat  
  to choke a lie
the room was festive
   with devils and
prancing disease
a war ensued
   the rest
a history
—  acclivity!

:: 09-10-2018 ::
i am in shame of truth at times when it uncovers fear for what it is
EP Robles Sep 2018
A new day. When i buried you.
i found love within me by
the warmest touch Of my heart
i have grown. By the things
over ‘there’ there now.

AND Largest walls hide
hammered nails so lost.

A new shape from the deepest
inkwell || well now ||
we are on our own.

And Poets never grow up


:: 07-10-2018 ::
In the quietest of moments on rare occasion we meet our true self.
EP Robles Mar 2020
It's a complicated world
ruled by pain and fear
Everything's 'will you swim
or will you fade'
the smallest things
hold us back
the madness outside
these walls
are nothing compared
to what's within my halls

Brain traffic: s/o confused
grid-locked & neurotically fused
Drain my Soul
Brain traffic: over/used
fear-****-fed till your dead
then Life's on hold
it's all Inside your head

:: 03.27.2020 ::
EP Robles Apr 2020
And death is a kiss like love
the burning passion mourning
when the golden cord cuts
the beating heart of souls
and we tread upon fresh dew
buttercups gravely bruised --
you knew did you not?  The world
is a battlefield and we are
the dying soldiers giving blood
and life for the few who know value
-- a golden key for the spirit.

:: 08-09-2014 ::
EP Robles Sep 2018
WHILE words choke  when love

for you springs my heart

hush gentle hammer-beat!

  Mind full as splash-colored

Fields oh sun!  Warmth as passion!

   My beloved dearest one.

There across the creek

below the Oak by the root

tulips and stars two lips

as ours — the precious time!

   The secrets so sweet as the

   twinkle within your

     eye my loveliest one!

From one to two now three!

:: 09-16-2018 ::
EP Robles Nov 2020
MY body floats within effervescent veins
and blooms of fields by gold to fullest
fields of flowers;
by consciousness barely touching
the art of your essences
; i have only known a radiance of
this smile you project toward me–
it is the shimmering vision of
your lips and the softness of curves
that you are brighter than the
moon tonight; to hear the song
of your quiet tongue to taste the
tone of your beating heart dear:
and wreathed by the blossoms of
your tender *******.
WHEN i meet you here; away from the
busy sound of life — when i vibrate
that no darkness can find it is of
one mind//ours\ that touches you
and me\
who can fathom the mystery ;?
no words no song no thoughts
just veiled eyes and unwritten
poetry is sent.
a high candelabrum held by our
hands and fingers: bent inward
in a passion of growing fields.

:: 10.11.2020 ::
EP Robles Sep 2018
while F was pointing its two accusing fingers to its right U bent towards her middle wishing alpha bet higher wages and C being blind always kept its mouth opened for the rare change beggars threw at it because K always loves to kick the air with its tight stocked legs.  
    Characters all of them!

:: 09-12-2018 ::
alpha bet on the loser
EP Robles Sep 2020

some nameless Persian Genius in a copper crown
as the swallowed planks within their abysses;
       to turn pale with shame
  and yet with eyes very open to pretend
to see angelic waves of Ocean's life.
oh!  how sweet it is to abruptly ****** from
one's insane mind a perfect day:
on weekenders it's such fun that if we die our appearance
of everyone's miseries ---meanwhile, we drink the blood
of enemies by licking their wounds.

rev: 090920
EP Robles Sep 2018
then asked me  to which i replied               c
'whenever it bleeds horses trample            u
;a bird's emptying nest'                                 t-ting
goes a bell within my heart's head             e
-ating all the impossibile births waste       d
  inside hollow Eve's Private crucifixion   g
-od knows god knows where all the         e
   -motions go to die /+\

:: 09-03-2018 ::
A woman knows the emptiness each month.
EP Robles Sep 2018
DARLING light  whose gentlest touch
  might  by brightest light guide
my love of life upon this night
  Guide my trust
  Guide if must
And forgive the rest of my weakest
   traits  within those hands called fate
  My Darling Light that lives
and dwells within my Soul and Spirit
  And saves me this night
  Save my trust
  Save if must
by gentlest touch this night

:: 09-30-2018 ::
The Inner Light keep us true and keeps us alive.  Such wisdom!
EP Robles Sep 2018
of a quaint soul this day
who wandered aimlessly
across frozen fields of May.

She spoke a single word,

Her soul cleaved into
part of a half from two.

Gently held within my hand
With a word I put them
back into a whole
and then spoke
a single word;

"My beloved."
There are some things that die we are completely unaware once lived.
EP Robles Oct 2018
No longer a thought
within my brain,
the mortician lay me
down to sleep

a scream i refrained
surfaced as white
within my eyes
that none had bought

my vitals he checked
and thumped my nose
as a creep

a bath and massage
no dance but song
two strong hands
then set my face

arterial embalming
then drain/eject
it's all the same
the cavity --
aspirate and concentrate

The humming thrumming
burning desire
escaped as soon as with
a pop I fled my skin
and faced the choice
to do it once again.

:: 10-23-2018 ::
It's October so why not write a poem about the mortician's work?  Wrap it up in the concept of reincarnation.
EP Robles Nov 2018
I might be sincerely sick of this DeliciousLife when hovers like clouds golden    Fingers pray-like lovers barely breath-kissing. Allow hungry hands eye-thirsty

To touch
please: Your countrysided Curves
Dew meadow puddle eyes
Bountiful ***** bouquet

On this moistly most wondrous DAZE

Two dove(er)s
Two lovers
Embraced in do-or-die

And time eats itself into
A fat belly of jollies.

:: 06-03-18 ::
EPRobles © 2018
EP Robles Sep 2018
"LiSTEN" said the tongue
"I smell tragedy" replied the eyes
"Who knows?" questioned the nose
"I think" screamed the heart
And Spirit hugged the Soul wishing
this unbelievable dream would
just go away.

:: 09-03-2018 ::
EP Robles Nov 2018
Petrichor is blue on sad days
sometimes comes back as fire
but on happy wamble it's pink
as a flower

Aglet! Aglet! i tore your
armour now i walk with loose

Only on myleftFoot do i fear
AND vagitus speaks clearly
suing me within my heart
cut a star at glabella space
watching the cosmos drink
the memories of all my love
and pain
And she wore natiform on her
chest with a big heart bursting
seeds of flowers one that fell
between her legs and grew a
wild rose that ate me whole
i should be comforted
i should be comforted
i should be arrested

I'm my favorite patient
writing prescription
for mental constipation
burnt like cornicione
but i'm relaxing
and took ferrule stabbing
the tip of my eyes
which hides my burnt brain

:: 07-04-2016 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
doesNOTExist).(bellybutton bushy-
  ***** bouncing bleachers

thurstNow is this moment s t retched as a dying
river's tears  holding /tightly\ her shores
  then doesNOTeXist can never be contained
  within finite space ).( bellybutton bushy-
  ***** bouncing bleachers is never a safe
  place for ***.

  :: 02.25.2020 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
DO-liciously said i   fell in Love
be()()Tween your most'ist gloriously
grand trait Oars swiftly guided my
strong and long co AWK went the
swallow chasing her boyfriend
and babies are beautiful in

:: 03.11.2020 ::
EP Robles Oct 2018
FATIGUED and humbled
are the moments
like stretched-broken
dreams of bottomless
desire // call me never
—desired by no one
My name : emptiness
. Nickname: ruinous.
The earthworm needs me.
Evil curses my tolerance.
The world absolutely
B R O K E N. \

:: 10-05-2018 ::
EP Robles Apr 2020
EDITORS are pathologist
that dissect the words,
flay the meanings
and remove the guts
-- burn me within
a furnace before
an editorial autopsy

:: 07-28-2014 ::

Rev: 05-20-2018
EP Robles Mar 2020
MY adventure began no less than upon this chilling night when homes of many lower their shades and **** the light. As sullen souls lay down for bed and fall into their dreams some common sense was telling me I ought to follow;  but my heart stood firm and I – in place of fear!

While conviction (that solid and shiny compass) melted color-pale and heavy fright that night my plan was nothing more than this: to find the house of EROS to cure my heart of alder blight! After Chaos, Gaia, and Tartarus he was born but for I — as I for him this night, my ambition over fear.

EROS, the God of Love and sexuality could show the path for that enduring love of my bride to be … my writ of right! Nothing more to keep me still so I fled into the frozen hills upon a whirlwind. Yes, me the mere mortal like EROS I sped beating glittering golden wings upon my hidden fear.

Heavy a burden of knowing what must be, that fate of me. As my beast passed through the mist and soared in height she bravely carried on across barren wasteland and icy bog as sad and frozen waters gravely sang to me, “CHAOS …” and my eyes were slightly hidden – Monmouth and fear.

And it seemed to me that humanity might have just begun as we moved by wood and sullen hill surging forth in might. Oh! Pity us as EROS must feel the greater that his bride was no less than CHAOS!

Soon I came upon a chasm which has no name but keeps a flame the light of Luna burned – to see the truth of life this night.
The dance of light upon the night stirred a feeling within my soul.
Soothing my beast I released the burden of my weight and there she fled into the night like burning crystal – who eased my fear.

And within the gaping chasm of this slightly twisted **** of soil I faced my future fate by gently carefully moving forward into that dim light.  And into the night like oil each footstep soaked inside my soul; the fear within this slice of time grabbing my throat so fierce and I, like EROS, felt as one with love, less that burning fear.

My mind a fever beating like a raging river I slowly seeped into the porous night like some hungry ravenous creature who only wishes blood and bite.  But soon that moment of decision as I met that ancient door of lore.  And with my hand so cold and gray I took to knock upon the legend no less EROS.  In retrospect I must confess: seconds felt as minutes – minutes like hours, all in fear!

The sane and stable heart might wish to judge the fool I am but the need for love is stronger than the shame of fools or mortal smite.  To those who know the pain and silence of an empty life tonight compels the heart to find one’s lover and to face one’s fear and fright!

:: || ::
I must finish this.
EP Robles Sep 2018
I am the sea. I am the clouds.  And the dirt you carry within your dreams.  i am the pain.  i taste the blood.  Even though it’s 2 o’clock in the mourning and time to go home.  To the nothings and the peculiars of an emptiest life.
   i am the child who once painted lipstick
on a pet / the grimmest hour I stood alone /  i wanted to die / and now i’ve grown up without the hope of a warmer house I could call my life ||
i am the tea.  i am the cup.  Of no particular taste and i want to throw up / and it’s always the last one who calls me hon / you should get a better life. |||

:: 09-06-2018 ::
None required.
EP Robles Nov 2020
Eyeball god in mouth

Ostara?…Dio?…Luna? …

Is light as hunger for colors?

Eros the god of eyes and the hidden feelings
shameful man with ***** **** — sighing ***
in his heart — a crack, deep and wide!

Black Hole!

Punk rock for a Black Hole!

Rainbow and jubilee exploded in flood!

Like a ***** universe all of our pornographic desires
moments of starving stars and **** stars!

An eyeless god living in a glass tube with hearts
like hot flashes in heat-blasted rooms!
Pulsing pimples — swirling while a midnight sky
brings forth a cacophony of cosmic screams!

More impassioned raw-animal! More barking!
more vibrations — more imminence!

More sinewy limbs on show — ***** I’m looking at —
lifeless grey body but voracious pink face!

It licks and whimpers, suckles and *****!

Shall I become a statue again? — glazed face with eyes
sheers-white in precession of Venus?

Hey! Taint! Milk it!

:: 11.12. 2020 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
FORGIVE me if They think i am Mad
a center must have a whole
which i missed while drinking
starlight and licking *******-
cosmic dust while tending to
a lost angelic gaggle of giggling
cherubic-like girls;  (hand hiding
Mouth) Even the Heavens have s e x
like our blades of early morning
grass drip dew do i really love
how the dogs all bark at once when
they saw that Star falling from
your Skies

:: 03.11.2020 ::
EP Robles Mar 2020
"falling!" said the Star
"Oh wee!" sang the birds
"Despised!" cursed farmers
"By God!" screamed the children

and the rest of humanity moved along
just fine

:: 03.11.2020 ::
EP Robles Sep 2018
i birthed one of my famous dreams
   last night  and invited the
whole town.    every inconsiderate
  thought came   and the flat shadows
    of my dearest fears.
  the Child with no face on the sidewalk
outlines in broad strokes
     Despair.  a piece of dove of peace
  smothered in regrets on a wooden table
served on a terrace of blinding terror.
  only the smallest of facts carry
the greatest stories of which this one
is condemned to 3 o'clock each mourning.
       before heaven awakens.
       before sizzling strains
           of gravity prove awakened
               minds are too heavy.
as the rest of the town hides everywhere
   that sanity has escaped i press
hard into my eyes by thumbs to forget.
             manifested dreams is a sidecar
of my mental vehicle.  again at sunrise
    to find that one last star yet devoured
by daylight.  a wish upon that remaining
  survivor -- allow this to be me!

:: 09-10-2018 ::
What more to say.
EP Robles Mar 2020
Madness has found it's circus again.
What? - Panic.
It is where fear holds hands with

To watch how the world changes,
as though it has never had wings
And the enemy is full of nothingness
but it's shadow is cast across
the mind's of those without Faith.

To allow the Sun to shine down
revealing all the Beings who Sleep
Nature's keen sight -- no thing
hidden but all revealed.

Since the world has stopped
Since the music has stopped
Since the traffic has stopped

The world is alone / inside itself
that no one says it the Skies Scream
"orietur! orietur!"
the words come alive!  Alive!

:: 03.15.2020 ::
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