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Philomena May 23
The pain sinks in
And with the right pills it's fine
Just have to wonder
What kind of damage it's doing
And if I'll ever be fine
Possibly have endometriosis, and well I'm terrified.
EP Robles Sep 2018
then asked me  to which i replied               c
'whenever it bleeds horses trample            u
;a bird's emptying nest'                                 t-ting
goes a bell within my heart's head             e
-ating all the impossibile births waste       d
  inside hollow Eve's Private crucifixion   g
-od knows god knows where all the         e
   -motions go to die /+\

:: 09-03-2018 ::
A woman knows the emptiness each month.
cashmere Oct 2015
time to go flay my temple under hospital lights like a bound pig          time to spread my desire wide for them to lick their lips over chronic pelvic bleeding & gory, citrus insides          shove it in me baby, tell me where it hurts, tell me that im dying
i've been bleeding for three weeks

— The End —