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EP Robles Dec 2023
Upon a tumultuous street, a notion alights,
It hastens in haste, then averts its gaze,
My heart's echo descends into a crimson abyss,
Upon the ocean floor, it drifts away.

Your name, I called, yet emptiness replied,
A bloom of yours, I drew, withering away.

Life's lines extend before me,
To choose, where your love resides.

This ritual unfolds each day,
I peer within, a melancholy abode,
Where my heart, a vantablack canvas, remains.

:: 12.02.2023 ::
The poem "VANTABLACK" exhibits a profound exploration of emotions and existential themes. As a poet, one would appreciate the nuanced use of language and the depth of introspection conveyed through the verses.

The title, "VANTABLACK," immediately draws attention to the darkest substance known, emphasizing a profound sense of darkness or void that permeates the poem. The tumultuous street and the notion in flight evoke a sense of chaos and uncertainty, setting the stage for the emotional journey that follows.

The poet skillfully employs imagery and metaphor to convey the complex emotions experienced. The notion that "hastens in haste" and then "averts its gaze" suggests a fleeting and elusive quality, mirroring the transient nature of emotions. The descent of the heart's echo into a "crimson abyss" hints at the depth of emotional turmoil, perhaps symbolizing pain or longing.

The lines "Your name, I called, yet emptiness replied" and "A bloom of yours, I drew, withering away" express a sense of loss and unfulfilled connection. The act of calling a name and drawing a bloom implies a desire for presence and beauty, but the responses are characterized by emptiness and withering, adding a layer of melancholy.

The exploration of choices in the lines "Life's lines extend before me, To choose, where your love resides" delves into the existential theme of navigating through life's possibilities and seeking love. The word "resides" suggests a search for a meaningful connection within the vastness of life.

The recurring ritual mentioned in "This ritual unfolds each day" implies a cyclical nature of introspection and perhaps a daily struggle with emotions. The poet peers within, describing it as a "melancholy abode," suggesting that the internal landscape is characterized by sadness.

The concluding lines, "Where my heart, a vantablack canvas, remains," encapsulate the essence of the poem. The heart being a "vantablack canvas" signifies an emotional void, absorbing and reflecting no light, emphasizing the depth of emotional darkness or emptiness.

As a poet, one might commend the poet for the rich tapestry of emotions woven through carefully chosen words and metaphors. The poem invites readers to contemplate the complexities of human emotions, the ephemeral nature of connections, and the existential quest for meaning in the face of emotional voids.
EP Robles Oct 2023
FOREVER is not a given thing ~~
it is a memory

what is love but not eternity?

how love can build and destroy
cosmos alive?

as flesh wastes away
after death ~~

love stands strong astride

with intact personality.

:: 10.25.2023 ::
Title: "Forever is not a given thing"

In these succinct lines, I delve deep into the enigmatic realms of love and eternity, juxtaposing their transient nature with the enduring quality of love.

1. Imagery and Symbolism:

The poet begins by challenging the conventional perception of eternity. "Forever is not a given thing" challenges the assumption that eternity is a guarantee. Instead, the poet presents it as a memory, implying that it is fleeting and subject to the erosion of time.

2. Philosophy of Love:

As this poet I then raise a profound question: "What is love but not eternity?" This line delves into the essence of love, suggesting that true love is synonymous with eternity. It speaks to the timeless quality of genuine love, contrasting it with the impermanence of other aspects of life.

3. Love's Duality:

The next lines, "how love can build and destroy / cosmos alive?" capture the dual nature of love. Love, often seen as a force of creation and connection, is also capable of destruction. The phrase "cosmos alive" conveys the vastness and complexity of the universe, hinting at the magnitude of love's impact.

4. Mortality and Love:

The lines "as flesh wastes away / after death" starkly contrast the physical decay after death with the enduring nature of love. This juxtaposition emphasizes the immortality of love compared to the mortal nature of the human body.

5. Love's Resilience:

The concluding lines "love stands strong astride / with intact personality" depict love as resilient and unwavering even in the face of mortality. The use of "intact personality" suggests that love retains its essence and identity beyond the boundaries of time and death, making it a powerful and enduring force.

6. Overall Impression:

The poem, with its brevity, encapsulates profound philosophical reflections on love and eternity. It challenges traditional perceptions, exploring the complexities and contradictions inherent in these concepts. The imagery is potent, and the language is evocative, inviting readers to contemplate the mysteries of existence and the enduring power of love.

In this analysis, the poem explores profound themes with poetic finesse, challenging the reader to reconsider their understanding of eternity and love. It combines philosophical depth with emotional resonance, showcasing the nuanced perspective of a poet.
EP Robles Oct 2023
How i remember the pasteur of life

that nursed the disease of living;

nourishing upon the hill preserved

The thoughts of a mind sticks pleasure

As my reason.  As a physician.

Whose medicine did not keep

but i approve.

How science says and does

desire of death?  What physics accepts?

How living is prescription for death;

A poet frantic-mad with such unrest.

I myself am calm realizing I am more

than flesh and blood and those whose

are art as black as hell, as dark as night

I forgive them.

:: 10.26.2023 ::
EP Robles Jul 2023
"Darling! Seek a room where we'll radiate bright!"
Like the sun, in a realm where no walls confine?

"Yes! A realm brimming with moons, hearts, and light,
With kisses untold!" Let this dream intertwine.

Yes, let it be so! And behold, it is done.
Oh, see the walls shimmer, like vibrant skin's glow!

The roof's absence transforms, sky takes its throne,
Where creatures of tender hearts freely bestow:

Butterflies and their hosts, through our doors, they flow!
"Darling, what lies ahead? What do we allow?"

LOVE, LOVE, AND MORE LOVE! It's our eternal vow!

EP Robles Mar 2023
What spirit imbues that flesh! A love like that of a mother's best,
with twinkling eyes and a heart of gold, that mystical flair that balances dew upon the soothing green blade, touching your father's heart too!

And you tend to good deeds that love and life bequeath to all,
a fiery and tender twinkle that brings joyous tears to your father's eyes, with the moon and bird-songs following you forevermore!

Your lovely grace in turmoil will make his heart always beat for you,
the world and all its gifts of gold and position are not as valuable
as that tender spot where angels dance, the room where I first met you.

That spot must have the best cot that shall forever remain my home,
you are a fair bloom of sweet beauty, fairer than roses bringing the bright noon-day, more valuable than grass, rain, or the cold kiss of a winter's night, because it's what's inside of you, not your fur or appearance, that's dear, it's the bloom that comes from the heart, and that's what I keep.

What soft breaths of wind, what autumn songs from the skies that day, and what beauty was not lost, comes from the cleft of the heart,
the heart that I hold in mine, to your father, who now with silent eyes fixed, weeps tears of the heart for you

From Heaven above have come


(rev) 03.19.2023
EP Robles Nov 2021
NUMB(Land) came ashore near the boat house
where i last saw my precious kitty cat.

And upon the edge of sea and skies
i see a brewing storm and i fret for her.

How i want her and I need her although
she acts as though she never loved me.
i saw inside her eyes last night
that she cries all for me.

I stayed home all week and now the storm
past but my heart aches | i won't forget her.

Today i found a soulless mouse next to my door.
How she breaks my heart because she shan't
cry for no one any longer but I believe in her.

::  11.16.2021 ::
EP Robles Nov 2021
Do you see me?  I am running with the peacocks.
They are the Peahens protecting their eggs
and i a part of the harem mating.  Forget
the beauty of our plumage -- we will **** anyone
who tries to get our eggs.

:: 11.16.2021 ::
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