WHEN light comes
through these eyes
and falls upon
a swollen heart
a burning fresco
of something
sweeter than honey
the fluoroscope
of gentle love
and does yes
it come, gazing with me
upon this petal
of hope in morning

:: 12242015 ::
It is Love.  That is the secret to life.  The secret of how the universe is and will always be.
This spread of paper          so cold that
      my tongue-tip    aches-freezing
the    dense flowing words    as ice
    down the ***** by gravity

Katabatic attack
    relentlessly      for weeks
My preception --whiteout;
rain, snow, hail, sleet.
    Precipitation always
measured by soul & pain

:: 12312015 ::
WHEN i am alone i am with you
my heart aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of life crying. Life give me
the answer of what i am.
When i wait here i hope for
your gentle smile and love
your insides a pleasant
surprise. And soft hair
touches my deepest love,
it's throbbing!

i smell you i feel you
then again i write my prose
and my heart closes like a clam

inside the universe there's a
soul burning with you
i don't want to be without you
tick as i tick flowing like time
i embrace your world with eyes
rolled black -- a pool in time

come please, forget this world
and jump into my world
when i am alone i am with you
my heart aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of this life crying.

:: ~ ::
There is nothing more special than love and how two lovers spend their quiet and private moments together.  I have forgotten!  I am alone but with you!
Petrichor is blue on sad days
sometimes comes back as fire
but on happy wamble it's pink
as a flower

Aglet! Aglet! i tore your
armour now i walk with loose

Only on myleftFoot do i fear
AND vagitus speaks clearly
suing me within my heart
cut a star at glabella space
watching the cosmos drink
the memories of all my love
and pain
And she wore natiform on her
chest with a big heart bursting
seeds of flowers one that fell
between her legs and grew a
wild rose that ate me whole
i should be comforted
i should be comforted
i should be arrested

I'm my favorite patient
writing prescription
for mental constipation
burnt like cornicione
but i'm relaxing
and took ferrule stabbing
the tip of my eyes
which hides my burnt brain

:: 07-04-2016 ::
so, gather round where i
stand & listen:
THAT now by autumn's rumblin'
season; the world & Heaven's
army is moving forward, to
All within my closed eyes:
dream if i could -- i would.
And now All is clear we're
all insane under rows of
personae's saber sharp-tooth'd
kiss and we, dear...are
bleeding beneath a lowering
curtain called, "The robe of

:: 11-06-2016 ::
And in this morning
ice-baked skies
that I be drawn to the
glass-cold window
was a pleasant
albeit utter surprise
To see -- I did!
Across the way
beyond the oak
between the frost
and misty cloak
the Monarch
who flittered by!
The grand vision
-- crystal snow
drifting flakes
against noble color

such a butterfly!
I might be sincerely sick of this DeliciousLife when hovers like clouds golden    Fingers pray-like lovers barely breath-kissing. Allow hungry hands eye-thirsty

To touch
please: Your countrysided Curves
Dew meadow puddle eyes
Bountiful ***** bouquet

On this moistly most wondrous DAZE

Two dove(er)s
Two lovers
Embraced in do-or-die

And time eats itself into
A fat belly of jollies.

:: 06-03-18 ::
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