WHILE words choke  when love

for you springs my heart

hush gentle hammer-beat!

  Mind full as splash-colored

Fields oh sun!  Warmth as passion!

   My beloved dearest one.

There across the creek

below the Oak by the root

tulips and stars two lips

as ours — the precious time!

   The secrets so sweet as the

   twinkle within your

     eye my loveliest one!

From one to two now three!

:: 09-16-2018 ::
Standing on  the corner
of a street called life
i can see  the freeway
and all my dreams

they're  rushing high
they're  rushing by

And a beggar begs for a dollar
the police for a crime
And a judge reminds me
of the nature of laws
within men's twisted minds

so today  i lose it
i lose the hope
so today heaven's heavy
lead with a knotted rope

And heaven's lost my heart
-- today's gone heaven's lost
my heart and mind
today's gone
so i say so long
with living time
standing on the corner
of a street called life

:: 09-15-2018 ::
Sometimes life.  Right?  Hits you at the most unsuspecting moment when all you're doing is existing and minding your own time.
while F was pointing its two accusing fingers to its right U bent towards her middle wishing alpha bet higher wages and C being blind always kept its mouth opened for the rare change beggars threw at it because K always loves to kick the air with its tight stocked legs.  
    Characters all of them!

:: 09-12-2018 ::
alpha bet on the loser
i met a poet  just today

he greeted me  with much

laughter   as foreplay

(we seized each other

from brim to toe)

one cried  the other sang

a hymn

and at the end  we shook

our head   contemplating

which the queerer

and stepped away

from our mirror.

:: 09-12-2018 ::
a remarkable encounter
\ All-in-all the morning
bird's still sing
and i have my life
my life how time steals
some joy all the while

i choke back
the largest tears

oh boy let's drown again
in this river i'm crying

it's all it's all it is
yeah, it's all i want
is my mind again ya'll

Swimming!  I'm dying
collapsing inside my
head swimming choking
laughing all the while

the morning birds still
  and i have my life
my how pain steals
  the color in life
i'm sinking but still
  swimming all-in-all
it's all it's all
it is yeah /

:: 09-12-2018 ::
\ i have a finger
   it has a trigger
i have a bullet
   it has a chamber

a perfect fusion
to combat illusion

  and i'm rolling
back down the road
to the city we all
know of

Linger City
Linger City
Linger City

Where i keep
my finger
with a rigor
mortis snicker

screw you city
my funny bone
is a state of
all within
the limits of

Linger City
Linger City
Linger City

yeah /

:: 09-12-2018 ::
It's one of those moments and I won't ignore it.  Write on.
i stepped inside
       my throat  
  to choke a lie
the room was festive
   with devils and
prancing disease
a war ensued
   the rest
a history
—  acclivity!

:: 09-10-2018 ::
i am in shame of truth at times when it uncovers fear for what it is
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