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EP Robles Mar 2020
ONCE is less than MORE    but if you go off
allow something to grab you if you fall
   inside pollen-eye bites when you
   taste blue and smell summer zeros hiding
   a hookah vision ,,__,, defies logic
      bends the Divine Proportion of smAll
   a supra sutra deluxe rule fights cRhyme
      sends the devils running
           higher fly these angels
   so heavy to consider this;
        once is less than more
             is less than
              than zero

EP Robles Sep 2018
THE PRECIOUS terror is realizing
most adults are dead children
or like a day that folds itself into

a basket of reborn night.  That long-
necked geese and stiff necks are
either pretending giraffes or self

consumed souls; ignoring the mirror's
reflecting thoughts introspection
devours it's own mouth.  

  Surrealism is hickey upon my heart
that bests freezer burn sunlight any
now.  Kiss me you brilliant stupid

:: 08-30-2018 ::

— The End —