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Jon Thenes Jul 12


I’m no good at merrymaking
I do it alone
I do it dark
And I go at it with rabid excess
I am fellow to it
Until morning
And I make the morning hurt
A mark is embed


Amoungst great company
I am dog unwanted
In the comapany of one
I am villain bird
I am influence
I hit a drinking partner in the weak knees of weak truths
And things go madly south
But tonite I am alone
As I ought
And not sought out


Astray from the fireside
Into the woods
In the territory
Where I fear to thread the pathways
I shall recover my work
In the graven woodland
I shall face myself down
And bed darkness
Where I am truely wed


Thriving and well hausted
I strain and clamp upon the energy
I face my enemy
My power
I bide from his readings
I make ****** pleasings
Form verbal greeting
And extend a hand
For this
The first of many a meeting


Upon this connection
This Faustian reflection
I make the primal
The woe in me
And the red wash of ravenous pages
My activity
My moulded tool
My rage
My howl against creativity
Valentin Jul 3
I want to wake up next to you
And for once, face the fact
Not ignoring you
Not being afraid of you
Not running away from you

Just because
I desired you yesterday
I craved for you yesterday
I was the perfect lover yesterday
Full of hopes and dreams, yesterday

Making you understand, today
We had a great time
But I am a solitary man
Unfortunately not comfortable with
The consequences of my actions
Pagan Paul May 28
Light hits my retina
through the prism of a tear,
distorted faces pass
with images fragmented
inside out
and the smell of tallow
as a candle splutters,
falters and winks out
for the wick collapses cruel
like a hamstrung dancer.
The tear exits stage left
and rolls down the wings
of a thoughtless cheek,
teeters on the brink of catastrophe
and falls upon a blank page,
reviewing its brief life
as a lazy metaphor,
so I look at the remaining solitary candle
and grieve for the lost tear,
as an understudy takes its place.

© Pagan Paul (28/05/19)
5th entry in Fool's Diary.
I know that leaving you was
For the best but God
Does it ache to be alone
My best friend of 20 years "broke up" with me. We've decided to not be best friends anymore. She has so many people to love her instead of me, but now I'm alone in this city, and I've never been like that in my life. I am afraid, and this hurts, and the only difference is that now I have no one to tell.
dadens Mar 27
why does the world drain me of all that I am
but then expect me to fill myself back up like its nothing?
© d.a.dens
In prison her
Keep her heart, her love in solitary
Throw livid love, beat beauty in her
He says he loves you
to the wailing winter winds, i whisper
then we chatter—no wonder
those passing through deemed me a lone goner,
chanceless of love knocking the door.

i am dead jaded over failing chases,
over hopeless Minotaur mazes,
of whirling harlequin feelings
dead jaded, romance has gone tasteless.

hear my voice from this warm solitary chrysalis
leave me be, singing my soul to the winds
for thousand times more—till it snows for the last.
i'm comfortable being alone, that's all.
Ayush Bajpai Jan 27
Through the way, the time has enlarged, months, years and decade.
We see a lot and feel a little less and that too fade.
Carving out embroidery of kindness to the walls of deeds and causing crevices to be made.
A pile of sweetness but a pinch of bitterness; the latter is remembered, I am afraid.
Carry on those shivering of love in the cruelty of hate, for which we passed the time and paid.
The memories keep coming down the lane, some are beautiful and some are making somebody too dead.
More or less, what matters is to be remembered in any of the ways, but let it be for 'my' sake, make the sweetness too much not the bitterness, cause that to an extent so it cannot be gauged.
when scenes
halt in a cell's
frozen scream
slow-motion rage
cloaks grief

do earth's plates
shift at all
respond to pain
torn out of shape
in savage roar


we matter to ourselves
on some days
while he or she
reads the code
to check the tides

oscillate in
crawl space
in island habitat's
darkened cave

we try to breathe
solitary venture
as days run out
leaving dust
and bones

in silence

as a new
when depression's dark dirge speaks... may we find a way to wait for a new dawn
Inwards turns my gaze,
From solitary sun deck;
Find eternal light!
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