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I stopped for a while and heaved a heavy sigh,
The woods were as wide as the endless sky.
The winter noon seemed to be buzzing with life,
It seems I am lost in the wilderness wild.

The birds chirped as a soft breeze of wind waved past,
For how long will this moment seem to last?
The winter evening draws a curtain to the buzzing life,
It seems I am lost in the wilderness wild.

The dense paradise of solitary comfort is deep,
And the path I walk is too steep.
The winter night recites a tale of my plight,
It seems I am lost in the wilderness wild.

I stopped for a while and heaved a heavy sigh,
It seems I am lost in the wilderness wild.
Summer Apr 26
language —
transparent, like the purest water,
when things were yet to be named, at the beginning
in the cradle of nothingness,
where darkness came first, before light,
before fire and earth,
Oceans, the favourite child, and the sky,
with her celestial, feathery friends, lazing on that hazy chasm;
from the horizon,
emerged forms and words
and poetry
Tommy Randell Mar 12
Sometimes reading my pages over
I dream I live inside a Poem.
Where my skin has memories, and
My honesty is the framework of bones.

Sometimes my words become candles
Scenting every room with their rhymes -
Music ripples through alphabetical shadows
Walls are a graffiti of favourite lines.

Friends face-time to comfort me,
Some send messages of their love.
Every full stop and pause is a fingerprint,
Actually speaking out loud is an event.

Every room of me is a verse metaphor
Each thought though unfinished endures
Walking from door to door searching
The way out is the way in I'm sure.

Tommy Randell - 11th March 2021.
Poetry is a private escape made Public
Deep Mar 6
Melancholy lingers in this city
like some deadly virus
lying sluggishly,
waiting to touch the passersby.
25 times the has the sun rotate, legislative makes him a man, but in his mind he’s 5 years behind.
Mental progress of a heavy fortress ruins
his heavenly haven.
A step forward turn to a side setup toward a plunder-swamp.
In  his setting a corner room where he’s liberated free to roam the www.ild at his pace.
Family whom come to visit only to hide their true intentions of company.
A hierarchy of last names to enter a prefix have no value towards him.
Just his liberation.
I hope everyone is doing  well
Mitch Prax Dec 2020
Here comes New Year's Eve
and all of the loneliness
it has always brought

2:24 AM
Samara Dec 2020
isn't it a wonder
that confinement
from the world
into a world
of prisoners
is punishment
that confinement
from the world
of prisoners
into a world alone
in an even
greater punishment?
- - -
then what about
those of us
that are confined
to ourselves
by ourselves
with our thoughts?

is that the
greatest punishment
of all?
Mitch Prax Dec 2020
I am
when I
am all alone.
I am
when I
am among them.
Mitch Prax Dec 2020
These early hours
of the morning have never
been friendly to me

2:04 AM
Julia Nov 2020
I can feel my brain cells dying
during government-sanctioned torture.
Dizzying debt left me lying
in a heap of steaming culture.

Forbidden from my friends, instead
I bonded with the roaches.
Free will proved a failure now
as Judgement Day approaches.

I tried to read the tiles,
wandered ‘round for miles.
I’m all wrung out of smiles,
but at least I have my piles.
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