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L Leonelli Jan 30
You can either feel the coldness
of my words of ice
slipping through
these snow white pages
or feel my burning chest
melting the frozen stare
you're holding.
IncholPoem Jan 11
Supreme  things
are  extremely
when  you  are
in  anti-social
activity  circle.­

   Super  power  concepts
are  more
interesting  while
  a  world  war.

   Super  natural  fats
are  less  impact full  
when  these  are
summer's  coldness
and  white's  foolishn­ess
will  come  by  talking
negative  discussions.
Eslam Dabank Nov 2018
My palm tuned into a fist.
With it, I hold a baby's screams,
And all the world's deaths.
My body turned into an armor.
With it, I guard a mother's life,
And the milk, coming out of her *******.
The only chance of survival,
In the middle of the chaos.
My hopes turned into mist,
With it, I blinde murderous enemies,
And,our end. It won't find its ways.
My shirt turned to a flag of surrender.
A torn-apart one, to save torn-apart lives.

Hand over your anger,
Let me ignite the cannonball.
Pour out your teara,
Let the floods begin.

Crosses carried distorted bodies,
Ones with missing hands,
Ones with missing heads,
Ones with missing legs,
But what they all shared,
Is missing souls.

forced them to surrender.
To save what's left of their memories,
Before they become a memory,
With fellow millions another.

When they look into their reflection,
They see what is left undead,
But they don't see the soul,
That will never again be fixed.
Closer to life they got,
But further of themselves felt.

A chess board they inhabited,
But they weren't a part of it,
Soldiers died. So did the two kings.
But they paid for a fight that's not theirs.

A song, I heard.
They sang an idle song, for those,
Whose souls left their bodies empty,
And left free,
In they space, that might contain,
Their former life's misery.
To a clavery, they headed, bleeding,
Anne J Oct 2018
At night I have the same dream that eases my mind,
Where my sweating arms float above and my eyes don't look at what's behind.
My neck get moist and my mouth forms clear bubbles,
And, for once, I am able to look at the sky and not feel in trouble.
My hair sinks down and with it goes my head,
And although my vision blurs I do not feel a dread.
My nose gets an overwhelming smell of salt and a sense of becoming nauseous,
But the folds of my clothes ensures me that there's no need to be cautious.
My feet slowly swing back and forth and warmness engulfs me,
As my ears succumbs to the intoxication of where my final resting shall be.
When I am able to rest my eyes and feel the clearing of my soul, however,
My eyes wake up with the sun that warms me shall it never.
A poem about a depressed person that feels warmth only when they dissolve into their slumber. I started it last Friday and finished the last four lines today.
EP Robles Sep 2018
Mellifluous are the songs of moon
   lit lips  pressing a maddened
heart as mine!

This largest night ate the orchards
and  prismatic towns by the shores
   where waves say goodbye torturing
   women who have lost their sailors
                    on calmer nights.

Instead of life the sea has come
   has come to take from me
   all i have called normality

   what most who love may dislike
   what some who hate may balance
     i n   l i f e :
  a severe disinclination
    or tolerance for such as me!

so cold are some it feels as stings
     from a polar bee!

:: 09-08-2018 ::
solitary.  a very large world with a very small heart.  cold stares.  unforgivable indifferences.  petty quarrels.  the smallest of minds that have disconnected from feeble-sized hearts.
Lusy Jun 2018
The wind bring me down
A lone on the land
In a mess, thouch by the rain
Tremble in the coldness
Creates loneliness
On the noisiness roof...
Dhaye Margaux May 2018
I tried to kiss her once more
But I was surprised
By her coldness
No warmth at all
For ice is what I see
On her lips.
justine grace Apr 2018
instead of seeing the sunshine
i saw the darkness
instead of feeling the warmth
i felt the coldness
you taught me everything possible
but still deserted me in my worst
i wish you the best
the only words i hope to hear
Shreyas c9 Apr 2018
Warm Feelings
Loving Caring Understanding
Selfless Altruistic       Heartless Indifference
Annoying Destroying Detaching
Disregard Insensitive

Inspired by APriCoT 's Diamante Poem Assignment.
A Diamante is a seven-lined contrast poem set up in a diamond shape.

Line 1: Noun or subject
Line 2: Two Adjectives describing the first noun/subject
Line 3: Three -ing words describing the first noun/subject
Line 4: Four words: two about the first noun/subject, two about the antonym/synonym
Line 5: Three -ing words about the antonym/synonym
Line 6: Two adjectives describing the antonym/synonym
Line 7: Antonym/synonym for the subject
Chucky's Bride Feb 2018
I feel the coldness in my heart.
I can feel it filling all those cuts you made.
It's slowly coming up, from my heart till my mind.
I would say it hurts,but it doesn't.
It's just some blunt feeling traveling through my body.
It's taking over me this time.
And I really got tired of stopping it...
Don't blame me.
Roses can't live without water.
Also can't my heart without you.
Don't blame me...
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