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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
That's my response to your cold heart,
Sealed by walls of anger that makes me
Want to be the polar opposite of you.

The darkness runs in your family
The coldness, the disconnection
With others that make you lonely
No wonder I tremble from your touch.

Laughter and beer is your only solution
To escaping this life that you chose
I wish I can free you from this confusion
This trap that's causing so much pain.

I want to melt those walls with my love
And see the real you behind the stone
I've seen him once
Why can't I see him again?

It's like I don't even know you anymore
Please, let me see who you were before.
Amanda Jan 15
Your early heat nudging my back
The coldness floods this impatient day
Made brittle in the breaking Dawn
Soften when the biting wind blows ice away
About waking up to a cold day in a warm bed next to my soulmate
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
Up in the sky
Moon was shivering
In the dark winter night

While offered her
The covering
What radiate in her eyes?

A beautiful shy
Writing happened to me
Witnessing her glimpse of smile
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Cosmic Connection
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
Even with
The bright Sun
We feel
Are colder than
The others

No coverings
No coffee
Neither the fire
Nor any liquor
Makes you, feel warm

Probably that time
Could be the season
Of  blue
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: Nothing matters.
Shah Fahad Sani Jun 2019
Come, see, I have some pain in chest,
Come, let me put your arms around me!
Here, see the coldness in my soul,
Come let me hear the sound of your breath,

Come, hide yourself in my breast,
Come let's escape from this world
Let me steal from hearts of others
Come, Let me shed all the tears of grief,

I've a home, conquered by your absence,
A heart, stabbed by your desolation,
Let me be the consolation under your feet,
Come, let me hear my name from your tongue!
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Can’t see anything,
Don’t want to.

Can’t feel anything,
Don’t want to.

Both are a part of my soul.
Having one of those days
Sally S Ali May 2019
Under inlaid sky
by emptiness
paved floor
with coldness

bright colors
of pain

I meet you
you are sitting
at the edge
of the abyss
swaying your legs
as if it is
the paradise

We stared
at each other

this is an invitation
to expected end
may be
unexpected salvation

Stared at the silence
rejoicing the loss
singing the pain

This pathway
opened by blood
and human cell debris

We paid
our debts of emotions
and walked
Like a smile
to be planted
in the ground
of the freedom

1 second
the apocalypse
Chris Saitta May 2019
The snowflake is castellated cold,
Of chill crenellations and turnings narrow.
Court of pie-powders and gray-skied brazier smoke,
Of inner mazework dimmed to ****** holes,
Or the hooded machicolations from tower spire
Of oily darkness and arrowslits of Greek fire.

The snowflake is Medieval reliquary,
The frozen skull of rain and blood clear of sin,
Wind-captive with its prayer of quiet
On quietest lips, close to wine and sacrament.
Or the chapel and its waxen paramours
Of incorrupt body and candlelight upon the moors.

The snowflake is the mighty frozen spark,
Fire-forged and ironwrought,
Under the eye of Hephaestus,
Blacksmith of sorrow’s wind.
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