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Under the sapphire sky
That's dusted with clusters of stars
I lay down on the grass
I started to count it one by one
I started to draw imaginary lines
Like constellations, they draw
Your full name right
Sometimes, it's nice to imagine the stars watching us, and thinking "what happened to these two?".
Paylei Rose Mar 22
The audience goes silent
As the curtain starts to open
There on the stage is a whole other world
Maybe one from this galaxy
Sometimes from the next
But nevertheless the actors preform
The characters evolve as the show goes on
Then comes the ******, you thought we were done
So many twists and turns until a conclusion
Oh, the scene is now over
The curtains have shut
The drama is done
These actors take off their makeup
But still inside them lives
The character they played, the character they once lived.
Arisa Mar 3
I ****** the stage with silence so the audience anticipates the articulation of words that soon spill out of my mouth.

The show lights blind my eyes so all I can see are headless ghosts sitting in rows, neatly compact in a spiritual communion.

My mind stutters, body shudders, yet the line is plain to see as it was painted on my lips - ready to perform, ready to be spoken.

Narration courses through my lungs to produce cornered speech, creating an introductory-zone for the others to encroach behind me

And there we were, separated into our own character beams while I stood with shallow confidence at the forefront.

Though I'm not a main lead,
or a side character,
or a set piece,
I am the narrator.
I carry the weight of the story,
And I carry the ears of those who listen.
I was never an expressive actor, but the small roles I was given at school plays  and home-brewed sketches I was grateful for.
I was tired
of talking to myself
so I decided to write
now I talk to myself
amongst an audience
Aa Harvey Dec 2018

I was trying to build a future using the chaos theory,
But now is the time to compartmentalize.
I visualize a future happiness one day near me;
In love maybe with me, or because of me, despite.

If she is happy, then I will be happy.
I seek the extraordinary truth in you.
Do you fit the shoe of destiny?
Or is hot farfetched from obscurity?
Placed before me waving endlessly,
Look at me!  I am a mirage of what could be.

Things take time, the bigger the better.
Never say never or nothing lasts forever.
It is never too late to make a change,
Or learn from your mistakes, again.

Drag ink across the page with love, not rage.
Just say what needs to be said and keep the rest caged.
Be a poet of great understanding.
Truly amaze them and leave when they start clapping,
Shouting “Bis!” and “Encore!”
“We want more and more and more!”

That is the time to open your minds door
And then you step on through…
I wish you all the luck in the world.
Fly out into the blue.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Nyx Dec 2018
Pull on those strings that unviel our past
Taking small little peeps
wishing it would last
Sceaming and crying
Longing for her embrace
As we look on from afar
Our hearts begin to race
The play must go on no matter the pain
As we run though each scene
the show has brought you fame
Though the attention you do not want
And the glory all for naught
When she can't even look your way
Or spare you a single thought
I stare from within the crowd
As they walking out one by one
Till only you and I are left behind
When the final scene has been done
Then you too bow and leave the stage
And alone I sit remenising again
Alone in the audience
Where a crowd once screamed your name
Though never again shall I hear those cheers
Of those voices reduced to mere whispers over the years
Gordon Chai Oct 2018

how many do i need
to feel like something?
EP Robles Sep 2018
THAT in my fever while sanity has escaped by baluster
i continue to gaze in daze across the sea of white-
capped madness

Each o-shaped mouth
Each Black-bead eye
and all the ears
     all the chins

  speak an infinite story of nothing but sadness.
And within the orchestral pit finely dressed musicians
they shed b-flat note tears; their mannequin powder-white
skin a color of pink's sunsetting murmur.

Simply, the true story is off stage toward this
improbable army audience; the finely carved polychrome
citizens start to move;  half-bodied and more alive
than the flesh-kingdom.

   Last night.  Last night i felt.  
That one's life can be as real as one's imagination
   if you sinerely wish it.

:: 08-23-2018 ::
wishing the reader to decide what it means for them
faa Aug 2018
They were avid dancers, masterpieces
Twisting their hips elegantly to the beat
Fingertips against air, gracefully traces
Bodies callous in motion, against the heat

Yet they encircled the melody of clashes
Revelling to the disputes of their peers
On audience cheers and camera flashes
They thrived on their opponents’ tears

On pervasive fallacies they were merrymakers
In distorting realities they were professionals

How they prospered valiantly in our defeat
How they stomped over us and still proceed
How they annihilated us, and can still meet
Our eyes shamelessly, as we bleed
for those who are sinister by choice
Jabin Aug 2018
His left hand flourishes
The audience watches intensely
                                                       ­     There
The motions dazzle
                                                          ­          Is
Everyone paying attention
The illusion is shattered

           The magician takes a bow.
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