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May 2 · 190
Isabella May 2
Lines on the corners of my mouth
From how much you made me smile today
Will they fade?

Lines at the edges of my lips
Will you kiss them one day?
Or will they fade?

Lines on the corners of my mouth
I trace my fingers over them in the mirror
I want them to stay

Lines at the edges of my lips
Lines like valleys, my tears like the rain
I want you to stay

Lines on the corners of my mouth
From how much we laughed today
I have you, you're right here
And you have me, I'm yours

But the lines at the edges of my lips
They fade, like you always do
And I'll wait, like I always do

My eyes wait for the morning
To see you
So I can smile, so I can laugh

But my heart waits for the impossible
For you to love me
For you to miss me
For you to miss the lines on the corners of your mouth
Like I miss mine
Mar 29 · 916
Isabella Mar 29
My wolf
You bit me
Under a full moon
And I didn't turn
I stayed human
Scars in my arms
Blood dripping from my wrists
I fell to the forest floor
And cried
Mar 22 · 52
Isabella Mar 22
I hear the beating of my heart
Like the beating of a drum
And the pounding in my head
Like the pounding of my steps
Mundane rhythms in my body
Reminding me I’m alive, still breathing
I hear the ringing in my ears
Like a song going static on the radio
I hear the beating of a heart
Like the beating of a drum
It’s the first sound that greets me in the morning
It’s the last sound that lulls me to sleep at night
The beating of my heart like the beating of a drum
Reminding me I’m alive, still breathing
One day I wish to forget
One day I wish my body could go still
One day I wish my mind could go quiet
But for now I pound my head so it synchs up with my footsteps
And I beat my drum, along to the beating of my heart
Body’s grown numb to the rhythm
Until the moment my hands go cold
And the drumming slows down
And I never again have to hear that awful sound of the beating of my heart
Like the beating of a drum
Mar 5 · 77
Isabella Mar 5
little me had a heart of gold
she was sensitive, she was careful
she was afraid to hurt someone
but she was told to speak up

little me had a big heart
it took up most of her little body
she would fuss she would cry she would scream
so she learned to shut up

little me had a heart too heavy
she was tired of the weight
she tried to give it away
but she was told to hold on

little me had a heart too hungry
it ate her up from the inside out

little me had a heart she couldn't handle
she's still learning how to make it smaller
Mar 5 · 435
Isabella Mar 5
On my good days I pride myself in being good
A good writer
A good singer
A good dancer
A good pianist
A good painter
A good baker

On my good days I like to think I'm a good person
A good citizen
A good neighbor
A good student
A good classmate
A good teacher
A good daughter
A good sister
A good friend
On my good days I'm good enough, aren't I?

But on my bad days, I strip myself away from good things
Without my hobbies
Without my grades
Without my family
Without my friends
What is there left to be good at?
Without validation
Without reassurance
Without comfort
What am I good for?
I'm left alone with myself

On my good days I'm a good person
I'm thoughtful
I'm kind
I'm intelligent
I'm helpful
But I'll never be happy with that
Until I'm good for something bigger
Until I'm good enough to live with myself
Feb 15 · 725
Isabella Feb 15
is it fair
for me to reach
for something i'll never be able touch

i'm talking about you
Feb 15 · 366
Isabella Feb 15
i want the storm to dissolve me
i want to melt into a puddle on the broken concrete
i want ripples to fall on my surface
i want to tremble when cars drive by
people to step in me without a care
children to splash
and dogs to drink
i want to be a puddle on a winter afternoon
i want the raindrops to expand me
until i trickle down the sidewalk
through that cracks in the pavement
and down the curb
i want to fall onto the street
and let the wind push me far, far away
Jan 28 · 815
air bubbles
Isabella Jan 28
air bubbles float with ocean foam
each time my breath escapes

my lungs deflate
my vision shakes

body sinking

i try to survive off of air bubbles
because it's all i have left
Jan 22 · 88
i want to forget you
Isabella Jan 22
Marks on my skin hold your bruises that ache when I stroke them, they ache of your hands which once touched me, your lips which once kissed me, the feeling I still remember yet have tried to forget. Your words and now empty promises echo in my mind, empty now but ever so full that night.
Jan 20 · 205
Isabella Jan 20
You were the sunrise in the morning
I was the clouds in the sky
You were wide blue eyes sparkling
I was the bitter white lies

You were the child made to explore
I was the one dragging you home
You were fighting to be on your own
I was afraid you'd leave me alone
Jan 20 · 547
Isabella Jan 20
a river

i watch you turn

you look like you'd hurt me
but how can i be sure
you could be what saves me

voices warn me to step away
so i don't get swept in your tide
they try to push me
but you pull me closer

i chase after you
to understand you
but you're a maze

i watch you turn and turn again

but you'd drown me if i let you

heavens, do i want to drown?
Jan 18 · 295
Isabella Jan 18
there is no rest for the broken
no sleep for the dead
where do i fall in between?
Jan 18 · 863
Scarlet Roses
Isabella Jan 18
Scarlet roses
Adorn the plainness of my grave
To hide my bed below
Where I sleep at last

Scarlet roses
Turn to black
Dying, just as I have
Jan 18 · 183
Isabella Jan 18
sadness comes and goes in waves
but the ache never fades away
a tug between the heart and mind

oh, my heart breaks, and breaks again
the hurt buries itself within, far after it's healed
but graves don't hide what's beneath

yes, the feelings come and go
but my words here last forever
Jan 18 · 778
The Garden
Isabella Jan 18
Love stumbled into a garden, one sunny spring morning
Light trickled through the branches
Shadows danced along the grass
Birds sang from up above
There were flowers everywhere
Cold wind touched her spine in shivers

"Tend to the garden, love, it needs you"
So she watered the rows of plants, she nurtured the seeds
She watched them bloom, she never looked away

"Tend to each one, love, they need you"
So she knelt on the dirt and spoke to every flower
Caressing their petals, cradling their leaves

Then Summer came

"Never leave their side, love, they need you"
So she never slept, never dreamt
Never ate, never turned away

"Protect the garden, love, it needs you"
So she sheltered it from the storm
Coddled it away from the summer heat

Autumn came

"Careful, love, they're dying"
She felt a panic in her chest, but didn't let it show
She gave them more water, she gave them more care

"Save them, love, they're dying"
Determined, she did everything she could
Paced the garden, wondering what had gone wrong

Winter came

"Heal them, love, look what you've done"
So she watered them more, she cleared up the snow
She brushed away the frost biting at the flowers

"You hurt them, love, look what you've done"
Wilted, here they were
The garden gray, shriveled, lifeless

"I don't understand" Love whispered
Tears fell from her cheeks
The shadow replied,
"You killed the garden, the very one I trusted you to tend"
"But I cared for them, like you told me to" Love shook her head
"Did you?"
"Yes, of course, I sacrificed everything for them"
"Love is not sacrifice"
"Then what is it?"
"Love is letting go."
in the spring, they'll bloom again...
Nov 2021 · 546
Isabella Nov 2021
Young girl, this is the beauty you’ll grow up to be- she's charming, pretty, loved endlessly
A head that behaves, nods never shakes, knows her place in the world, where she stays
She’s oh so adored, teeth white as pearls, a smile that brightens the desperate world
She’s graceful but strong, knows she belongs, and never dares utter a word we’d deem wrong

Young girl, this is the beauty you’ll grow up to be- it only takes practice, as you’ll soon see
Even out textures, messy imperfections, it’s a small price to pay for a life of attention
Don’t wear too much or you’ll look like a ****, but once you wipe it off you’re not trying enough
Time to embrace your flawless new face, nobody will miss the one it replaced

Young girl, this is the beauty you’ll grow up to be- you’ll look young forever if you do what you need
You can start now, it’s never too early, you’d hate to get older and look more than thirty
But it’s not all your fault your body failed you, you’ve got surgery now to come and save you
You’ll be cut apart and sewn back together, needles, knives, bruises, and scars til you’re better

Young girl, this is the beauty you’ll grow up to be- thin and starving until you can’t breathe
You’ll never look at food the same way again, for dear it’s nothing now but a weapon
Avoid or purge but never digest, do what you can to stay looking your best
Headaches, discomfort, the cycle of shame, you cannot turn back, no never again
Emaciated, weak, but see you fit in what you wear! Don’t give up now, you’re almost there

Young girl, this is the beauty we’ll raise you to be- you’re on your way now, I know it’s exciting
Glowing, shining, beaming fulfillment, there must be a hole but this beauty will fill it
I know that you cannot wait to grow up, a shell of you now but you’ll at least be enough
A life of affection that outshines your cries, smiling bright, even if it never reaches your eyes
Oct 2021 · 244
Isabella Oct 2021
To love someone is to give them your all, I think. But most everyone doesn't see it like that, their love isn't real love.
How can you give someone else every piece of you without chipping yourself away?
How can you place boundaries in something as limitless as love?
How can you hold yourself back when you have so much more to give?
My love is real love. It is pure and it is everything to me but means nothing to anyone else.
My love is unhealthy, they tell me.
Too much, not enough.
I take it too far, they tell me.
Too big a heart, not small enough.
They tell me to love myself first before I give my love to someone else because it is special and deserves to be taken care of.
But a love so special, so all-consuming, deserves to go to the person who means the most to me, why would I waste it on myself?
I tear myself apart to rebuild the ones I love, and they would never do the same for me. Because their love is not real love.
a poem representing my unhealthy idea of love
Sep 2021 · 351
Isabella Sep 2021
Chasing silly fantasies,
Left throbbing bruises on my feet,
Scrapes on my knees,
Blood in my teeth.

Chasing rotten stupid lies,
Starry skies,
Moonlit eyes,
Left stinging scratches in my thighs,
Pain in my side,
Aches in my mind.

Chasing love, chasing you-
The attitude,
The untied shoes,
Left nothing for me but the yearning for you.
Aug 2021 · 931
Fallen Petals
Isabella Aug 2021
Fallen petals are the bruises
from your lips and your fingers
that i used to trace my hands over
with a soft touch and a smile

Fallen petals are your words
that i can never forget
promises that meant everything then
but nothing now

Fallen petals are the lies
I couldn't see until the end
when it was far too late
to tell you no

Fallen petals are the aches
in my chest, my heart, my mind
the tears that won't stop falling
the embarrassment, the shame

Fallen petals are the innocence
you stole from me that night
a treasure i trusted you with
that i can never regain

Fallen petals are the memories
tainted by your power
disrupted by your voice
tangled with your cruelty

Fallen petals are the feelings
for that's all you've left me with
sick, crippling feelings
you've ruined me

Fallen petals are who I used to be
the girl i miss
before i was used
and before i was tossed aside like garbage
rough draft
Jul 2021 · 376
broken times
Isabella Jul 2021
Broken times let my doves fly
They carry sighs and lullabies
Sing of late nights and butterflies
Your blue eyes stare into mine

Broken days let my demons stay
They haunt with haze and long faces
Cry of pain and yesterdays
Your shadow fades and falls away

Broken weeks let my doves speak
With broken wings and no songs to sing
They fell at my feet and cried for me
Regret screams and my heart bleeds

Broken years kept my demons here
With crimson tears and ringing in my ears
They're vivid, clear, trapped in a mirror
Crippling fear suffocating my dear
May 2021 · 374
Isabella May 2021
Life has a cruel way about it.

The moment I get a breath of fresh air,
My lungs are ripped out all over again.
haven't been here in a while.
Mar 2021 · 297
Wishing Well
Isabella Mar 2021
Blue clouds and blue skies
Blue rain and blue eyes
I never pictured you like this
Bright as day but cold as night
The brightest smile when I met your eyes
Those blue, blue, blue. Blue eyes

And in the light I saw your wishing well I never thought I'd be the one who fell.
6 feet deep I lost my breath and I went blind, I began to drown as your face flashed in my mind.
I wish I wish I wish I couldn't see you from above, I wish I wish I wish I never fell in love.

Every day my feelings grew
My heart skipped and I thought yours did too
I never pictured you like this
I tossed you all the coins I'd saved
I watched each one until they sank
Then I leaned over to see if I could reach them.

And in the light I saw your wishing well I never thought I'd be the one who fell.
6 feet deep I lost my breath and I went blind, I began to drown as your face flashed in my mind.
I wish I wish I wish I couldn't see you from above, oh I wish I wish I wish I never fell in love.

Wishing dreaming blue eyes gleaming, I thought I could save you
Falling sinking shame rethinking broken hope and crumbled fantasies
I should have saved myself

But I fell into your wishing well.
6 feet deep I lost my breath and I went blind, I began to drown as your face flashed in my mind.
I wish I wish I wish I couldn't see you from above, I wish I wish I wish I never fell in love.
Oh, I fell into your wishing well.
rough draft of a song I'm writing
Feb 2021 · 101
Isabella Feb 2021
Cruelty echoes in my mind, cruelty that is my own burden to bear. I feel it ripple through my body, up and down and up again. My chest aches as it strokes my beating heart, my shoulders shake as it brushes gently against my bones. I hear the same thoughts I've recited a million times, thoughts telling me the truth I wish I could run from. But it envelops me entirely, like a sea surrounding my sinking body. What word is there that can even begin to interpret this feeling? Lost, uncertain, afraid, helpless, hopeless, alone. For it is all of these things, and more. Broken, ashamed, anxious, spiteful, empty. So so empty. Is anybody here? I see shadows but I can't tell if it's all in my head. I dare not waste my strength and swim to them, afraid of drowning if I do. What if there's no one there to save me? Even worse, what if they are there and choose not to save me at all? Each time I try to swim to a figure in the distance, I become no closer to them than I was before. Are they swimming away? Or am I simply delusional? I'd rather close my eyes and drift to sleep, at least that way I wouldn't have to disappoint myself again and again and again. Is this what it feels like to be weak? If so I never want to try again. Is this what it feels like to be abandoned? If so, I never want to trust or love again. Is this what it feels like to lose hope? I never want to hope again. It's all too exhausting and I wish I could just be okay. But even that seems too much to even dream of.
Feb 2021 · 571
Isabella Feb 2021
An evening full of bliss
Dreams and infatuation blooming
Laughter and confidence radiating
Such an evening only results in a morning full of sorrow
As you mourn the loss of feeling alive
A feeling which only sparks but once every season
Jan 2021 · 259
Isabella Jan 2021
I've been avoiding you for some time now
Not wanting to confront the twisted emotions tangled in my head
Not wanting my gaze to meet the confliction tugging at my heart
My body is a storm right now
And all I wished for was some peace
But shutting myself behind locked doors, waiting for the thunder to die down, hasn't seemed to help
I still hear the rain pounding on my windows
I still shiver as wind slips through the crack of my door
I still shake as my shelter sways uneasily
I guess I'm afraid to drown
If that makes sense
Waves are cascading from the sky
With a force that would surely knock me to the ground
I would be breathless and helpless
Alone and weak
The storm would drown out my cries
And the storm would eventually drown
first poem in a while. not doing great and I haven't wanted to think about it by writing poetry but I gave in today.
Dec 2020 · 355
Isabella Dec 2020
A new love, could it be?
A chance to start again
We have not spoken, really
And you know nothing of me
Yet you say those words
“I’d love to get to know you”
Those awful words
Awful as they sparked a hope in my heart
A hope that only grows over time
Despite your late messages
And our dry conversations
And the fact that you are much better than me
I still cling the idea
That you and I could become something lovely
Do you think so too?
Is this the one chance I have?
It feels more real that the last time
But every moment is crushing me
Dec 2020 · 484
Isabella Dec 2020
Here I sit upon this cream white carpet
Salt streams down my face like a river, gently trickling over my freckled cheeks
Copper drips from my arm onto my hands, falling into the cracks of my palms
My eyes are burning but my skin is cold
My mind is racing but my heart is still
My posture weakens but I don’t let my head fall
Instead my gaze flickers to the ground
The floor a jarring hue
That lovely white carpet now streaked with crimson
What a mess I’ve made...
Dec 2020 · 301
Isabella Dec 2020
My life has been a downward spiral
The path is full of disdain and misery
The motion makes me sick
The darkness makes me sicker
And I’m afraid I’m on my way to my own destruction
Dec 2020 · 230
Teach Me
Isabella Dec 2020
Teach me how to write a masterpiece
A work of art
An inspiration
A revelation
A remarkable creation
I strive for perfection
Despite being far from it
So please teach me
How to change the world around me
For the better
And perhaps that could lead to changing myself
Dec 2020 · 604
Isabella Dec 2020
I dislike the person I am
And the thoughts inside my head

I dislike the child I am
And the tears that I have shed

I dislike the monster I am
Like the ones beneath my bed

I dislike the ghost I am
And the words I haven’t said

I dislike all that I am
And the blood I’ve always bled
Isabella Dec 2020
Today I sifted through hundreds of poems
Reading each one, letting the words seep into my heart
I breathed in the broken lines of broken souls

I long to tell these weary poets that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't much further
That despite their exhaustion, there is still hope
That the pain is all worth it in the end

So, dear poet, who has happened upon this,
I wish for you to feel peace, or at least I wish for you to feel something
I wish for you to keep fighting
I wish to tell you all of the secrets to finding love

But now I hesitate
Who am I to tell you to be strong
When I am simply quite the opposite
Who am I to tell you to keep walking
When I fell to my knees long ago
Who am I to tell you to leave your pain behind
When I am wallowing in grief
And guilt
And disdain for my own self

Dear poet, I may not know the secrets
Or life's purpose
Or the beauty you bring to the world
But I do understand
And even if I may not know you, or your story, I hold love for you

This love is pure and true and I reserve it in my heart for the day you may need it most
Which is perhaps today
For today
I sifted through hundreds of poems
For an hour or so
I scrolled through your words
And I felt nearly every one
Dec 2020 · 218
Isabella Dec 2020
I’ve been watching the waves for a while
Their rising, as the foam inches its way up the shore
And their falling, as the current seems to pull me in

The blue of the sea is enchanting
Its gentle whispers are inviting
The chill of the water prickles my skin
But I don’t mind it
The smooth sand washes over my feet with every footstep I take
The waves draw me further and further until my mouth is under water

I close my eyes and hold my breath
And I notice the silence now echoing around me
All I’m left with is my own thoughts, swirling in my head
Which is rather unnerving
In a comforting sort of way
I listen as my mind spills its heavy words
I hear voices I had never dared to acknowledge
I’m reminded of truths I was never willing to accept

I open my eyes to notice the light above me diminishing
I see blurred outlines of my friends and family
I strain to hear the muffles of their words
Are they peering down at me?
Do they notice my limp body sinking?
Will they dive in to save me?

I will not swim back up, I cannot
Despite my love for them, despite all the wonders of the world, I have no more strength to muster
I’ve sunk too far for them to rescue me
But I don’t mind

I don’t want to return to the chaos
I like it down here
It’s quiet, serene
As if time is standing still, no worries in sight
The eerie silence of the ocean as it swallows me whole

I feel a burning in my chest and my mouth bursts open
I inhale deeply and am met with salt as it fills my lungs
I do not sputter, nor do I cough
For it’s almost as if I’m breathing for the very first time

I let my eyes flutter to a close
And perhaps I am nearing death
But my lips curl into a smile as I feel something similar to peace swelling inside my heart
My heart which has been void of life for far too long
Dec 2020 · 532
Isabella Dec 2020
Once upon a time
I believed in love
In fate and blessings
From the angels above
I believed in kisses
In long talks forever
In two happy lovers
Never to sever
I believed I'd find you
I hoped for what I'd seen
On pages of stories
And dancing on the screen
Once upon a time
I believed in us
But fairytales deceived me
As dreams withered to dust
Nov 2020 · 270
Isabella Nov 2020
It hurts to remember
That I am alone
My hand reaches to feel your touch
But I’m met with nothing
Emptiness replaced you
Despite you never being here
Your eyes remind me you’re not mine
Nor will you ever be

Your heart may be hidden
But I hope one day I’ll find it
Your mind may be muffled
But I believe one day I’ll clear it
Your soul may be lost
But I dream one day
You and I
Can search for ours together
For I am lost too
I wish to find myself

And maybe
Just maybe
I wish our souls could intertwine
If only you could learn
To love me
As much as I love you
Nov 2020 · 309
Isabella Nov 2020
So much to say
Yet I can’t find the words

Or the will
Nov 2020 · 539
Isabella Nov 2020
There is an emptiness beside me
A numbness I can’t shake
It tries to envelop my limp body
Embracing my heart until it breaks
Darkness swallows everything
I feel my soul begin to ache
I am cold but feel the heat
Was there never a time when I was safe
Nov 2020 · 328
Isabella Nov 2020
Emotions are rather complicated, I suppose
What is this irksome tickle in my heart?
It is not sadness, nor is it anger, or even grief
Not quite guilt or confliction
Perhaps a sort of blend of the two
It feels rather uncomfortable, like an itching inside
That is barely out of reach
Like a blur in the corner of my vision
But no matter how much I turn my head, I still can't see it clearly
This feeling seems to twist my stomach
And press on my heart
And pound in my mind
A constant pressure that can't be placed
I wonder if this puzzling emotion
Is something similar to emptiness
A hollowness that is unfamiliar
Sinking in a sea of scattered thoughts
Far too deep to retrieve now
And now
All I am left with
Is a perplexing feeling swirling everywhere inside me
A sort of apathy
That can't be named
Nov 2020 · 418
Just Know
Isabella Nov 2020
Just know that my heart wants what it wants
Just know from the start I want what I want
Just know that so far I get what I want
Just know that your heart won’t slip from my arms

I know that your eyes they cry and they cry
I know that you hide beneath a disguise
I know what’s inside your baby blue eyes
I know you’ll be alright and you’ll always be mine
Nov 2020 · 314
Isabella Nov 2020
I could never quite place my finger
On what drew me nearer
It wasn’t quite your smile
Nor your sarcastic sighs

Beneath your laugh’s charm
And your comforting warmth
Under your sweet impatience
And known reputation

I notice the disguise
Which hides your broken eyes
I see the tender pain
You try to shove away

I watch the truth unfold
Now you’re distant and cold
I wish you could just know
I see potential in your soul

I wait for you to trust me
Maybe some day you’ll love me
But for now I will settle
With trying to know you better

I love you for your heart
It isn’t buried far
I love you for your mind
I hope one day you might be mine
Nov 2020 · 291
Isabella Nov 2020
I suppose my biggest worries are yet to come
Which is perhaps why I pretend I have none
I wait for the day when my body grows numb
When my heart will be broken, innocence undone
Nov 2020 · 178
I Promise
Isabella Nov 2020
I promise to you
My soul is at peace
My mind is at ease

I promise
My hands are steady
My heart is ready

I promise
I can finally be brave
I’m willing to be saved

I promise
I love myself
Before loving anyone else

I promise
To you
I am passionate
And true
I am confident
Through and through

I promise
To me
I am brilliant
Full of dreams
I feel radiant
And free

I promise
These heavy words
With a tone
So very sure
With intent
So very pure
But with a pain
That can’t be cured

I simply don’t matter
My last hope has shattered
Can’t death come along faster
I simply can’t last here

Yet I promise to you
That I’ll be alright
As my eyes fill with tears
I say I’ll make it through the night
But behind my back
Barely out of sight
I take my *******
And cross them tight
Nov 2020 · 145
Isabella Nov 2020
Words still unspoken
Hearts remain broken
Ever since the moment
I was not chosen
Nov 2020 · 176
When the Wind
Isabella Nov 2020
When the wind blows strongly from the east
And the rain falls softly in the eve
While the waves are crashing in the seas
And the dewdrops trickle from the leaves

I close my mouth, I dare not speak
Though I know your hearts won't break for me
I hear the echoes of your pleas
And I promise I will never leave
Nov 2020 · 187
Isabella Nov 2020
You know you’re broken
When your own reflection
Won’t even look you in the eyes
Nov 2020 · 261
Isabella Nov 2020
Self-loathing is tiring
But god, it’s inspiring
Anyone would be lying
To claim they weren’t trying
To work day by day
To mend their mistakes
To reshape their ways
The ill strive for change

The strive to improve
Or perhaps just to prove
The pain is the truth
The weaknesses too
With all the crying
The bleeding, the fighting
Self-loathing is tiring
But god, it’s inspiring
Nov 2020 · 236
Isabella Nov 2020
I hate myself
I hate myself for everything I am
And I hate myself for everything I’m not
Nov 2020 · 325
Isabella Nov 2020
A shallow wish to be memorable
While the truth is she’s forgettable
They move on nearly just as fast
As the time it took her to get attached
It seems that people never last
And neither does the past
messy, but it’s just a rough draft
Nov 2020 · 196
Isabella Nov 2020
I suppose humans are rather complicated
Blurs of unkept promises
Broken dreams
Shattered motivation

Mistake upon mistake upon mistake

How to cope in a world where nobody validates raw emotions
Or perhaps it’s only me who feels this way

I suppose life is rather complicated
Simply practice for the permanent emptiness of death
Nov 2020 · 324
Isabella Nov 2020
I would never wish you away
I only ever wanted you to stay
But every passing day
Your footsteps start to fade
Nov 2020 · 226
Isabella Nov 2020
She’s told she talks too much
Or not enough
Forced to speak up
Or just keep her mouth shut
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