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YYC May 7
at 4 am,
the world's asleep.
with only the sound of the flickering street lights,
the crickets that chirp at night,
and the occasional sound of tires rolling,
across the highway,
to serve as a reminder that dead silence does not exist.
the sound of the heavy sighs of truck drivers,
crossing miles upon miles of lonely roads,
the smell of the disgusting, overpriced coffee of tired business leaders,
bought the minute they get off their red eye flight.
nothing can change,
the beauty that's there and remains;
at 4 am,
the world's a beautiful sight.

it's beautiful until you can't wake up the next morning...
Arcassin B Apr 9
By Arcassin Burnham

Leave me in the moonlight, where I should have been,
I can't take you all the places you ain't never been,
Not like other men..

Clouding my judgment like a pack of wolves,
I never had friends to watch all my moves,
Not passive aggressive like these other dudes,
Just watch it all fall away.
Pushing my buttons ain't what want to do,
Far from extent of ****** but it could subdue,
Emotions run so I get the blues,
But it will all go away.


You can't find perfection,
The body can overcome so much confliction,
Stories portray and we follow the mission,
Perfection will come at a price to submission,
Tomorrow not promised,
Octagoning layers in life into sessions,
Don't need no permission,
Good men and women blames themselves
for the things that your exes do and the
cycle just repeats,
Knocking down chances of trusting every
single person you meet, I'll let you see,
The differences make you and me.

This ignorant generation will consume the worse.
Lets see in this life who will break a heart first.
You don't need love , you just want them to know your worth.
Someone will notice that beautiful soul since birth.
Finally, at last.
I thought you'd never leave my mind.
But today, for the first time in 142 days.
I didn't woke up,
Thinking about you.
Surprisingly, I never thought this was love.
Just a ****** remedy,
For a self broken heart.
But dispite the fact I'm not thinking about you.
You still left your fingerprints on my skin.
And your voice in my ears.

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I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #4
Aaron Feb 21
Is anyone real out there?
What a horrible question to tear
Apart this life,
Which always rhymes with strife
Because there's a limited number of ways
To say we're running short of plays
To fill these broken days

I don't think I'm better than anyone
I don't think I'm magically The One
But I also don't feel real
And here's the whole spiel

Maybe these bones are made to rust
At the intersection of fear and trust
'Cos all this pain is just reflection
Every fear is just projection
Insanity - I cannot condone
If we want to be free, do we have to be alone?

Whatever else is true, whatever ways I'll rot -
I truly love you; words are all I've got
The 4's attachment is being broken;
All that's expressed is just a token
I can only show the 2d shell
And so I Truly wish you well
But I'd sooner save you from this spell

Hey broken one: are you reading yet?
This is for you, so don't forget
The rhythm doesn't matter
All words will fade, left in tatters

And though this path we can't condone
I swear to you: you're not alone.
You're somewhere amidst the thought and ****;
I bid to you: please stop and look

The slightest difference between we:
I'm a permutation of thee
I know the things you cannot say
I, too, seek each shattered Way
Combing The NeverNever every day
For another reason to stay.

I know you fear you've fallen wrong,
But there's meaning in your song;
Long past the end of time,
What's true will shine through every rhyme.
Because I know you'll stalk me someday; the curiosity won't let you stay at bay.
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