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rig Mar 16
bad egg. dead deaf.
face cabbage-fed.
faded baggage:
a caged babe aged.
(only using the 7 letters used in a musical scale)
rig Feb 24
if i could push
the boundaries
of these neat walls,
what would i find?
Eli Feb 1
i felt miserable,
the crushing self rejection,
that a lover cannot fix,
the acceptance of being what broke you before.

i stopped,
and realized i wasn’t alone,
for i was surrounded by garnets.
Twinkling, beautiful, crimson friends.

maybe it’s not so bad after all
rig Jan 5
this map - to be
or not to be:
that is the quest.
IV of Pentacles
Money on your mind

Security isn't physical
It isn't fancy robes or gold
You want all riches for yourself
Your soul has turned old

Wether you spend too much
Or save too much
Either way it is a problem
You crave words, no touch
A poem every day
IV of Wands
Celebrate your prestations

Stable like a rock on the sand
You reached the goal you'd always wanted
I see you're finally at the end
"To succes" the party toasters chanted

Like friend, Like family, they say
I wish it were that easy
What's in the middle of those ways
Your perfect choices have gotten creasy
A poem every day
IV of Swords
Regress from life

Did you fall or did you let go?
Or did you let the void absorb you?
Restore and then respond to me
You see, I'm a prisoner of the mind too

Life's full of adventures
And there's so much to do
Stay aware of what you're doing
As Icarus should've, when he flew
A poem every day
IV of Cups
Do not ignore chances

Your insecurity is your biggest flaw
It's frustrating you to the core
Take the chances before your eyes
See, life's not boring, it's so much more

Connections are scary
Because you cannot leave sometimes
You think to much, that's quick to say
Your expectations aren't worth dimes
A poem every day
Isabella Dec 2020
A new love, could it be?
A chance to start again
We have not spoken, really
And you know nothing of me
Yet you say those words
“I’d love to get to know you”
Those awful words
Awful as they sparked a hope in my heart
A hope that only grows over time
Despite your late messages
And our dry conversations
And the fact that you are much better than me
I still cling the idea
That you and I could become something lovely
Do you think so too?
Is this the one chance I have?
It feels more real that the last time
But every moment is crushing me
Glenn Tachera Dec 2020
Small talk, no conversation
That look makes me impatient
I can't tell what you’re thinking
Yes or no?
Last night we were more than fine
Just tell me if you changed your mind
At least show me a sign,
If you changed your mind
Cause I'm all in
I’m calling, no answer
But you text me when you feel like
When it feels right to you
When those feelings spike your heart of doubt
You know you got me in palm of your hand
And I love those hands
But you only let me hold you when he can’t
Wish you wouldn’t kiss me
Right now, on your lips just leave it
If you don’t mean it
Don’t build me up just to let me down
Don’t tell me you’re falling
With your feet still on the ledge
Leaving my heart on the edge

You picked me up
Put us down, and put me through this
Started off as a good thing, a sure thing
You held back but I know
Reminisce our time in spring
In that moment our lips touched the rush sent us straight to the moon
I should’ve known that we’d be coming down soon
Every time I think I love somebody
I always find a way to throw it away
Feel the air around us become soggy
I don’t wanna hurt anybody
I don’t wanna be the one to say
That we gotta have a conversation
And I thought you would stay forever where we lay
At the end, you watched the tears run down my face

To be young and in love in…
To know who I am but still know that I am good long as you’re here with me
Midnight sun into morning coffee
Burning through the hours talking
I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time
****, I liked me better when I was with you
Wish you would stay awhile
Stay here with me
My mind, whispers in the nighttime
That voice always keeping me up
Telling me that I shouldn’t give up
Lately, I’ve been stuck in the backseat to my own life
Tried to take control, but I don’t know how to
I don't wanna be sad forever
I’m calling to the other side
My sequin tears flood away my sorrow
Cause that’s all I can do today
But I’ll make it through tomorrow
After I am desolate from these feelings which betray…
Wrote this for a very special someone. Though we will never be the same ever again, I know she always got my back!
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