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ren 2d
you do not know me
yet you look at me such a way
and say the things you say,
what have i done?
why do you hate me so much?
The only times I see you now are in my wildest dreams
Yet the sound of your voice still echoes in my mind, or so it seems
I forget the touch of your smooth hands
And our love slowly disappears in the quick sand
My heart is now

cold as ice;

I don't want to

hear from you—

or your lies.

We barely even know

each other;

you annoying little punk—

do you want me

to call my father?

Stop pestering me,

I'm not ready

to feel that way.

Swoon me

and I will

mess your day.
I met this guy during a tutoring session when I was still in high school. We both came from different schools so basically he's not a schoolmate of mine.  There's this place for students who can get tutors in different subjects so I was there, studying Algebra and he was studying Mandarin Chinese. We're not really close and I only see him as an "acquaintance". He started to put on this "persona" and tried to act cool in front of me. Like a braggart. And then suddenly he just messaged me asking to be his girlfriend. I told him "no" because I wasn't ready to be in a relationship and also I didn't see him in a romantic way. But he keeps on persisting to the point it really irritated me. I then realized that he just wanted to use me and to boast to his friends in school that he finally has a girlfriend. I told him that he was ludicrous and also to find someone else to be his girlfriend. I never talked to him again.
Anya Sep 2018
I do think someone who adamantly denies themselves would
Possibly write a poem judging others for reading
Their poem
But wouldn’t that be denying others
Not them?
K Wolff Sep 2018
Abysmal eyes
The telling disguise
Of an unrefined
Disarray of feelings.

Here you despair
For the bond we once shared
It remains -
In disrepair.


Your voiceless cut -
Like knife through butter;
Sharp, deliberate, clean.
Tears welled in eyes
Mouth a firm line
(I still don't know what you mean)

You are stubborn and strong
(No, you're never wrong!)
And you lack the sense to see.
I never wanted to fear,
Yet we are here -
I ask now, how could this be?


You speak to me silence
A voiceless, needless violence
- It solves nil

All hate -
This way will never dissipate.
Fouls years of love, what you will
Had an argument with mum. Inspired me to write this.
shiv Aug 2018
because she would beg on her knees to a god she doesn't believe in,
because the sky could cave in and her world would go with it.
Anya Jul 2018
Lives inside
      A monster
Picking at
      everything new
Pointing out
       everything wrong
With your life
With them
With you
I hadn’t thought of you in years.

To be honest, I put you away in the box of memories of people I simply longer cared for, put the hurt into the deepest part of my soul and laughed the anger away while my best friend and I made plans for matching bathing suits and making lemonades for another summer barbecue we could fondly look back on. It was 3 am and the guy you told me I wasn’t allowed to be friends with, was laughing with me outside of a Taco Bell I knew you hated going to. We were talking about the letter your ex wrote him and I suddenly remember how much you hated your ex.
But *******, if you two weren’t meant for each other.
I mean, you are basically the same person, same narcissistic, view, same letters where you blamed others when you should have seen what was in front you.  It was through laughing, I realized, I don’t miss, I never missed you to begin with. The day you told me I was a bad friend, a bad person, a person who moved mountains for you and was crushed under the weight, I realized, you gave me the freedom was looking for. I was heart broken at first, but then I realized friendships aren’t made from how many years you have known someone, they are made from meeting someone and feeling like you knew them a lifetime. Friendships are unconditional love and respect, something I hadn’t felt the first time you insulted me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, enjoy my Instagram, it’s public and I know you still talk **** about me cause that's just the kind of bitter lemon you are, the kind people leave behind at the Farmer’s Market.
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