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honeyed Jun 2021
the more you know me, the easier it'll be to hurt me.
men like to say "i'll never hurt you"
with all the right intentions.
but, i know it's a lie.
you know it's a lie.
you just lied to me, and that makes me dislike you a little bit more.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, already wrote about this before: but can it be?

hung dislike in the air unspoken

the favors in the same feather interest leaves a heart broken

admitting an adornment lazily better than that

suspicion captains the dreamy sails been in moons and sat

hold up not that I forgot to mention seems

the remember you soulmated when crying belongs and screams

April smothered a sarcastic note that I humor like I flow like I do

not of him a think of the thinking a dumb pursue

because darling my whole existence fed on that all along

how could a world stance stars and align in one core wrong???

not that I die this crazy fate hate

at least been found on a irony of an abandoned twenty-third

                                                  ­                                    -----ravenfeels
Isabella Dec 2020
I dislike the person I am
And the thoughts inside my head

I dislike the child I am
And the tears that I have shed

I dislike the monster I am
Like the ones beneath my bed

I dislike the ghost I am
And the words I haven’t said

I dislike all that I am
And the blood I’ve always bled
I don't hate you
I just don't like your face

I don't hate you
I just think you are a disgrace

I don't hate you
I just don't agree with your choices

I don't hate you
I'm just trying hard to avoid you
the difference between hate and dislike
Alicia Moore Aug 2020
I see myself in you,
but I wish I didn’t...
because you make me feel so blue.
One thing I dislike about the night is
It ends,
The comfort, the coziness all have to end.
It gives space for the day to rise.
Which makes me see all the emptiness and ask me to wise.
I don't wanna die, I don't wanna live in lies
Wish the night prevail forever in the skies
So the pain, the hurt, the failure never visible to my eyes.
Soni May 2020
When you don't like yourself
You tend to dislike everything connected to you

New things seems to be more attractive
When you learn to love yourself

Then the same old love
Starts looking new
Starts looking nice

Thank you
For teaching me
How to love myself
learning to love yourself is not something someone achieves one day and then it's all smooth sailing from there, but rather a day by day journey
Isabel Mar 2020
i know she doesn't like me.
i see it every time,
the way she talks,
the way her smile doesn't reach her eyes,
the way she avoids me, only me.
you've said it already,
again and again.

i tell myself it's not your fault,
you still like me, it's just her opinion.
but why don't you try defending me,
i’ve been with you through thick and thin.
how many times do i have to be there for you
until you tell her you disagree?

i get it she doesn’t like me,
but why do you say that to me,
i know all you are trying to be is honest
but sometimes it can't hurt to be ignorant of judgement.
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