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27.2k · Aug 2018
Carnal desires
Blissful Nobody Aug 2018
I lay under the sheets,
Undressed and yearning,
Famished and waiting,
For a taste of ambrosia.

Knock knock knock!
Come now and come in,
Embrace your desire,
And ravish my senses.

Don’t tease me,
I am at my peak,
Mortally enraptured,
By my physical form.

Come lay beside me,
Put your hands on me,
Take me whole,
I surrender in flesh.

Caress my *******,
Moisten my urges down,
Hold me tight,
And feel me now.

Hold me down now,
Watch me sizzle,
With fierce intensity,
Burn my passion out.

I need your body,
When mine takes over,
Come in and take it all,
Out ; when I simmer down.

Come again when I desire,
Hear my carnal call,
I want you in me,
A taste of ecstasy.

I lay here now,
Bare on the bed,
Ceased by desire,
Free me now.

Restless feet bother,
Kiss them and in between,
Soften the bridges,
So you may pass.

Forward and backward,
All leads to ecstasy,
Touch me whole,
Touch me now .
Experimenting with erotica;)
10.1k · Jul 2014
Thoughts !!!
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Missing blissful memories,
Cherished thoughts.
Memories in webs,
Tangled knots.
Binding grievances
Pave the way.
Unfettered thoughts
Have their own say.

Moments felt,
Moments understood.
Times are past,
Graveness its hood.
Calm seas rejoice
In silence.
Storms are but
Reasons to penance.

Regret hopes to
Unbind the will.
Will’s infant cry
To escape.
Bewilderment stares
With mouth agape.

Confusions unfold
In graves.
Souls depart
To hellish caves.
Brevity speaks
A thousand words.
Wilderness stands
On a million swords.

Confused and petrified.
Thoughts again
To guide.
A vicious circle
So unholy.
One committed
To every folly.
Blissful Nobody Sep 2018
I must be made out of stone,
A stone is a good thing to be,
I have weathered wounds ,
Changed a bit on the outside,
The core remains the same .

A stone is a good thing to be ,
Nothing changes inside,
A landslide or an avalanche,
It’s just an adventurous ride,
An experience that shaped me.

Nothing changes inside,
Time has layered me solid,
A little unraveling by nature,
Is time again working on me,
Showing the grit that makes me.

Time has layered me solid,
Bruises sharpened my edges,
Water smothered me smooth,
I could lay alone for ages,
Or I could flow and dissolve .
4.3k · Jul 2014
Breaking All Barriers
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
if silence is a barrier, i would break through it.

if the echoing sounds still didn't stop, i would scream aloud.

then i would hear nothing but my voice so clear.
if my murky vision is a barrier, i would break through it.

if the hazy illusions still didn't go, i would close my eyes so tight.

then i would see nothing but the visions of my heart.
if my unsteady feet are a barrier, i would break through it.

if i still feared that i would fall, i would stop a while.

then i would know perfectly where to go and my feet wont faulter again.
if my shivering hands are a barrier, i would break through it.

if i still feared that the task would go wrong,then i will close my fist so tight and engrave my nails till i felt the pain.

then i would know that even if i didn't carry on, i would still hurt myself somehow.
if reality seems a barrier, i would break through it.

if i still feared my past haunting me,then i would work hard to convert my dreams into reality.

then however may be the situations i would survive.
3.7k · Oct 2017
Fade Away
Blissful Nobody Oct 2017
Consistently inconsistent,
Sometimes still and at times turbulent.
In ruins, is this cosmic connection,
All this drama- a mere fiction.
All that is, is and is my making,
A higher truth , I thought I was seeking.

An epiphany, and I transcended,
Into a realization, that it ended.
Long-long ago, its time eclipsed,
Dreaming away, real time, I’d missed.

Like the highs and lows of an ocean,
You’ve always been, an unrest emotion.
Determined, is the way to be,
This Drama - no-more, can I see.

Through the tyranny of my mind,
I have been trying to escape,blind.
I see you now, for what you’ve been,
An absent figure - washed clean .

So fade away, my love,
Fade away, into an abyss.
Fragments that are left of you,
Take them all , old and new.
3.4k · Aug 2018
Lady in the lake
Blissful Nobody Aug 2018
I watched her from a distance,
Glistening lake gently flowed,
Flowed down her bare body,
The moonlit drop of my dreams,
Glistening in my eyes .

Ravenous thoughts rapture me,
Engulf me in the chasm of desire,
My gaze unmoving and still,
Yet flows down with the trickle,
On her bare *****.

A million stars sizzle a spark,
I want to capture them,
Little droplets of water ,
Making their way softly,
On her bare back.

I watched her from a distance,
The silk of her wet hair,
Wrapped me in a rapture,
Unmoving I stood there,
My gaze so still,
Yet flowing with water,
That she bathed in.
Watching what you can’t have:)
3.0k · Jan 2023
Blissful Nobody Jan 2023
I have gone cold turkey
On many a vice and addictions,
Wasn't nearly there,
When it came to you,
You -a newly seeded dandelion,
In my beautiful garden,
Pulled you out cleanly,
From root to tip,
Far away from flowering,
You didn't even look pretty,
Once a part of a  beauty,
Swayed fuzzy and whispy,
Got kicked and treaded over,
Scattered fragments,
Waiting to seed again,
Pretty on the outside,
Trouble for the gardener,
Didn't even use my rage,
Just calmly uprooted you,
So you wouldn't flower,
Won't scatter anymore,
Spread like a **** again,
But who knows,
Weeds are resilient,
Maybe you'll flower,
In someone else's garden,
Blossom and bloom,
Just to be kicked again,
Always loved a dandelion,
Pretty in the hands,
Prettier when scattered,
So I won't hold you again.
Leaving you out in the cold
2.6k · Jul 2014
Doomed Retard !
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Lost all that there was,
No courage to build new.
Sweet Remorse!
Shadows cast do follow,
Guided by a source.
Fades away!

Being insane a cancer,
Sorrows feed on blissful memories,
Chokes the respect for life,
Death deceives laughter,
I am a doomed ******.

Sorrows imperishable bind the soul,
Graveness Despair rules my world,
Tearing Blades of animosity,
bleeds me to death,
I am a doomed ******.

Scary unholiness destructs all wisdom,
Melancholy songs strangle all smiles,
A streak of lightening burns the mast,
A single thought unsettles the mind,
I am a doomed ******.
2.3k · Aug 2018
To be.
Blissful Nobody Aug 2018
I like calm in my eyes,
They don’t wander anymore,
Searching for something ,
Picking and nitpicking ,
The small troubles of the world.

I love the silence of the void,
It hums me into its stillness,
Takes me everywhere and nowhere,
Places beyond these dimensions,
Away from the all the chatter.

I adorn the nothingness,
It puts a blissful countenance,
It fills my senses to contentment,
I want it and yet it’s nothing I want,
It sends me to the above and beyond.

I feel this harmony within,
Tugging and pulling my strings,
Arranging the notes of my being,
A harmony born out of chaos,
And synchronised into a melody.

My kindled life shining bright,
I see everything in its wholesomeness,
Untouched by the worldly elements,
I embrace now that exists in nothing,
This universe leads me to everything.
To be :)
1.9k · Jul 2014
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Hundredth time she fell,
The devil inside never awakened,
Eyes still glinting,
The same faith within,
The crimson clouds shall part,
She’ll see the distant star.

Only at the zenith of ecstasy,
Did she realize,
Her soul clenched by sorrows,
She fell again,
For the nth time,
Never did she barter her soul,
Still strong and holding on.

Temptations of the real world,
Pulled her heart and soul apart,
Teary glint in her eyes-
Weak now.
“Give away thy soul ”- He asks
“Never” – She whispered.

“I’ll come again.”- He says,
Gods own child,
The precious one - Weak Now.
“Never” – She held onto her mass
She sees the distant star,
Her chaste soul departs.
1.9k · Jul 2014
Aggravated To Misery
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
The ******* in making,
Enjoy the pleasures of faking.
My thoughts still fleeting,
Sheared off yet bleating.
The rake inside me awakened,
Morals yet again threatened.
The devil's awake agile and ready,
Conscience breached and unsteady.
My head remains heavy and pensive,
A ******* yet again shall live.
Ransacked of all what I had,
Forlorn with thoughts, sad.
Leaves me hollow inside and out,
Void inside wishes to scream and shout.
1.7k · Jul 2014
Heart and Harmony
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
The winter brushes past my face
A silent whisper in my ear
Teases me as I grin softly
Asks me, if I am happy
“My heart is in perfect harmony”
A mild giggle and playful laughter
“Stay blessed here and after"
Comes a soulful reply

Embers burn to blush my cheeks
The warmth fills in my heart
A playful voice is heard again
“How art thou my child?”
A gentle smile serves the reply
“That’s all I desire my sweet one”
Comes a soulful reply
1.6k · Jul 2014
You Loved Me So
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
You loved me so,
to numb my pain,
You served them more.
To end my miseries,
My happiness you abhorred.

You loved me so,
To cure my ailment,
You poisoned my soul.
To vent out my heart,
You closed all doors.

You loved me so,
To quench my thirst,
You offered me sulfur.
A desire to experience heaven,
Hell was raised above.

You loved me so,
Answers when granted,
Were forms of silence.
Breath when needed ,
Vacuum you granted.

You loved me so,
Of wine I dreamt,
Found blood and gore.
Expected images of life,
Death images you swore.
1.4k · Aug 2018
Blissful Nobody Aug 2018
Your breath sweetens,
The taste of that kiss.
Quivering lips send ripples,
Down my spine.

Inhale in deep,
Exhale this passion inside me.
Breath again on my skin,
Put a soft blush on my cheeks.

As this gentle breeze,
Wafts and glides,
Swirls into the folds,
And ridges of my ears,
I ruffle like a dry leaf,
Laying on the ground.

I feel this misty portion,
In the hollow of my neck.
Like a blizzard envelopes me,
I lay now shivering .

Breathe into me-this sweetness,
A taste of ecstasy.
Flow tenderly sweet one,
And quench me of this desire.
1.3k · Jul 2014
Pure Bliss
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
I have had terrible days,
I only remember the good.
I have been mad at things,
I only remember being sane.
“Is something strangely wrong?”

I have been glum,
I only remember the sunshine.
**** has hit the fan too many times,
I only remember the calm.
“That can’t be true!”

Sunburns erased,
I only remember the warmth.
Storms have come and gone,
I only remember the unshaken faith.
“Is this for real?”

My heart has wept oceans,
I only remember the soft breeze on my face.
I have had scary thoughts,
I only remember the pleasant dreams.

If this is true, I sure am happy.
If this is real, I am content.
If you don’t believe me,
I am not asking you to.
Let me be,
I can never be you.
1.3k · Jul 2014
The Break-Up
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
To wage a war was the simplest solution
The painful proximity wasn't an option
I meant it when I said often -
“I have to go away and vanish somewhere”
That uncanny silence and the blank stare.

The few scars that you gave me
I washed them off with your blood
Your words pierced like needles
My actions were a walk on swords
A friendship hence cursed by the lords.

You often tested my patience
I wish you’d never tested my rage
You shouldn't have breached my conscience
I hardened my soul and kept the fury within
I knew the end was near and none would win.

I lost you and you lost the friend
My sorrow remains for you stay with the foes
I was never the enemy for you took me for one
I bid you goodbye and hope I see you not again
The painful proximity was never ever sane.
1.1k · Jul 2014
Life is Ambrosia
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Powers absolute annihilate
In a single drop
Sparkles thy soul
Pure and immaculate
Bound by thy spirit
Infused with a dash of tender joy
Life is ambrosia
A state of harmony
1.0k · Jul 2014
Chaos Sychronized
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Undress the soul, pure;
Caress the senses, chaste;
Wash the eyes off the haze.
Sleep and rest to unwind;
Cleanse the heart, empty;
Look into the mirrors gaze.

Webs of remorse, found;
Oceans of screams, bound;
Try again! the sweet one.
Feel blessed, God's own child;
Meet again, the divine soul;
Chaos synchronized, plays aloud.

Split the dream, open;
Bolt the thoughts, shut;
Live the moments, unsought.
Embrace the revelation, tight;
Play the chords of your soul;
Quench oneself off the drought.

Drink the misery, complete;
Butcher the pain, obsolete;
Embellish the good for once.
Solve the mystery unsought;
Lifeless remains and ashes;
Deserve not a single glance.
826 · Jul 2014
Living The Nightmare
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Chasing the real away from life,
Intangible Reality!
Feeling, what can’t be felt,
Battling the unreal.
Bleed me to death,
For I’ll be awake then.
805 · Feb 2015
Its All Karma
Blissful Nobody Feb 2015
Given just a moment to realize,

What cards I hold in my hand,

And decide the next possible move.

Every passing moment is a realization,

Same old play, same old game.

You never know,

You’ll be dealt the same again.

Time is a careful dealer.

King of diamonds by my side,

My dreams are full of hearts.

Although, it’s always been a card in the pack,

It’s awkward how my dreams pull it back.

You bring illusions to life,

With terrible tricks up your sleeve,

Time – you are no healer.

Not in this life, I believe,

I will see your charm again.

I wouldn’t ever win a hand like that,

Not my share of bargain.

I’ll come back in my next life,

Maybe, I’ll have some tricks by then.

Maybe, I’ll be dealt your cards then.

Same old play, same old game.

Only you’ll be on that other end.

Blaming time for being a sorcerer,

Time is the best dealer.
Love realization split heart cards life
761 · Feb 26
Nobody's Ode
What I feel is nothing,
No sorrow, no happiness,
No fear, no comfort,
Yet I smile and let it phase ,
Into an emotionless state.

A nobody with no desire,
I have tiny aspirations,
To keep me abode this plane,
Floating in existential dreams,
I wake myself up again.

To tread this life's path,
I think I wasn't chosen,
Or perhaps I chose to be,
To quell this tug and pull,
Of cosmic threads that hold me.

What I feel, I think not.
I think not, what I know.
I know not, a single speck.
Yet, I carefully maneuver,
For what I know, may not be.
Perhaps someday, I will know what I know :)
754 · May 2022
Chimerical Beauty
Blissful Nobody May 2022
I have a tail from the past,
Some wings to the future,
A strong stomach for now,
My beauty is Chimerical,
I have changed and evolved,
Into an unworldly being,
Understood by none,
Misunderstood often,
I have lived on.

With memories of the past,
Oblivious smiles at the future ,
Curiously treading now,
I leave my footprints ,
Only to be erased,
So a different me ,
Shall walk the path again.
My nature is chimerical ,
Everchanging and Evolving.

“Give me a name?
So stereotypical of you!”
My being is an enigma,
An untamed beast ,
Expansive till I shall consume,
The infinite possibilities,
An identity is limiting,
For what I was ,
What I’ll be ,
And what I am.
In this limitless form,
Chimerical I have become.
Strong, limitless and powerful
703 · May 2019
Untimely Listener
Blissful Nobody May 2019
I had almost forgotten,
The lines between the lines,
Details in dreary designs,
Perpetual persistent patterns,
Relentlessly resilient repetitions.

Why would you come now?
To remind, reminisce or read,
Reckless racks of reads.
All- knowing knocking knight,
A random reckoning recites.

What are these questions?
You ask, alter and annoint,
These dreadful death dreams,
And plough out pangs of pain,
Of a wilted and withered world.

Can't  allow this anymore,
Lose this loathful lust of yours,
That belittles my boistrous being,
Paint a pretty picture please,
Let go and leave, one last time.

I live in a different universe,
Of my wonderful whimsical wishes,
Floating  over my fantastic fairy tale,
Never nitpicking the neverending nows,
The happy hopeful and happening hows.
To all those untimely listeners who question your being:)
696 · Jan 2016
When I am gone ....
Blissful Nobody Jan 2016
Things that were,
Some still are,
Some were
and never to be,
Fading into existential dilemma.

I wish not to exist,
Not in your thoughts,
Never in your words,
Let me fade away,
Into the abyss.

Try not to remember me,
Never to be found -
I would have crossed .
Don't come find me -
No such labyrinth exists.

I wish you wouldn't cry,
Know happy and sad alike,
No emotions I seek,
For my physical form.
An Infinitesimal speck- Me,
An identity wouldn't exist.

I am a universe,
On my own,
To another I would retire.
Don't shatter yours,
for mine.
When I am gone.
When I am gone!!!
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
For once did the supreme forgive him,
Mercy was always the greatest will.

Suddenly, he became the child he once was,
and cuddled up to his father.
Evil existed no longer,
humbled by the greatest presence.

He thought of all the miseries he'd caused,
all the pain he'd given.
thought of it as the only vent,
to his own misery.

He wanted to fit in,
make mistakes and be forgiven.
For long he'd been denied that,
and nonacceptance turned to wrath.
He still envied his siblings,for he wanted to return.

Reminiscing old times he remembered,
he was happy and soulful once.
That day he decided he'd retire,
Be the good he always was.

For once and forever,
things were as they should be.
peace and quiet prevailed
Life sprung up again to its beauty.
684 · Feb 2022
The Selfish Masculine
Blissful Nobody Feb 2022
In a different life,
I would have waited,
Without the means to know,
To know of life or death,
To know of your happiness,
To know of your struggles!

Not in this life though,
Where you got swayed,
All the means at your end,
Never did you ask once,
How did I survive this world,
Where you left me alone,
So very alone?
680 · Jan 2016
I see a monster!
Blissful Nobody Jan 2016
Fear shakes me as I look at this creature,
Staring at me through the darkness,
A grey smoke blurs my sight,
I mumble prayers like a preacher.

I shut my eyes, as does a pigeon,
It scrapes its claws, on the bare ground.
I peek through the slits of my eyelids,
Still there - now theres a legion!

I turn my back and run,
I can hear them chasing me,
Rustling through the dead of silence,
I stop, only to come undone!

Am I dead? I see a light.
I turn, I face them now.
The light lingers and I hold on,
Closer I walk, with all my might.

I see them. They see me.
My failures, my rage, my darkness.
The distance, the pessimism, the void.
Fears in their multitude existence.

Closer , closer, closer I get,
I fear the fears no more,
For they exist, as does the light,
Shining like an auroral net.

Catch them, bind them,
Then I set it free.
Now I bind me, within me.
And fill my heart with divine glee.

I see a monster now and then,
I see it for what it is,
I know it can be tamed to my will,
For there exists a light within.

My light shines brighter,
as the darkness grows.
The two exist coherently -
For what is, is!
Clearing the mess in your head to see the light. Facing your fears and knowing that they exist!
657 · Jul 2022
Blissful Nobody Jul 2022
I will begin at my life's end,
Since, I would like to arrive faster.
Correction universe! Depart sooner.
You heard me now, at the times end,
I feel, I have experienced everything,
From then, now and after.
For a decade or more, I felt like going,
Away from life's simplicity ,
Till I got on the fast lane,
Drove myself to madness,
To the worlds end, much sooner.
Complicated and confused,
Disillusioned and petrified,
I have managed to complicate ,
The movement of time to faster.
My cosmic reality from freedom,
Got switched on to *******,
At lightspeed, in a place much darker!
Freedom from this physical self,
An escape from life is what I seek.
I know this is not the right way ,
But to end this pain, it's faster !

(not so blissed out:)
Off my usual beat
648 · Jul 2014
Caught In The Maze
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
The world is a labyrinth,
Every speckle a maze.
The mystery enthralls every sense,
Pensive and my brows tense.
Inability to find a way,
A single thought,
Drowns the greatest bay.

Troubled sleepless nights,
A confusion still guards my plights.
Bound in a skeletal structure,
Every soul suffers a rupture.
Its flight restricted by motives,
An aura guided by morals,
Inability to hear true calls.
Alas ! dizzy with dreams again.

Unwind your cruel and crafty design.
Approach my destruction,
Before your will resigns.
Animosity need not demand favorable signs,
Boulder my aura,
For your will reigns.

Submissive and blind --The fool that i have become.
On my consent you've build a dome.
It is your wish to leave and to come,
A harlots dwelling,
In comparison to your home.

Roots to my spirit,split to the core.
Entangled and lost,
Worms feeding on their host.
Gluttony for emotions,
Sought by the lifeless.
A harlots untouched heart,
Left to undress.

Invisible bruises unseen ,
Penetrate deeper in my veins.
A single touch ,
Leaves blasphemous stains.
616 · Jan 2016
It's the not knowing...
Blissful Nobody Jan 2016
I would have been a better person,
If I'd never met you.
A twisted element-
tinkering with my reason.
Sometimes I wish,
our paths didn't cross.
That led to a mistaken familiarity.

Hate would have done justice.
Ignorance did the most harm.
The hurt - changed the person.
Because it's the not knowing,
That keeps your pulse pounding!

Head hurts thinking of all the ways,
Things might have gone otherwise.
It's your own minds creation,
To the other all is but unknown.

What really happened?
What dawned?
How did I cease to exist
In your thoughts?
Was it fate or was I disillusioned ?

It's the ignorance -
that hurt the most.
It's the not knowing!
Your thoughts for me.
Did they never exist?
Why? When? How?
Stop ! Stop now!

Plenty scenarios I imagine,
I could be that person,
I never would have changed.
But do you ever think ,
Ignorance was a good solution?

What do you think?
It's the not knowing,
That destroys the calm and sense.
If only- a blank canvas of possibilities,
The hope that pulls my insides out.

I wish I had never met you.
If you'd always been the unknown,
A different person, I would have grown.
How would I be then?
It's the not knowing that kills!
613 · Sep 2018
Power over you
Blissful Nobody Sep 2018
With you, I never earned,
The power, to intervene.
I feel invisible, most times,
It’s how, it’s always been .

You never gave me,
What I gave, without thought.
An ear for the stories,
Of the worldly wars, I fought.

This distance on the map,
Added to what, you outgrew,
This cup infused with my love,
Wasn’t the strongest brew.

I felt powerless, most times,
You were out of my reach.
There I sat alone, sighing,
Staring at stars, on a beach .

Did you look at the sky?
Feel the strings pull and tug?
Even if you felt it, ever so slightly,
A wormhole to you, I would’ve dug.

You decided for the two of us,
And cloaked me invisible.
You never gave me any power,
Over your life, to cause any trouble.

I wished, the promises you made
Didn’t come with an expiry.
Even in death, I will keep mine,
This love remains, my burden to bury.

I was so easy to put away,  
I never caused any drama,
Treated me like an acquaintance,
Washed me off your karma.

You stopped acknowledging me,
Moved on with your vice,
Who was I to intervene now,
And give you any advice .

You made me into a stranger,
I knew you, from many lives before,
I live this life without you now,
This hurt will last for many more.
Thought it should rhyme :)
603 · Jul 2014
A Sudden Death
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Blink of an eye
Say of a word
News from a spy
Edge of a sword
A sudden death
Fails the world

An enemy, a friend
A breach of conscience
Unable to Defend
A cloud so dense
A sudden death
Fails the world

Pale and unsound
Silence after a cry
Chaos unbound
Motionless and dry
A sudden death
Fails the world

A void exists
A mystery two-fold
The illness persists
A feeling so cold
A sudden death
Fails the world

Forgotten Words
Forgotten phrases
Corrupt Guards
A predator chases
A sudden death
Fails the world

Break the nib
Absence of guilt
To argue and crib
Ashes of the built
A sudden death
Fails the world

A mother's cry for a still child
Sheep's bleat at the butchers knife
Chaos unbound
Souls unsound
Fodder for life fades away untold
A sudden death
Fails the world

Broken hearts commit suicide
Slick of a reptiles tongue
Chasing the shadows of vengeance
A vagabond in unruly clothes
Honesty, Respect and Humility sold
A sudden death
Fails the world

Wilted years of youth realized
Sadness stacked on racks of mind
Tears shed on the brightest pyre
Pains and Sorrows never retire untold
A sudden death
Fails the world
580 · Jul 2014
A Crimson Bed of Roses
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Life’s vivid expressions,
Touch upon and feel,
Walk through the forests,
Feel the wilderness drift by,
Wander the lush gardens,
Sweet fragrance enthrall senses,
Return home and lay down,
A crimson bed of roses greets.

Thoughts of sweet moments felt,
Chirpy smiles and silent talks,
Happiness fills the heart to its core,
Like a movie on the silver screen,
Visions of happy beginnings fly by,
Lie down and repose,
A crimson bed of roses embraces.

Senses healed and wisdom flows,
Life is so much more,
Unfold the soul’s mystery,
A listener awaits the priceless tale,
Material earnings in exchange for love,
Aladdin’s Genie awaits a truthful order,
Think and thank the gains,
A crimson bed of roses invites.

Happily I do my daily chores,
Thank the stars for I am content,
Breathing in more life each day,
Time has been beautiful with you,
I am sure what the future holds,
I return home with a sense of joy,
Open the doors and I see,
A crimson bed of roses welcomes.
563 · Jul 2014
Stupid Girl
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
If I had a dream,
That dream would be you.
If I had the power,
The dream would be true.
A fate of togetherness,
Desired so often.
A destiny to choose,
In my hands soften.

Material gains,
Are lofty peaks.
It’s what now,
My heart seeks.
I am sorry my love,
I have to let go,
I am ready to be the fool,
And be called a foe.

Changes happen,
Life takes a turn.
Experiences gained,
Things we do learn.
Love is above all,
I do realize now.
For it to happen,
I didn't allow.

Life seems empty,
And youth wilted.
I stand here alone,
Bruised and pelted.
Reality hits me strong,
As I walk along.
I know I had been a fool,
I was wrong.
555 · Jul 2014
Alternate Path
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
Ignorance has put me away,
I do my chores and return,
And Sit idle thinking for long.
Thoughts hinder my will,
As I try hard to remember,
My heart’s unsung song.

Doubtful of my existence,
I seek the resolute truth,
Reach the land of no return.
Core that emanates energy,
Has lost its soul from within,
Left with anger and scorn.

A void embeds itself inside,
I sit with my mouth agape,
Petrified at my own state.
Will and humor battle it out,
As I talk to myself aloud,
Emotions blinded are the bait.

Destroy my reason again,
No more do I wish to think,
Upon my forlorn state I pine.
It bleeds my eyes ,
No more do I wish to see
Still waiting for the sign.

Life has put me away,
I am still clenched to it,
The phase shall pass.
Balance my will and reason,
As I stand on my feet,
I hold on to my mass.
537 · Jul 2014
A Search For True Identity
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
I don’t want to do,
What the whole world does.
I hear my call,
Don’t care about the buzz.

I am going to hear ,
What my heart says.
Following it ensures,
Where my happiness lays.

I don’t want to see,
Through someone else’s eyes.
Else you’ll hear,
Me say my good byes.

I don’t want to feel,
Unless it’s in my soul’s embrace.
It’s only the truth,
That my heart will grace.

I won't accept,
If its against my will.
I am not taking,
This boulder uphill.

I won't just agree,
If its to be an argument.
I am not brittle,
Or that easily bent.

I don’t want to be,
What you want me to.
I’ll follow what,
I truly want to do.

I don’t want to do,
What the whole world does.
I hear my call,
Don’t care about the buzz.
537 · Jul 2014
On wings of phoenix, I ride
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
On wings of phoenix, I ride,
Burn and fall to ashes,
Born from the same.
Unsung rhymes of the past,
Lie buried beneath,
A new life yet again to tame.

Ember eyed look from above,
To the earthly and mundane,
Curious, but all in vain.
Memories yet again eclipsed,
Time's war against youth realised,
A hope grounded insane.

Ignorance- the blissful art,
I follow throughout,
Inadvertent and intentionally.
Washed of all impurities,
Chaste and innocent,
A feeling so saintly.

New memories lived,
Some I survive,
And some wage a war.
Celebrated years of youth,
A new learning,
Steadily, I move to the distant star.

On wings of phoenix, I ride
Absolutely blissful,
And eternally blessed.
I rise again,
The freshness of the waves,
Yet again loved and caressed.
516 · Aug 2016
Free me !
Blissful Nobody Aug 2016
Unbind those tethers,
Let me be.
You! yes you, choke me.
It's hard to breathe,
Yet I am still here.
They say it's no time to leave.
Why do I listen?
What do you gain?
Not anymore,
No! I cant hide this pain.

Why am I here?
Purpose, I seek .
Meditate but,
Lose my mind still.
Am I doing something wrong ?
Unlock my memory.
Sing to me,
That cryptic story.

Maybe now I will remember,
Or still pine for thee.
Oh! Dear me !
Let me be.
Who am I ?
Is this amnesia ?
A hidden key,
That I must find.
To the ground,
Earthly winds bind.

I must take wings,
I must fly.
Where do I belong?
If only you could whisper.
A part of my soul,
Is trapped somewhere.
The mystery remains,
Gradually I learn to meme.
I will become you again,
Till I find my way ,
Out of this bargain .
508 · May 2019
Touch of an Alchemist
Blissful Nobody May 2019
We are made out of the same stardust,
I have a little more gold in me than you.
You need the touch of an alchemist,
Then you'll be the gold you yearn for.
Not the material worldly kind you think,
The golden glow will fill you inside out.
We are made out of the same stardust,
I have a little more gold in me than you.
Love yourself a little more everyday. Be golden.
461 · Feb 2022
Seeking : Inside Out
Blissful Nobody Feb 2022
Away from everyone,
One with myself,
I have lived a bit differently,
They would think,
I wouldn't know what to think,
If not of the world within.

Away from the noise,
Listening to my own harmonies,
Away from the entanglements,
Solving the knots in my being,
A bit differently,
They would see me,
I wouldnt know what to see,
If not the ways to my being.

Too involved with my being,
Intense within,
Yet univolved and uninvoked,
By any other presence,
A bit differently,
They would acknowledge,
I wouldn't know where to seek,
If not my own seeking .
454 · Jun 2017
Blissful Nobody Jun 2017
She shook her head side to side,
Locks of her hair striking the pink of her cheeks.
Her cheeks red now like burning embers.

Sweat trickled down her brow.
Teardrops burned through the fury in her eyes.
Her face lit up in a hue of pure destruction.

No one would stand their ground.
Her melting voice now escaped her grinding teeth.
Gruesome words erupted through her pursed lips.

Quivering yet stern -she spoke,
The truth of her mangled sensibilities.
Her wrath could devour an entire universe.
A grim shadow eclipsed her soul.

Her fingers in a fist would annihilate.
Everything she laid her eyes on,
turned to dust.
She was madness intermingled with anger.

Beware now!
Walk away!
Walk away!
417 · Feb 2022
Quality Time
Blissful Nobody Feb 2022
I see you,
yes you there,
those peering eyes,
lips pursed,
teeth in a grind,
smirk lines,
touching the right ear.
Yes you,
I am calling you out,
you are judging me,
come on!
yes you are ,
for my time,
MY time .
you wonder how,
what i do ,
in my free time?

my time is not free,
please! i am a life.
i do a lot ,
but to put up a show,
now, now!
stop .

opinions like yours,
i wouldn't lie,
popped up ,
quite a few times .
now i tell you,
if thoughts like that,
left my head,
youd leave me too.

oh come on!
a friend i can be,
a follower,
oh please !
let me be .

my free time ,
as you call it,
my privilidge,
and my choice.
i have earned it ,
or not ,
you are one,
to question,
to point.
this precious job,
who did onoint?
were you coronated,
by the likes of you?
to lead and demolish,
my very being.
word after word,
they are put out ,
like cannon ***** .
i still stand guard,
my thoughts,
MY free time.
375 · Nov 2018
Stories of the past
Blissful Nobody Nov 2018
I  don’t mean to compare,
Past and the present,
It’s just a game I play,
What-ifs of my existence,
I have a vivid imagination.

I am sans the thoughts,
That makes it appropriate,
The wordplay, I indulge in,
I am sans the guilt,
Of the aftermath it brings.

Many are held captive ,
More are repulsed,
The gears in action,
Churning, burning ,moving,
I keep going on.

I don’t mean hurt,
I see, you are enraged now,
It’s where I stop the play,
It’s not a test or measure,
These are just stories,
So hear me now .
373 · Sep 2018
Letting go
Blissful Nobody Sep 2018
My past runs away from me,
It was never to be held back.
To hold onto all the memories,
It’s not the power that I lack.

If you hold on too tight,
The happy turn to despair.
You can never be a full life,
If about the past you’d care.

You’d smile once in a while,
Reading memoirs dated in diaries.
Looking at those pictures,
You’d forget about your worries.

If only the troubles disappeared,
If you shut your eyes .
No matter how rosy the glasses be,
You cannot mend those broken ties.

Let bygones be bygones,
Look back no more and mourn.
You can still write your story,
Even if some pages are torn.
368 · Nov 2018
Blissful Nobody Nov 2018
What are you to me ?
You are not the past that was,
A probability of my imagination,
You are not the future, I imagine,
You exist, in my present,
Listening to my stories,
Existing in all three times,
A variable of my past,
A constant now,
A probability of the future,
If I could solve this equation,
The outcome would tell,
What am I to you ?
356 · Jan 2020
Blissful Nobody Jan 2020
Everyone should detox.
Purge the comforts,
Out of your system.
The habits and routine,
Half minded ways,
Meaningless lies,
The vile biles.
**** it out now,
Don’t keep it in.
Happy new year
319 · May 2017
The forever love
Blissful Nobody May 2017
There was no magic in those tears,
That I spent thinking about you.
I should have been happy,
Red love still ran through my veins.

That was no mesmerising glint,
It wasn't the joy that shined through.
I should have been involved,
Life was having an affair with me.

That was no enchanting smile ,
It broke my heart to put on a mask.
I should have been swooning,
An experience was leading the dance.

That was not a sparkle on my face,
When I thought I will meet you again.
It was the fatigue that shone through,
My thoughts had just run a mile.

I am still ecstatic .
Red love still runs through my veins.
299 · Nov 2018
Learning to Unlearn
Blissful Nobody Nov 2018
I am trying to unlearn,
I am unloading my bags,
Of all the karmic debt,
That I owe this form.

I have touched and felt,
Filled up a part of me,
With experiences that feel,
As light as nothingness ,
As heavy as this void.
Some lift my heart up,
Some burden me down,
Both clench my soul tight.

I am trying to be free,
Empty in my mind ,
Away from all I have ,
Accumulated matter ,
The years that have,
Tethered my spirit,
Bound into this skeletal form.

I am trying to unlearn,
Everything that makes me,
My thoughts and feelings,
Knowledge of the world.
Because when I try to look,
I get lost inside myself,
The labyrinths of my making.
235 · May 2019
The Surprise Package!
Blissful Nobody May 2019
From conception to birth,
From then to now,
From my laps hearth,
You've grown and how?

My little person,
Grow up at your pace,
I'm in no hurry,
Life is not a race.

I never think,
What will you be,
Save me this job,
Wish you be free.

Not from this life,
Free from the world,
Do tell after,
I would like it in bold.

Be happy my child,
There is no other way,
Be the vibrance,
Make it stay.

Learn the tunes,
The rhythm of this world,
Do your own dance,
Sing those rhymes untold.

Whatever you choose,
Stir it with a bit of compassion,
Wisk a bit of mindfulness,
Shake it with your passion.

Chug it all at once,
Surprise me then,
Be high on life,
Unbridled and unhidden.
For my little person and to all the little ones.
228 · Apr 12
Stranger Danger!
Wish to be an unmoving mountain,
Snow clasped, untouched and cold.
A big lenticular cloud casting its shadow,
Over the peak, that has the view of a world.

I see myself failing to achieve this,
A curious mind is often a curse.
There's a little whisper and chatter,
Like a curious deer, I stick my antlers in

Someone has built a little dwelling,
I hear the stomp and the noise now.
As I watch,  don't wish to be bothered,
But stealthily I observe now.

Curious mind , Oh! it should explode,
If I don't tend to it now, so I must know,
Just a little peek , is all I want ,
Promise to tiptoe back safely.

I speak not, of the many misadventures,
That shaped my past and my being.
Intense reckonings that are a bit distasteful,
Remind me to stay away from the drama.

A peek is all it takes, the stranger knows now,
Let's get acquainted , they say to me.
I shake my head in a 'yes' reluctantly,
Oh curiosity! you have me in your grasp again!

Little by little, it seeps into your mind,
As curiosity and desire go hand in hand,
Just a tiny bit , I should know  their story,
What makes them , the way they are.

I invite them, into my own dwelling now.
Show them this minds artful creation,
Stories for stories in exchange,
From acquaintance to friends now.

Curiosity flows like the river now,
Washing away the sands of time,
Missing those cues to stop now,
Oversharing and sharing secrets.

They Talk, I talk , a little more everytime,
The never ending stories of times past.
Some more of the present now,
It seems, I put my trust in them.

I know their secrets but do I dare?
They know mine, and yes they can tell,
My failures, vulnerabilities and fears,
All's an open book for their eyes.

A book they gladly share and overshare,
Till the rim bursts and the pages swell.
All my bruises known to all,
Who else to blame and names do I call.

Alas, I have been a fool again!
Drowning to the oceans depth,
Wished I be the unmoving mountain,
Even reaching it's base is now uncertain.

You've done the deed and is yours only,
To bear the fruit of your own desire,
Distasteful, bitter and cold,
I sit undone, forlorn burning in a pyre.
Choose them wisely, not all keep your secrets!
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