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Zywa Aug 2023
We're barbarians:

people who destroy what they --

do not understand.
Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "OPEN HARD DRIVE"

Collection "May the Might"
Zywa Jun 2023
It's Friday the thirteenth
again. I stay at home
due to circumstances:

a dragging wind
and storming sirens
The cameras break

taboos and peek
into windowless sleeping
rooms, front pieces

after the wind of roughskirts
who celebrate their gains
in stinking silence. I close

the curtains, my eyes and mouth
I'm not here, hello hello
don't you see I'm not here

and I can do nothing about it -
absent due to circumstances
which I can do nothing about
Collection "Blown sand"
Billie Marie Jan 2022
all the things
must come and go
if you think you will get something you will
there is no condemnation
the mind didn’t think up
out of programming
step 1 – step 2
we’re all marching our own ways
in the same direction
I saw the vision
I saw the worlds
I saw the mirror in the mirror
reflected infinite times
I saw one
and sensed so many
I came back one last time
to witness the final ending
Man Feb 2021
far off
the jets are being gassed up
preping for launch

far off
the infantry train
in anticipation, for the battle sure to come

far off
the navy men scan the seas
waiting for a blip on the radar

far off
a marine is receiving shock training
and practicing what it is to be dead

far off
icbms with nuclear payloads are capped
their ignition sources itching for flight

far off
but not so much
Man Jan 2021
i have atom bomb dreams
from the desert
mushroom clouds billowing
the shockwave blow past cacti
and down the dirt road i'm on
from the cockpit of a b-29
leveling the ground below
already comprised of craters
as we pummel the earth
we become a might to match the gods
"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendour of the mighty one” Oppenheimer
Laokos Oct 2020
there is a price to
authenticity that
most people
are not prepared
to pay

the cost
(at least in part)
rejection, failure,
anxiety, madness,

it's vicious
strangers and
deadly lovers--
all of them
with spinning
flowers for
eyes as they
dig in: the
elbow, the
heel, the

becoming who
you are demands
that you sacrifice
every inch of
what you
thought you
were to the
eternal flames

it means you're
gonna be hard
on yourself--harder
than anybody else
has ever been
on you

it means you're
gonna think
about killing
may even come

make no
mistake, it
will be the
death of you
it will be
the best death
you could've
offered yourself

you will look
back upon
your life with
a cutting
smile and
piercing eyes
knowing that
you stayed

through every
cheap shot,
backstab, and
bad call

defeat, and

you kept
coming, no
matter what
life threw at

these things
mean nothing
in the face
of true

and what
is becoming
if not
and that
which remains
after its
preston Sep 2020

Aw ****,  another apology
for what it is she hasn't done
there's a coat,  wore
a done, done--

one,  never to be undone

And she'll wear it, yet can't share-it
but with something like this
it can't be helped
but, to share it

It is every where.

They say they care
so why in the ****  are you  pulling
out all your hair.
Maybe they just don't care
about anything
but what it is  you'll wear

so they don't have to.


She scratches a letter
into a wall made of stone
Maybe someday
another child
won't have to  feel  as alone
as she does
It's been two years
and counting
since they put her in this place
She's been diagnosed

by some stupid ****
And mommy agrees.
Why go home?
Why go home?
Why go home?

She seems to be stronger
but what they want her to be,  is weak
She could play pretend
She could join the game, boy

She could be another clone

Why go home, why go home,
why go home, why go home
What you taught me
put me here
don't come visit,  mother..

sting me.
why go home?
Nyakisa Beth May 2020
In the beginning it's all a dream
A dream where all of us are numbers
Number one
Number two
Number three

But then all of a sudden the arithmetic
Comes in, numbers that were "equal" now become "more equal"
Greater than comes in lesser than  comes in ,the equality that was unity yesterday becomes a boundary between the numbers.

Moreso the unknowns on the other side of the equal sign.
Some are on left, some are on right.
far from over on the other side of the equal signs there is (x) and (y) all unknown to the other side of the equal signs
Oh no some numbers become determinant(s)of (x)(y)
The slash sign of Power  separates the numerator and denominator  

Mockery at it's peak ;the equal signs are replaced by greater than or less than.
As if that is not enough
In the second method improper fractions emerge as former numbers become decimals
Graphs of anarchy, imperialism, dictatorship and religious annihilation scatter across the x~axis of humanity and y~axis of ideology

Third method
Proud Rounding up/off begins
Continental Arch's mark the trajectory of division along lines
Shapes of character finally emerge
Assume the value of (x) is that "all this is a dream"
Syntax error; this is no dream

This is reality and remains relevant today
Pure maths is yours dear mathematician!
This cry of anguish is rooted to the cat rat relation with my mathematics teachers ;even when mathematics wasn't my cup of tea it still delivers the painful truth we all know and continues to remain relevant in a modern society that boasts of equality and democracy
roumen Jul 2019
I promised not to love you.
No love.
My soul is crying.

I promised not to love you.
No love.
My body is fighting.

I promised not to love you.
No love.
My shadow is shouting .

I promised not to love you.
No love.
My kisses are dying.

Bus stop.
No love.
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