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Troy Aug 2018
Death like all things
Are a simple state
Permanent in most
But subtle in others

Eternal peace must be achieved
Before death can be final
A life of wealth and luxury
Can never find peace of mind

Nor can a life of sorrow and misery
Find balance in all things
Life is a path in which to follow
We must choose the right path

Or we suffer eternal damnation
Fighting amongst our brothers
Spouting words of hate
Will never bring one salvation

Words of truth and love
Hope with all things
We attain everlasting peace
For there has to be a balance

Life must come with sorrow
As it also comes with bliss
Abandon all you don’t need
And share upon those who don’t have

Leave not in a state of anguish
But in a state of calmness
Shed the unnecessary
And bring only love

For when these things are at one
We find ultimate truth
Hidden in the mind
For us to truly see
Blissful Nobody Aug 2018
I like calm in my eyes,
They don’t wander anymore,
Searching for something ,
Picking and nitpicking ,
The small troubles of the world.

I love the silence of the void,
It hums me into its stillness,
Takes me everywhere and nowhere,
Places beyond these dimensions,
Away from the all the chatter.

I adorn the nothingness,
It puts a blissful countenance,
It fills my senses to contentment,
I want it and yet it’s nothing I want,
It sends me to the above and beyond.

I feel this harmony within,
Tugging and pulling my strings,
Arranging the notes of my being,
A harmony born out of chaos,
And synchronised into a melody.

My kindled life shining bright,
I see everything in its wholesomeness,
Untouched by the worldly elements,
I embrace now that exists in nothing,
This universe leads me to everything.
To be :)
TD Aug 2018
...Little wonder why
luminescent eyes tumble
sightless on ancient bones.

Iron irises sulk
discovered listless
stuck deep in earthly form.

Pieces asunder
from the core
fade in dying light.

Hurtling unfocused
frangible instead of cast
rapt with wanting more.

Another conquest
wandering far to solder
faulty manifestos.

Never resting still
to journey on
for--their aimlessness.

A worldly wink
to one bent on
purposeless existence.

I'd rather be celestial.
This poem was inspired by meteors. :) A spacial conundrum.. in a way. *grin*
An enigmatic world that spins;
Setting hands around the clock,
Wearing down the wrinkled grins,
An ark set sail to never dock.
Wandering the tameless dark,
Sifting facts from all delusion,
Passing by without remark,
The woeful tale of our seclusion.
Until a streak of light from Heavens staff
Tears dark asunder in the night,
And thunder bellows a boisterous laugh,
To startle calm who runs in fright.
Until Cosmic fields of desolation
Stand by in full reproach,
Of long awaited consolation,
To seed the change upon approach.
For when moisture in the air hangs heavy
From eastern winds of natures plow,
And besieging waters breach the levee
As day comes forth by times avow,
Burdens will lift with morning's rise,
Presenting with a mustered grace,
After fallen tears dried the eyes,
To wash out fears without a trace.
The blue above, the bird that flies,
Warmth from the sun in full embrace,
The barrage of green as flora thrives,
Leaves me proud to be of this Earthly place.
Silver Raven May 2018
I was brought down by countless enemies,
So, I faced empty caskets for charities.
I was battered by tongues of thorns now I am in hiding,
Running away from their storm of insults and flaws
And I know they’re wrong with honest negativity.
I was left alone to endure this catastrophe.
Now their words become my reality?
My body becomes their masterpiece?
I’m not their opinion meshed in a frame...
I am my one and only fact. Stop playing me like a sick game!

No, I don’t want to believe what they have say.
But I  have to, if I want to survive another day.
Finding who you are takes time. Not taking others frivolous comments.

(Unless it’s constructive criticism... I guess)
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2018
You were born with having nothing,
You will go with having nothing.
Nothing is yours,
Nothing was yours,
Nothing will be yours.
You are here only in TRANSIT.
What you get is what HE wants to give.HE writes your destiny.HE gives you opportunities.The rest is on your Karma and your beliefs.
Brianna Duffin Feb 2018
If ever there was a spirit divine,
One force to rule all else,
He has spoken;
He has crowned his earthly queen.
Her throne carved of stone
And her face carved with courage,
She bade the storm quiet
And all the earth knew silence.
A doe at her feet, and sparrow on her arm,
Her Excellence sweeps away the troubles
With a wave of her delicate pearl hand.
Her eyes are hazel, burning to rival any ruby.
With ears so small she hears but all.
The queen, in comfortable solitude
And Divinity.
This poem appears as part of a collection. Read it in full here:
Lyn-Purcell Feb 2018
Lust is one craving for your flesh and
conquest. Love is one melding
with your mind and body.
Then, and only then,
are you truly
Love and lust go in hand and hand. We live in a world concerned about lust than genuine love. This is my honest belief on what it means to be naked.
I'm old-fashioned like that - I have a retro soul by nature.
An ideal that I treasure, and one I fear has ceased to exist...
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
Beautiful things
lead difficult
A sad truth...
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