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i live in a world where self acceptance is a social crime
where honesty is a joke
i live in a world of blank stares and self gratification
i can be a hundred different personalities and no one will bat an eyelid
no one will even notice
i live in a world where no where is safe
where asking for safety is a sin
i live in a world where no mistake can be erased or forgotten
for everyone has an online record
dictating if and when i can move on
i live in a world where suicide becomes a necessity
or a fun thing to do
or a distraction
i live in a world that is utterly *******
the world i live in
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
I am not wordly wise
I often pay a price
World values wordly wise
Rest are cut down to size
I am not worldly wise
I often pay a price
My conscience does analyse
Tells me only be wise
Even if you pay a price
O Lord make me wise
With capacity to pay every price
Till I die to rise
old willow Aug 2020
By the window, the lonely petals drifted,
so did my mind.
I dare not say I am virtuous.
Experienced humiliation, I obtain humbleness.
Live plainly, before lavishly.
Life often contradict itself,
look at death, therefore comprehending life.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
“You don’t have a soul, but you are a soul and you have a body.” ​- C.S. Lewis

So my sweet soul, a scintillating song
Where golden stardust collides
And flowers pulse through my veins

The body, still as a stone
How the being it becomes

From the dust of our ancestors
Built from the Earth, the beginning of time

Who are we? I must ask

When we saw the first speck of that bright light
Pulled from the mother’s womb
To a world of despair and destruction

We are that gold, laced through the porcelain and glass
Binding our broken world, we are that gold, I say

Born perfect to an imperfect realm
Good-hearted and kind, I know who I am now
We are the souls of the land, cast down by a gracious hand

For a short time, I will stay

But one day, my body will become still once more
And my soul will be again welcomed by my creator
This is based on the quote by C.S. Lewis and my views on our souls.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
She brings sadness and sorrow.
Everything aspiring to bring her down.
Nobody cared when she fought alone.

She doesn't need to be remembered.
She is willing to endure the pains,
To be bound by the chains.

For she doesn't cry,
She just smiles and spreads her arms.
She will protect all she loves.
Willing to sacrifice for everyone.

To her, fame is meaningless.
Even if the battlefield is dyed with blood.
Even if everyone is against her.

She will exist because of tomorrow.
This poem always reminds me of the regular people out there that are so selfless and someday how I wish to be that way too.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020
So sensitive skinned
Passions keep me from world's lies
My heart unscripted
I made a promise to myself that on my 25th birthday, Ill be making changes to myself, slowly but surely. Ive often hated myself for being so 'sensitive', I thought if I killed that part of me, Ill be happy. Now Ill be kinder to myself and embrace it as an asset, not a flaw. I will finally be tackling some old fears and demons. Its my very passion, my own fire that keeps me warm from the chaos of the world around me and the relationships of wonderful friends and family that keep me sane and grounded.
I want to be as real as I can and present the best version of myself everytime too.
As I said, Im working on new collection which I hope will be posted soon. Still got alot to research, haha! But I will be going back to continuing some collections here!
Stay safe and well everyone!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
George Krokos Aug 2013
Worldly kingdoms emerge, rise and eventually fall
but there's one kingdom that does outlast them all.
It is eternal which means it has no beginning or end
though most people in the world don't comprehend.

It has been written and talked about in so many scriptures
yet in the external world doesn't form part of any fixtures.
No matter how grand a structure or building is erected that it may represent
or how many people daily, under its roof for worship, they devoutly frequent.

The kingdom of the everlasting Soul is to be found within us all
and doesn't really have any roof, floor, pulpit or containing wall.
Its own image and essence is all of a glorious Eternal Supreme Being
that with Its own grace, knowledge, light and love one can be seeing.

All we have to do is to acknowledge Its presence and look within,
live our daily lives in accordance with the Truth which is Its Twin
that the highest practical wisdom is based on known to mankind
and has been handed down from ages past for humanity to bind.

This doesn't mean that It belongs or is particular to just one religious belief
but encompasses them all through which people seek to find worldly relief;
because of Its glorious Eternal nature It also has unfathomable or infinite attributes
and beyond the limited mind of man to comprehend though philosophy contributes.

Even the laws of every country or state are based on the Truth;
though due to age old corruption is hardly discerned from youth.
As people have a strong tendency to seek and satisfy there own selfish interests
that go against the universal principles inherent in the wisdom the Soul bequests.

These universal principles are really the backbone of all spiritual aspiration
that have to be adhered to if there's to be any further evolution or realisation,
of mankind's true nature and individual or collective higher moral development
which is a unified and holistic existence that by the Truth of the Soul is vent.
Private collection written in 2010.
Faizel Farzee Dec 2019
Questioning life
Living, is this not a purposeful mistake
The world is in choas
In our souls
We all left with distaste
What could have been
I wish history could be replaced
Fix all the mistakes
Caught up in the faked glamour
While we letting our home turn to waste
The earth is our substance yet we killing it off
Is this not the epitome of insanity
Or am I just doff
Troy Aug 2018
Death like all things
Are a simple state
Permanent in most
But subtle in others

Eternal peace must be achieved
Before death can be final
A life of wealth and luxury
Can never find peace of mind

Nor can a life of sorrow and misery
Find balance in all things
Life is a path in which to follow
We must choose the right path

Or we suffer eternal damnation
Fighting amongst our brothers
Spouting words of hate
Will never bring one salvation

Words of truth and love
Hope with all things
We attain everlasting peace
For there has to be a balance

Life must come with sorrow
As it also comes with bliss
Abandon all you don’t need
And share upon those who don’t have

Leave not in a state of anguish
But in a state of calmness
Shed the unnecessary
And bring only love

For when these things are at one
We find ultimate truth
Hidden in the mind
For us to truly see
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