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Blissful Nobody May 2019
From conception to birth,
From then to now,
From my laps hearth,
You've grown and how?

My little person,
Grow up at your pace,
I'm in no hurry,
Life is not a race.

I never think,
What will you be,
Save me this job,
Wish you be free.

Not from this life,
Free from the world,
Do tell after,
I would like it in bold.

Be happy my child,
There is no other way,
Be the vibrance,
Make it stay.

Learn the tunes,
The rhythm of this world,
Do your own dance,
Sing those rhymes untold.

Whatever you choose,
Stir it with a bit of compassion,
Wisk a bit of mindfulness,
Shake it with your passion.

Chug it all at once,
Surprise me then,
Be high on life,
Unbridled and unhidden.
For my little person and to all the little ones.
traces of being Nov 2016
Some say, “all roads lead to all roads”
standing stifled at perplexing crossroads,
torn in the throes of which direction
leads to all roads.

in a recurring moment
when you hear whispered words grow silent ;
the sound of silence is heard loud and clear ―

It’s liberating to finally comprehend the senses ;
the stench of unrequited longings linger
I tried to touch you but you couldn't feel
I was never deaf all along ... only blinded
by a veiled light I could not perceive,
bemused and bewildered,
when the darkness will not sleep

Even knowing regrets are a waste of time,

"the beginning was over before the start ,..
how the hell did the end get here so soon(?)!"

even a lovely stretch of the lonesome highway
leads to another,
lost and unmapped road to nowhere

In times like these,
I'm learning to accept
sometimes there's no other choice
but to move on ;

we leave a lot behind in the rear-view mirror
along the long and twisted road
home ...

*wild is the wind  ... 11. 29. 2016
“To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure,
but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard
in life is to risk nothing.”

Wakpa Ihaha k’a táku owas sdodye

— The End —