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Glenn Currier Sep 2021
I awaken in darkness
still terrified and running
from the mountain lion.

But what if I’m the prey
of my own judging
captive of my comparisons?
At times I feel those verdicts in my gut
like when I can’t concentrate on a task
I SHOULD be doing.

When I notice my tight gut
and my mind wanting to flee
I can stop trying
and lying to myself
set my imagination free
roam a wilderness I choose
like right here on the flat and fertile plains
of this poem’s lines.
I used to MAKE myself read this or that out of duty or responsibility or just my own judgements that I SHOULD be reading this. But today I decided to stop that foolishness, read a poem or two here on this site, and just let my imagination roam. The word wilderness popped up out of nowhere. So I rode it and let it take me. The above is the result. Writing poetry frees me.
I would rather have integrity than popularity
I would rather be alone but be kind
I would rather be poor than have money made from crime  
I would rather know a bitter truth than live a life of lies
I would rather have one true friend than a group that can't be genuine
I would rather die at twenty one if that short life was filled with love
I would rather be shot than use a gun against another
I would rather be female just to prove we have it harder
I would rather have integrity than popularity
I would rather live in my fantasy than in your reality
i would rather be female just to prove we have it harder
Nalinee Aug 2020
I'm ok
With one colour
Why rainbows try to flatter
I'm ok
In dark
Why sparks need to remark
It's not ok.
Ijaazat Aug 2020
Loving you is like eating pistachios,
I can't stop once I have started!
Hey everyone!  Just got this thought and penned it down. The comparison, though silly puts a smile on my face. I hope it does that to you as well.
Join in lovelies, give your silly comparisons down below.

Here's another one :
Waiting for you is like waiting for pancakes to cook,
It is never soon enough.
and you question, "how does she do it!" -
these golden girls are mighty pretty.
but darling don't exclude yourself, haven't you known that the elements are elementary?
now go upstairs and mine in your room.
Sean Achilleos May 2019
Get to the Market

Some people take the back road
Others use the highway
Some arrive early
Some arrive late

Get the market

We all follow our own way
No persuasion
No need to jump a red light
A river will flow where it flows
Carve its own way

Get to the market

Some exhilarate
Others doddle along the way
Walk or run
You will arrive when you get there

Get to the market
Written by Sean Achilleos 03 May 2019©
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Maelynn Mar 2019
Melancholy waves crash upon my shore
At the thought of not seeing your crooked smile
Hearing your laugh
Watching your soulful eyes:
And I'm drowning
Head bobbing just above the water
Heart racing
Reaching blindly
Treading water,
Eventually sinking into you

Its funny how drowning and falling In love are so similar; ask my waterlogged heart, and it'd say they're the same.
sincerely shells Feb 2019
you can't expect your flowers to bloom
if you don't water your own garden
focusing on others won't help you grow
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