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Blissful Nobody Aug 2018
Your breath sweetens,
The taste of that kiss.
Quivering lips send ripples,
Down my spine.

Inhale in deep,
Exhale this passion inside me.
Breath again on my skin,
Put a soft blush on my cheeks.

As this gentle breeze,
Wafts and glides,
Swirls into the folds,
And ridges of my ears,
I ruffle like a dry leaf,
Laying on the ground.

I feel this misty portion,
In the hollow of my neck.
Like a blizzard envelopes me,
I lay now shivering .

Breathe into me-this sweetness,
A taste of ecstasy.
Flow tenderly sweet one,
And quench me of this desire.
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
My Pandora's box, nailed shut, known as the FEAR.
I can't look at the box, it is FEAR.
FEAR itself.
A good day today but my fragile mind has seen the box, the FEAR.

Face the FEAR, **** the FEAR.
Face the FEAR, **** the ****** FEAR.

The apprehension, the box, the FEAR.
**** the FEAR, **** the ****** FEAR.

Oh, the untold, the box, the FEAR.
**** the FEAR, **** the ****** FEAR.

But for you, not one ****** tear.
Tell anyone you read this poem and
I'll ****** **** you!

Kaydee, confidence growing.
Kaydee, feeling bold.
Kaydee, the story untold.

Poetry by Kaydee.

— The End —