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ms reluctance Apr 2020
I was a little older than six
when you came to us,
ruddy cheeked
with a shock of curly hair,
tiny fingers that wrapped
around my pinkie
and squeezed
happiness into my heart.

You were (and still are)
the epicenter
of the world forever changed.

To be honest,
my childhood began with you.
I don’t have any memories
of being anyone
before I was your sister.

I know you will say
that’s just because I’m dumb.
That’s not the case, idiot.
Mom always tells me
that I was a lonely child,
neither sad nor shy,
just content playing by myself.
I choose to think
I was waiting… for you
to join the fun.

And what fun we’ve had!
Making up dance routines
to our favorite songs;
Smuggling snacks to bed;
Adding new levels
to invented games.
Remember “Sleep, Sleep”?
Competing to see who
could pretend to sleep
without moving the longest –  
I’m sorry I tricked you, boo.
I knew you would drift off
and I’d be able to read in peace.
You caught on soon though
and I had to think of other ways
to keep you still.

So I began reading to you
from books I loved,
stories and poems,
of adventures so epic
they called the magic to the skin  
and you listened,
tickled pink.

You listened, enthralled,  
to the gibber jabber
I came up with on the spot,
often asking for more.
To this day, you listen
and pay heed
to every word,
every notion
like it is really worthy
of your attention.
NaPoWriMo Day 28
Poetry form: Free Verse
Diksimerindu Jul 2019
Mendegar mereka diantara dua ucapan
Tersebar panjang sebuah harapan
Seperti getaran tanpa celah
Membiarkan hilang dalam naungan

Pada halaman konstelasi
Mereka mengisyaratkan
Gerak gerik sebuah keinginan
Dipenuhi kecemasan
Dan cerita belum terbaca

Mereka membisik
Terdengar samar
Menunjukan cara untuk hidup
Menunjukan aku ada tanpa tujuan
Kepada si pendengar
Si pendengar kisah dua dunia
To someone who is confused looking for solutions to all the stories he/she hears
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
She sat

right down

and listened to everything
I had to say.
Not once did she
show any sign of wanting to
go away.
She sat there and listened not making
            a noise. And when I was done              
                   talking, I knew that talking                  
                               to her, I had made                                  
                          ­                    the right                                                
Turns out my dog is a great listener! :)
Jayantee Khare Sep 2018

sometimes a lot is to share
but actually no one is there

just for namesake, you have people
but get no support emotional

some issues can't be resolved
some problems can't be solved

but the words of comfort
doesn't really need any effort

and maybe saying "I'm there"
is enough to show one's care

in the difficult moments who lends an ear
blessed ones have a good listener....

Thnks to the listeners!!
Avery Sep 2018
When I was a child, I'd listen intently
Notice what words people laughed at or didn't
So I'd remember to skip those words
So people didn't laugh at me instead
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
He was a quiet listener,
He would patiently hear everything that went in my head.
He would say,"Get it off your chest,breathe".
Move forward,
There are many sunrises yet to come,
Many dreams yet to be fulfilled,
Many oceans yet to be crossed.
There is more to you to be discovered.
Find the reason and beauty behind you.
solfang Jul 2018
mothers might know best,
but they are not always right.
Her advice might be what's best for others, but it's not always right for me.
I grow up listening to my mother's advice.
Before college, I am not allowed to have my own thoughts.

I changed my job recently, and honestly speaking, I am not too happy about it.
Called my mum, and she stated some obvious facts.
But I feel like she isn't even trying to be in my shoes.

Colm Apr 2018
Listen to the rivers run
Your mind with far away

Hear the words of another lover and stay
Be it near or far away
From all others

Focus on the one thing that matters
Until all other matter does fade

As you hark, attend, harken and heed
Be careful not to let the kindest voices
Waiver until they fade and let you slip away
From all others
About sound and listening and truly hearing. How valuable is the latter in life, when the words are a last ditch effort to help.
raquezha Nov 2017
I'm not much of a reader
But if I do, I could've read you
Behind your lushful words
Are barbwire of letters
It felt like drinking alcohol
Satisfying my thirst
Resting inside my body
Consuming every bit of me
Tearing everything that's inside me
I should've known
You're trying to **** me
Without you knowing
"Another bottle" you said
And I drank my heart out
I drank as if it could be my last
Because I want to be your last
Hoping that what we have would last
But it didn't, Nothing lasts forever
Those who believe it are fools
I guess you can call me one too

I'm not much of a reader
And I'm glad I'm not
Because If I could read you
I wouldn't have guts to tell you
That your words are hurting
And it is still getting out of my skin
You see, I got these scars
From your words
crawling out of my body

Since you've been gone
I grew tired of hearing
Endless tape recordings
Of mundane problems
Since you've been gone
I became a reader
Much more of a listener
I read peoples faces
How their eyes widen
When they smell fear
How the edge of their mouth
Touches their ears
Whenever they are happy
But most importantly
You freed me from the
Chainless chain of memories
Greeting me every morning
With unpleasant memory

Since you've been gone
I became truly happy
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
We are never alone
If not people around us
Memories and thoughts
Are our companions
You want a listener?
Not many will sit next to you
You can have conversation
With the cosmic forces
A silent reprise
Creating new music
When in harmony
With the unseen
But you can feel them, always
Eager listener
Waves of satisfaction
When you are heard
A feeling of acceptance
With this unknown world
Which we forget, exists
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