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There's no beyond, only this.
So live a little and a little more,
In this moment of absolute truth.
Find yourself from the very begining,
There is no end in this eternal moment.

There is no becoming, only unbecoming.
Learn to unlearn and be fluid,
Flow like the wind, force like water,
This body to dust and dust to body,
Knowing your eternal form.

There no learning, only unlearning,
Memories bind you to a finite form,
Break this open and find your being,
Infinite fractals in the infinitesimal,
There is no beyond, only this.
To be
Everyone should detox.
Purge the comforts,
Out of your system.
The habits and routine,
Half minded ways,
Meaningless lies,
The vile biles.
**** it out now,
Don’t keep it in.
Happy new year
Blissful Nobody Dec 2019
Why was I , A passing moment?
If you would've stayed a bit longer,
At least, I would be a memory.

Why were you a whirlwind of flurries?
Melting before you could settle.
I am the Arctic snow,
Buried deep, are a million memories.
Blissful Nobody Dec 2019
will I know when I am near,
near the brink of inexistence,
in this human form,
when I sleep a final time ?
will I know the eternal existence,
when this human form will be lost?
the cosmic stitching that holds,
my entity to this form,
will wither and loosen,
these tethers that exist,
will all be gone.
will I know when I am near?
will I know my eternal infinite form?
Blissful Nobody May 2019
We are made out of the same stardust,
I have a little more gold in me than you.
You need the touch of an alchemist,
Then you'll be the gold you yearn for.
Not the material worldly kind you think,
The golden glow will fill you inside out.
We are made out of the same stardust,
I have a little more gold in me than you.
Love yourself a little more everyday. Be golden.
Blissful Nobody May 2019
I had almost forgotten,
The lines between the lines,
Details in dreary designs,
Perpetual persistent patterns,
Relentlessly resilient repetitions.

Why would you come now?
To remind, reminisce or read,
Reckless racks of reads.
All- knowing knocking knight,
A random reckoning recites.

What are these questions?
You ask, alter and annoint,
These dreadful death dreams,
And plough out pangs of pain,
Of a wilted and withered world.

Can't  allow this anymore,
Lose this loathful lust of yours,
That belittles my boistrous being,
Paint a pretty picture please,
Let go and leave, one last time.

I live in a different universe,
Of my wonderful whimsical wishes,
Floating  over my fantastic fairy tale,
Never nitpicking the neverending nows,
The happy hopeful and happening hows.
To all those untimely listeners who question your being:)
Blissful Nobody May 2019
From conception to birth,
From then to now,
From my laps hearth,
You've grown and how?

My little person,
Grow up at your pace,
I'm in no hurry,
Life is not a race.

I never think,
What will you be,
Save me this job,
Wish you be free.

Not from this life,
Free from the world,
Do tell after,
I would like it in bold.

Be happy my child,
There is no other way,
Be the vibrance,
Make it stay.

Learn the tunes,
The rhythm of this world,
Do your own dance,
Sing those rhymes untold.

Whatever you choose,
Stir it with a bit of compassion,
Wisk a bit of mindfulness,
Shake it with your passion.

Chug it all at once,
Surprise me then,
Be high on life,
Unbridled and unhidden.
For my little person and to all the little ones.
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