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Oct 2020 · 769
Eloisa Oct 2020
Then she turned off the volume
of her world today.
Seeking her much needed silence in her heart.
She tried to live alone inside a special place
where grief and pain do not exist.
And in her silence and solitude,
she began to renew her springs
that have dried up.
Aug 2020 · 289
A Beautiful Distraction
Eloisa Aug 2020
And the cicadas’ noise became music to her ears
Throbbing, slowly vibrating
to her feeble pulse
Like some musical nymphs
invading her quietude
A sudden foray into her tangled thoughts
A hearty diversion to her stubborn gloom
Jul 2020 · 317
A Warrior’s Dance
Eloisa Jul 2020
I’m stuck scared in the dark wars
my soul has been fighting for so long.
Where the colors of freedom
are as lightless as my dreams.
A place where I thought
I’ve built
my own path,
With gleaming rose petals I scattered
as guide
when I couldn’t find my way home.
And as I continue to travel
the route of strength and despair,
Begging to dance with me,
the healing light came.
But my muddy, mangled feet seemed
unresponsive and silent.
My heart’s withering and weakening.
My soul’s totally worsening.
The sky went gray again
and the dark clouds rolled in.
But nothing can totally dim
my valorous heart that shines within.
I got up and started dancing my prayers with my heartbeat as music.
My body resonated with love
and the light’s most powerful healing.
A melodious, creative cosmic rhythm wrapped my entire being.
With the ethereal light continued
to dance through every tiny cell of me.
In these blustery storms,
I’m still dancing.
Jul 2020 · 127
Darkened Hearts
Eloisa Jul 2020
I miss the pleasant times
When the skies are not cloudy all day
When deer and gazelles joyously play
When I seldom hear
words of contempt and distaste
When family and friends love each other’s milestone and celebrate
When humans respect opinions
and differences
When love is contagious and healing
and selfless sacrifice are present
But the world today currently faces a virus
more infectious and virulent
The most despicable pandemic
of hatred
A plague of intolerance and disrespect
When friends and family members
are disowned and hated
When love is gone and hearts are darkened
I grieve!
Jun 2020 · 269
Sorrowful Blue
Eloisa Jun 2020
She danced under her
deep-sunken sun,
Her life’s most sorrowful last
As the soft breeze blows through
her lengthy hair,
Mingled in a day of incessant rain
was a massive, uncertain blur.
When dim from her flaws grew
each time she cries,
Pain and weakness crawled
in her begging, bleary eyes.
Alone she wept, she sorely wept alone.
And gloom flames
what her aching heart consumes.
The discordant clouds soon ceased weeping.
Shadows of hope and love suddenly furled
her destroyed and delicate wings.
She opened her eyes
from her weary, wretched plight,
Selene gently wrapped her
in her bright, glittering light.
And as the night arrives and pervades her heart with gleam,
Vermilion flares up through her new
and brighter dreams.
Jun 2020 · 475
Grace and Beauty
Eloisa Jun 2020
Life’s flowers and flaws
Warm air creeps as spring retreats
Hopeful yet confused
Gazing over hydrangeas
Can’t wait for bright autumn leaves
May 2020 · 596
Eloisa May 2020
Gloom had hung so low
My flowers have gone to sleep
Love journeyed too far
May 2020 · 338
Spring Rain
Eloisa May 2020
Lake of confusion
Never did you send flowers
Sky weeps in sadness
May 2020 · 271
A Tribute to Mothers
Eloisa May 2020
A mother is...
the sweetest flower of love,
the brightest light of happiness,
the most colorful rainbow
of kindness,
the most precious pearl
of compassion,
and the most powerful prayer
of strength.
Her heart, the softest veil.
Her mind, the gentlest leaf.
Her words, the loveliest music.
And her hands, the most dependable sail.
Her purest and selfless love,
a wonderful bliss.
Her passionate soul,
the anchor of a child’s dreams.
❤️Happy Mother’s Day!❤️
Eloisa May 2020
Aside from the wilderness
where I taste the sweetness
of my solitude,
enjoy my solace,
and renew my strength,
I have the darkness
to meditate.
A calm haven
to listen to myself.
I have the silken darkness
to ruminate.
A sanctuary
to regain my glow.
So far away
I went again,
into the heart of wilderness.
With nothing with me
except my silence.
I traveled through
the dark alone.
And there I found
the truth.
That silence
I brought within
is the true color of gloom.
I continued my journey
through the dark
to see the moon
and the stars.
The resplendent stars
then nourished
my leaden silence.
While the lustrous moon
my vanished thoughts.
So in this journey,
I was given some sacred gifts.
A new heart with
ardent love.
A new pair of eyes
that can see the light.
And an eternal trusting soul,
with an inflamed passion.
May 2020 · 199
Eloisa May 2020
My ink rarely rhymes.  
And I write words
even myself
can’t understand.
Daily ink spills
and splatters
on my tangled sheets,
sometimes I’m ashamed of.
The empty, naked
mosaic of love letters,
you thought.
My canvas of colorful illusion,
dim and chaotic,
you said.
The words I write to you,
for you.
Words that always land
on your silent, unappreciative lips,
unseen by your darkly unsympathetic eyes.
A poem you wouldn’t want to read,
A poem you wouldn’t want to hear.
A garden you wouldn’t want to tend.
And now that the teardrops
have ceased,
the birds in the cages
have been freed,
the plants unwatered and flowers are left wilted,
the winds have begun to blur
the memories,
the ink has run dry,
and no more thoughts of you remain.
I have nothing more to say.
    I have nothing more to wish.
There is none to plead.
    My ink and my love for you
    have now rested in peace.
May 2020 · 288
Golden Fronds
Eloisa May 2020
She was molded by life’s mischances,
combats, and hurts.
Shrapnels and shattered glass
are stuck in her hands.
Her toes are burned from walking
through agonizing fire.
The endless fights and struggles
made her dark and cold.
But she remembers
each savage war
she has won.
With her loyal heart,
her armor,
and her fortress,
her passionate soul.
She continues to face her battles
and uses her torment
to wear badges
of strength
and courage
adorned with golden fronds.
She knows when wars are over,
the flowers will still be
bright and beautiful.
May 2020 · 557
And Her Fragrance Spreads
Eloisa May 2020
She hid away her colors in the frail,
fragrant flower petals.
Her radiance that once so bright,
forgotten and taken from your sight.
The long lost splendor,
the missed glorious moments.
Her brilliant wild joined the joyous,
unceasing winds.
🌸A Parting Gift🌸

"Hanafubuki" is the Japanese word that describes the beautiful moment when cherry blossom petals float down on the wind, like snowflakes in a blizzard.
“Hana” means flower and “fubuki”  means snow storm.
May 2020 · 737
Wings of Grace and Faith
Eloisa May 2020
Her shoulders are tired carrying heavy loads.
While crawling, she began throwing away the logs, rocks, barbs, and thorns.
She replaced them with feathers and
flower-petalled wings to reach the moon.
The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.
J.M. Barrie
May 2020 · 235
Eloisa May 2020
Here in this fascinating fairyland,
thousands of magical words exist.
But your kind words create
lovely metamorphosis spells.
To my friend, Peter
May 2020 · 282
Sweet, Stray Scarlet Blooms
Eloisa May 2020
I spelled out my secrets
in the language of the flowers,
with petals mixed in with my tears.
Please let the words of these blossoms
be heard more than my story to tell.
May 2020 · 773
Visibly Blurry
Eloisa May 2020
Moonlight silhouette
Beneath the fitful, sour breeze
She tried to forget
The long journey of her scars
And danced with the ocean waves
May 2020 · 229
My Spring Prince
Eloisa May 2020
One bitter day of spring, I walked so far
and went astray.
A place somewhere I do not know,
somewhere strange so far away.
I took a spiral, stony path
to seek the colors of my sky.
Then heard a sound, a different sound
I thought a distant cry.
A lovely cry, a song of love,
a precious music from the streams.
A pretty melody, a melody of waltz
I often hear in midnight dreams.
And then I saw him near the riverbank
under the blanket of unblinking stars.
He has with him my long lost sky,
my hopeless, hazy sky.
I sat beside the singing stream
and watched my sky begin to brighten.
He greeted me with love and magic
in his expressive, soulful eyes.
And gently put some lovely, lustrous stars
in my messy hair.
My pious spring prince just held my hands
and requested me to be with him.
But I graciously declined, and told him
that I was here to find myself.
“I have yet to heal my deepest scars
and fix my knotted dreams.
Just find me again sometime, my dear,
with your pure heart to bring.
I have here with me your stars to wish on,
my dear prince of spring.”
May 2020 · 542
I Took the Trail
Eloisa May 2020
I sang my anguish to the winds
And followed the ravens to the woods
The trees, the wildflowers
froze in silence
But the leaves began to dance
like witches casting spells
I howled and shouted my despair
The rivers seemed to wail with me
The way was dim, the path was dark
I took the trail and endured the pain
I felt the darkness and heard the silence
My heart was torn and lost
but it was enlivened
by the nature’s glorious tapestry
The little sunshine hues
that seep between the branches of the trees
The joy of streams, the thousand greens
The nature’s been my muse
It wakens my spirit and fuels my energy
Wearing its color spirits
I have now reclaimed my wild and magic
May 2020 · 358
A Keeper
Eloisa May 2020
And he believed
and found the magic in me
Then flew me into his floral wonderland
He held my hand
and lit the torch
The hope I’d use to light
the darkness of my thoughts
A bright beacon to tame my beast
A gardener unafraid to touch my heart of thorns
May 2020 · 794
Eloisa May 2020
I exhausted every moment of my life
scattering seeds
in all bounds and boundary
of my deep-rooted burns,
and now a tangled, torch-lit garden grows.
May 2020 · 203
Eloisa May 2020
Her heart sang a different song
A melody of her untold story
that only you can hear
Its rhythm reaches out for love
as she softly hummed her lullaby
The saddest prayer of love
you have ignored
The chords of pain
you’ve thought as noise
Her silent cry
A note unheard
The lulls between the sobs
The loudest shadow of memory
beats deep within your heart
May 2020 · 465
Eloisa May 2020
Sweet silent sunset
Day lilies and daffodils
Faded fairytale
Apr 2020 · 268
Eloisa Apr 2020
Shadows, memories
Blindly chased the bitter storms
Wild dreams in daylight
Apr 2020 · 317
Eloisa Apr 2020
She’s into ravens and dragons,
charms, prayers and spells.
Enchantment and mystery,
spirits and fantasy.
Phantom and magic,
dreams and stardust.
She’s into fascinating connections,
rituals and meditations.
She gives thanks to the sun,
the stars and the moon.
She trusts patience and love.
She adores understanding souls,
She’s into all these
and a thousand things more.
Apr 2020 · 1.3k
Gleam of Hope
Eloisa Apr 2020
And then there’s something tantamount to this sunbeam in these bleary times—
the wildflowers, which grow everywhere in their own paradise;
a kindergartner running by herself even a few feet away from her friends, picking dandelions,
still with a sunny smile.
The ray of light shining through the window of isolation rooms as a sign of hope from heaven.
Sparks will still flow within our hands.
To still feel the everlasting warmth of sunshine.
The light we needed to surpass this cloudy shadow of our current circumstance.
Apr 2020 · 246
I Hear His Promise
Eloisa Apr 2020
I hear the sound of prayers in the ocean waves.
I hear the echoes of hope in the winds.
I hear the trees and the flowers sing
affection and grace.
I hear my heart,
I hear the melody of faith deep within.
“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created spring.” – Bernard Williams

“Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in the books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” – Martin Luther
Apr 2020 · 3.6k
Grief in Pink
Eloisa Apr 2020
Longer sleepless evenings
Humid, dark, and bleak
Serene and sorrowful homes
Blossoming sakura trees weep
With heavyhearted lonely buds
Spring, unforgettable saddest spring
Trees not lovelier and so are fields
Nor the day more delightful than the evening
These unhappy blooms in pink
Signal a different kind of grief
Sakura  (cherry blossoms) are constantly cited as the most recognizable sign of spring in Japan. When trees all over the country burst into breathtakingly beautiful clusters of pink flowers right about the time it gets warm enough, people  yearly go outside to enjoy. Blooming of the sakura is a beautiful  gift from mother nature, hanami (sakura viewing) is done by many people in spring.  But due to COVID-19 pandemic, parks right now are being closed to avoid more transmission of SARSCoV2.
Apr 2020 · 278
Eloisa Apr 2020
She’s poetry and scars,
blossoms and thorns,
and shards of a shattered glass,
a siren who scatters love like fairy dust.
Apr 2020 · 344
Spring Flurries
Eloisa Apr 2020
I woke to a soft morning light
filtered through my pink curtains
and the neighbor’s heater vibrating in my ear
And through my window
saw snowflakes carefree dancing
in a radiant and romantic rapeseed field
Warmed by the scent of brewing coffee
and lovely thoughts of you
This magical sea of yellow
adorned by tiny lacy flurries
Let me forget the freezings that I’ve felt
and the dimness that I’ve seen
Mar 2020 · 675
Embracing Uncertainty
Eloisa Mar 2020
I wonder why I don’t see the beauty and the sparkles of the blossoming cherry trees.
Why I don’t feel the joy hearing the songs of the birds near me.
All I see now is the surge of political hypocrisies.
Blames and hatred ignited by partisan politics fueled by cruelty of humanity.
I thought I was part of the world filled with love, light, and beauty.  
But I am now in the midst of uncertainty,  
where cooperation, unity, and solidarity among people are indeed illusory.
Everything now seems dark, cloudy, gloomy.
Stigma, racism, discrimination, and xenophobia,
the ugliness of humanity.
This crisis tests our capacity to understand, to overcome.
I am now sitting quietly in darkness to transform my fear to trust humanity,
To have patience and slowly erase anxiety.
I am trying to continually believe that we all live under the same glow and glitter of the sun.
And that though we may even have different rivers and mountains,
we still speak the same language.
The language of peace and harmony, the language of love and shared humanity.
I am looking forward soon, on the very day when we humans wake up to a new reality.
With our helpful hands, open arms and compassionate heart, shining each other’s  journey.
After all it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic.
Margaret Chan
Mar 2020 · 237
Eloisa Mar 2020
I feel tired
not because I have done a lot.
I feel tired because I know I have done a little teach myself to realize that it’s OVER.
Mar 2020 · 496
I Am Your Poetry
Eloisa Mar 2020
And he tried to read my love
I wrote between the lines
Slowly understanding my soul
I put within the words
Turning page by page
He realized my hidden mystery
My essence as a woman
Embedded in my rhymes
~Happy Women’s  Day
Mar 2020 · 693
First Bloom
Eloisa Mar 2020
Your words are like flowers
blooming for the first time
in the early days of spring.
Like the light pink pretty petals spilling into the winds,
whispering intensity and sweetness.
I find myself blushing and gliding.
With your rhymes sending me into a lovely realm,
I am now in your fairyland.
Jan 2020 · 1.2k
Eloisa Jan 2020
We silently communicate
in the middle of chaos
Understanding one another
With true love between our souls
As we embrace each other in the solitude
Jan 2020 · 128
For Us
Eloisa Jan 2020
How could you stay
so happy like that
For you know, I’m so far
It’s been quite long
since we became miles away
I won’t forget your loving ways
Thanks for making me so alive

Tonight, the stars and the moon shine
so bright upon me
And I say, I’m missing you
Oh, please understand
why we are apart
Oh, please bear with me
Because I really need to make you feel
this love of mine
And even though I’m so far
I’d try to light a candle for us
Oh! For us, for us for us
And even I’m here alone
I’d try playing our song
For us, for us, for us

And I hope that in your dreams
You would feel
That I have your body near
my arms while we’re dancing dear
And I pray to see my life with you
I hope it’s soon
Because I’m tired of dancing
on my own

And tonight, the stars and the moon
shine upon me
And I say, I’m truly missing you
Oh please understand, why we are apart
Oh, please bear with me
Because I really need to make you feel 
 this love of mine
And even though I’m so far
I’d try to light a candle for us
Oh! For us, for us,for us
And even I’m here alone
I’d try playing our song
For us, for us, for us

But I’m so afraid
Because for months now
The candle’s spark is getting weak
Like your love
That I used to know
And what I only ask
I beg, oh please
Don’t let our love go
Don’t let our dreams fade
For us, for us, for us
~I am not in any way musically inclined but could carry a tune somehow. It’s so happened that I’m humming a crazy tune with these words. I do not know if this is a poem or not.
Jan 2020 · 203
Winter Kiss
Eloisa Jan 2020
And as the winter cold magically makes ice crystals, we watch the grass glistening with frost.
Knitted scarves and woolen coats,
plus our knotted fingers braved  the cold.
You held my hands and erased the chaos buried deep under my skin.
And took me in your arms, held me close for a moment, and planted a light kiss on my nose.
I felt the firmness of your touch, the passion and love came rushing from within.
And as nature freezes and sees our love while
I yielded in the intensity of your kiss.
You covered my scars and held me close until my fear left my entire soul.
Dec 2019 · 492
Eloisa Dec 2019
And she painted the sky with her poetry
Calm but misty
Still dark and heavy
Dec 2019 · 381
Farewell to Fall
Eloisa Dec 2019
And yes, it’s almost over,
Countless things, I will remember.
The glitters and the sparkles,
Prolong your stay, just so I wish.
But then again what I am sure,
You’ll wander back more beautiful.
Goodbye for now, my feathered leaves.
I bid farewell,
I would try hard not to shed a tear.
Farewell my friend,
my lovely Autumn friend.
Thank you for lending me your golden wings.
Dec 2019 · 269
Autumn Storm
Eloisa Dec 2019
Each day, I always try to count the flowers.
And each night, I would not miss
to count the stars.
And when I just couldn’t find many flowers in fall or in winter,
I still try to count the fallen leaves
and even the branches of the trees.
And during nights when the stars will not come,
I would slowly try to count
the lunar rays instead.
The flowers and the stars,
the trees and the moon,
Gave me inspiration and wisdom,
enough shelter and strength.
To help me emerge victorious
from each phase of my journey with grief.
But how many times do I have to feel
that I am always back to where I’ve started?
How long does it take to stay in this dead end that trapped me?
Yes, I am once again in this labyrinth.  
I walk its path—day after day, night after night, back and forth, in and out.
The recurrence, triggered memories,
the deeper layers,
the unending winding circular path.
And now I crave for solitude and rest,
solace and insight.
I need my energy and my inner self back.
And as I stood in my own labyrinth
staring at the orange leaves falling from a tree,
My steps began again,  slowly finding me.
I continued to make more steps
as the leaves started to fall around me.  
The leaves scattered in front of me represent
the losses and sad memories.
And as I felt the slightest breeze
released many of them from their branches,
I have found
just enough love and faith to sustain me.
Dec 2019 · 821
Final Dance
Eloisa Dec 2019
After lengthy days of torment and grief
Braving the cold, remained the last leaf
Feeling the slightest breeze
She slowly danced with grace and ease
Like a ballerina driven by the sound of her heartbeat
She made her final dance
And with her gorgeous golden autumn wings
She’s now ready for winter’s frigid embrace
Eloisa Nov 2019
Seasons do not compete with one another;
neither does the night’s magical brilliance of the moon rival with the gorgeous majestic sunrise.
The persistent, melodious rains do not clash with the rainbow’s splendor.
Nor the dreamy perfumed clouds race with the joyful, pleasant winds.
Beautiful things happen in the right perfect time.
-Revisiting Desiderata

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." - Ecclesiastes 3:1
Nov 2019 · 505
A New Promise of Faith
Eloisa Nov 2019
Everything I see now is like a dream
And as colors began to fade
Their souls started to merge
as what autumn and winter did
Slowly creating a wonderful moment
A beautiful image
Like a rainbow after the rain
Nov 2019 · 722
In Time
Eloisa Nov 2019
I am trying to find the proper time to write
the ending that I have tried to forget.
Just allow me to re-read the past chapters that made our story beautiful.
In time, I would be able to transform the pain of our past into a wonderful  epilogue.
Nov 2019 · 502
Colors Within Us
Eloisa Nov 2019
Enjoying nature’s poetry,
written in vivid colors.
Each leaf speaks to me
in tints of red and gold.
Red leaves of the maple trees
share lovely memories.
A hopeful dream’s etched
on the golden leaves
of the ginkgo trees.
Trees of brilliant colors
softly humming in chorus.
The beauty of autumn,
the gathering of vibrant hues.
Nature’s imperfection and beauty,
Life and nature’s harmony,
Together, they work wonderfully.
Nature’s visible glories and life’s reality,
Us, our colors inside
as humans,
the mere reflection of our humanity.
What beauty it is to embrace
our magnificent colors within us!
There’s no vibrant
and luminous color,
other than forgiveness,
love, compassion
and kindness
deep within ourselves.
Oct 2019 · 278
Beautiful in Our Fall
Eloisa Oct 2019
We are two hearts
unafraid of the winter days,
For ours is an Autumn Love,
a new beginning,
we happily embrace.
Though the leaves have changed
and soon will fall,
Our Autumn Love turned fiery red
and yellow gold.
The warmth of our love,
so hopeful and new.
Like autumn, bright and colorful.
And as we begin to feel
the bite of the autumn air,
That signals that the harsh winter
is just around the corner,
We held hands and buried our fears
deep down the ground
beneath the fallen leaves.
We now carry within us the magic,
the promise of a new and vibrant love.
Forgiveness and love,
Love and forgiveness.
And I’m so glad, our hearts
found our way back home,
We’re just people,
We are people, beautiful in our fall.
~Autumn Love
Oct 2019 · 900
Eloisa Oct 2019
Find me in the reddening
October trees of autumn.
Read the poetry I carved on their branches.
Each falling leaf will lead you closer to the most hidden parts of me.
Eloisa Oct 2019
She goes to the woods
when she misses him,
She dances with the falling leaves
as the wind blows and begins to hum his name.
Oct 2019 · 472
Another Fall
Eloisa Oct 2019
She decorated
her pain and her misery
with red fallen leaves
Oct 2019 · 176
Road Sign
Eloisa Oct 2019
My heart went missing for days.
For how long, I couldn’t remember.
I’m sure it followed the long and jagged road
of my past.
And as it slowly trying to collect the pieces of important memories, it thought I had left behind,
my heart was led to a dead end
and a huge road sign.
Wrong way.
I’m now patiently waiting for my heart
to come back soon.
I hope it can remember its way home.
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