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May 2023 · 1.4k
A Lovely Encounter
Eloisa May 2023
And she dances to the gorgeous melodies of the wind.
Echoing strength  in her new found wings.
She gathers grace after an almost endless stupor.
With a courageous heart, she grows her pretty wings in darkness.
And as she enjoys her freedom in the air,
she scatters glitters to every flower.
A wonderful flight in cheers.
A celebration of hope and change.
A meaningful metamorphosis.
A colorful blossom that beautifully swirls.
Seeking love, bringing life.
A sweet journey to remember.
A brief yet lovely moment to soar.
Mar 2023 · 279
Today Matters
Eloisa Mar 2023
You’ve always been
there for me.                                               My rainbow
in my life’s storms.
My daily sunshine rays.
The evening beam that sends the dark clouds away.
The hopeful tints on my bleakest day.
But what if tomorrow never comes?
The tomorrow you’ve daily promised.
Your promise of forever.
But what if tomorrow never comes?
Can I dream by myself?
Would I carry on?
But today is what matters.
Today with you.
Our love is timeless.
I’ll embrace the love we have today.
I would never worry about tomorrow.
Even if doesn’t come.
I’ll hold your hand today and you’ll hold mine.
Mar 2023 · 187
Heartache and Rhymes
Eloisa Mar 2023
Her poetry loves her usual melancholy.
Her rhymes couldn’t even summon the sun when dark clouds lingered over her.
She just waits for the fragrance of rainwater to wash away the dirt from her tears.
The misty yet melodious pour.
A lengthy silky strand of memory that always escapes.
Heartache and hope,
rhymes and misery,
lyrics and odes.
Slowly lacing themselves to the value of she is.
A continuing thread of love and grief.
A colorful crochet of life’s  tapestry.
Mar 2023 · 1.3k
Serendipity Lost
Eloisa Mar 2023
And then there’s something special
in my solitary journey
Pristine sands aglow like pearls
Us, enjoying the serene, silky sea
This aching reverie, bitter-sweet memories
Our hands rowing our boat
Our dancing rituals under the moon
Chasing the sunset, enjoying the sunrise
How I long for those happier days
How I yearn for our lost serendipity
And so I pray for light and colors
For the radiance that once so bright
A whisper of prayer for our lost serendipity and splendor
And so I send my wishes through the joyous unceasing winds
Requesting the stars to keep track of us
Though our destinies may not again collide
Feb 2023 · 573
Brave Blooms
Eloisa Feb 2023
And the sun glints through the plum trees.
My heart is pierced
in a moment of anticipation
and silence.
A sudden reflection of beauty, longing, and pain blurred my eyes.
A quick revisit
to an old memory of paradise.
Where I’ve been an enduring captive of a sorrowful rewind.
But I remained a seeker.
A seeker of the promises
of perseverance.
While I adore winter
as I see snow trinkets around.
I love and cherish
the herald of spring.
And as the pale pink plum blossoms bravely bloom
amidst the winter chill,
I will continue to seek
for fruitfulness.
Though I’m still a slave
of bitterness and grief,
I will try to celebrate my strength.
With plum blossoms as a reminder of a not-so-distant spring.
A time for hope, a moment of joy,
and a season of new beginning.
Blooming beautifully after overcoming difficulties.
Usui- when snow turns to spring rain and ice starts to melt
Baika-plum blossom
Feb 2023 · 1.6k
Eloisa Feb 2023
As naive as the moon,
I often seek light
from the dark.
And as I chased love in my ruins,
I heard his whisper from the wind.
For nights I wander
through my starless, somber sky.
And while I pick up
pieces of my soul,
I felt a soft and sudden brush
to my wings.
His breath wrapped me
with stardust.
His heartbeat was singing
a promise of love.
But I’m a bird.
Still chained to this gloomy sky.
Feb 2023 · 8.2k
A Whisper from a Dreamer
Eloisa Feb 2023
I wonder if every dandelion I have sent through the wind
whispered how I still long
for a warm embrace.
And so I begged
my friendly, fragile friends
once more.
These  little wisps of white.
Please murmur my wishes
to the breeze.
My song of love,  my dream of peace.
Feb 2023 · 1.8k
Eloisa Feb 2023
Bare and bruised,
she visited the woods.
Stripped of joy and comfort,
she slowly trudged through her usual path to talk to the trees.
With stretched and open arms
they listened to her
perpetual wail.
Her vision blurry.
Her voice unclear.
The tears have yet to dry.
The grief’s still there to stay.
Then rays of magical light dappled through the trees.
Scattering glitters to the tiny green buds of her favorite sakura trees.
Shining through her heart,
a tiny corner of herself
that’s still her own.
Her sanctuary of patience and strength,
An important refuge that continues to love.
Komorebi: Sunshine filtering through the trees.
The scattered light that filters through when sunlight shines through trees”. It is made up of three “Kanji”
Ki= “tree” or “trees”
Kagayaku= “shine -through” or “escape”Taiyo= “sun”.
Jan 2023 · 1.7k
Gift of Darkness
Eloisa Jan 2023
And just like that,
I lost my poetry again.
But my nighttime friend was there.
The moon who holds my desires and fear.
The one who keeps all my tangled thoughts.
Reminding me of the wishes I’ve daily written in the night sky.
All my stories of pain and love,
my sunken dreams and storms.
Yet I told the moon of what I know,
that my loss does not have
to be an end.
A realization
Jan 2023 · 1.8k
A Plea
Eloisa Jan 2023
Lead me away from this unfair realm
Beyond my stormy days and dark skies
Kiss me hard
Embrace me tight
Take me to the gracious place  where I found your heart
Jan 2023 · 874
Eloisa Jan 2023
And my melancholic train got derailed again at the chaotic intersection of holding on and letting go.
Jan 2023 · 1.4k
On the Brink
Eloisa Jan 2023
I am exhausted by strength today.
I’ve often pretended to be a mighty oak fighting the storms
Often fought the strongest winds while standing there in the open
Alone and compelled to fight
My wars, and most of the time theirs
Bewildered and forlorn
Glorifying the oak in me
Yet I have always ended up crooked, scarred, and broken
Unaccepting to the message of reality
That there will always be lulls and long despairs
And a lot of battles that you cannot choose
But will still try to find someone
Who’ll help me gather the fallen sticks, my gnarled and withered twigs
To create something beautiful
While I find again my quiet strength, my calm courage amidst any storm
Jan 2023 · 3.5k
Ripples and Surges
Eloisa Jan 2023
Moving with the sea
Dancing with the waves
Letting the rhythm of the water wash my melancholic soul
All the ripples and surges
I beg
Cleanse me but see me beyond my flaws
Dec 2022 · 1.8k
Eloisa Dec 2022
And the tears you cried in 2022 water the seeds of hope, love, and healing you planted for another new journey.
Raising a glass to the love, hope, faith, and strength that remained in our hearts through the entire 2022🥂Cheers to the infinite possibilities and brighter opportunities! 🔅Manifesting my goals by taking on new challenges this year.  Here's to a hopeful and better year. Happy 2023!
Dec 2022 · 3.0k
Moon’s Love Letter
Eloisa Dec 2022
And the love letter sent to me
by the moon is here
Carried by the pure, white snow
Covering me with love
Her old vow
Fixing the broken promise
of healing
An inspiration to take even
little steps
While I continue to seek
real fullness
Dec 2022 · 1.9k
Life Continues
Eloisa Dec 2022
Like a red-crowned crane, she is not bothered by the cold
She chases the last tints of autumn
She hums as she hears the sound of the leaves under her feet
She has not forgotten all her dreams she has in her heart
She continues to live
Dec 2022 · 3.3k
He Bears it for Me
Eloisa Dec 2022
And he loves me for the beast
that I am
Just sitting with me
Loving me there
through my darkest nights
Keeping me company at my worst
Tenderly gazing while I heal
Holding my hand without looking away
Nov 2022 · 1.5k
My Dear Tree
Eloisa Nov 2022
I started to float
and I’m ready to fall
But I’m not frightened
I’d never cling to your branch
I’ve memorized
the happiness you gave
The nourishment we shared
I will always be a part of you
Worry not my dear
I’ll be back again
to find you

                          Another autumn leaf
Nov 2022 · 1.4k
Autumn Leaves
Eloisa Nov 2022
The scene
Yellow, red, and orange
A million pigments in between
They fly, they smile
They do not fall
Taking time
Embracing the wind
Their only chance to soar
Nov 2022 · 1.4k
Eloisa Nov 2022
Love, my safety
Faith, my wings
A quest for light through this
sunless journey
With a remarkable strength
From hell came out an angel
Back to an enchanting flight
Ready to glide in this garden
of life
#COVID19 Kicked My B*tt

Japan braces for 8th wave right now as #covid19 spreads again.  The thousands of cases daily and the fear of having a dual coronavirus-seasonal influenza spike this winter worries many.  But since almost 80% of the population are fully vaccinated, wearing mask has already been optional for children which I think is a contributing factor for the continuing increase on cases. I teach young children and there were noted children’s infection in our area. So, I knew that #covid19 would catch me at some point due to the nature of my job. As a language teacher, I work in close contact with our clients doing small and big group English lessons to kindergartners and elementary students. I do private one on one conversation and Eiken lessons as well. I know that a number of people I came in contact with got infected by this crazy virus though they observe strict health protocols all the time. Thus, I am always telling myself that I’ve been lucky because I was exposed to covid+ individuals many times and I was never infected. Unfortunately, after our halloween party, covid kicked my b*tt really bad. But being fully vaccinated and boosted, I was not totally scared and I felt ready to take on this virus. Turns out, I was ready, but it wasn't a walk in the park. I've heard some friends say that getting the latest covid variant is like a bad case of sniffles or a mild flu. Not for me. I spent horrible days of having body aches, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and fever. I felt miserable with no energy, had anosmia and ageusia and had the worst sore throat of my life. My throat was like being chainsawed. I dreaded swallowing, and the pain in my throat every time I sneezed was too excruciating. Age factor, maybe. And now a few weeks after, I still feel the adverse effects it brought to my body. Cough, chest tightness, and sore throat still linger.  But what scared me then during my infection was actually transmitting the virus to the members of my family. Thank God, they’re safe and healthy. 🙏
I guess, I didn’t beat covid. The vaccines did.
Sep 2022 · 1.8k
Eloisa Sep 2022
And the quiet black stillness became a familiar friend.
Slowly reaching to an spiritual abyss,
With dark moments that regularly
strengthened myself.
As the depth of this special solitude
led me to a new realm,
I whispered my prayers
to the wind,
Into the tiny hall of awakening where messenger of the gods awaits.
Aug 2022 · 2.9k
Eloisa Aug 2022
And today my coffee
tastes like magic.
Another year older.
My journey so far has not been easy but I’m grateful.
It’s a beautiful day to celebrate!
Thank you for your birthday greetings and inspiring messages!
Aug 2022 · 4.0k
Eloisa Aug 2022
The new dawn’s calling me
for a quiet escape
Setting sail to see the sunrise
The soft clouds and the blue sky
in between
Jul 2022 · 1.0k
Sealing a Destiny
Eloisa Jul 2022
The beauty of her heart speaks.
As she floated freely in the water.
Like lotus, she blooms radiantly in the rain.
Catching life as it flows.
Watching the clouds blown away beyond the sky.
Letting the magic of love do
what it will.
Jun 2022 · 323
Eloisa Jun 2022
She did not let the shadows win.
She remembered who she was
and wore the vibrant stars at night.
She gave her heart consent to heal and held hope within her hands.
Jun 2022 · 154
Eloisa Jun 2022
I will always remember the times you made me feel loved
than the few times you have said it.
Jun 2022 · 979
I’m Not Lost
Eloisa Jun 2022
I found my fate below my feet.
So I continue to tread gently.
Sobering up from the intoxication of seeking.
My light has never been lost and need not to be sought.
I’m breaking the walls I built to cover the real me.
Coated with anxiously raised endurance and strengths.
All the layers of fallacy.
My true nature has always been fragile.
Yet I’m toughened by life’s impermanence.
Holding on to the very meaning of life.
Embracing all sufferings and hardships.
Without losing sight of my creative and truer self.
"For more than 500 years, pottery in Japan has found a new lease of life through kintsugi, the traditional Japanese art form of sealing cracks with lacquer and gold powder. This technique of repair embodies the wabi-sabi aesthetic, which embraces the beauty in imperfection."
Jun 2022 · 2.2k
Eloisa Jun 2022
Like Japanese iris,
she shines with raindrops in the sun.
A blossoming grace in silence.
A new butterfly in flight.
Jun 2022 · 1.6k
Blended Bliss
Eloisa Jun 2022
She was sewn from a stream
of significant disasters,
but she has taken charge of the tide.
Directing the course of the storm,
she became one with the fiercest gyre.
The lightning, the moment
through the raging sea,
the season of her storm is done.
The smell of the after-rain,
the calmness of the shores mended the remnants.
A rainbow of colors and vibrance, the abundance of black clouds is gone.
The beautiful sky,  
a magical release
from these painful bonds.
Courage and kindness,
gratitude and strength,
the real treasures are now found.
Jun 2022 · 1.5k
Eloisa Jun 2022
Staring at my return ticket
to the past
My sunset in a wine glass
Hazy but wondrous
Some things stay even one departs
Eloisa Jun 2022
You’ve crossed the other side
of the world
Out of hell which you thought before was peace
Your words now sing
a tune of hope
In chorus with the bird’s soulful notes
You scattered strength in your beautifully broken wings
Aligning them even to the unpredictable wind
And now you’ve already met
the new you
A new version of you
that you haven’t met yet
With a silent recognition
of your truth and realness
That even the ugly parts of your story
taught you love and acceptance
Then you let go of the hand
that led you to darkness
Now find the joy and wonder of life
and marvel on the magic of love
You are worthy of nothing less
Jun 2022 · 1.3k
On a Journey to Healing
Eloisa Jun 2022
Bravery and strength
She broke the hourglass of grief
Knotted dreams unravelled
With pretty shades of purpose
The moon, her poems as witness
Jun 2022 · 1.4k
A Song of Promise
Eloisa Jun 2022
And she danced to the gorgeous melodies of the ocean waves.
Echoing grace in her courageous and forgiving heart.
Retrieving what she lost in the darkest cave of the past.
A song of promise
to her most bearing self.
All the love that she deserves.
Everything she forgot
to give herself
Jun 2022 · 1.5k
Anchored Anew
Eloisa Jun 2022
Her distant, dormant dream
was brought back to life.
Fully awakened.
Arousing all her heart’s desires.
With no more space for doubts
and fear.
She then realized that her light
has never left at all.
Her grace has taken a lovely form.
Unique yet undefined.
Sweet though surreal.
“One who has control over the mind

is tranquil in heat and cold, 
in pleasure and pain,
 and in honor and dishonor.”
– Bhagavad Gita
May 2022 · 1.0k
She’ll Heal
Eloisa May 2022
Gorgeous souls vanished.
Amazing creatures were lost.
But light still replaces the glimmer that she lost.
Every new day brings hope.
The ocean still continues to wash away the dirt.
Fate gives us darkness as a gift.
Turning the ugly
into faith and power.
And soon humanity will find
sweet waters
to fill her.
A response to Tim’s poem

“We carry within us all the mystical power we need to transform our world.”
Anthon St. Maarten
“All of the worlds problems can be solved in the garden.”
Geoff Lawton
May 2022 · 899
Create Magic
Eloisa May 2022
Call someone.
Read a book.
Enjoy the sun.
Allow yourself to breathe deeply.
Take a walk.
Express gratitude and kindness.

Muse and meditate.
Add a daily entry in your journal.
Gain clarity about your passions and strengths.
Invite positivity and act in service to others.
Connect yourself meaningfully to people and things around you.
I’m currently in the process of untangling my uncertainties and finding my ikigai.
Ikigai- the state of having a deep sense of purpose, or reason for being- a raison d’être (as they say in French). It is a combination of the Japanese words iki and ***.  ‘Iki’ meaning ‘life,’ and ‘***’ meaning ‘worth’ or ‘value.’
May 2022 · 1.1k
Eloisa May 2022
A warbler whistles
Crystals and flowers in her hair
Love the morning sun
May 2022 · 1.1k
Eloisa May 2022
Help me forget my dark thoughts.
Even just for now.
Be my calm,
my cloak in this dimness
I’m confined in.
Calm the storm that runs
through my veins.
Be the breeze that hugs my soul.
May 2022 · 1.0k
Eloisa May 2022
a fresh start
a day to wander
spring rain
Tsuyu- rainy season
May 2022 · 1.4k
Always a Dreamer
Eloisa May 2022
Trying to catch the hopeful winds
in my sails.
delving into the beauty
and promises of life.
Where love daily flourishes
in my heart,
growing and evolving,
chasing the horizon’s hidden colors.
And as the night rhythms pray grace,
while I help the winds
build my castle,
my faith strengthens its stairs.
The ocean waves sing love
and freedom,
echoing a beautiful lyrics of my life.
The night breeze shapes my vision
as love continues to glimmer.
I’m a hopeful believer.
And yes, I’m always a dreamer.
Missing the ocean waves.
I had a gorgeous dream last night.
May 2022 · 1.1k
Always Grateful
Eloisa May 2022
Let the buds of kindness continue to blossom in your pure heart.
I have not been receiving any notification emails from HP for a year now. The notification tab also in the site only shows a few. I do not know who has sent a sun to my newest poem
“The Brightest Sunset.”
I just would like to say thank you.
I truly appreciate it.
May 2022 · 4.6k
The Brightest Sunset
Eloisa May 2022
And the day sends bursts of gold and brilliance to the coming night.
Beautifully engraving divine colors through the horizon.
The rambling of magics, mysteries, and charm has commenced.
The whispering of the leaves,
the spirit of spring.
The lighting beacon of my love
and resilience.
Nurturing my dreams,
unfurling my new-found wings.
An amorous night to soar,
an idyllic moment to fly,
While I await for the moon
to join the sun
in the same pastel sky.
Just saw the most beautiful sunset today.
May 2022 · 1.4k
Eloisa May 2022
Can you take me to a special place
where the wild
becomes my blissful sky?
Only you and me,
dreaming while gliding with glee.
Help me find my lost essence,
my disoriented strength.
And marvel at the joyous,
glossy evergreens
till the darkness sets in.
Please hold my hands until my moon glows again.
May 2022 · 2.1k
I Need The Moon
Eloisa May 2022
I became prey again to grief’s treacherous maze.
So I dashed barefoot
in the forest last night.
Though the Japanese redwoods welcomed my rage and wild.
I’m still lost beyond
the gates of gloom.
The beautiful melodies
seemed to whisper dreadful things.
Then it started fading,
the music’s gone.
Even the stars are nowhere in sight.
The silence is deafening,
I need the moon to keep my light.
May 2022 · 822
Beautiful Melody
Eloisa May 2022
And he wrapped me up in his beautiful melody.
and Contentment.
Apr 2022 · 1.3k
Eloisa Apr 2022
Then the darkness
got there first again.
Slowly killing her desires.
Veiled in black,
grief did not leave her.
Blurred were the lines that separated her fear and joy.
She’s lost in the haze.
Mar 2022 · 1.2k
On the Edge
Eloisa Mar 2022
I opened my eyes in darkness,
In the ravine where I met myself.
I heard my voice
in the deep silence.
In the unending crack
I began to tread again.
I tried to climb
out of dread and despair.
Nearing the death of light.
The moon has left.
Jan 2022 · 1.4k
You Embraced Me More
Eloisa Jan 2022
And we wrapped one another in love and kindness
Slowly weaving a fine, flowered and sweet-smelling story
Even on our mundane
yet magical days
You embraced me more and more
Jan 2022 · 1.6k
Eloisa Jan 2022
Embraced my chaotic waves
My mess after madness and
Braved my sullen storm
Reaching out your hands to
Accept the broken me
Calming my hysteric nerves and
Eagerly sailed along  
Deep in the darker side of me

Mysterious our horizon may be
Even in these surges of uncertainty

My soul felt a different you
Only one who truly understands
Ripples of memories behind, that
Even my dimmest night will end
Oct 2021 · 734
There, Amongst the Angels
Eloisa Oct 2021
Sitting under the prismatic sky,
With my heart so broken,
my eyes shut,
barely catching my breath,
and silently chanting a beautiful prayer.
Though the autumn leaves began to sob with me,
the birds of paradise
welcomed you with love.
We’ll keep the fondest thoughts,
the wonderful memories,
You may now dance there in heaven.
There, amongst the angels.
My grandmother died this morning.
The fourth death in the family this year.
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