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Sep 3 · 479
Eloisa Sep 3
And the quiet black stillness became a familiar friend.
Slowly reaching to an spiritual abyss,
With dark moments that regularly
strengthened myself.
As the depth of this special solitude
led me to a new realm,
I whispered my prayers
to the wind,
Into the tiny hall of awakening where messenger of the gods awaits.
Aug 26 · 464
Eloisa Aug 26
And today my coffee
tastes like magic.
Another year older.
My journey so far has not been easy but I’m grateful.
It’s a beautiful day to celebrate!
Aug 16 · 373
Eloisa Aug 16
The new dawn’s calling me
for a quiet escape
Setting sail to see the sunrise
The soft clouds and the blue sky
in between
Jul 23 · 607
Sealing a Destiny
Eloisa Jul 23
The beauty of her heart speaks.
As she floated freely in the water.
Like lotus, she blooms radiantly in the rain.
Catching life as it flows.
Watching the clouds blown away beyond the sky.
Letting the magic of love do
what it will.
Jun 22 · 257
Eloisa Jun 22
She did not let the shadows win.
She remembered who she was
and wore the vibrant stars at night.
She gave her heart consent to heal and held hope within her hands.
Jun 21 · 92
Eloisa Jun 21
I will always remember the times you made me feel loved
than the few times you have said it.
Jun 19 · 256
I’m Not Lost
Eloisa Jun 19
I found my fate below my feet.
So I continue to tread gently.
Sobering up from the intoxication of seeking.
My light has never been lost and need not to be sought.
I’m breaking the walls I built to cover the real me.
Coated with anxiously raised endurance and strengths.
All the layers of fallacy.
My true nature has always been fragile.
Yet I’m toughened by life’s impermanence.
Holding on to the very meaning of life.
Embracing all sufferings and hardships.
Without losing sight of my creative and truer self.
"For more than 500 years, pottery in Japan has found a new lease of life through kintsugi, the traditional Japanese art form of sealing cracks with lacquer and gold powder. This technique of repair embodies the wabi-sabi aesthetic, which embraces the beauty in imperfection."
Jun 16 · 526
Eloisa Jun 16
Like Japanese iris,
she shines with raindrops in the sun.
A blossoming grace in silence.
A new butterfly in flight.
Jun 11 · 508
Blended Bliss
Eloisa Jun 11
She was sewn from a stream
of significant disasters,
but she has taken charge of the tide.
Directing the course of the storm,
she became one with the fiercest gyre.
The lightning, the moment
through the raging sea,
the season of her storm is done.
The smell of the after-rain,
the calmness of the shores mended the remnants.
A rainbow of colors and vibrance, the abundance of black clouds is gone.
The beautiful sky,  
a magical release
from these painful bonds.
Courage and kindness,
gratitude and strength,
the real treasures are now found.
Jun 9 · 439
Eloisa Jun 9
Staring at my return ticket
to the past
My sunset in a wine glass
Hazy but wondrous
Some things stay even one departs
Eloisa Jun 7
You’ve crossed the other side
of the world
Out of hell which you thought before was peace
Your words now sing
a tune of hope
In chorus with the bird’s soulful notes
You scattered strength in your beautifully broken wings
Aligning them even to the unpredictable wind
And now you’ve already met
the new you
A new version of you
that you haven’t met yet
With a silent recognition
of your truth and realness
That even the ugly parts of your story
taught you love and acceptance
Then you let go of the hand
that led you to darkness
Now find the joy and wonder of life
and marvel on the magic of love
You are worthy of nothing less
Eloisa Jun 5
Bravery and strength
She broke the hourglass of grief
Knotted dreams unravelled
With pretty shades of purpose
The moon, her poems as witness
Jun 5 · 746
A Song of Promise
Eloisa Jun 5
And she danced to the gorgeous melodies of the ocean waves.
Echoing grace in her courageous and forgiving heart.
Retrieving what she lost in the darkest cave of the past.
A song of promise
to her most bearing self.
All the love that she deserves.
Everything she forgot
to give herself
Jun 1 · 525
Anchored Anew
Eloisa Jun 1
Her distant, dormant dream
was brought back to life.
Fully awakened.
Arousing all her heart’s desires.
With no more space for doubts
and fear.
She then realized that her light
has never left at all.
Her grace has taken a lovely form.
Unique yet undefined.
Sweet though surreal.
“One who has control over the mind

is tranquil in heat and cold, 
in pleasure and pain,
 and in honor and dishonor.”
– Bhagavad Gita
May 31 · 943
She’ll Heal
Eloisa May 31
Gorgeous souls vanished.
Amazing creatures were lost.
But light still replaces the glimmer that she lost.
Every new day brings hope.
The ocean still continues to wash away the dirt.
Fate gives us darkness as a gift.
Turning the ugly
into faith and power.
And soon humanity will find
sweet waters
to fill her.
A response to Tim’s poem

“We carry within us all the mystical power we need to transform our world.”
Anthon St. Maarten
“All of the worlds problems can be solved in the garden.”
Geoff Lawton
May 29 · 393
Create Magic
Eloisa May 29
Call someone.
Read a book.
Enjoy the sun.
Allow yourself to breathe deeply.
Take a walk.
Express gratitude and kindness.

Muse and meditate.
Add a daily entry in your journal.
Gain clarity about your passions and strengths.
Invite positivity and act in service to others.
Connect yourself meaningfully to people and things around you.
I’m currently in the process of untangling my uncertainties and finding my ikigai.
Ikigai- the state of having a deep sense of purpose, or reason for being- a raison d’être (as they say in French). It is a combination of the Japanese words iki and ***.  ‘Iki’ meaning ‘life,’ and ‘***’ meaning ‘worth’ or ‘value.’
May 28 · 639
Eloisa May 28
A warbler whistles
Crystals and flowers in her hair
Love the morning sun
May 27 · 424
Eloisa May 27
Help me forget my dark thoughts.
Even just for now.
Be my calm,
my cloak in this dimness
I’m confined in.
Calm the storm that runs
through my veins.
Be the breeze that hugs my soul.
May 26 · 526
Eloisa May 26
a fresh start
a day to wander
spring rain
Tsuyu- rainy season
May 22 · 638
Always a Dreamer
Eloisa May 22
Trying to catch the hopeful winds
in my sails.
delving into the beauty
and promises of life.
Where love daily flourishes
in my heart,
growing and evolving,
chasing the horizon’s hidden colors.
And as the night rhythms pray grace,
while I help the winds
build my castle,
my faith strengthens its stairs.
The ocean waves sing love
and freedom,
echoing a beautiful lyrics of my life.
The night breeze shapes my vision
as love continues to glimmer.
I’m a hopeful believer.
And yes, I’m always a dreamer.
Missing the ocean waves.
I had a gorgeous dream last night.
May 20 · 654
Always Grateful
Eloisa May 20
Let the buds of kindness continue to blossom in your pure heart.
I have not been receiving any notification emails from HP for a year now. The notification tab also in the site only shows a few. I do not know who has sent a sun to my newest poem
“The Brightest Sunset.”
I just would like to say thank you.
I truly appreciate it.
May 19 · 1.8k
The Brightest Sunset
Eloisa May 19
And the day sends bursts of gold and brilliance to the coming night.
Beautifully engraving divine colors through the horizon.
The rambling of magics, mysteries, and charm has commenced.
The whispering of the leaves,
the spirit of spring.
The lighting beacon of my love
and resilience.
Nurturing my dreams,
unfurling my new-found wings.
An amorous night to soar,
an idyllic moment to fly,
While I await for the moon
to join the sun
in the same pastel sky.
Just saw the most beautiful sunset today.
May 18 · 830
Eloisa May 18
Can you take me to a special place
where the wild
becomes my blissful sky?
Only you and me,
dreaming while gliding with glee.
Help me find my lost essence,
my disoriented strength.
And marvel at the joyous,
glossy evergreens
till the darkness sets in.
Please hold my hands until my moon glows again.
May 17 · 935
I Need The Moon
Eloisa May 17
I became prey again to grief’s treacherous maze.
So I dashed barefoot
in the forest last night.
Though the Japanese redwoods welcomed my rage and wild.
I’m still lost beyond
the gates of gloom.
The beautiful melodies
seemed to whisper dreadful things.
Then it started fading,
the music’s gone.
Even the stars are nowhere in sight.
The silence is deafening,
I need the moon to keep my light.
May 14 · 702
Beautiful Melody
Eloisa May 14
And he wrapped me up in his beautiful melody.
and Contentment.
Apr 17 · 514
Eloisa Apr 17
Then the darkness
got there first again.
Slowly killing her desires.
Veiled in black,
grief did not leave her.
Blurred were the lines that separated her fear and joy.
She’s lost in the haze.
Mar 20 · 789
On the Edge
Eloisa Mar 20
I opened my eyes in darkness,
In the ravine where I met myself.
I heard my voice
in the deep silence.
In the unending crack
I began to tread again.
I tried to climb
out of dread and despair.
Nearing the death of light.
The moon has left.
Jan 19 · 971
You Embraced Me More
Eloisa Jan 19
And we wrapped one another in love and kindness
Slowly weaving a fine, flowered and sweet-smelling story
Even on our mundane
yet magical days
You embraced me more and more
Jan 19 · 1.0k
Eloisa Jan 19
Embraced my chaotic waves
My mess after madness and
Braved my sullen storm
Reaching out your hands to
Accept the broken me
Calming my hysteric nerves and
Eagerly sailed along  
Deep in the darker side of me

Mysterious our horizon may be
Even in these surges of uncertainty

My soul felt a different you
Only one who truly understands
Ripples of memories behind, that
Even my dimmest night will end
Oct 2021 · 629
There, Amongst the Angels
Eloisa Oct 2021
Sitting under the prismatic sky,
With my heart so broken,
my eyes shut,
barely catching my breath,
and silently chanting a beautiful prayer.
Though the autumn leaves began to sob with me,
the birds of paradise
welcomed you with love.
We’ll keep the fondest thoughts,
the wonderful memories,
You may now dance there in heaven.
There, amongst the angels.
My grandmother died this morning.
The fourth death in the family this year.
Sep 2021 · 1.6k
An Autumn Sunset
Eloisa Sep 2021
Waiting for me today
was a grapy sky,
a purplish dusk over titian fields.
Then a familiar autumn scent perfumed the air,
the fragrant tea olive burst in orange blooms.
I ambled and paused a bit,
and watched the little ray of sun
that lingered on the horizon.
I saw an outline of my dream,
a vision above the western isles.
I held my breath and firmly thought.
I have to find my purpose.
Embrace my lows and my highs,
my weaknesses and strengths,
even the creeping darkness and
the marvelous sunrise.
I have to love life each day.
With every sunset as my witness
to accomplish something worthwhile.
Sep 2021 · 510
Eloisa Sep 2021
And like me,
he gets enlivened when nature metamorphoses.
He dances with the ocean waves and gapes at the splendid, scarlet sunset.
He enjoys the ripe air with the pleasant dewy petrichor,
and adores the bespangled night sky.
Would my ancient peculiar rhythm meet his empathetic heartbeat?
If he could immerse in my murky depths.
If he’d help me journey through
this twisted path,
from a thorny to a glorious trail,
from the grotesque to the sublime.
Sep 2021 · 1.0k
Colors of Fall
Eloisa Sep 2021
I departed poorly
with my blackly bitter summer,
And ordered life in bright colors.
It gave me autumn
dressed in blazing orange and red.
Delivered to me in dreamful
and magical tints of gold.
I didn’t even notice the autumn rain.
Smelling the fragrance of the breeze,
I heard beautiful music from the rustling leaves.
Now, my heart began beating a familiar rhyme.
Love will gather my wistful, unspoken thoughts,
With new songs of harmony
from these autumn leaves.
I still have a lot of these colors.
I still have a lot of LOVE to give.
I’ve known love like I’ve known fall for so long.
Sep 2021 · 1.7k
Soften Grief
Eloisa Sep 2021
The sunrise and the sunset,
the autumn and the spring,
Thoughts of their magnificence
pulled me up from this lengthy dormancy,
Living my life ahead,
Leaving the pain behind.
Aug 2021 · 830
I Do Not Fear the Wind
Eloisa Aug 2021
No sun,
No moon,
No stars,
Only wind
furiously swirling up the sky.
But I do not fear the wind.
I have a pair of strong wings.
Aug 2021 · 296
Eloisa Aug 2021
I haven’t written the saddest lines.
Only a tiny strand separates happiness
from melancholy.
I couldn’t describe sorrow in words.
I’m just waiting to see the autumn fields.
Summer has set me aflame.
And the sun didn’t rise today.
Aug 2021 · 657
I Will Be Water
Eloisa Aug 2021
And I found a new piece of myself today.
Tiny pieces I discover each
day in every experience.
Grief, anger, and hurt.
Strength, understanding,
and love.
I will care as long as I can.
Pouring life and love in everything,
to everyone.
I will be water.
Aug 2021 · 460
Eloisa Aug 2021
In the darkest hours,
grief is overpowering.
The stars,
The moon,
This grief.
Drowning me in waves.
My father just died.
And I’m almost 2000 miles away from him.
Aug 2021 · 1.1k
Eloisa Aug 2021
Watching the clouds
float across the sky.
But I know a hidden sun’s
still there watching.
The sweet scent of the morning air
in the midst of this dreary gloom,
Someday I’ll meet my fate up there,
up there among those feathery clouds.
And though I’d get rained on sometimes,
there was never any storm
I couldn’t handle.
Jun 2021 · 5.0k
Just Call Her Wildflower
Eloisa Jun 2021
And she took some tiny steps
to love herself.
Slowly whirling toward the rainbow,
a light guide to her greatest love.
With colors like no other.
Enjoying her journey,
a wildflower embracing herself.
Growing wherever she chooses,
in the stillness of the stars and the rhythm of the breeze.
Wind and pain,
sunshine and rain,
A velvety night,
a meadow in the sky.
And she took some more steps
to love herself.
She doesn’t have a name,
she’s a wildflower dancing free.
Jun 2021 · 454
Eloisa Jun 2021
And we frolicked with our arms entangled
under the stunning gleam of the moonlight.
With the diamond waterfalls as witness,
dreamy as the rainbow,
cascading solace in our thoughts.
We’re out of the gushing downpour.
though we still hear and feel the water.
Exalting how we climbed
the higher and steeper trail
with dangerous cliffs in thousands,
we continued to hold hands.
With even a tiny bit of love but a ton of hope,
we eradicated fear
and let the light come through.
Merging us again into one!
stitching every hidden torn and burn.
Jun 2021 · 925
Eloisa Jun 2021
And she loved all the things that tore her down.
Often left empty and alone,
she said she’s not broken.
She has flown into agonizing
fire and danced in perilous storms.
Her bond with her rhymes freed her faithful soul.
Jun 2021 · 435
Eloisa Jun 2021
I watched the sun touched the ocean today.
It brought its radiance to the water.
Then I saw the water played with colors.
Gold, aqua, green, orange, and blue,
so lovely in different hues.
The thoughts of the ocean reminded me of us.
Our sunny days and stormy skies.
Cries, dismays, laughters, dreams, and smiles.
Black and white,
dark and light.
Darkened days and silvery nights.
But love has always led,
lighting the pathways to understanding.
By loving with the fullness of our heart,
we found its bliss, its beauty, and its blessing deep within.
Let’s continue to live on dreams and hopes.
And together herald in the mystical wonders and joys,
where dayspring has no end,
where flowers burst in ever glory and splendor,
even years after we’ve lifted our first silver hair.
Written this poem long time ago after I had a wonderful discussion about “love” with my friend Peter. Just realized that it was not yet posted.
Jun 2021 · 1.8k
Eloisa Jun 2021
She drowned herself
in the magical depths of silence.
finding her missing essence.
A much needed retreat to her sanctuary
to find herself!
Jun 2021 · 2.9k
Eloisa Jun 2021
And she adorned her evenings
with roses and rhymes,
words and thorns.
A night even with her sacred vessels,
she still got lost in a storm
Jun 2021 · 765
Eloisa Jun 2021
And the magic stays within her.
Nesting in her ardent spirit,
throbbing in her veins.
It shows up in her tangled mane,
her sunny smile, the sparkle in her eyes.
It’s in her yearning for the evening sun, her walks under the stars and her dance rituals with the wind.
Her magic lives in the corner of her
beautiful broken heart
when she mingles with the fireflies in the woods.
It’s in the way she lays awake,
robed with autumn leaves
under the breath of the moon.
How she hums her prayers in darkness.
Magic is her love and dreams.
Magic is in her flawed heart and scarred soul.
Magic lives in the very fabric of her true self.
Jun 2021 · 330
Memory of My Story
Eloisa Jun 2021
I don’t need beautiful music to continue
to dance.
I don’t need perfect words
to tell you my life story.
My life is shown in the grace of each sunset
and sunrise.
It is written in the blackness of the night up until the light of each day.
It is felt in the coarseness of the sand
and in the softness of the clouds.
It is heard through the songs of the birds
and the psalms from the still water.
Each of my story is part of the dust and hopeful seeds blown and scattered by the joyful winds.
The magic, the majesty, the glory of everything that surrounds me.
Every single moment is a memory.
A wonderful memory of my story.
Jun 2021 · 866
Eloisa Jun 2021
And she laid herself down on the sand of darkness
Slowly lacing each tiny grain into pearl
Loosen yet whole
Rare yet priceless
Precious and lustrous
Enchanting and valuable
May 2021 · 508
Blind Alley
Eloisa May 2021
Lost in the passage of despair and confusion,
Tangled up in the horrors of the past,
Caught in a web of endless stupor,
The unseen whirls of sombre silence,
Her silhouette blended again in dimness,
May 2021 · 2.5k
Unraveling the Dark
Eloisa May 2021
She watches a firefly dancing
in the pretty, sorrowful darkness.
She’s a moonflower clinging to her dream,
singing songs of love and magic.
A mystical vision in the radiance of night,
in her concluding silky, passionate glide upon the deathless sky,
in her deepest grief,
some blissful dreams arise.
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