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21h · 157
Eloisa 21h
How lovely the days of spring—
thinking about you.
Listening to the birds sing and waiting for the day you’re here with me.
~ I truly miss you!
4d · 110
Your Kisses
Eloisa 4d
Your kisses felt as soft as the cherry blossoms,
as sweet as the smell of the grass and the woods,
as warm as the sunshine in April,
Yes, I truly love you and the beauty of spring!
~I miss you!
Eloisa Apr 11
A quick change of weather brought me to stare outside the window
Standing near the porch, I was then surprised to see snow falling
Almost a month when cherry blossoms began to say hello
Here comes a chilling wind and a surprise snowfall in spring
Hearing its sound, a thread of sad memories began to flow
This pushed me back to the hour of pain, strain,  and self-blaming
Worried about the blossoms and  pretty wild flowers in the meadow,
I looked around and saw green grass and birds happily chirping
Oh! the woods smell sweet, snow becomes rains and the little stream flows
And everywhere I turn around, I see hope in everything
Plus who among us would not care, cherish and will not go
To admire a lovely tree where blossoms are hung with snow in spring
~A snowy day in spring!
Apr 8 · 479
cherry blossom
Eloisa Apr 8
Pink flow’rs, blushing cheeks
             A soft kiss to say goodbye
                            Just one perfect dance
Mar 31 · 297
Dear Flowers
Eloisa Mar 31
The sweet fragrance you shared to me changed my weeping heart
Shadows of bitter yesterdays are now erased at last
Scented tints of the awesome spring put smiles into my eyes
Previous battles I've cried and lost, you brought a hopeful sunrise
Mar 31 · 93
Someday We Will
Eloisa Mar 31
Too wonderful is the spring's day and night
Painting the meadows with delight
Too green are the grass and leaves
Waving happily in tune with the breeze
Too sweet is the smell of the blossoms
Rejoicing in colorful robes they bloom
Someday my dearest love we will
Oh believe me, one day in April
Spring dance in the sun we will
On a sweeter spring, we'll kiss uphill
Mar 31 · 245
Eloisa Mar 31
She stood there ***** almost all throughout the year
Enslaved by the chilling winds, captured by the gloom of winter
Though she never got tired of waiting for the sun to rouse from a lengthy sleep
Reaching up the clouds, she raised her tiny brittle arms and began to weep

I was a witness to her silent suppressed feeling and pain
But I was scared to show her that I also wallow in vain
Then I saw her yesterday with the warm breeze caressing her blushing cheeks
I just wished she felt my joy, the freedom from the frigid knot is indeed to celebrate

Her beauty now flourishes in her pink and silky gown
Her smile glitters and she glows like a princess with a gorgeous crimson crown
Again I am a witness to her glorious happiness and content
Though nervous of the ceremony that might soon begin to fade
Feb 23 · 393
My Seeds of Hope
Eloisa Feb 23
I again visited my garden of despair
Watered with tears of woes and neglect
And now that the pond of bliss is arid
I once again asked myself
What flowers can thrive on these barrens?
Then I glanced at the blossoms of withered memories
Scattered as wreckage from a landslide
The bushes of harrowing pain I found
Arranged in a line of endless thorny shrubs
Decayed trees bearing the fruit of deceit
Still cast a shadow of contorted lies
I then trod as lightly and slowly as I could
Then plucked a fruit from a rotten tree and got its seeds
And with a chalky smile I hummed a quiet tune
Even in the death of my garden
I saw the promises of healing
As I walked past the rusty trellises and tarnished fences
I welcomed my sanguine memories of perfect and scented blooms
Visions of sun-drenched leaves greeted my anguish with a sliver of silver lining
It doesn’t matter if my garden left me with nothing
What now matters most is here in my hands are seeds of hope
Feb 17 · 328
Embrace Your Truth
Eloisa Feb 17
You tried to look in the mirror and you gazed at your own eyes
Not just a face you saw but a reflection of the past
You got lost many times, not only once, not just twice
Triumphs laced with mistakes, crowning failures that got surpassed

You stared at the reflection in front of you and saw a space
In it was a mix collection of your joys and your fears
You gazed once more at the woman’s more serene face
Another room was lit with a lot of held back tears

How many years have you forgotten and known yourself
Oh! Fret not for as long as it has taken back to you
For you  have begun to retrace each and every step
So that you could finally mutter to the woman in the mirror
“I love you!”

Congratulations! You now know your beautiful truth
That self-love truly throbs and runs deep in accepting who’s you
That giant tides will be tamed and all storms will be gone
If your soul is your truth, and your heart is your light
Feb 17 · 487
A Mantra of Self-Love
Eloisa Feb 17
Don't focus on how many times you felt
and left behind.

Instead, think of how many times you              
stood up,
moved on,
took the courage to let go,
and lived again.
Feb 11 · 430
Intoxicated (10w)
Eloisa Feb 11
in my childhood memories
Oh, sorry! I’m intoxicated.
Feb 10 · 387
A Choice To Make
Eloisa Feb 10
The winter fairy has again knocked on my door with a lovely gift of today
With a little sunshine hue
this morning she arrived with tiny friends
Still sulking in darkness and in my melancholic silence
I got up and tried to peek
A little smile then curved my lips
happily singing their winter songs
on a frail tree branch were birds with tiny feet

The gift of laughter that I heard suddenly gave me hope
Winter is not only a season of gloom, of tears and of despair
Its beauty is also a season for peace,  for thinking and for memories
Because of my new feathered friends
a reminder so I write today
That for any season that we have
to feel untroubled or miserable is our choice to make
Eloisa Feb 9
I remember vividly for many years
We were enamored with each other
The promises we made seem real I thought
Hearts and letters were existent

God has bestowed us with such blessings
Two little angels His ultimate gifts
You were my life, my world, my everything
A wonderful man to me and our children

I didn't know what happened next
One day you said that you were home
But I saw you then with other girl
You kissed her lips, you held her close

I was afraid to ask the truth
I became blind to your deception
Tears rolled down my cheeks
A bleeding heart I needed to keep

My agony was building up
I have forgotten how it is to love
I felt so down, alone and empty
You crushed my soul, you made me crippled

I remained still a loving wife
Despite this heavy pouring rain
I tried to forget the agony and misery
I live for love, I breathe for it

I tried so hard to win you back
I gave my all, the love in me you cannot see
But then I saw you one time again
With the same girl, I died in pain

I let the tears fall down so quick
I knew your love has reached its end
The look in your eyes I can't forget
You said GOODBYE, I was in grief

I know my love is now forgotten
My hopes are ceased, my dreams are shattered
But though your betrayal cut me so deep
Your love's sweet memory, I'll forever cherish
Eloisa Feb 8
When winter wind begins to howl around
and murmurs through my sad and lengthy days
I will sit down and try to write a  poem
and find my strength and solace in a phrase

When stand ***** in the park are all the trees
and the plants in the garden stop to grow
I’ll write again another piece of poetry
and dream of cheeriness and love to flow

When sunrise seems scant, snow days aplenty
and dullness lingers long for months and end
I’ll write a verse to keep me company
and wish it be meaningful and well penned

The winter god will not dispirit me
when I send message with a poetry
~Snowy days ahead
Feb 8 · 145
Eloisa Feb 8
Words float inside my head
as I drift deep in an endless pass
Emotions flow in melodic waves
as I plunge into a lyrical sea
Paper soaked in sentiments
And troubled thoughts swamped my page
Misery surges and I’m submerged
I’m drowning!
I’m drowning!
Feb 7 · 451
Eloisa Feb 7
Yes, I wear a mask
Woven of fabric of falsity
Now drenched in agony
The mask of grief, pain and fear
But my calm face says “I’m fine!”
Feb 6 · 403
Worry Not
Eloisa Feb 6
Regrets, clouds of doubt
Random mistakes, broken vows
This uncertainty
Worry less my dear, don’t fear
I’ll take your hand, please take mine
Feb 6 · 424
Eloisa Feb 6
Had a gorgeous dream
Your broad arms wrapped around me
Gone are my worries
Feb 5 · 118
Winter Morning
Eloisa Feb 5
Watched the dull gray sky one winter morning
Felt quivering in the crisp wind
Though the world seemed so quite asleep
Barely heard the crackling trees

Stripped trees stand sleeping in the cold
"Where's the sun?" I asked myself
Then suddenly I turned around
On the bare branches were about a hundred birds
Oh! I didn't hear their sound
Winter’s beauty still is pleasing
Great hope is what this season brings
Said the quiet lake and the silent stream
After winter soon will be the beauty of spring
Feb 5 · 1.1k
Still Here
Eloisa Feb 5
If there comes a time
that you might lose me
Find me in my poetry
Feb 4 · 106
One Snowy Day
Eloisa Feb 4
White flurries descending from the gray sky
Starting to envelope the ground like blankets
Leaves are lovely as if they have trinkets
***** trees suddenly have ornaments
The cold wind blows the crystals in rhythm
Snowflakes are dancing like tiny butterflies
Winter's beauty truly isn't pale and colored light
The earth's not asleep, only dressed in sparkly white
Feb 4 · 154
Bloom My Dearest
Eloisa Feb 4
You are indeed an awesome enchanting gift
Please stop walking in a field of grief
Life's sometimes wicked and full of prejudice
But remember you're lovely amidst these tumult and haste
Our life isn't always a happy feast
Like the pretty tulips that fade, die and wilt
Flowers bloom to inspire us to grow in faith
Thus, bloom my dearest! Don't be scared to fail
Feb 3 · 76
Rise Up
Eloisa Feb 3
When you choose sadness to take over the depths of your heart
Then you let doubts and anxieties prevail over joy
And when you opt to have your smile vanish in a whirlwind of fear
You'll be stuck too long in the darkness you're confined in
Catastrophes and obstacles will  pile up without end
Struggles will get harder to carry unbearable burden
Bounce back and drive all your worries away
Get out of this dead end and seek the light again
Be not afraid to create your safe space and realize your plans
Be brave to tread to the other side of the barrier where thick and luscious grass awaits
Where doubts, fear and sorrow no longer exist
Feb 3 · 233
True Love
Eloisa Feb 3
Your lack of love does not diminish hers
Hers is a love that never ceases
Hers is a love that always forgives
Even with your promises that you can never keep
Feb 3 · 96
Eloisa Feb 3
Hold my hands please
Whisper something to ease the pain
Help me get through this ordeal
I can hardly breathe
I feel cold
I am numb
I am beginning to break
I am starting to get weak
Thoughts scattered
Dreams shattered
Hopes halted
Love has ended
Feb 3 · 149
Eloisa Feb 3
I woke up chained in an erroneous love
I wept alone in my sorry state
The world’s quite deaf with all
my cries
I hurt myself and cursed my fate
The cuts are deep, my cup is emptied
The thread is thin and I’m hanging low
In my quiet moments of reflection
I held onto every bit of memory
On how sweet our love was used to be
The intentions were real but the truth is untold
Agonized as the lies unfold
Oftentimes I asked myself
of how  could you control me this much
Though I am tempted with hatred and overwhelmed with grief
My heart even ached with the thought of your touch
And much would I wanted to say it’s over, it really is this time
I still have a pull in my soul and on my mind
Though my life is torn apart,
my heart is still in bind
I know I shouldn’t feel this way
I know I shouldn’t have to care
After all I have realized, I never needed you
But then I knew exactly what is right, that it’s you who needed me
Feb 2 · 100
Eloisa Feb 2
I am already torn
Scared of what is in store
Deep uncertainty was born suddenly
Unexplained feelings in a rush
Shivers swiftly came
Oh please, spare me once
Feb 2 · 278
Eloisa Feb 2
I am actually slowly drifting away
Wave after wave after wave
Slowly drifting
I really feel that I am drowning
I just need you to hold my hand

Sometimes I just need to go with the waves
Let the waves bring me to a place where I deserve
Maybe hoping again is never a mistake
It maybe a start of something beautiful
Undefined it may seem

The warmth of the sand brings calmness
The sound of the waves gives music
The cold air brings strength
The ocean seems inviting
Its beauty leads to peace
Feb 2 · 473
Be Strong
Eloisa Feb 2
Nurture your strength and let it freely grow
Gather your spirit, paddle your own canoe
The  darkest storms and all the wildest waves
Spiralling winds,  the strongest gales
All these torments, disillusions and dismays
Easy and strong paddles keep you adrift and unafraid
Feb 2 · 223
Eloisa Feb 2
Courage and strength in the midst of her fear
Disguises her feelings, though she woke up in tears
Uneven, rocky and rough her journey will be
Winding and long her roads are temporarily
She’s confused of the thoughts that even the toughest will tire
That the strongest will be weak and the happiest will cry

She has begun to find doubts on how far she could go
She started to get scared if she would be able to go through
There were minutes of choosing to stop and finally give up
But still she thought of how long did she hold on and how she has battled so tough
Then she thought of how God has led her way and guided her journey
Showing her unshaken smile, she stood up again and began her odyssey.

— The End —