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Like the sun my mind sets,
like the moon my heart comes in power
the emotion filled tides
rising and crashing.
Like a waterfall my emotions flow,
like a volcano words escape.

Suppressed emotions unveiled

letting words with no logic escape
for the words are true,

the emotions are pure

allowing the ones around me
to hear my secrets as they divulge
catch a glimpse of vulnerability , raw and honesty

that are veiled by the morning light.
nihiliti Jun 2018
I can call upon myself
but it's just a shell

bones break surface
offering quilltips
for forging poems
graduated cylinder-strained
diluted-air grade
not from concentrate


the mechanism's safe
as sealed secret tombs
are safe
an echo of disdain
for which I apologize

aquiver with paste-
like listenings
replicating histories
foreign and estranged
to taciturn gaze;
functional, but

shells function as people
but not as well
words wish but don't tell
what awaits ingrained
in bones broken
for blessing

pop! but distressing
echoing, echoing
pain empathetically parsed
but cannot relate
it's too late

I'm walking
but not talking
I'm listening
but not communicating
I'm dead
but not yet down

entombed in my head;
all that might have been
still can, but
a refusal to bend
is found
in my own pen

I've built a prison for myself
The writing's on the skin.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2017
Look, the blue sky arch
is up until now
an upside-down cup.
The juicy bit, for sure,
is down on the veiled earth!
Äŧül Dec 2016
I wanted the girl,
As I loved her, and,
She reflected my love.
But it's a thing of the past.
She reflected my love,
As I loved her, and,
I wanted the girl.
My HP Poem #1342
©Atul Kaushal
K Balachandran Feb 2016
The rare civet cat in my thoughts is wild at heart
precious, as the species is fast facing extinction,
adamant and headstrong, just accept her the way she is
yes lives in my attic, keeping an eye on me, independently
Did you say you smell musk on my body?she must have
smeared it all over, inadvertently, a prankster too, she is
can't think any other chance otherwise, but her ebullient
moments are different,she herself turns a fire work then.
Some strange coincidences in life, don't allow any questions
certain secrets,her heart's wish, are yet to be unraveled
Yes, yes,her musky fragrance on me, spills magic,I enjoy it
The "Malabar large-spotted civet cat" seen in South India,,is a species facing extinction.while living in attics of the houses it remains wild,
theboy May 2015
I know you're bad for me
no, scratch that
I know you're killing me

Each time I breathe you in
I exhale as violently as I can
desperately compensating for my shame
But your dark fingerprints linger

I know that if I drink too much,
I will find you between my dry lips,
their cracks, formed by the action of spitting you out
providing inroads for your thick, stifling presence

Someone keeps writing about you in my notebook
but whoever it is seems scared to pen your name
Anshuman sharma Apr 2015
Find me by the sea
Look prudently,
For I'm not what you perceive..

Am I the wave,
A captive of the wind

Am I
Eloping with the wind tonight..

Find me by dawn
Look prudently
For I'm not what you believe

Am I
The distant weary traveller tale
The Tale of endless starry nights..

Am I,
Consummating the tangerine sky
Until sunrise..

Find me by the park.
Look meticulously my love,
For I'm not what I reveal

Am I
The crumbly undusted forgotten bench,
Stained, left to scar.

Am I the blowing leaf
Scaled mountains,
And the parks..
Telling everyone,
How lovable we truly are.
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