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Paint me a picture of the mountains dark and vast against the setting of the sun, show me how the forest extends beyond the realm of human sound, and bring me the silence of the night beneath the stars that are densely stacked into the unknown, and the river that winds on and on and on, and trace your pen along the path just beneath the canyons where the falls hide deep caverns of peace and stillness.

Pick up your pen, and in the way that only you can, draw this for me, this journey, this gentle path into the night. Pick up your pen and show me.

Show me how to live without you

I don't even know where to start. I am standing next to an empty canvas

And my heart is lost.
See all things - gathered in one
The reign of joy has just begun
Gardens thrive in total peace
Harvests rich will never cease

The ancient fullness all restored
Plowshares made from every sword
Health and strength arise anew
Light and truth distill as dew

Kindness and compassion flow
Eye to eye we’ll see and know
Trials may come before this time
Just do your part, and I’ll do mine
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I'm looking forward to the time where peace will reign on earth, and everyone will enjoy safety and prosperity.

I personally DO believe in a literal 1000 year Millennium, but this poem is about the kindness, truth, and caring for each other that we can implement right now. Read the last line and join with me.

Feel the connection and love I've put into this poem. My nation (the United States) is going through a difficult time right now, as is the entire world. Every kind act matters, and will ripple out forever.
Ash Apr 2020
Poetry is not these words;
Its the breath we live by.
Its not the ink that kisses each heartbroken thought with fullness,
But the way we choose to see,
the way we choose to breathe,
the way in which we reside:
A love given unable to return
A song that cannot be unsung
and praise that requires no song to dance.
This is life.
This is worship.
This is love.
This is poetry.
what is joy other than those days
where life just fills me up
Ezra Yelverton Dec 2018
you have more beauty in you
than any one woman in the world.
intimate moments lie
in the shape of your eyes.
champagne and roses
fill the air in wake
of your stride.
wonder meets perfection
in the fullness of your lips;
the cutest little nose
awaiting a lover’s gentle kiss.
bearer of heart
seemingly made of stone.
stunner of men
made of only flesh and bone.
Yuki Dec 2018
The dark is not empty
The dark is full
Full of colors
And navy
And grey
And white
The dark is comforting
You are being hugged
By the dark
Gargee Pareek Sep 2018
And I hold an ocean full of you
inside of me
swimming too deep
can barely breath
stuck in your melody
all day/night on repeat

I find you at a place
where feelings outweigh reasons
and words fall short
where the heart only knows
what it seeks

The sunset in all its glory
all the orange outside the lines
splayed on the faces
Yours and mine

And when the dying star breathes its last peace
I look into your eyes and see me.
Paula Sullaj Apr 2017
Emptiness is created by the idea of something missing.
But what if it is merely a  failed  realization of fullness?
I am already alive, living, crying, laughing, experiencing
Even though you are not here.
Time will be filled with the process of filtering
What all this was about.
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