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There was a time,
We were together.

There was a time,
We wandered,
Through the silent parks,
Upon the green grass,
Below the willow trees.

Once I knew not,
How strange it could get,
When you’re not there.

It’s come.
It’s come.

The time *****,
The place unknown,
And I’m not who I was.
Lost in a reverie.
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Like a moth
Is attracted to light-
towards self destruction,
I'm attracted towards
an unknown reverie.
A venom has handicapped me
forever; venom of
contemplating nameless worries.
pistachio Dec 2018
You are there, you are in front of me
I reached my hand towards your face
I do not want to wake up from this reverie
I do not want another moving on phase
But as I open my eyes I see agony
For you are not there in the first place
Reverie is a bittersweet thing.
Arianna Nov 2018
L'eau tranquille,
Je me perds
Dans l'infinité
Du reflet d'un moment.

Still waters,
I lose myself
In the endlessness
Of a moment reflected.

Спокойная вода,
Я теряюсь в бесконечности
Момента отраженного.
Reading, and a language game. :-)

Recited version:
Alyssa Nov 2018
Thoughts of you come to me
Like permanent reverie
Your silhouette dancing so fiercely in my mind
I find your lips pressed against mine
Your embrace so kind
Until the dream is over
And it’s back to reality
But it’s always been you
And me
Dancing on the edge of consciousness
Lou Vaughn Nov 2018
Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, it wasn't deja vu, it was a memory of a fantasy I played out in my mind hundreds of times as a little girl, as a teenager, as a woman, finally catching up in real time - a fantasy of a man I would meet someday who would be all I could ever desire in a lover, friend, and husband.

Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, standing 6' 14", I recognized him immediately as the nameless, faceless man I imagined for years and I finally felt alive! authentic! electric!

Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, I fell irrevocably in love and I never want to put myself back together again.
Arianna Oct 2018
"... pluck the rainbow from among the clouds and,
unraveling its brilliance,
its rays enfolding...

Solaces Oct 2018
Heart uplink.. Loading love..................................
Mind uplink..  Loading memories and dreams............................
Soul transfer complete...........
Welcome to Arcadia Reverie......................

You may begin your journey..

Blackness turned into colors.. White first, Then red and yellow..
Then green and blue..
Then the aura of colors came on through..

Grass at my bare feet.. Sometimes warm and sometimes cool.. Soft to the step and calm to my senses.. I then came upon light fences..

This was the boundary to heaven..  The beginning of afterworld..  The skies were every blue I had seen in my old world..

This is the Promised land, Nirvana Elysium..  Arcadia Reverie lets me visit this Ecstasy Empyrean..

I crossed the light fence and became light.. I was now connected to every star in the sky...

They're was nowhere I couldn't visit, no place was to far away..  All were connected through lightwaves and dreams..

They're were colors I had never seen..  The color of dream, and the color of love was visible to me in this grand above..

I then got a message.. That my link was going to be broken..  The Arcadia Reverie allows me one hour in heaven and then you awaken..  

What a fantastic machine.. The Arcadia Reverie lets you visit heaven in digital dream..
Uplink will be ready in 24 hours....
Arianna Oct 2018
Je pense aux rideaux de pluie argentés
Qui tombent
En automne du ciel gris,

Du ciel sombre

Qui me regarde de lointain
Dans les rues sous ses ombres.

De Paris à Prague:
C’est la même mélodie
De la même mélancolie;

C’est la même valse,
Dont je connais trop bien les pas.

À Saint-Pétersbourg:
C’est le même ennui.

Ce qui m’accompagne
À travers ce monde:

C’est partout la même pluie.
A writing attempt in French prompted by memories of rainy evening wanders while traveling, particularly while visiting Saint Petersburg. :-) The rain always fell so gently there; between the cool temperatures, the baroque and neoclassical architecture, and pastel hues of the buildings, one has a peculiar feeling of walking through a whimsical, film noir Impressionist twilight zone. :)
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