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  Sep 4 Eloisa
Kurt Philip Behm
Darkness endows the small
and the ordinary
with poetic power
Falling with the fallen
rising with the chosen
Reaching for
—and the absence of pain

(Dreamsleep:  September, 2022)
When I was young
I was as wild as ****

A Goldenrod intrusively
A ragweed in desires

Wherever I went
I left discontent

The soil was sandy
The soul's roots lacking

I was tumbleweed tuff
Twisted as mesquite

Learned about thirst
How to take the heat

Unattached to the land
Bowing to the wind

scattering of the seeds
I was left to fend
...شیشه های رنگي
آوازِ آفتآب گردان ها
...و یك پروآنه یِ زرد
مادر بودن؛
و تلالؤِ زرد و
برگ هایِ انگور
....در چشم هایش

Colored glasses...
The song of sunflowers...
And a yellow butterfly...
being a mother;
And the yellow and
green glitter of
grape leaves
In his eyes....
2021 June 9, Wednesday🌺🦋
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