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Eloisa 6d
Then she turned off the volume
of her world today.
Seeking her much needed silence in her heart.
She tried to live alone inside a special place
where grief and pain do not exist.
And in her silence and solitude,
she began to renew her springs
that have dried up.
  Aug 23 Eloisa
Thomas W Case
My daughter talks to
her blueberries like
they're her friends.
My soul smiles
and I never want
it to end.
my daughter eating breakfast, she's two and a half.
  Aug 11 Eloisa
Carlo C Gomez

This, a final offering,
before the clipping of wings.
A love like blood,
oh anathema.
A grey declined to black,
oh herem.

It means salvation
knelt with darkness.


So it be!
So it be!
So it be!

Ring the bell,
close the book,
blow out the candle.

Douse the sacred sun
and find belief caught in fishermen's nets.


In silence of angels,
climbing broken ladders,
no ascent, no longer.

Salvation has
knelt with darkness.

Morning glories, blue
In a cane ***, brimming smiles
Rustic breeze blows free
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