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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I've shut down so completely it's profound and I've now lost touch with reality
What I want to be and what I'll never be eventually co-mingle and become one entity
The blasphemy, the phony sanctimony and hypocrisy blast from me
I try awkwardly to juggle all three, run 'em up the flag pole, wait and see
Hear ye, hear ye...another blunder here for your amusement, come see
Woe is me! An empty plea for pity ******* by a request to be put out of my misery
It's plane to see, at least by me, that I'm my own worst enemy, I'm no friend to me
Bad karma stacks rapidly atop the early onset of senility
Losing my mind was an inevitability but that was my only company it's only me...
The notion that behind every smile you'll find your happy is, in it's self, a fallacy

Eloisa Jun 2022
I found my fate below my feet.
So I continue to tread gently.
Sobering up from the intoxication of seeking.
My light has never been lost and need not to be sought.
I’m breaking the walls I built to cover the real me.
Coated with anxiously raised endurance and strengths.
All the layers of fallacy.
My true nature has always been fragile.
Yet I’m toughened by life’s impermanence.
Holding on to the very meaning of life.
Embracing all sufferings and hardships.
Without losing sight of my creative and truer self.
"For more than 500 years, pottery in Japan has found a new lease of life through kintsugi, the traditional Japanese art form of sealing cracks with lacquer and gold powder. This technique of repair embodies the wabi-sabi aesthetic, which embraces the beauty in imperfection."
Tøast Nov 2021
I’ve thought about that so many times before,
An itch on my mind like a scratch on the floor.
I’ve seen my face on other peoples memories,
Boxed away in places just out of reach.
It might be my life but it’s just a figure of speech.

A forgotten fallacy, framed through the ages and found in the back room of an old mans house,
Dust blown, leather cracked and spine broken.
Cracked open in two, bent over a knee and followed by the finger.
Put the red ribbon down and let’s talk it over,
Draw a pretty picture and imagine it again.

Where the wind whistles and the dogs howl like stars in the night.
Piercing the black, thick tar in the sky.
Running over clouds and dripping through my mind, thick like treacle but no half as sweet.
Farah Taskin Nov 2021
You're not happy
you don't deserve
The truth is,everyone deserves happiness.
Jade Sep 2021

Little Red.

Don’t let those

puppy-dog eyes

fool ya.

{If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get flees}
Avinash Apr 2021
I have a strong urge
to purge fallacy
of my own and others
of my kindred soul
and my brothers
the shackles you see
are barely there
But those inside
your mind
rattle your soul
Using truth as sword
Justice as shield
Martyrdom awaits
In the holy battlefield.
We are living in a world of fallacy at every level.
Xella Dec 2020
You must pray for the fickle and weak.
As we all need to make it through the heat.
Your whiskey neat burns down the branches of your chest as you speak.
Expand into a balloon, the crowd won’t bow but shake their heads.
They can not believe this tale you live, the life in a comfy castle cove.
The girls back home cry, denying all this fallacy.
Really it can not be like this, this isn’t reality.
This can not be like you or me.
We aren’t merely copies, are we?
They cry tears in the shape of rapids that carve rivers down your cheeks.
To take her to the moon will settle, remedy this pain.
So give me a few years and I’ll get you there.
For now pray for the fickle and weak as they aren’t lost, but free.
Just something.
m Sep 2020
the better part of last-minute
and i spend it staring at your lips;
the poems spill out of your mouth
and stain my hand-me-down rug;
as if our brokenness is compatible,
my masochism needs company
and you are eager to disappoint.
the tongues and whispers of secrets
in a cyclical nature; i have been here before.
the familiarity the fear the focus:
the fallacy of finding love in an empty heart.
Gabs Aug 2020
What is it about you that I like so much?
Truthfully, I’ve forgotten.
Like why WW1 started in the first place
Or what the chemical symbol for iron is on the periodic table.

What does that say about our relationship?
The answer is beyond me.

But much like the chemical symbol for iron and the reasoning behind the first World World,
I can easily find the answer in my brain’s built-in memory box.

Thank you, hippocampus.

One is only able to retrieve a memory or fact that has been taught or revealed to them in the past.  

That being said,
If I truly don’t know why I fell for you
Maybe I never did in the first place.

Now that would make sense.
Ileana Amara May 2020
when youths fall in love,
some venture a lifetime worth
of a love story to tell,
from youth to centenarians,
love never seems to die
love never seems to imbalance,
'til death do they part, with a happy sigh.

but some youths fall in love,
and venture young tragedy
losing themselves for temporary happiness
but who are we to take these away
if love is such a beautiful thing
that makes living life more worthy.

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