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"Lie beneath the galaxy in a cathedral silence,
Stay up till the Sun dives behind arid eminence."

Out there in the seething cold sun,
The glint blinding all that I could see,
Light headed, drowsy for a lack of air,
Disconnected from all that to me dear,
And disconcerted of all that came prior,
Or was about to ensue..
I found myself ✓
First two lines credit to the original author. The rest is an original follow up to the same ..
There is nothing that shines brighter than you
with the force of 100 exploding stars ✨
your smile:
                    • soft
                             • infectious
                                                 • untameable
sends one to the deepest layers of the abyss with
Nothing but the moment
You must believe
Cynthia Jean Feb 9
Don't believe everything
you hear.
People are being
by the tellers
of tales.
History teaches us
"if a lie is repeated
often enough,
people will believe it."
Let us have
ears to hear,
and eyes that see.
May our ears  and eyes
be open
to the truth.
Not just the tellers
but provable facts.
We must each make an honest
for the truth.
let someone else
do your
May we all

Cynthia Jean
February 8, 2020
Maggieburn Dec 2019
I believe.
It gives me hope.
And what is hope
If not the string
That pulls you through life?
Glenn Currier Jun 2019
When I was a young idealistic thinker
I took the bait hook line and sinker
now I’m an old more skeptical believer
but I hope I’m still an open receiver.
Gods1son Apr 2019
There is power in Your name
It puts strength in the legs of the lame
It gives hearing to deaf ears
And puts words in the mute mouth
Your name paves ways where there's none
Your name is our shield and comfort
We are heirs of your promise
Your name is our everything.
Glory to God
Mysidian Bard Apr 2019
You'll be my goddess;
just make me a believer
and I'll worship you.
Kada Jan 2019
God isn't limited to your circumstances.

God can do amazing things in your life if you just allow him to. Instagram:Pintsizechic
Annie Dec 2018
Now that you're here
We'ld like you to stay

In the church of wicked
Surrender, as you may

You can't feel the bliss
If you haven't had it in grey

Can't be a content worshiper
If you haven't ever disobeyed

Offering blood and words
Blaming it all on 'fate'

We gather here every night
In our own realm, outside Heaven's gate
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