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"You healed me when I was sore and for that I couldn't ask for more.

You gave me life, brought me light, and helped me live another night.

So yes my friend, I have a sacred heart, severed and mended back to part." -Kaitlyn Warnken
I do not authorize the duplications of my writing photography or personal information
I'm living for an end.
Not so life can take itself away from me
But so I can take myself away from it,
Because I hate the pain
And love it also.
I do not authorized to duplications of my writings photography or personal information
"You'll Be Remembered." By Kaitlyn A. Warnken

The slowly fating of my heart beating. The rage of hate stirring up while the angers heating. Holding these wounds tight trying to stop the bleeding. Locking doors shut trying to stop the screaming. Closing my eyes, pinching my skin trying to pretend I'm dreaming. But the truth was was that i was leaning. Only i wish i could have been dreaming this night. leaning on seeking to find the fringe of my own life. Wishing for a shot gun n' pistol to take a couple rounds to my own life tonight. **** my spark would go out in my life light. I'd of done it by now but i have no knife. Yea, that's right. Though i know I'm strong enough to win this fight, on this night and make my life light ignite. They told me to **** myself i responded, i think I'll do it on my own time, SYKE. People are rude, with no respect they don't know what their saying. No matter what you do prove them wrong by staying. Take the words and stop taking them to heart. Once you stop the words will stop tearing you apart. And remember that those scares wont last forever. Just stop the "hurting your body," you'll do fine in your life because i know You're clever. inside and on the outside you will die never, because you'll succeed in your life and be remembered. Unlike others who's lights go out in their own life ember's. So live how you want. who you are is just another life member of which we all have lived faster. And at the end of a long life we give after. But your the kid who made it in life so no need for us to cry. You will always be known so we will never have to say good bye because in our hearts it's you who lives inside. Just don't be that kid who gets a short life because they "signed." You are a smart kid You are smart enough to realize you need realigned. Stay true inside. It will help, that's not a lie. Neither is your life so don't ruin it ever. If you stick to that rule you'll die never And be remembered.

Something so grave,
And Someone so brave.
I can't take a heart ache.
Someone so grand
With no one right hand,
I have no one.
This is me.. Not to be.
Something no one can ever see.
I can't break the silence.
I can't shed to see,
I can't bare the things you're doing to me.
They said don't fight fire with fire,
But fire is all i see.
You burnt me.
You burnt me.
You burnt me.

This is insanity.
The things you can't see.
The one I can't be. burnt me.
breaking walls;
a sudden pause.
look of mercy;
no surrender.
I'm laying in bed hearing sharp sounds in my head.
Smelling the sent of pine from a memory of the trees back at my first home.
Thinking about that time when i wasn't so a lone.

Getting shivers from the slivers on my skin.
I Watch the blood leak out as the razor blade goes in.
It Sends A sense of fear and chills down to my bones.
But you'll never know what it's like to feel alone.

Trapped inside the mind, seeking a way out of something i just can't find, or get out of.
Loss and fear rush through my head and that's why i can't love.

The limit of acceptation to feel comfort of by any means is at its own stand still.
Which has me thinking, "These thoughts could ****! What's wrong with me? Am I ill?"

At times i feel that people and the life around me are living and i'm just the time keeper.
Other times, it's like the world is on pause and I'm the attention seeker.

How can life put me through this? It's made me so sore.
This is **** for me On earth,
And that makes me not want to live anymore.
I do not authorize the duplications of my writings photography or any personal information
I would have never thought I'd be who I'd become to this day.
8 years back from today, things would have had to change.
In this story, there is a girl.
A girl in this mind filled, ****** up world, who's life gave her nothing but grief in a whirl.
She did not know where going was to go.
She loved one man and still got called ***.
A girl who got hit by a man with a pan led a twist in this girls lifespan.
She was very upset and so she ran.
This girl was golden as a child when her parents first saw her.
Her mother had love for what has once been her daughter.
Her daughter who ran away to leave life with slaughtered,
Was now 6 ft. Under and our last respects were said at the Alter.
Everyone who Is reading this I would like For you To do those Who suffer From depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc disorders or illness's that can't mentally an physically be cured quick, a favor.

Hold your breath for 1 minute and 30 seconds after I say go.
Also after I say go, I would like for you to finish reading this. Ready? Set... GO.

♡Right now you are holding your breath .

right now those who suffer from disease, disorder, or illness are going through life not





The world can be.


air is

going to represent those kids and people who have that.

Some People Think It Is

Easy To Get Over Something

But for example, depressed People Think It Isn't so Easy To Breath.




Things Go Wrong








Tells Them

They Are




Are Told


Don't Know What pain



But guess what..

That is Where On Some Debates




Every gasp of air you Try To breath It hurts you and your Chest gets tighter and tighter

Till you just want to explode. So you probably

take a huge gulp of fresh nice air to make you feel better.

Well, taking in that air is like someone committing suicide Because

they have taken in too much but they just can't let go.

That is...

Until they do let go when they "take in the breath of air."

Just like you have right about now or so.

if your time isn't up keep holding in the air do not exhale until your time is up. Life for them is harder than you can imagine same with any other disorder or illness you can't physically cure and make it go away forever So before you go off telling people to "get over it "or "let it go.." or "get over yourself"..., just remember how hard it could be for them. They don't purposely make things ... memories stay in their minds.

For example, Depression is a real illness. Some see it as a joke or fib but you can find depression in the brain that can effect your everyday life such as your coping skills or how you react about and around to what people say or think about you.

And sometimes

It can even drive a person so crazy that they are told not by others.. but by themselves to let go because they mean nothing to themselves and feel they can't be fixed.

You have to be careful with people. Especially the ones you love because some may be hiding secrets such as this .. and it can really hurt you or themselves if no one is careful. .. You will never understand what others go through because everyone is different.

But I think this was a good example and if not and you could hold your breath that long, Double it and read this twice.
I knew it was love
when I felt not'
but to be
a mini heart attack,
As your **** skin
grazed across mine.
With the gusts
of a sentence
the four letter word
whispered into my ear
so gentle,
Twas then
I knew it was love.
As a member of Hello Poetry, I must remind you all that I do not authorize the duplication(s) of this writing without my permission. Illegal Duplicating will consult consequence in the Court of Law
I tuned into my station
and a song I call LIFE had been playing.
At first,
it was the sweet sounds of life that kept me alive,
but then the tune got old.
I wish to change this station but unfortunately I can't.
As for this is a song,
one of which I do not want to dance to anymore
You see right through me; Im not there.

You want someone as good as me; You Don't even dare.
I do not authorize the duplications of my writings photography or personal information
Hey you!

If you are reading this,

you are awesome! :)
This goes to all of you wonderful people who take the time to sit down and speak your mind to the world #truepoet
It is not so for those who's hearts are broken, to love.
Yet we find their seeking of a bandage.
They grasp our sticking and we repair the broken pieces.
Where there they love.

*Where There they love.
I do not authorize the duplications of my writings, photography, or personal information.
-Kaitlyn A. Warnken

'I try hard to block myself from sadness but it breaks free and gets to me.
The Bad things are shot at me like bullets and
With Me being the target, the hits make me sink so deep.
Sometimes as to were i don't think i could live to see another day.
While the world keeps revolving, i wish to keep myself from evolving this way.
So No matter what or how hard you say it, we both know things are never going to be okay.'
They are the calling to the wicked raft of everything dark evil.
They are the animals that play with it's food.
Going about as if I am its pray let they place thee here under the sharp shearing claws of this animal.
The calling comes from my ******* Minds.
The worse part is
is that they wont hurt me more than I can take.
They know if they do I will be dead
What will be left of me for it to play with me will be beyond past its lowest point.
So my pain is that they watch me struggle
Lastly, with this ******* mind
I sink into the deeper depths of the drowning away from this ******* place.
She got me in a some-sort-o' something when it comes to feelings. Bringin in peace, love, and all that comes so we're in a process of healing.
Oh shes got me.
Shes got me.
We're on a day light savings time when it comes to her because I can be her super hero and stop **** from hitting earth
Because shes got me.
Ohh shes got me.
She goes a long way and im here to stay. My miss lil lady. ❤. I miss my lady.
Like in a story she'd be the princes, The mistress, My miss anonymous and no body cant stop this.
She's The difference in my life that makes it all right, is our difference. It's her. We talk All day and night. We get along and never fight.
We built a fortis together with what we are and were Today, tomorrow, and the future. it feels right. Cause I know surely that i can Be there, she good For me, im good for her so No need to be scared.
no, no, no because Im here
And shes got me
You know i could use our lives, sit down, and write a book. Because this withdrawal from her makes me cope in a way that seems that Im hooked


I dont need drugs,


i dont need pills,

or bank...

...because i got her.
I got her.

She'll spend her last breathe on me
But i'd beg,
"No sweetie please!"
because I dont know what I'd do if she ever left me.
Dont you see? She's not just one. Shes one of a kind and together one of me combined and shes all mine.
She surely ain't a waste of my time
because shes got me.
Oh shes got me.
So, Dont you see? Shes not just one. Shes one of a kind and together one of me combined And shes all mine. So Sweetheart you surely aren't a waste of my time...
...Cause you've got me.

You've got me
NOTE: I do not authorise the duplications of my photography, writings, or any other personal information.
Friendship is like holding eggs,
Once you drop it, it brakes.
it was late at night when things got silent.
a mid aged woman's daughter, snook her moms bottle, the same bottle that sent her mom insane just earlier that night.
the girl drank gagging to the taste, and she kept drinking.
the bottle then became empty.
her world was blurry
just like her mind that night.
she was numb just like her heart,
it was like a dream to her.
she was chasing the butterflies the same way she would chase her dreams.
alive, and walking dead.
she went into the bathroom and looked up in a mirror were she saw nothing.
she felt worthless to herself so she sat on the floor, took out a razor and began taking it apart.
holding her blades hesitant and courageous, she began to hover over her wrists.
the sensation of release before the slicing through her fragile angelic skin.
she cut and it was deeper than what she could normally take.
she counted as the drops of her own blood spilled out, watching the life fading away from her right before her very eyes.
she started to loose count and began to look up at herself.
she waned to go back but it was already too late.
she fell to the ground before she could even scream her pain.
she dropped beneath the ground and kept sinking.
oh god where did she go...
Running through glass isn't
Walking in grass isn't
Happiness isn't
Peace isn't
Never** risk your chances because it might just be the only chance you get.
You close doors shut without walking through them.
How in life do expect to get to the next chapter if all your doing is closing yourself shut in the last one and blocking the door way?
I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my writings, photography, or any other personal information.
Tho our minds crave the storm for attention
It does as no one asks,
Showering rough upon us
Distorting our water proof masks.
I do not authorize the duplication so my writings, poems, or photography

-Kaitlyn A. Warnken
W h e n  a  W a r m  H e a r t  G o e s  C o l d
I t ' s  T o  G i v e  I n t o  T h e  N e w
G e t  R i d  O f  T h e  O l d
Get between my arms;
not my legs.

I like romance;
not ***.

Call me beautiful;
not ****

Say I'll always be your number one;
not your next or second.

Kiss me softly;
not too fast.

Hold me tight;
not too tight.

Grab my hands;
only in marriage.

This will be love;
Not your obsession.
as of 2.13.15 I do not authorize the duplication(s) of this writing, photography, or personal information as this will result with negative consequence in the court of law.
You filled my mind with the thought that,
"I couldn't do it."
After trying so hard,
I soon found out that you had been right.
_____The addiction
================Is still ongoing,
___But the cuts
-----------------are getting shallow.
If you try to catch me when I fall,
I'll just hit the pavement and being to crawl.
I'll walk up steps and get to the top,
There where I can repeat the flop.
Dear bully,
I did what you wanted me to do
And i did it just for you.
My wrists are bleeding and the life in front of me is hazing.
I have no thought of turning back now and this is not me fazing.
This is you and what you have made me become.
Inside is a contagious, heartless, careless, & selfish soul that just so happens was passed on to me.
You being put away forever is exactly what I want to see.
It's not as hard for me to be here looking down on you in a locked down facility,
because it wasn't hard for you to be looking at me and labeling me in a suicide committee.
Maybe just maybe, if you weren't such a ****
We both would've had something to live for and we both would not be hurt.
As a member of Hello Poetry, I must remind you all that I do not authorize the duplication(s) of this writing without my permission. Illegal Duplicating will consult consequence in the Court of Law
You had to be the loudest laugh. You had to get the last word. You liked to make people cry but now one of your victims had to die.
You got everything you wanted and so everything you had. You had to be known, and known is what you got. Making people feel worthless has made your life rot.
As a member of Hello Poetry, I must remind you all that I do not authorize the duplication(s) of this writing without my permission. Illegal Duplicating will consult consequence in the Court of Law
Dear Heart, I will hold on to you because I never want to let you go.
Dear Misleading Thoughts, ******* you mad man.
Why does life have to be like this all i wanted was for us to be perfect. And Im not girl for greed but ****, why do i feel so worthless? I know not to question life instead i give you my advise. And life, i have to live it. I can answer all these questions but in life i aint apart of it. I cant live like this. Im even tryin. Inside that part that got lit is now dieing. Laid infront of me is dreams, and i feel like they liein. Theres never been a time I've felt so alone, in my own **** body, that my skin layers left me in bones And now im crying I want for tomorrow i dont wake up I'll through my life away like old make up. I dont know. I don't need it anymore. My hearts broken, torn, lost, and sore. An for a long time I have lived with some *******, living bored. Having fun but hurting, that's for sure.
I used to feel the world spin
Until suddenly my world had stopped spinning.
Taking in deep breaths I looked around,
But started coming up off the ground.
I knew how to face the gravity,
And how to trouble into bad tragedy.
Dieing inside with cut skin around me,
Knowing exactly why it's sad to see.
Throwing me off the face of Earth,
Sending me Soaring into a graceful universe.
The Breaking of my bad life's curse,
Makes the next time's problems less worse.
With my paranormal immortal state of mind,
Broken, torn, lost, sore, inside denying gravity.
Normal; the thing she wants to maintain
Deranged; insane, She is.
I do not authorize the duplications of my writings photography or personal information
Reality hit me and it is too much for me to handle.
Now life has pulled another scandal.
The crash with whip lash sending me hitting the front dash of my mind latch has me hurting,
because the door swung close on my life.
Locking me shut without an escape so I make one.
Shallow slivers from the Sharp Sheared razor blades gliding across my skin because I'm a sin.
Breaking the pieces watching it all fall apart.
Trying to stop the pain in my heart.
Leaking life down my body, on the sink, and on the floor,
To the core, I never wanted to feel this sore.
No one was harmed in the making of this poem.
She rolls to her side
Her luscious skin against mine.
She opens her eyes
Like my savior, so Divine.
I never knew what my braking self wanted, until nothing was left to break away.
I never let society bring me down six feet under ground.
I've never always walked around
with this frown until a great friend of mine left their own life, me, and their town.
So I went on home bound,
because i couldn't deal with the sounds
of what my head had been telling me.
I even tried coming up for air but it's like it's drowning me.
Keeping me under making my hopes low because things will happen and won't go as you planned them to go, i already know.
I'm farther down than a sea bed.
And so
Anyone, just please get these ******* thoughts out of my head.
As of 2.13.15 i do not authorize the duplication(s) of this writing, photography, or personal information as this will result with negative consequence in the court of law
It's not about what it makes you,
It's about what you make it.
Getting fare does not mean ****.
Being happy does so do not fake it.
Be Real
I'll be fall and you'll be the change.
A cold wind for you to rearrange.
Raked in pile, colored by time you are.
Flying in the wind from your origin root by fare.

I do not authorize my writings, photography, or any personal information. -k.w.
She screams in silent
So no one can hear.
She even catches her tears.
I write poems mainly about how I go about Life. You don't have to like me to see my smile, though I am a much rather Dark Poet than I am a social butterfly.

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I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my work, writings, photography, or any other of me personal information ( No Tolerance for Stealing. I check web DAILY for any misuse of my poems, photography, and personal information. )
My heart aches and my back breaks
from all this pressure on me.
I try to escape and i try to designate
That Balance is all inside of thee.
Give me a smoke to ease this pain
Burn down my lungs to distract this brain.
They come around like cars passing.
I do not want time here in life.
I see that time is all life was.
Time meant nothing to me.
My time has run out.
**** it out of
My heart hurts.
The clocks don't work.
It's after time which is nothing.

I could have never held on.
No body lives forever.
Everyone lives and dies.
It's not about how long or why.
It's about the best of times.
I love you guys .
My thoughts are just an internal ear ache from listening to the world.
You cut my heart deep.
I tried to repair it
But it's still broken
and bleeds at the seems.
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