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I once was the most beautiful poem

But then I exhaled, and with my misted sigh I let go the words that held me to reality

And I flew.
Spirited- a short poem for a runaway soul
Fluffy behemoths, flying monkeys
Make my day
When I'm an empty soul
Sitting in spirited away train
When I enter the destination
At night
I find myself
More in touch
Than the fun-loving fish
That make up the probability sea
Pooling in my resources
For a nice bath
Reminds me I should have been
A clean soul
Long before
The onset of service technology
"If you're going to retire, retire early"-Hayao Miyazaki
Aaron Layton Oct 2018
If it was the last time
we saw each other
what would you say to me
If anything

Would you use your last dime
To call and find the words to utter
Sing a song horribly off key
Or give a gift wrapped with string

Even nothing wouldn't be a crime
I will just smile and say sucker
As I lay there waiting to be free
Like laying back on a swing

I sit letting my spirit climb
To sigh for I do not suffer
Then begin to ***
From the laughter at everything

From friends jokes and funny chimes
Family who come with faces full of color
Bringing me cookies and hot tea
Thanking everyone for being

So if it was the last time
We see each other
What would you say
If anything
Why can birds fly?
And why can't I?
I'm just as free,
And spirited as a canary!

Yet here I stand,
Feet planted in the sand,
Watching birds fly by,
And wandering "Why can't I?"
My heart aches and my back breaks
from all this pressure on me.
I try to escape and i try to designate
That Balance is all inside of thee.
Been feeling myself.

Feeling so down..
I only feel OK *

When I am in the fresh air
Walking *along * a riverbank.
I have struggled with
Depression*  for years.
If anyone
Feels the same way."
Inbox me ...
Desperate* and** lonely.
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Loosen the strings
Attached to the world
Full of misery and darkness
Unbind the heart
Let free the soul
Unbounded spirit
Soars beyond happiness
Something extraordinary
Boundaries do not hold
Living the essence of free
Felt all over the being
Nothing but free spirited
When you loosen the strings
TSK Aug 2014
Her lips kissed the air
With the sweet words she whispered
But the broken mummer that caressed the silence
Was her heart and soul.

The world sat on her shoulders
And shifted beneath her worn sneakers
Because what is a vibrant spirit to this place
If it is not masked by a pretty face.

— The End —