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You close doors shut without walking through them.
How in life do expect to get to the next chapter if all your doing is closing yourself shut in the last one and blocking the door way?
I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my writings, photography, or any other personal information.
Kaitlyn Marie Nov 2014
In his eyes, I see what I feel inside but he has an excuse. In his eyes, I see a world shattered by negligence and abuse. In his eyes I see a tipping ***, hot and enraged. In his eyes, I see a boy, wanting to unleash himself from his cage.

In his eyes I see me
I see my locked up thoughts
my hidden apologies

my brains own starvation
the dirt in his eyes
I have, only in disguise.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Eridan Ampora Jul 2014
You're a Demon
Rust Red like the fires of hell
You're full of Pride and Greed
Yet we're friends
But still you're too Sinful
A short Devil with brown hair and lipstick
Devils and Royals don't mix
Violet doesn't go with Rust
This ones short, Kaitlyn's a Devvil!
Kaitlyn Marie Apr 2014
today I will unleash my inner self to my class
read a few poems
and hear them clap

I have a storm of butterflies in my chest
of what they may think
am I too deep?
what will they think?
the nerves shoot through my spine
Mom says I'll be alright

as long as I stay true to me
it doesn't matter what my peers think!
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie

— The End —