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May 2015
Take my hand, You can trust me.
What for? I need not.
You wanted me and you have me now. Just take my hand. I want to show you that this world is made more of unexplored intention than to what we call a poison.
Im not ready. I don't think i will ever be.
We can do this. Trust me, my way is better.
I really can't. I gave up a long time ago. Why am I still here?
You are here, to trust me.
I can't even trust myself. What makes you think that I will trust you?
I can lead you into the greater good.
Lies. You can't because I give up.
Sometimes you are a ****, but i still love you.
Just go away...
(Silenced, still here, still alive, and still pumping life through her viens. I love this body. Somewhere in that ill mind of mine, still lays love. I just wish she could trust me. After all I am what is keeping her alive. Deep down this mind thanks me. She puts herself through misery and i wont be the one to take blame. If she'd just trust me she could see the side she has not.)
(I want to thank it. I'll keep alive for love, but I wont trust it. In return of this favor, i'll be alive for you.)
(She is secretly loves me.)
Kaitlyn A Warnken
Written by
Kaitlyn A Warnken  West Virginia
(West Virginia)   
   Mike Essig
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