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Why do you fancy global elite
Try to sweep us under your feet?
Does it make you feel complete
To make others’ lives less sweet?

Are you really so hungry for power
That free people make you sour?
And you labor hour by hour
To take property and devour?

Our lives, liberty and property
Don’t need your shaping or tyranny
Your rules for us, but not for thee
Enjoy your wealth - let us be free

Do you really believe your lies
To deceive and plan and devise?
Causing power to centralize
In your control, since you’re so wise?

Bitcoin opens freedom’s door
So we can choose and plan for more
Our life and liberty we restore
Your great reset we do abhor
This is Bitcoin Poem 029 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Påłpëbŕå Jan 2022
you loved me in your thoughts
and thought that you loved me
for all i was a mere thought
that could never become your reality
so you bled on these pages
tore through your cages
and wrote and wrote and wrote
rowing your sinking love boat
merrily down the stream
living a ****** nightmare
you oh so lovingly called a dream
and now you think you want me back
but all you want is the idea you've had
of a girl with broken wings
of an angel who sings
but i ain't no angel baby
i am the devil you don't want to see
who'll never ever fall for you
i am a lie that'll never be true
so ******* and your make ego
for you'll never be my story's hero
i am the main lead of my tale
a peak that you'll never be able to scale
to all the guys who thought they loved me
no, you never did
you simply liked the idea
you created in your stupid little head
of a soft girl who needed you to fix her
but that was never the case
i never led anyone of on
you did it to yourself
thinking you could tame the fire that burnt me alive
thinking you could give me a reason to survive
so fuvm for loving someone who never existed and trying to become better men
Cecil Miller Aug 2021
All my best friends,
They are in love.
All my best friends,
They gave it up.
They gave the world away
To be in love.

First comes love,
And then comes marriage.
Before or after,
There's a baby carriage.
It's out of a storybook,
And I've already skipped to the end.

You don't need to look at me
That way with your eyes of green.
Underneath the vail of portent,
You know what I mean when I say,

"I'd rather be lonely than broken-hearted,
Living like dearly departed,
Complicated and dominated by fear of fate.
Guess I'd rather sleep in late.

"I'd rather be lonely than broken-hearted,
Shredded like the seas have parted,
Then closed in like a heavy weight,
Then one day the love turns into hate."
this will probably end up being one of my songs when I give it another verse and some arrangement.
Påłpëbŕå May 2021
the only difference
who I am
who I've been
the image in my head
that said
I can be
I can do
if none of this
proves to be a bliss
I can reset

after all
It's My Life
sometimes all we need is that exact moment when we realize that our life is ours alone

if today's not my day
that doesn't mean that I'll never find a way
I will
Påłpëbŕå Apr 2021
Your absence fills my heart

like an unclaimed piece of art,

you already knew

that I lacked hues










but you made me realize

how dull are my eyes

how muffled are my cries

how lame is my existence

how pointless is my persistence,

how far you are

when you still hold me close,

how easy I am

waiting to be the one you chose,

I know

in this world of "Hello"

all I'll ever be is "Crucio"




-a pretty little thing that'll

always remain haunted.
P.S. Neither have I watched nor read the Harry Potter Series.....

P.P.S. I really liked having you around. I'm sorry you will never be able to say the same about me. I really am a curse, a liability, a messed up personality.

the prettiest faces do hide the ugliest traces
Påłpëbŕå Apr 2021
do I
end up
with my
screen glowing
with nothing
at all
no texts
no calls
just me
and this solitude
I wish for
to intrude
but they keep
their distance
I keep up my
the montony
is haunting,
I decided to
be okay
with me being
lonely everyday
but a small part of me
does pray
my heart
does betray
making me regret
all the chances
I didn't take
making me fret
over all the
I didn't make,
so I write this verse
on impulse
missing the absence
wasting the presence
living in the past
dying for a future to last.
Påłpëbŕå Mar 2021
Sometimes I wish
I wasn't this strong,
allowed myself to
do something wrong,
could be whoever
could do whatever-
my heart thought
my brain sought,
but here I sit
with nothing
with nobody
line by line
writing down this tragedy.

Sometimes I wish
I could roam around
free, liberated and unbound,
be a little crazy
do some stupid stuff
say some badass things
call society's bluff,
but here I sit
with hidden handcuffs
that make me
someone far from me.

Sometimes I wish
on days like this
if I could
let loose a little
fall for a guy
fly to the sky
get a little high,
but I know I can't
I wasn't brought up this way
I wasn't allowed to say-
all these things aloud and clear,
my life's dictated by fears
that wet my pillow with tears
turning my eyes red
a rebellion stirring in my head,
I wish I could
I know I should
I can't skid
for I am just
a closed eyelid.
Palpebra means 'eyelid' in Latin. It's my pseudonym. My real name means the same. I'm writing this one for myself. Why? Well, I need to unmask and be unfiltered somewhere, do I?
Påłpëbŕå Feb 2021












somewhere, something's terribly wrong
Påłpëbŕå Jan 2021
Dear Reader,

If you're still reading
this isn't poetry
must I tell you this
nor it is highly literary,
these thoughts
that I'm trying
to put into words
are born from crying
for the past hour
so **** silently
that no one could hear
how I suffer violently.
The point of this is
to tell you that
if any of you has
ever had:-
a starved stomach,
a broken heart,
an empty pocket,
a rough start,
a cheating spouse,
a failed attempt,
an abusive marriage,
a parent with contempt,
a chronic disease,
a severe accident,
a temper so short,
a frightening incident,
a bully so bad,
an addiction so strong,
a grief so shattering,
a relationship gone wrong,
a house too expensive,
a child you lost,
an unfulfilled dream,
an untrodden path of Frost,
a scar so ugly,
a few extra pounds,
a body too skinny,
a loved one inside the ground,
or anything/anyone that hurt you
putting you under depression's spell
I tell you,
that you've survived your own hell
so this makes you a hero
even if you're at level zero,
if you've got no one's care
I tell you, you're extremely rare.

Thanks For Reading.
I wrote this because I wanted someone to say this to me when I'd been crying, no one I thought- why wait for someone else when I've got myself?
Eternity Dec 2020
He was all my world
And his name was my favorite word
But now, he has become one of the herd !
Freedom's Feeling !
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