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Mot-dièse : pharaonne
Synonyme : reine-pharaon
Exemple: Hapshepsout
Attributs : pagne court en chendjit
Double-couronne pschent
Barbe postiche cérémonielle
Sceptre foral
Mot-cible : pharaonne
Synonyme : maîtresse souveraine
Exemple : Maakarê
Attributs: double plume sur mortier
Robe fourreau
Croix ankh
Couronne néret
Mot-balise : momie
Mot-clic : le sistre
Mot-clé : la ménat
Tous les mots du monde
Dièse cible clic clé ou balise
Tous les hashtags du monde
Entre croisillons et carrés
Ne mettront sous étiquette ni label
Qu'une infime parcelle intérimaire
De ma pharaonne titulaire.
Ses hanches généreuses s'imbriquent
Idéalement dans l'architecture des pyramides fanfaronnes
Ses courbes défient les lignes droites lubriques des pierres
Et serpentent en gazouillant
Comme des vautours tumides
Entre les grains de sable humide
Et l'oeil du cyclone solaire.
Ma pharaonne porte barbiche cérémonielle
Tous azimuts elle agite son hochet sacré
Et tous les mois sont avril pour elle
Qui ne se découvre jamais d'un fil de siècle.
Veuve numide jamais nue
Mais toujours vulve sincère à neuf têtes
Jamais postiche, jamais potiche, Jamais cruche, jamais crèche
Pharaonne de plein exercice,
Dame de haute lignée tout simplement fraîche
Et éternellement dispose
A célébrer en elle les clics et les clacs de l'immortalité.
Disha Bhatia Mar 2
From gloomy eyes to happy feet,
from being homeless to finding home
in a heartbeat
Disha Bhatia Feb 27
You, my love
should stay
from my mind
and my heart

For my mind twists and turns
scenarios to stop me
from letting you go
when I never
held you at first

For my heart
gives up giving up
on you
and beats
to tell me
you're a part of me,
not apart from me

Missing you is like
missing a heart beat
Forgetting you is like
Forgetting to breathe

I'd rather miss
a few beats
and do a couple dance
on my own,
than change the lyrics
of my love song
Dennis Willis Feb 23
Wakey wakey
Corn flaky

I've got your serial
of hearts poured

I know I
will be
a fine time

But am I dinner
Or breakfast time

Or will
I just be left
to pine

[email protected] Dennis Willis
Middle Class Sep 2018
Drank the morning rain and felt it in my chest
Clung, suspended with the fog on my vanity
I have a pencil to my temple,the graphite looks impressed

It sees the twitch in my neck, before you ever spoke with breath like turpentine
All in all the days are just one big joke
-I should be the chummy punchline
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
These are not just words
that rhyme or fit together
in some fancy, schmancy
catchy rhythmic flow

These are my thoughts
my feelings
my inner beauty
my outer demons

typed on my kebyoard
stored on a web server
searched by web crawlers
presented to you

Here is my soul. Can we compare notes after class?
Blind Distance Mar 2018
The dominant word is the marrow
attention is the bone
and it engulfs every. thing. in an instant
in fact, as we speak
Another hundred will add to the stream
of signifiers that do not mean
what we intend to say
at all
but that is just how it works
A snapshot of the state of affairs
and one might wonder how it happened
That we act as we utter
And the world disappears in a mighty cloud
Of hashtags and codes
encrypted in the shallowest dimensions
of the unconscious mind
in the deep yellow seas.
Ruth Nov 2017
i need your love babe,
Guess you know its true
Hope you need my love babe,
Just as much as i need you.

I need your presence babe
as much as you do
i did everything i could
but still not enough for you.

I need you..
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